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Do you think Trulia should display historical MLS listings for properties since brokers have been deleting and re-adding their westfield MLS listings?

Asked by Joanie, 10010 Sun Jan 17, 2010

Do you think Trulia should display historical MLS listings for properties since brokers have been deleting and re-adding their westfield MLS listings to hide the reductions?

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Mary Petti’s answer
Joanie and everyone else,

Read Debbie Rose's comments. This question was asked and answered ad nauseaum a few weeks back.

Coldwell Banker bought out Burghdorf. ALL Burghdorf listings had to be re-listed with Coldwell Banker listings agreements as the new broker, and they had to be input with the new brokerage into the MLS.

@Joanie....ALL real estate agents can search ANY property to see when and how long it was on the market (usually up to 5 years back) and give you that information just by seaching the address. So if it's a concern for you, just ask.....
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Joanie - aren't you the one who questioned listings being deleted and relisted in Westfield by 2 agencies who recently merged?

You saw it as a conspiracy to dupe the public. You were told that because the 2 companies merged, the listings HAD to be inputted again to coordinate the listing company codes. There was no plan involved to mislead anyone. For some reason, you and another person chose to see it as such.

Why did you not accept the reasonable explanation you were given?

I don't even work for the companies you and your friend were maligning.........but I took the time to call the manager and let him know what was being said here so he could make sure an explanation was forthcoming......you then received an explanation for what was done.

If I recall, you and the other person's (friend, relative maybe?) questions were deleted by trulia.

As mentioned below, any agent can tell you the listing history of a home...all you have to do is ask
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Everything that is visible on the MLS is seen on Trulia. If you are working with an agent and they send you lisings you can view the history. The reason agents withdraw a listing could be more then just to change the price and dom.
If it is withdrawn , it goes back on with the same number and visible history. If it is withdrawn or teminated the agent must re-enter all the info and get a new listing number. If you are really watching the market you will know if there has been a reduction. No reason to hide, things are what they are.
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Who calculates the price reduction percentage on Trulia? Does Trulia do this or do the agents send it with the listings?
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Dan, Send the mechanics to NJ. I have a rattle. Car works perfectly. 17 trips to the shop......no one can figure out the rattle. Annoys my buyers and me.

The challenge w/ CDOM on Trulia is ...similar to listing days on Trulia. Consumers assume that means the market time, which is not necessarily true. Any time frames on Trulia are usually shorter than actual time on market.

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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Brick, NJ
Deborah, I think listing the CDOM on trulia would solve this issue.

p.s. Over a lot of years I have gotten a lot of answers on a lot of questions from several different mechanics here. I guess I am just in a great area. Or I met the 6+ nice guy mechanics in the area.
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Hi AB and Joannie,

AB - I think your post clarifies Joannie’s concern. I believe that both of you are asking for Trulia to take a role in providing historical information on properties offered for sale.

Trulia is not the source for historical listing data. Trulia does not report on all properties for sale. MLSs do have rules about prompt reporting on property status changes. Trulia does not. There are hundreds of MLSs across the US, and the data integrity at MLSs is managed through paid staff. That management of high quality data and integrity comes with a cost, and that cost is carried by Realtors who pay membership fees. There are some errors in all MLS data feeds, but overall, it serves the public and Realtors well.

Trulia, by contrast, is a for-profit online media company, which aggregates data and sells subscriptions/advertising. Think of Trulia more like an online version of a magazine. Trulia obtains data from public information sources, contract providers and voluntary submissions of real estate agents and brokers. Just as a reputable magazine would not knowingly or carelessly publish incorrect data, neither would Trulia. However, to expect Trulia to provide you this data is analogous to expecting a magazine that publishes housing ads to be an MLS. Just like Homes and Land, Real Estate Book and the local newspaper, Trulia is a media company. Trulia happens to be online only. My obligation to submit properties to any media company is solely determined by the representation and agreement made with the seller. Some brokerages have standard policies and provide data feeds accordingly.

If you want access directly to historical data of properties represented by Realtors, you can either ask a Realtor, or become one. Almost any Realtor will gladly provide you the info upon request.

I don’t know of another industry where I can have instant access to dozens of people who will provide me free accurate documentable data immediately upon request. Several Realtors on this thread would gladly help you within mere minutes of a request without cost or obligation.

Now, if I could get attorneys, mechanics, programmers and artists to answer my questions with such vigor, commitment, and sincerity, I would be one happy camper singing “Thank You’s” at very high notes. Hats off to the Realtors on Trulia who invest their dollars heavily to maintain memberships, study the market and acquire knowledge and understanding then give so freely.

