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From a resale point-off-view, does it matter if a townhouse does not have a bath tub in any bathrooms? We are remodeling it 1.5 bath townhouse

Asked by webmihir, Sunnyvale, CA Fri Nov 22, 2013

into 2 bath, and thinking of having a standing shower in both the bathrooms. Does it matter from a resale perspective if neither of our baths have a bath tub?

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Webmihir it matters a lot. Bathtubs are popular features and if you remove yours there will be fewer people who will want to purchase the home in the future. Some people just like to soak in tubs. Parents of young children need a tub to bath them. Future buyers may now care but could worry about the next buyer wanting one.

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I agree with my colleagues, try and have 1 tub in the townhome if you are thinking of re-selling in a few years. However, if you plan on living there more than 10 years, I think that you should remodel it to suit your needs and worry about re-sale later.
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It may or may not. Many potential buyers might view it the way you do: they'd rather have a shower than a bath. Some will want a bath. Going with the bath will satisfy all. From an appraisal point of view, you will have two baths because the industry rarely talks about 3/4 baths anymore (that's a bathroom with a stand up shower, but no bathtub), so it will likely be counted as a 2 bath.
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I suppose it depends on your market - but if there are young families, they usually want a tub for the kiddos. If you are doing a remod anyway - now would be the best time to do it :) Good luck with your sale!
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In my experience, most buyers prefer having at least one bath tub or tub/shower combo. Many families with young children are in need of a bath tub.
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Yes, HOA had already given permission. The contractor will submit the CAD drawings to city council to obtain proper permits from them.
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Webmihir adding a shower to the half bath will add a lot of value as long as you get permission from the HOA and a permit. If not, it will only cause problems at resale.

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Thanks all for the replies. Based on the responses, we've decided to keep the bath tub in master bath, and remodel the half bath to have standing shower.
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Web, the other thing to remember (now that it's daytime and I'm no longer writing on the dratted iPad at 4 in the morning) is that you're buying a home in Sunnyvale in--if your previous questions are any indication--an area where schooling is good and also where the highest concentration of buyers will be families (like yours) hoping to move into the Cupertino School District. As a result, removing the tub is unlikely to be seen as a "good thing" by any future buyers especially those with children.

Getting a tub over a shower, which I presume would be in the master bathroom, will preserve the tub whilst still giving you the option of two separate showers.

Two Things to Remember in this Work:

1. If this is a CONDOMINIUM complex (remember, "townhouse" only tells me the architectural "style" and NOT the legal form of ownership), you will need the homeowner's association architectural approval BEFORE making the changes to the bathroom. If the HOA says "no", you won't be able to do it. If you're in transaction to buy, you might want to check this out with the HOA before closing escrow in case it changes your mind about the home. Talk to your agent FIRST. If this is a home in a planned development, architectural approval might not be required, but check the CC&Rs first.

2. Get permits. Obtaining the proper City permits to make the changes so that the added shower in the second bathroom is inspected and approved will be recorded in the Assessor's offices and will show your home to be "2 full baths" on county records rather than "1.5 baths."

Good luck...talk to your agent.

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Oopsy...make that "shower over tub"...the other way around would be quite inconvenient.
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I believe it is better to have a bath for those families with small children.
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The number of buyers who want at least one bath tub is definitely greater than those who want only showers.

I don't think I've ever had an open house visitor express that they wish a bath with a tub had a shower instead. However there are buyers who would be fine if there were no bathtubs. Elderly people often prefer a shower that is large enough that they can have a chair in the shower to sit on. Young, generally single people often prefer being able to take a quick shower than to soak in a tub and probably often don't see their first home as one they will keep long.

If space is a problem you could try for one of the short deep tubs but I do recommend that you have a tub if you expect to sell your home within a few years. If you keep your home a long time, when you sell it the buyers may want to remodel anyway so the value of the tub would be reduced but it would still have value.

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I agree with the rest of the answers. A bath tub is needed for small children, and those that like to soak. If you are going to live there for more than 7 years then remodel to your own taste. Just understand that when the time comes to sell it may be an objection.
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Bathtub is a must if you ever expect to sell to a family with small children. If I would be deciding I would put a stall shower in the master bathroom and a tub into the second bathroom.
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Well it depends on how many rooms there are. If it is just a two room place and obviously not for a family then it would probably be better to have a standing shower.

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Ideally, you should have at least one tub for the little ones and those of us that love baths. If you can remodel into 2 the better. Right now we have such low inventory that it doesn't matter your house would sell and the next buyer will upgrade it if need be. If you can have it done before even better.
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Depends on the buyer, some may find this feature very attractive.
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I would recommend that you have at least one tub.

Are you planning on living in the property awhile? The reason I ask is if you are and you have no desire or use for a tub, you should have the home that best suits your needs so go tubIess; and, if your shower area is large enough to accommodate a standard tub it shouldn't be too costly to switch it later if you have to.

Re: your shower, I would recommend that you have one with a built in seat otherwise it is a major pain when trying to shave your legs.
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It would be a HUGE problem for resale value. Not only kids but for any potential buyer who wants to or needs a tub,
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Wow, I thought I was the only nut who works on the computer until 5am. To answer your question webmihir, if you think couples with small children may want to buy your townhouse, then you'll need at least one bath tub. Most little kids don't take showers; they take baths.
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Hi Web,

You are obviously a buyer without small children. I say that only because, as a parent, a bathtub is essential if you have small or younger, school aged children in the family. Without a tub, you drastically reduce the number of potential buyers for your home, which will definitely affect the length of time that the home is on market and can negatively affect the future resale value of your home.

So, no, from purely a "usage" point of view, I would not recommend removal of a tub from the bathrooms. At least one bathroom should have a tub. Also peak with your gent, he/she should have valuable insight regarding remodeling.

Good luck!
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