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Electrical Towers

Asked by Luna Tomy, Las Vegas Strip, Paradise, NV Wed Jun 20, 2012

How can I find the location of all the electrical towers in Las Vegas? I do not want to move near an electrical tower and that will greatly influence my decision in where I buy a home.

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Hello Luna,

I agree with you that there is reason to be concerned about EMF exposure. The point I was making was that exposure is relative to the appliance and the distance. There are other issues like Frequency, wave length, energy. But that is fodder for a more in depth discussion. And The good news has been stated over and over by my colleagues:

1) Although there are high tension power lines which geographically impact many homes in the Vegas Valley, they are easy to identify,
2) They probably represent less than 2% of all of the available homes in our great Valley.

Best wishes on your move here, and thanks for the great question.

Steve Matthews
Prudential Americana
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Thank you all. I will contact Nevada Power. I do have health concerns about EMF exposure, and although there are studies that show that they are harmless, there are other studies that show quite the opposite. Either way I would like to be on the safe side and would just feel better not being around it as much as possible.
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If you have an address for a property that you are interested in, you can Google Map it, and on the satellite image, you will see the substations and can usually see the towers. Lines were a deal breaker for us, and we have a property with everything on our want list, without power lines across the yard or towers visible from the house. Good luck. ~property in 89084
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Hi Luna,
If you are unfamiliar with Las Vegas I can do a search of properties for sale that meet all of your criteria and would be happy to discuss the areas of town that you might like. As for the electrical towers, you would be able to see them - they are very visable.
I'll look forward to hearing from you and helping you find a great home!
Carolyn Dahan
Prudential Americana Group
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Hi Luna,

Because we live near a huge producer of electricity(Boulder Dam), and a hub of high voltage transmission lines, (the power grid) we have lots of the huge towers that support the high voltage lines. I assume it is the electrical wiring and not the towers you are referring to. Of course, the towers are not aesthetically pleasing, so do nothing for the view. And, by the way, there may be easements where transmission lines have not been built.

An engineer of out acquaintance who worked for many years for the Western Area Power Administration tells us that the falloff from the electromagnetic fields is geometric, so every time you move one unit away from the source, the falloff is a multiple of one unit. Hope we have described it as he told us. He said you probably get more emf from sleeping under an electric blanket, or standing too close to an older microwave, than you do from being several hundred feet from a high voltage transmission line. (Look at Steve Matthews figures below for example of this geometric dropoff.)

This is not the same problem that occurred in the midwest, where cows were being shocked when they were hooked up to milking machines. That was actual electrical current escaping from old, poorly maintained lines and traveling through the ground.

All that said, if you don't want a house near a transmission line, don't buy one. If they are installed you can see them. If there are easements for one not already built, you can find it by looking at plat maps of the property you are considering, and those adjacent to it, where those easements will show up. They are not necessarily property of Nevada Power, but may belong to the USA, which originally patented the easements radiating toward S. California around the time Boulder Dam was built in the 1930s.


Mike Pristow, Donna Hodge & Associates
Keller Williams Realty
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Hello again Luna,

I forgot to mention what the values are of the information below. EMFs are measured in "Milligauss" aka mG. 1 mG equals 1/1000 of a Gauss.

Anyway, that is what those values are in my response below... EMF exposure in mG.
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If you find a house that you like,
go outside and look around,
if there are any electric towers,
don't buy it!
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Simple guess would be calling Planning and Zoning in your County or maybe go right to the source and call the electric company.
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Using your resources from the city or an electrical company is the smartest way to go. They would have maps and references to help pin point exact locations. It would also be good to know the closest you are willing to live. It does take a lot of power to light a city like Las Vegas.
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Hello Luna,

First let me say that electrical towers crisscross the entire valley. However, they are very tall and easy to see, so finding a home that is at a distance that you feel comfortable is definitely an easy proposition.

I assume that you are concerned about exposure to EMFs (Electromagnetic fields). However, I have to tell you that it has been pretty well proven that you get more EMFs by walking past an electrical toaster that you do by living within 100 feet of the power lines. Consider these facts from the Nevada Power website.

Typical Magnetic Field Levels Near Common Household Appliances at 6 inches and at 2 feet away.

Electric Shavers (6 inches) = 4-600 (2 feet) = 0.4-10
Hair Dryer (6 inches) = 1-700 (2 feet) = 0.1-10
Electric Blanket (6 inches) = 22-39 (2 feet) = why would you?
Can Opener (6 inches) = 500-1,500 (2 feet) = 3-30
Electric Range (6 inches) = 20-200 (2 feet) = 0.2-9
Microwave Oven (6 inches) = 100-300 (2 feet) = 1-30
Television (6 inches) = 10-80 (2 feet) = 0.1-8
Computer Terminal (6 inches) = 7-20 (2 feet) = 1-3

Typical Magnetic Field Levels Near Power Lines


Directly under overhead transmission lines Field Levels 6-100 mG

100 Feet Away from overhead transmission lines Field Levels 0.5-15 mG

Directly over underground distribution lines Field Levels 20-40 mG

20 feet away from underground distribution lines Field Levels 4-10 mG

So, if you live across the street from power lines, your exposure is said to be pretty much nil, but with hundreds of thousands of homes in Las Vegas, it is actually a rarity that you will be within even a sight-line of high tension wires.

Bottom line.... not to worry too much about buying near high power lines. You will not have any problem finding a home that you feel safe in. While we cannot filter out searches based on high power lines, since they are so visible, we won't have any problem identifying homes that will not be acceptable to you.

But do be careful around your hairdryers, electric shavers, microwave ovens,and can-openers. Who knew!?

Best wishes,and thanks for reading.

Steve Matthews
Prudential Americana
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Wow, somebody did their extra credit homework!
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Hello Luna! You should contact Nevada Power to see if they have a map. They will also go out and take readings at your house and at the tower with you standing there and show you that there is no difference but you probably already have your mind made up.Google earth is another good way to see if there are poles. Most of our utilities are underground. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. I have been selling real estate in Las Vegas/Henderson for almost 20 years. I can probably tell you if an address is near power towers off the top of my head. Maybe you just need a good Realtor and not a map...
My office number is 702.656.1818 Kurt
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