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Khub, Home Buyer in Morris Plains, NJ

Does anybody have recommendations for good relators specializing in the residential properties for first-time?

Asked by Khub, Morris Plains, NJ Sun Mar 30, 2008

buyers in the Morrsitown, NJ area?

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John Sacktig’s answer
Big Step. yes. I'd like to help, as I will not just sell a home. I want you to be comfortable with your purchase and have all the facts. I work closely with my clients until we find the perfect home.
I have helped many new families find that first home that is a perfect fit.

Call / Email me for an introduction package. I'll send it right out.

John Sacktig
Broker / Sales Associate
Orange Key Realty
Cell: 732-213-1409
office: 732-297-6969
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We, of course, all recommend ourselves. I am located in Parsippany, on Rte 10W. Most of the business done in my office is first time buyers. Most of my buyers last year and the ones I have now, are first time buyers. Most are between $180,000 (very tough if you dont' want a condo) to about $400,000. If you are a first time buyer above this price range good for you!

Feel free to call me at 973-876-8645. I am at the Coldwell Banker office near the Raceway gas station and Barnes and Noble.
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Hi Khub,

I'm located in Morris County and have helped many first time buyers like yourself. If you like click on my profile, visit my website, and if you want to, contact me by phone or e-mail. You should interview several Realtors to see who is a good fit, and I will be happy to be one of them. Good luck!

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See if any of my 20 listings fit your needs.
If not, I can show you any home that is currently on the market.
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Hello Khub.

Your home is probably the biggest purchase your family will ever make, and it involves many decisions that go beyond simply choosing one you like. Making the transition from renter to first time owner can be as stressful as it is exciting and it's natural to feel a bit unsure or intimidated by the whole process of buying a home. As an experienced first time buyer’s agent, it's my job to guide you, from beginning to end. I will take the time to go through each and every step of the buying process. From finding the right property to negotiations and moving in, I'll be right by your side to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Be assured that you will receive competent and professional service when you engage me and the Prudential New Jersey Properties resources in your pursuit of a new home. We have assisted many first time buyers and their families in this market, resulting in successfully finding their ideal home.

Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss why I am the best qualified to help you find the right home.

Gina Chirico, Sales Associate
Prudential NJ Properties
973-228-1000 ext 132 office
973-715-1158 cell
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Hi Khub,

A good place to start looking would be on http://www.realtor.com/. Go to find a Realtor and type in the city that you will be purchasing in. You will get a yellow page search of local agents to the area, with their websites.

Good luck,

Sandy Shores, Realtor
M & M Real Estate
Residential & Investment
Brevard County
Florida's Space Coast
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Hey Khub,

Did you find a Realtor? buy a Home? Give us an update...

Abhishrek - you are about what 6 months behind the 8 ball here.... this was posted in March. But, lets see what happened to Khub and his/her Realtor search anyway.
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Hi Khub, I agree 100% with what others have said. You should go to a few open houses in the area you are interested in and "secret shop" the realtors there. Ask around and see if you have any friends or co-workers who have used realtors in that are that did a good job for them in the past.

Almost everyone will promote themselves, but the reality of the situation is, you have to feel comfortable with them and have a connection. A wise man once said "People will buy people before they buy goods or services".

Hope this helps,

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Attend open houses to meet prospective agents. Google and create a short list of agents. Use Truia as a source to create a list. Phone several agents and have a conversation about your needs and their ability to meet your needs. Ask agents directly what specific strengths they have in assisting first time homebuyers. What do they bring to the table that another buyer agent may not?

Have this conversation with a handful of agents via telephone. Make an appointment to visit a few properties with the agent that seems likely to fit your needs. Limit your buyer agency relationship with that agent to just those properties shown in the beginning. Once you have spent a bit of time w/ the agent, you will know if this is an agent you wish to have represent you as your exclusive buyer agent.

