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Does curb appeal affect resale?

Asked by Needhome, Long Grove, IL Wed Feb 3, 2010

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Curb appeal has a huge impact on resale. Attractive curb appeal will bring in more buyers through the front door & give the buyers a good first impression. Poor curb appeal will exclude certain buyers from even looking at the home & those who do look will discount the value.
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You don't judge a book by it's cover, but really, would you buy an ugly house? I would if the price was justified. In other words, if the house that meets your criteria and is at a price you can afford happens to lack "curbs", know that if you buy it that when you sell it you will have to find a specific buyer who wants more for less too!

Cute always sells quick especially when priced right! Necessity vs value insures that eventually all homes sell.
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It might not actually "lower the price" but it will discourage the potential buyers who come to see the property. It's the first thing they notice when they drive up, and if the front looks unkempt, the buyers, will assume everything is in disorder in the home
. If the front looks very bad,(cars up on cement blocks) they might just say, "forget it" and go to the next home.
Why take the risk? It's not difficult to plant some flowers and get the lawn in shape.
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The outside appeal of your home is the first thing that potential buyers will see when they drive up. I've had instances, as a buyers agent, where my clients have simply removed a home from their list and didn't want to set foot inside because the outside was in shambles. Curb appeal most definitely affects resale! Take time to clean up and spruce up the outside of your home, do some nice landscaping, and you will reap rewards.
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Curb appeal is an important factor in sale/resale of a home. Prospective buyers begin to formulate opinions on a house the minute they pull up to see it. If a house has positive curb appeal the customer will begin to have positive feelings about the home. If the house has poor curb appeal this sets the tone for negative feeling about the house.
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Curb appeal is important. A home lacking this will have a hard time getting a buyer to take a look inside.
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This 4 year old question still has the same answer-yes.
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Absolutely. Take a drive through an unfamiliar neighborhood. The second house in, for example, has some peeling paint, the landscaping is not maintained, and there's several kids toys scattered around the front yard. Looks like the front light is out, too -- and there's no house numbers visible.

You drive 2/10ths of a mile further on the same road, and the fifth house is tastefully painted and the front door is painted in an accent color. There are healthy green plants on the porch, carefully-tended flowers lining the walkway, and both the shrubbery and the grass has been nicely trimmed. No toys or dog tie-outs are spoiling the look of the yard, and the house boasts a great front porch, equipped with patio furniture and contemporary house numbers.

It's easy. To which of these homes are you going to be most attracted?
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Curb appeal is your best bet of getting someone into the house! Make it count!
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Yes, I recommend power washing the front if needed or adding some fresh paint, repair and stain out door fences and replace the old torn up mail box.
Don't forget a new door can really add curb appeal, flowering pots and freshly mowed lawn!
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Yes !!!
It is the 1st thing a buyer sees.
Would you ask someone out you never met before that has missing teeth, dirty hair (and were not at work), and farts like crazy?
But price has it rulings so no if you are selling it for very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very cheap !
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You bet it does...
Old question worth repeating...
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Yes it does! Curb appeal is a buyer's first impression. When I take clients on home tours, generally speaking if the home does not have curb appeal clients do not even want to pull in the driveway. Poor curb appeal homes will eventually sell but at a much reduced price.
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Dear Needhome,
hm curb appeal, just like with what a buyer looks for in a home, or needs in a home and is willing to pay for, the impression what a great curb appeal is and what not is different for different people. Some my like that big shade tree in front of the home and its chancing colors in the fall and others may hate a big tree period!

So having said that, there are some things that institute great curb appeal
clean neat a well taken home, with a nice looking roof, nice windows nice entrance way
and then yes a few nice plantings (either done by a landscaper to make the property look well taken care of) or if the landscaping is in general good shape, make sure a landscaper does trim all the bushes and cleans out all flower beds and yes adding a few lovely hanging baskets or floor pots filled with bright wonderful flowers will make a difference....

The potential buyer will walk up to the house and they will like what they see and they will enter and look at the rest of the home in that spirit....

Often only small changes in the front of a home could make a big difference, I would definitely higher a good landscaper and have them "spiffy up" the front and keep the grass cut and green throughout...

Good luck to you and I hope it helps...
Sincerely yours,
Your Chicago and North Shore Expert - YourRealtor4Life
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well, Needhome - you asked this question back in February - hope by now the snow has melted, and that all the homes you are looking at (if you haven't already bought a home) have colorful flowers and plantings enhancing their curb appeal!
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have you ever walked pulled up to a home and determined if you liked it or not, even before going in... have you ever went into a store, which displayed items you did not find appeling, rest my case... curb appeal is your first impression of the home... and up or downhill from there.
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Curb appeal is very important . Buyers drive by neighborhoods and look at homes from the outside and then call the agent to see it inside.
Buyers look on the internet and if the main picture looks nice , they will click and look at other pictures of the house.
Web Reference: http://www.gitabantwal.com
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@Joseph: I wished it was a steal, that would have been my original offer instead of the agreed upon price, but it was a good deal.
@Debbie: as always thanks for your support.

