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Does anyone have any feedback or personal experiences with a Lennar Home here in Minnesota? Thanks!

Asked by lookingtobuild1234, Minneapolis, MN Thu Aug 16, 2012

My husband are looking to build in the Otsego Martin Farms community and were hoping to get some reviews on Lennar!

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I have a lot of experience with Lennar homes in Minnesota and know the Martin Farms development well. I can't stress enough to make sure you let them know you are working with a realtor and make certain to get a realtor with a reputation you can trust and rely on to help negotiate the best price, terms and selections. I am happy to discuss this further with you at your convenience. Give a call anytime. My number is in my profile here on Trulia.
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Fortunately, I have had experience with LENNAR, but unfortunately, it was all BAD. Be sure to take your realtor with you, they hate that. My aim is to inform as many people as I can not to buy a LENNAR HOME. Hope I live a long time
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Stay as far away from these crappie builders as you can. If you have to buy from them plan on being on site every single day they will cut corners and do junk like you won't believe
I'm walking away from 10K just so i don't get stuck with this piece of crap they built for us
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I think the review by the realtors are hilarious!! Just a bunch of guys trying to scare you into letting them earn a commission. So, I've lived in Martin Farms and bought a brand new "inventory" home in 2014. Since then, my roof has leaked, foundation cracked and leaked, siding fell off the house, multiple items not up to code and only found out after hiring my own building inspector (Yes, Lennar has the Otsego city building inspectors in their pocket and yes, they let them cut corners) even when I tried to address code violations they came back and said they were compliant and it wasn't until I sent them a copy of the state building code that they reluctantly sent a sub part contractor out to bring it up to code. Hmmm, it's been over a year and I still am dealing with taking days off work for contractors to repair flooring, leaks, appliances that have failed, well, actually, they're not standing behind the dishwasher that broke 1 month after the 1 year warranty. Another $1000 expense for me!! Thank you Lennar! The saleswoman is a liar, the construction manager is worthless and after just one short year in Martin Farms we're saving our money and moving as soon as possible. To add to things, there is no regulation of the pool, tonight for example, there are a dozen adults partying with their friends, playing loud rap music and getting drunk. Is that a place you'd take your children, we didn't. And after addressing it with the management company they tell me to deal with myself...to make things worse, the neighborhood is full of kids whose parents look at parenting as a chore they'd rather not do and will let their kids try and influence yours into egging houses, shooting people with bb guns, even found our neighbors Playboy magazine in our mailbox! We have learned an extremely valuable lesson and Lennar is a company of liars, cheats, lowest bid contractors and hopefully this will help you make a decision NOT to purchase a Lennar home, or, you could be in my shoes in a year writing a follow up to this review. In closing, my house isn't the lemon on the block, EVERY neighbor I've talked to has had some sort of horror story or another, windows ,carpet (our neighbor across the street does carpet and said they put better stuff in section 8 homes, our has at least 50 "lumps" where Focal Point in Otsego/Rogers came out and said "that's how all the pads these days are being built and we'll pull up all the carpet in your house, cut them out, and do our best to stretch it back into place" oh, and our bathrooms constantly smell like a sewer, and we're EXTREMELY clean people!! Do yourself a favor and knock on anybodies door in this neighborhood and ask them their experience with Lennar and they'll tell you to stay far far away!
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Some issues with the quality of construction in Lennar homes in D/FW too.
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I've had multiple experiences with Lennar here in the Twin Cities- most recently at RiverPointe in Otsego and know those sales people there well as they are the same as in Martin Farms. They are good, honest people and build a nice home! Good luck!
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OMG you have got to be kidding! they lie as bad as any used car salesman i have ever met
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just google lennar reviews
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Terrible terrible terrible. RUN RUN RUN RUN. We have lived in our home for 1000 days. Our kitchen floor is sinking into our downstairs ceiling. How is that our fault? Sorry kids cannot go to Disney this year - we need to repair our 3 year old home. Will try to post a photo if I can. Total nightmare.
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NEVER buy from Lennar. Run.
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To Joseph Houghton, LUCKY YOU!! IF you had closed,it would have been a diferent story.When LENNAR GETS TOO MANY COMPLAINTS THEY JUST MOVE ON TO A DIFFERENT NEIGHBORHOOD. This is 2013 and still these problems persist.

