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Do you really think the "real estate community" is going to give you any answer except one that benefits the "real estate?

Asked by Herbert Herbert, Flatbush - Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, NY Mon Jun 14, 2010


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This is pretty much true of any class of experts, however. Educators tend to advise people to become better educated, personal trainers advise people to be more physically fit, alcohol purveyors encourage you to "drink, responsibly."

It's a logical fallacy to figure that just because someone is interested in the outcome that they can't advise you properly - or that someone will advise you properly simply because they're not interested in the outcome.

Such is life.
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Not everyone here works in real estate. There a e a few of us who give decent replies who literally can not make or lose anything by giving a reply and do so anyway.

I have given replies, shown statistics, explained graphs, and shown foreclosure relates articles, sites, and predictions that often say waiting is the better way to go.

Sometimes even the professionals have said not to buy now. I have seen a lot of good replies from pro and non-pro here. I have also seen bad replies from both types.
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Dear Herbert:

It depends on the question. If the question is factual and requires a factual answer, usually the consumer will receive valuable information that will help them. If the question is opinionated like this one, the consumer must use the discretion as to what conclusions to draw from the answers.

I know when I answer questions in this forum I am always seeking to be helpful and truthful. My assumption is that if I help someone truthfully and accurately that they may choose to do business with me and/or refer business to me.

Mitchell S. Feldman
Associate Broker/ Director of Sales
Madison Estates & Properties, Inc.
Office: (718) 645-1665/ Cell: (917) 805-0783
Email: MitchellSFeldman@aol.com
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Have you ever seen the film "A Few Good Men?" There is a saying that goes something like this. Do you want the truth? You can't handle the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.

If you honestly believe that you can't get impartial advice on this website from Real Estate Professionals, then why do you look through the posts? I value my reputation. Honesty and integrity are very important to me so please understand that if someone asks a question that I will answer it to the best of my ability, regardless of whether it is beneficial to me or other agents or whether it is not.

I believe that most professionals who respond to these posts are honest and will give unbiased information based on their expertise and knowledge. If you don't like what you see then you don't have to look.
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So, Herbert, the alternative is not to ask the "real estate community" for advice, knowledge, and guidance. Which leaves the General Public, where?

Real Estate really isn't an "us vs them" sort of thing, unless you want it to be. Most of us - virtually all of us - own real estate, have prospered (especially the older ones among us) from owning it, and for some of us, our real estate ownership has proven even more financially remunerative than working as a real estate professional.

If you want to know more about it, ask one of us. We are here, in fact, to help.
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Yes, all good answers benefit the real estate community whether the answer is good news or bad.
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Check out my answers (and those of many of the others posting here) and judge for yourself.

However, let me address an aspect of your question/concern that needs clarification.

You're concerned that the only answer you receive might be "one that benefits the 'real estate community.'"

The fallacy there is thinking that there's one "real estate community." On the contrary, a lot of folks here have quite different backgrounds, views, experiences, motivations, and goals.

For example, you'll see questions posted about the advisability and pros/cons of lease-options. I'm a big supporter of lease-options. In the right situation, I think it's a win-win arrangement for both tenant-buyer and seller. There are other experienced, professional, knowledgeable agents here who really don't like lease-options. And that's fine. So, if you ask about lease-options, you'll certainly not receive one consistent answer across the board.

Another example: Selling FSBO. Most agents don't think much of most attempts to sell FSBO. Naturally, it's depriving them of a commission if the FSBO is successful. But they also recognize that most FSBOs don't know what they're doing. On the other hand, there are some on this board--some agents and some non-agents--who are advocates of selling FSBO so long as the seller does some homework first. Again, there's no "one" answer.

Another example: Is now a good time to buy? Some agents love to post statements along the lines of "Now is a great time to buy. Prices are good. Interest rates are low. Inventory is good." I guess that'd be the answer that would benefit the "real estate community." I tend to be a contrarian. The last time I answered that sort of question, a couple of days ago, I began: "No. Now is not a good time to buy."

Another example: The ongoing debate about whether the $8,000/10% first time home buyer tax credit was a good or bad thing. I guess the correct answer ought to be that it was a good thing. But there are plenty of us here who are arguing that it wasn't that good and it should have expired.

I could go on and on.

The point, again, is: You're going to find a real diversity of opinion here.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Fairfax, VA
Yes .
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Why not put one out there and decide for yourself.
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Absolutely... There is nothing to gain but satisfaction i was able to assist someone when they needed it. The big fix isnt in... like you make think. There are real people with real questions looking for real answers in a time when they need help. No one is getting paid here. There is a mix of agents, brokers, mortgage brokers, buyers and sellers all here assisting each other with what ever is needed.
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Herbert Squared,

Just remember that all of us are consumers too. The information is free and it's up to the reader to determine if he/she wants to follow it.

As both a consumer and professional, I have been extremely impressed with the quality of responses I see on this board.

Good luck,

Rob Spinosa
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The real estate community works with buyers, sellers and renters. The advice given is going to help a range of people depending on the question or answers. Some answers will be well received by buyers and not be welcomed by sellers. The opposite is also true. The real fact is the real estate agents are providing advice in the real estate segment of business and the consumer gains from the knowledge and input.
Does a doctors answers benefit just the medical field?
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There are a number of Agents who answer Questions at Trulia Honestly IMO...

However...The majority of Agents are not coming to Trulia to answer Questions purely out of some unselfish desire to assist people IMO.
Trulia is presented to Agents as a Lead Generator and many Agents openly discuss Trulia being part of their Marketing plan because they are looking for leads.