@Needhome: looking around at your questions, you are focusing on buying a home and increasing its resale value. We were after the same thing. We targeted homes with older kitchens and low curb appeal. Since our budget was limited we did look for a bathroom that was fully functional, but would require updating in 5-10 years. I don’t know if the professionals would agree or not, but those are the areas that I felt where well funded renovations would bring me the most return for my dollars so we could buck the trend and actually have a home with some equity in it---and would promote my own pride and enjoyment of the property in the next 20-30 years. This is definitely not the time to be learning how to ‘flip’ a house, though.
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First Impressions always count! According to the Remodeling Magazine and reprinted in January's REALTOR magazine, your front door replacement/upgrade has an average 128.9% return for your money. Neat, trimmed plants with contrasting color adds to that first impression. If it's not a good time to plant try using red bark. Remember most buyers are shopping on the internet first and you can tell when you see a manicured home. It makes you think that the inside is as well cared for!

Best wishes. Jana
Web Reference: http://www.janaworks4u.com
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Yes, it definitely does.
Dan's right- you can't reasonably change the structure. But... you can fix things...
Tim's got a point. A lack of curb appeal will invite those who try to steal your home (offer much less than current value).
Finally, Deb hit it home with imagination and foresight. You see, it really does not need to cost a fortune to improve curb appeal. Dress up the house, as Mack says.
Wow, everyone's answer was so good! Every home is different. If great curb appeal does not really make more money for the seller (and it probably could) it will likely help it to sell faster. Either way, curb appeal is just another way of projecting pride of ownership. I think this is what buyers want to become- proud owners.
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Tim - thank you for proving everyone's point!!

You have imagination, foresight, and can obviously see the possibilities - - not everyone can

So..........Needhome - poor curb appeal can hurt the seller, but it offers a special opportunity for the right buyer who can see beyond it, and envision the potential.

Good luck...
Debbie Rose
Prudential NJ Properties
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Yep, I got a great deal on a home with low curb appeal. It was one of the things I was looking for when I looked. Let someone else buy the pretty shrubs. I'm already thinking, picket fenses where the hedges are. Also thinking zen rock gardens and herbs all in the front yard alone.
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If you see a house listed as "unique" that means it is to ugly to sell.

If a house looks ugly most people will look for a house that looks better.

You can't change the basic structure of a house. You can fix things to make a worn looking house appear in great shape.
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Yes, it effects it in a few ways. First if it has great hardscape and landscape, more dollars are paid for house. It is the first thing people see and it sets the tone for how they view the home.

Also if the houses surrounding the area do not have good curb appeal, I believe the whole neighborhood is devalued. For example, there are a couple of streets that the minute a house goes on the market, sells fast (the whole neighborhood is very well kept). Across the street same style and year but the neighborhood is hit and miss on the outside appearance... it sells for less and takes much longer. I see it happen all the time.
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Curb appeal always matters. For example, if there are two homes listed in the same neighborhood for $300,000 and one is well manicured and the other isn't. Most likely the home that is well maintained will sell first and very well could sell at a higher price. If a house is purchased without curb appeal then fresh flowers are always a nice quick and inexpensive fix, until you can upgrade.
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Yes, it does--keep in mind it's the first thing potential buyers see upon arrival--a well manicured property gives the perception of a well maintained home--make sure the exterior and interior both show it as house to remember.
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Curb appeal always ranks high in the list of the first impressions that a home buyer says draws them to or turns them away from a home.

If the front of your home is unappealing and unkempt, no one is going to grace your doorstep to look at your home.
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Absolutely. If the home isn't attractive on the outside, it will probably take longer to sell the home. And the asking price might be lower or might have to be reduced once the home is on the market.

Scott Collins
RE/MAX Showcase
Long Grove, IL.
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It can have an affect on the sale. Remember the front of the house is the first thing buyers see. As they walk up to the front door and wait for the agent to unlock the door, buyers are usually looking around at the condition of the front of the house.

If the curb appeal starts off on a bad note, it can set the mood for the rest of the house. Any other defect or negative will be enhanced. If the curb appeal starts off on a good note, then defects or negatives may not seem as bad.

Cute sells. If they feel good about the house and it's condition, buyers may be more willling to offer more than if the house is in disrepair and in need of work.
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Needhome - Curb Appeal effects value.
If a house looks shoddy and unkempt from the outside- you will only attract low-ball offers from Investors looking for fixer uppers. There is a market for that type home.
If your home is attractive, and welcoming from the outside, you will be more inclined to attract Buyers who are willing to offer fair market value.
The choice is yours.
Good Luck!
Web Reference: http://www.321advantage.com
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I have this desire to answer the question with a question - does clothing affect your prospects in a job interview?
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YES. In this market the competition is strong. Pretty sells first.
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You bet, curb appeal is the next step of getting people into the home after PRICE and location. No price, no location, no curb appeal equals........no sale!
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