Check with your neighbors, if I can not persuade you not to buy a LENNAR home at the very least, take a lawyer or a licenced realtor with you.

Ross Petrie
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I've had good experiences for the most part. The subcontractors they had do a roof for one of my clients didn't install it right.....we had to fight quite a bit, but got them to re-roof it before we closed.
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I've worked with them! They are easy to work with. If Lennar had some issues back in 2006...don't you think since then they have thinned out any crummy contractors they have been using?

Would you like a buyer agent to help you negotiate with the builder?

Most builders include a 6% commission when they list a home... So why not have an agent on your side for free?

Thank you,

Cody Anderson, MN Licensed Realtor

Metropolitan Home Team

Phone: 612-242-5752

Email: cody@metropolitanhometeam.com
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My most recent experience with Lennar was related to a home in the $400K+ range in Plymouth. There's a law that claims that builders are responsible for structural defects for a period of 10 years. During that time, many 4-season porches and many decks in this neighborhood were damaged by frost heaves. Attempts by the homeowner and myself to get Lennar to accept responsibility for the problems failed miserably. After my client dug into their own pockets to remedy the problem, the problem went away. It only cost them about $14,000 to have the structural problem fixed by their own contractor. According to my clients, nobody in that neighborhood, (that they were aware of), were able to get Lennar to do anything about the situation.

So, in summary, if there's no problem, there's no problem. However, if there is a problem, you get to deal with their legal department....and that could be a problem.javascript:{}
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Stay away from Lennar. They lie, cheat and share all your emails. Find a reputable contractor.Check out their privacy policy. Trust me they are not private. Tell your friends and family, stay away from LENNAR.
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When you purchase a new home that isn't yet built, then you have certain risks with any/every builder. It starts with the purchase agreement. You agree to buy a home based on what you "think" you'll be getting, once it's built. You might have something in mind that may be similar to what the model home looked like. Will it be exactly the same? Will what is built match what you have in mind? Most likely, no...it won't. What will be different? Well, the differences, if any, will be determined by what's written in the paperwork called the "purchase agreement".

Buying a home to be built, is not like factory ordering a new car. Will your home come with the same type of windows that the model home did? Will the insulation be installed correctly or covered with sheetrock so nobody will ever know? Does the builder have the right to substitute materials or deviate from the blueprint? If the model home had a Carrier brand AC and furnace, and Marvin Low-E, Argon-filled windows, is that what you'll be getting or could they substitute those things with something of lower quality?

New construction is essentially buying something that does not yet exist. How are you protected against the builder substituting metal ductwork for heating and air conditioning with flexible non-metallic ductwork? Would you be happy with either? Should you be happy with either?

It's a high-stakes situation and it can work out great or it can be a nightmare with you and your resources against a gigantic company with plenty of lawyers. Buyers of new construction homes generally need a realtor representing them (solely them and not also the builder), more than buyers of existing homes do. I've been in this business a long time and if I was going to buy a new-construction home, (even though I'm a Realtor), I'd have another Realtor represent me...and that Realtor would not also represent the builder.

As for Lennar, They seem to build a decent home for the money. They've been in business long enough to know what motivates buyers and they include a lot of things that are nice and look nice. Vaulted ceilings, large rooms, open spaces, big garages, fancy kitchens and bathrooms are common. The question isn't the obvious things that can be easily seen, the question is..."what about those things you can't see?"

My personal experience with Lennar regarding their service after the sale, isn't good. In my experience, when there was a common problem with many VERY expensive homes in the same neighborhood, where problems caused decks to twist like pretzels and 4-season porches to move up and down 3-4 inches. Lennar assumed no responsibility and blamed the problem on others. The people I worked with had to spend around $15K to make the needed repairs because they got nowhere with Lennar.

As it might be with any large company, you can only get so far with any one person, then you have to deal with their supervisor. Big companies have no end to supervisors who the buck can be transferred to. Often the buck stops with their legal department.

If you don't call me, I can't help you. My contact info is beneath my picture.
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Lennar has closed on over 20 homes in the Martin Farms development so far this year. They are a highly respected builder that has a unique format to help buyers go through the home building process. I have worked with Lennar in the past and even built a few homes myself. I would be happy to help you build your dream home the right way! Let me know how I can help.

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STAY AWAY FROM LENNAR --->> Awful company with no morals! You don't need a realtor if you go see them, you need an attorney!
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