Deborah Madey - Broker
Peninsula Realty Group - New Jersey
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Red Bank, NJ
Hello Khub, I am a Morristown area market expert, and also run the top ranking Morristown NJ Real Estate website, which also features the best MLS Home search available. http://www.jboyerhomes.com all the best, James Boyer 973-647-0253
Web Reference: http://www.jboyerhomes.com
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James Boyer is deceased. He was killed in NYC five years ago. This post is against the terms of use set by Trulia. It is also against the Laws in New Jersey.
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There is a first time home buyer expo this Saturday in Randolph. I would suggest you take a look at what's available. There are many of us realtors who can show you homes; however, financing for a first time buyer is equally important. You may be eligible for County funds, or you may be a cop or firefighter eligible for the PBA loan which is at 4.67%. I would be happy to show you homes like all the other realtors that have responded to your post. Would you like me to send you a First Time Buyer Guide? I market with Wells Fargo Home Loans, and they have an office here in Morristown just like my office is in Morristown. Feel free to read some of my information on my sites http://Morrischat.com, http://PBALoans.com, and http://LivinginMorristown.com. I can be reached at 908-477-9450 and my name is Denise Broesler of RE/MAX Properties Unlimited Morristown.
Web Reference: http://morrischat.com
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Dear Khub:
Located in Morristown, my offices includes several Realtors that specialize in your real estate needs.
Please call 973-538-5555.
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We are direct provider for BG/SBLC specifically for lease, at leasing price of (5.0 +2)% of face value, Issuance by HSBC Bank London , Barclays Bank London , Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, & AAA Rated Banks in Europe, Middle East or USA.

All relevant business information will be provided upon request.
If Interested kindly contact me via Email:~
Mr. Bernard butty
Email: leasebutty.bg@gmail.com
skype: butty.bernard
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While I myself am not in that area, I am an agent with Weichert Realtors, and we have a great number of offices in that area. I would be more than happy to direct you to someone.
Feel free to be in touch.
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Hi Khub,

It is with my pleasure to be able to to assist you and your family with buying a home. However, I'm more concerned with getting to know my clients before I take them out to show property. Why many ask. It's because as I get to know you and your family it sets the tone of the experience and the relationship we are building with 1 another. It's like no one wants a cold handshake or a phony relationship just to help you buy so that they can receive a commision check. You want people that will truly work for you, with you and have your best interest at heart and not make you feel like you're only a dollar sign $ "Cha-Ching".

I would like to be able to assist you in finding our beautiful home. Yes, I said our because we are in this together and guess what it takes searching for the right home that meets your needs with someone who truly cares.

I hope this helps with your question at least for now. You'll be contacting me soon and I'll be waiting for your call.

Basimah North
862-215-2068, cell

My Social Medias:


http://www.YouTube.com/BasimahNorth - If you cannot access it this way log onto YouTube and type my name in it will appear.

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People, question was asked in 2008... The person probably found someone by now.

I would think that a good measure of a Realtor or anyone in business would be to pay attention to details. Answering a question from 2008 like it was a few hours ago just oozes lack of attention, no?

But, since that monkey posted that nonsense again.. the last thing you want to do is sign with an “exclusive buyers agent” All that does is guarantee that the agent you signed with gets paid and you as a buyer are stuck with them. I have had two transactions with agents that use this title and they were horrible, unprofessional and “guaranteed” the buyer they would get the house for $10 -$20,000 less by bringing in their own home inspector and tried to negotiate imagined issues. In one case, the buyer paid $15k more for the house then the seller would have sold them for.. and it was because of the agent.

In NJ we are ALL buyers agents, sellers agents and dual agents until we discuss the rules of agency with a particular client. The only place that agency is an issue is here online where these so called agents make all types of statements about what they can do. When there is absolutely nothing a so called EBA can do to get you a home cheaper then anyone else. All it is, is a different bait on the hook.. and sounds kinda slimy to me.

If business was so good, why nickel and dime people with buying an e-book?
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You might want to contact the broker manager at some of the local agencies for a recomendation. Then interview them.Then select the one you are most comfortable with.
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Also check out my reviews on Trulia.

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Check out my reviews on Zillow !
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Yes, you get someone that specializes in first time home buyers. They hold the key to a smooth first time transaction and make the experience a very possitive one.
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OK now you're hedging. I could run the stats again and prove that even your office is not number one, but there is no point.

But the real question isn't what your office has done, it is what YOU have done. A client will be hiring YOU, not the office. When you are up against me in a listing presentation, it will be Al's program vs Marc's. THAT is where you want to concentrate your attention and efforts.