Deborah “Deb” Madey
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Brick, NJ

I guess a bit of process explanation is in order.

Trulia does not post listings...agents who list them do, either manually, or their brokerage has a direct feed to his site and other real estate sites as well. Sometimes even with direct feed, an agent will also manaully post a listing to add more details for the public to see.

ANY home that is listed, then expires and is relisted in the MLS has a history that is easily recovered by an agent who has access to the MLS. This applies to withdrawn listings(whether temporarily or permanently) that come back on the market, as well as those that had a contract and them come back on the market as well.

To post the history is virtually impossible. BUT as i said in a previous post, if it is a concern to you, just ask the realtor about it. It's not a big secret and we will gladly provide that information.
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The question is not whether you can get the info from an agent, it is whether Trulia should list this info. I think they should because it is part of the history of the listing and is one of the many pieces of info that is needed by home buyers. I also don't think Trulia should list it as a "new" listing when it is in fact not a "new" listing.
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Joanie, just so you know - no one "calls up trulia"..........trulia has moderators (Emily and Vicky) that are actively checking posts, and even post comments themselves.........there is a "report" button under the response for those posts that might be considered inappropropriate. Anyone is free to report a response.

Once notified, trulia checks it out, and makes the determination whether the response should remain or not.
In your case, apparently, trulia chose to remove the questions - both of them.

You were given a perfectly logical explanation for what occurred, but apparently, you're still not satisfied.
As I suggested initially, why not call the particular office you are taking issue with, and let the manager explain it to you once again, rather than insinuate in a public forum that something sneaky took place.

Have a pleasant day.
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Yes, someone from Coldwell called up trulia and had the question deleted. I was told to reword it this way so it would not be deleted.
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Hi Joanie, Marc nailed your question - and I will just resonate the point that your agent can easily help you retrieve prior listing data- it is easily accessible in the archive section of the MLS. Agree too with Marc that understanding how long a property has been listed, not just in its current listing with over time, is useful to the process of evaluating market value/price.

Agents that know there inventory well will recognize when a property has been pulled down and relisted as a marketing tactic. What I find is that buyers recognize increasingly recognize this as well with their increased level of knowledge and sophistication gained from tools like Trulia and others. And so In my estimation, the tactic of pulling off the market to relist, so it will "pop" on the agents' hotlists, and on "new listings" sections of websites is not as effective as it may have been in the past when info was not as available.

Align yourself with an agent who has the knowledge of the inventory and command of the information systems to support your information and analytic support requests.

Good luck and best,
Jeanne Feenick
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Can you stop getting all conspiratorial? There is no effort to deceive you or anyone else. It is not in an agent's best interest to do that. Whatever property you want full information on, just ask. I will post it or e-mail it to you.

What you are suggesting makes no sense, because the first thing a buyer's agent does is pull old listings. Deleting and re-listing would have no effect whatsoever.

I am working with a first time newbie amateur homebuyer in Westfield and Summit right now. We saw one house and the first question he asked was whether it has been listed before. I ran it on my Blackberry and told him that it was listed twice in the past. No drama. Nothing being hidden.

The only reason agents de-list and re-list is to try to attract some new attention to the property. It's like "bumping" a thread on an Internet forum. When a home is re-listed, it hits all the agents "hot sheets" and reminds them that the house is still there and waiting to be sold.

Sometimes, the owner specifically requests it when the home is not getting showings. Is it effective? Probably not. But sometimes there is desperation and/or frustration and the seller or the agent want to do something to shake things up a little.

There is no deception intended, and none can result. Who EVER would buy a house without reviewing its complete listing history? Nobody.


Marc Paolella
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Dear Joanie,
Nowadays the MLS system has two numbers. One is "days of a listing" and the other "total days of marketing". The second one adds all the different listings. Your agent could tell you both. In my area, you can not re-add listings without having the owner of the property fill out a new listing agreement.
Good luck,
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Any good agent will tell their clients the history of a house that they are considering. There are many reasons for taking a home off the market and putting it back on. Unfortunately, in this market there are reductions in home pricing. Our ultimate goal is to get a home sold for our sellers and to find the right buyer for the home. I want my sellers and buyers to refer me to their family and friend Being honest and forthright is the cornerstone of my business. My advise is to always ask about the property. We can get you the history of a house! Good luck and I hope this helps. Feel free to email or call me if you have further concerns or questions. Eileen
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