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David Hasson, Home Owner in Columbus, OH

Do open houses still work to help sell your home?

Asked by David Hasson, Columbus, OH Thu Oct 11, 2012

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O.k., I agree, they do help.

>>we also tell every seller that they are more for us to get leads than likely to sell their home.

That was my point.
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Open houses don't sell the home on the spot, but that's not Mr. Hasson's question. He asked "Do open houses still work to HELP sell your home"? The more buyers you get in the home, the more opportunity to get the public's opinion of the home and can more accurately make adjustments to price, condition, appeal, etc -- that moves you one step closer to sold. And like I mentioned my experience in leveraging an upcoming open houses to motivate an actual buyer (represented by their own agent, mind you) to bring their offer up to an acceptable full-price offer and it worked... the open house may have indirectly sold the home in that instance. The open house isn't the silver bullet of sales strategy, it's just a tool in the box incorporated in the larger marketing strategy.

Funny side story about open houses: I held a couple weeks ago during the Bengals-Browns game and had 8 qualified buyers come through... OUCH! What's that say about state of our state's professional football teams?
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Say what you will, but open houses aren't designed to actually sell homes. A few sell via open houses but read the articles. Open houses attract unrepresented buyers but normally do not sell homes.
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I, personally, do not like them for my clients. I will hold one for my clients if they wish, but I am straight up with them that I am more likely going to get leads to help build my business further than they are to get an offer that day. I explain the risks of having STRANGERS walking through your home with your personal belongings and the fact that I cannot guarantee that they are signing in with their real name. My pre-qualified buyers tend to set up showings based on their schedule, not wait for an open house and yes, we have set up showings that were an hour earlier or later than an open house as that was the time that worked for them. I agree with another poster.....I still believe that high quality photos will get the attention of buyers and lots of photos. I cannot begin to tell you how many times my buyers have passed on seeing homes based on the photos even though I knew that they would love it since I was familiar with the home. To answer your question though, yes, there have been a few homes sold that the buyers attended an open house. However, would that buyer make an appointment to see the home at another time and you not have to take the risks involved with an open house?
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I sold my house (without a realtor) on National Open House day. Do it! It's worth a shot.
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Anything you can do regardless of percentage is worth the while if you are serious abot selling.
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while I agree with what most of you have said, we also tell every seller that they are more for us to get leads than likely to sell their home. I personally do not enjoy holding them but we let our clients decide after providing them the data and the option. While the % is small that an open house will produce a qualified buyer, most of our clients are appreciative that we are willing to try. We view it as a part of our full service we provide.
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Like other agents have said, it is ONE marketing tool to sell a home. Is it the most effective? No. But DO homes sell at open houses, sure they do. It may be 2-3%...but if your home falls in that 2-3% you may certainly feel it was a worthwhile pursuit for you.

Now, would that buyer have seen your home eventually if it was not at the open house? There is really no saying....some people/buyers LIKE to go to open houses and may not have gone with an agent.

I do think that Cindy brings up a good point about the risks associated with open houses and it is something to weigh when determining if you want your agent to host one.
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The more people you can get to your listing to see it, the more likely it is to sell. While I agree, open houses aren't extremely effective and can be a headache for agents and buyers, I will say open houses help. I just looked at our last 20 listing sales and 3 of them sold to people who came to an open house (all 3 working with a buyers agent too). So, that's about 15%, not bad considering many people say they don't work.
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Yes, but with an asterisk. Anything that is marketed effectively can work. I have had a lot of success with open houses this Spring/Summer by advertising them via Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com and Homes.com at least a week in advance. First and foremost though, you have to be driving online buyers to your listings in the results -- how? Attractive, professional quality photos, in addition to engaging video. If your home and the way it is marketed are beautifully done, then an open house is a great way to get more people in the door all at once. My open houses used to be duds, only like 1-2 visitors and a how bunch of free time, but once I embraced these technologies and upgraded my presentation, I'm consistently averaging about 6-8 open house visitors (majority of which are qualified buyers) per open house. I've actually used an upcoming open house as leverage for why an offering buyer should bring us a full-priced offer... and it worked!!
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Yep. People have to see a home in person before they will buy so any opportunity to get people through is a good thing. Even if the visitors dont want the home they may know someone who does so its a chance for them to recommend it to someone they know.

Doug Turlo/Broker and Owner
Home Central Realty
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While it is true that they are not as affective as they once were due to the availability of digital media today, they do still work, especially the first couple of weeks the home is on the market. If I were listing my own home, I would hold one during the first two weeks.
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Open houses have never worked to sell homes. Only about 2% of homes actually sell from an open house.
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