Good luck!

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Marc- I just want to point out that we are ONE office. Not 50 or 75 as you showed in your "data". Break it down by office and by agent. We are number ONE !
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Several excellent Agents and choices have answered your request. Am sure you will make the right decision soon. Best of Luck!
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I'm kind of glad somebody DID answer....this one has been fun...sparks are a flyin!!!
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By the way, none of this is meant to besmirch Keller Williams as a firm. They have some great agents, as do all of us, and the public should interview several agents in order to make the best decision. It is the individual marketing program that makes the difference. It is the individual marketing program that a seller needs to evaluate to determine where he or she will be getting the most value.

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Quote from AL:
- - - >
Since when is factual data meaningless ? Our firm's technology and marketing systems are the BEST in the industry ! We are the third largest Real Estate firm in the country. And yes NUMBER ONE in Morris and Somerset counties. The fact is that Keller Williams marketing systems and sales associates are the best in the business ! Size does matter !
- - - >

Alright Al. Let's look at the meaningful data for January 2011.

In Morris and Somerset counties:

Re/Max had 80 transactions with a total dollar volume of $28,800,000
Weichert had 82 transactions with a total dollar volume of $29,725,000
Century 21 had 30 transactions with a total dollar volume of $9,193,000
Keller Williams had 16 transactions for a total dollar volume of $7,578,496

So if size matters, as you say, then Weichert and Re/Max mattered most.

Please, do some research before you recite some corporate mantra. Keller Williams is not even close to the top in Morris and Somerset counties, neither is Century 21. Nonetheless, it is the individual agent that is the most important consideration, not the total dollar volume. Total dollar volume measures the size of the firm, and not the quality of the service. You take a small agency like Turpin. They handle some of the biggest properties in Morris and Somerset, and obviously take a back seat to no one with respect to quality of service. If that were not true, the very wealthy residents of Harding Twp and Bernards Twp would not keep using them in numbers disproportionate to their small size.

Are we good?


Marc Paolella
Relocation Director/Appraiser
Century 21 Joe Tekula Realtors
201 Route 10 East
Succasunna, NJ 07876
Phone (direct): (973) 584-4235
Coolest map-based home search: http://www.marcpaolella.com
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Gosh, Al, you're kinda testy, aren't ya'?

I was referring to the agents who were recently answering the original question and they were trying to get business though Khub has probably purchased and added a home and added a room addition by now....
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Since when is factual data meaningless ? Our firm's technology and marketing systems are the BEST in the industry ! We are the third largest Real Estate firm in the country. And yes NUMBER ONE in Morris and Somerset counties. The fact is that Keller Williams marketing systems and sales associates are the best in the business ! Size does matter !
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Feb 16, 2011

Re/Max and Weichert are the top agencies in northen NJ, period, paragraph, end of discussion. And I obviously do not have much to gain by pointing that out, right?

But none of that changes the fact that agents are selected based on individual programs, not agencies. And there are good agents in Keller Williams. And there are terrible agents in Keller Williams. And there are superb agents at Weichert, Century 21, and yes, even at some independents like Orange Key. And there are terrible agents at all of the above.

The bottom line is the experience and expertise of the individual agent. So put the Kool Aid down and discuss your own perfection. Individuals are the name of the game in this business not companies. In a corporate setting we can bask in the reflected glory of our companies. But in real estate, the individual is king!

So do not extract some meaningless statistic about 2 counties that you pulled out of your hat to proclaim some mystical number one status. I don't have the time, but I would bet that Re/Max and or Weichert are the top agencies in Morris and Somerset in terms of number of number of closings. Not that it means much of anything, because as I said, it's the agent that designs and executes the marketing program, not the agency.

The public needs to keep that in mind when selecting an agent, because it is the individual agent that determines the ultimate success of the outcome.

Good luck!