Now I admit a good argument can be made and is made by some that giving Quality answers, being honest, helpful ect is the Best way to get leads but I would also say a good argument could be made that anyone looking through the Forum might decide a lot of Agents haven't figured that out...

For a Large number of Agents it is my opinion that Participation here is part of a Marketing Plan not some sort of charitable act or some desire to share......

Herbert the onus falls on you....Agents are selling Services and YOU need to know enough to shop smart, so read, verify and determine the Answer for yourself because the Bottom line is that as a Seller or Buyer you will be paying the Price for for any mistakes in Judgmental or incorrect assumptions.....
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This is the problem with that every REALTOR ® has to deal with. The majority of real estate agents that are REALTORS® have integrity, and help their clients by educating them with facts and not smoke and mirrors. Those who work on this premise give answers that they can back up with facts and that benefit the buyer or seller. The real estate community like any profession will talk up the market in their area. It is up to the individual client to base their decisions using the information they recieved from their agent. There are also the clients that do not use the information provided and make a bad decision, it is not up to the agent to tell the clients what their decision should be, only to provide factual information so the client can make an educated decision. When a client decides to listen to Uncle Joe and not their agent, they may make a wrong decision and then will blame the agent.
In reality you have not really asked a question here that you won't get the same type of answer, and the best answer will come from a real estate professional. For example, I had a home buyer who wanted to make an offer on a house based on a well known website. Although that site is a good high level guide, it does not value properties by the neighborhood and does do not use reasonalble comparable properties, meaning it uses it bases it's values by properties sold that encompass the whole town, different styles and data going back as far as 2 years which skews the value and in this case was a more than 30% less than the actual value. They did not get the property and by the time they wanted to put in another offer the house was sold. REALTORs®, and appraisers use comparables within a certain time frame, and radius of the subject property which gives a more accurate range of value.
With that said, what is your question that you feel the answer was given to benefit the "real estate community" which there is no such thing, because whatever I do only benefits my clients and no per se community.
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I give the advice to individuals as if I was wanting the advice for myself. If there's a better deal on milk at a different grocery store - I'll tell my friends (if it is of concern). Same attitude is applied to opinions on real estate. Your creditability builds when you are right - so it is of great importance to know what you're talking about when people ask you questions or for advice.
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.it's interesting that you have come to a conclusion without a question.

Ask me a question Herbert, Herbert - please please! I will give you an honest opinion. I can't speak for others, though I must say, imo, the majority of agents here really try to help.

I can't defend an industry (ie "real estate community).......... nor would I even try - nor is there a need to do so in this circumstance.

It might help if you posted a real question, and then judge the responses for yourself!

Wow - 14 answers to a "nothing" question - like the Seinfeld show - the show about nothing.

In a Q&A section, it truly does help to have a specific question.
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Hello Herb and thanks for your question.

Certainly the skeptic would believe that no true answer about real estate can come from anyone remotely associated with real estate, but, in reality, only professionals within our business (like any other business) have global information necessary to provide good answers to questions. Most of us refrain from providing specifics unless we live in the geographic area, but, most general questions can be answered by many of us.

Take me, for example...

Much of my early career in real estate centered around working with developers and creating communities. I worked closely with construction, designers, and landscapers. After 25+ years, I have a good working knowledge of construction and landscaping, and, most importantly, I can tell my clients what would be possible to do in a home and what may be too expensive.

The second part of my career was spent as a homeowners association forward planner and then, while working on my graduate degree, in a real estate law office. Nothing provides a better grounding in general real estate law and the pitfalls of real estate better than when you must see these differences resolved in court. So, another aspect of my abilities concerns reviewing documents and being darned sure to provide as much information and disclosure as possible.

Now, as a Realtor, I combine all of my past experiences into this career, and answer questions here on Trulia with that knowledge as the basis for my answers. I'm frank and can be alarmingly blunt--I'll admit that, and my answers do not always coincide with wanting to sell homes. My job, first and foremost, is to provide a service, and sometimes that service means telling someone NOT to buy or NOT to sell the home. My focus is on providing excellent service and not on my paycheck--I do really mean that.

Our jobs here are to provide a service whether that benefits us directly or not, and I'm proud to be a part of the Trulia community volunteering my time to assist others!

Ask us any questions, and we'll be happy to help you!

Grace Morioka, SRES
Area Pro Realty
San Jose, CA
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You are getting a lot of responses. Where better to get answers to real estate matters than from real estate professionals. Would you go to an attorney and ask medical advice? Would their answers be self servicing? Or revealing?

Note that when a question is asked, how the question is answered is revealing about the individual professional. This should be an indication of how that person thinks, what they believe, how they treat others and those among their profession, their area of expertise, and so forth.

So whether you like or believe the answer to the question, you should be able to learn something about the profession and the professional.
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Herbert if you ask the question I will answer it. If you do not like the answer I'm sorry! I If this question is to get a responce, you got it, if its just to raise kane have a good day!
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Sorry for the repetitive questions; I accidentally sent off questions while I was still working out the wording. Anyway, thank you all for your thoughtful replies.
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Thanks for your question. I see you posted the same question 3 times. i time is enough :)

You've received some great answers below. If you have a real estate question, please do ask it as the community is here to help.

Have a good one!
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Depends on your perception--keep in mind that most answers to questions need to be generalized, as none of us knows the full details, nor are we involved in the transaction. Questions that relate to Federal Fair Housing Laws or local State Laws, can't be answered as those laws forbid us to answer--some questions can and should only be answered by other professionals, such as attorneys, CPA's, etc. Therefore, if you are or anyone else for that matter is looking for advice as it relates to a specific and personal situation, the best person to answer and guide you is your agent.
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