Marc Paolella
Relocation Director/Appraiser
Century 21 Joe Tekula Realtors
201 Route 10 East
Succasunna, NJ 07876
Phone (direct): (973) 584-4235
Coolest map-based home search: http://www.marcpaolella.com
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According to the Garden State Multiple Listing System's data, we are the NUMBER ONE agency in Morris and Somerset Counties ! John I have never heard of your firm or of you, so I will reserve comment. And James, I did not know there was an expiration date on a question....Are you a moderator or are you employed by Trulia to make negative comments on other Brokers posts ? Our office did over $280,000,000 in sales last year. Yes that is MILLION. That makes us NUMBER ONE !!!!
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Sigh.....fellow Realtors, please read the date on the original question before you get all excited.....
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Feb 16, 2011
Aside from what Marc has to say below me here Al,

How does one stay on top at the #1 spot when they answer questions 2 Years after they are asked!
Is that part of the #1 plan?

AND - NO WAY.! We are not even in Morris and Somerset Counties.. but Orange Key Realty is the BEST of the BESTEST in Morris and Somerset Counties! We come there and our Realtors out Realtors the Realtors in the area!

So there.

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Self-promotion without answering the question is frowned upon here. And to clarify, no firm in NUMBER ONE or number anything. Every firm is composed of individual agents. Some Keller Williams agents are good. Others are bad. Just like C21, Weichert, Prudential, Coldwell, and everyone else. Let's be accurate and honest.

Good luck!

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Best Brokerage firm is Keller Williams Towne Square located in Bernardsville. We are the NUMBER ONE firm in Morris and Somerset Counties.
Web Reference: http://landbaronhomes.com/
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Let's check the dates guys, this post was from 2008.

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Hi Khub,
I'd be a poor agent if I didn't offer myself to help you.
My office is in Parsippany in the heart of Morris County, and we see a lot of 1st time buyers as we are near Lake Hiawatha which has many homes within a 1st time buyers price range.
I spend a lot of time educating 1st timers to the buying process, and the many steps that are involved in it. I also introduce them to our in house mortgage person to go over the mortgage ins and outs and to get them pre-approved so that we can proceed.
Contact me if you feel I can be of assistance. 201-618-0309
Best of luck to you.
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Khub - you will definitely get a ton of answers to this question!!! Most of my business is with first time buyers, and I LOVE IT!!!! I remember when I was totally lost when buying my first home, and wish that I had the help of an agent who truly understood my fears and lack of industry knowledge. Many agents forget that as a new buyer, you really need alot of guidance - (a really good reason to NEVER buy a for sale by owner) My greatest satisfaction is seeing the joy when a buyer moves in to their first home - well worth all the efforts to get them there!!! I'd love to help you find the home thats right for you when you're ready.. I cover pretty much all of central jersey http://www.gethomebuyingtips.com/

Lynn Dachisen
Keller Williams Towne Square Realty
24 Claremont Rd, Bernardsville, NJ
908 256-0508 908 766-0085
24 Claremon
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Jodi Sandman from Coldwell Banker. I just bought a house in Morris Plains through her. She is the best realtor I have worked with in Morris Co.

Her contact info.
Cell: (973) 951 4857
Phone: (973) 263 0400

Good Luck..!!
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Hey Khub,

I would recommend Sunita Mathur from Coldwell Banker...She is very knowledgeable and good at pointing out things. She is certified ABR. You can find her contact details in realtor.com. We are also first time home buyer and she is working very closely with us on each step and is very prompt in replying our queries...even at odd hrs and as silly as possible. She has good knowledge of the area as she has lived there for more than 25 yrs, so contact her and I am sure you will not be disappointed at all. Give her my ref: Sinha.
Good luck with your hunt
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We've recently purchased our very first home in Morris Plains, NJ, and we had a very pleasant experience with our agent, Phil Migliaccio of Prudential (New Jerssy Properties). He became our agent by referral. He exceeded the expectations we had of good/honest realtors. He's fun to work with (a really jolly person!), responded quickly to all our queries, and made the process of home-buying a very pleasant adventure for us. He'll really work hard for you. He'll make a U-turn back to the office in order to address a concern even when rushing to see a movie! Sorry, Phil, but this is the most we could do for you. Call him at 973-214-8250 or reach him via email at philmig@aol.com. And when you do, please mention that we gave out our most sincere recommendation. Good luck in your house-hunting! David & Grace
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We've been in contact with Marc Paollela in the area and he's been very helpful and provides a lot of data in terms of both comps, historical stats, etc which were exactly what we were looking for. Considering his honest responses to many questions on this board and our experience, I'd recommend him for the area.

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