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Griff, Home Buyer in Kansas City, MO

Do new homes typically come with garage door openers? These would be spec homes, not custom jobs.

Asked by Griff, Kansas City, MO Mon Mar 28, 2011

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The only reason that it would come with an opener would be if you asked the previous owner. Typically, they don't come with them, so it will probably be necessary to get another one. I would probably find a garage door business and see if they can get one for you and for anyone else that needs one. http://www.crosstowndoors.com/services.php
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I would imagine this is usually the case. If you have some other door needs you could hire a company to provide a replacement. Having a working garage door makes life much simpler, especially when it starts snowing. Nobody enjoys having to go out in the elements to get in their car.
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It really just depends on the previous owners. It's very likely that they could have opted to keep the openers and program them to the new house. It's not too hard to get new garage door openers though, and they're normally fairly easy to program. I think it would be good to look into that. The worst case scenario is having to have somebody come out to program the remotes for you if they're not programming right.
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Most of the rolling doors these days do come with automatic openers. It really makes it a lot easier to open and close as well. Like Jackson said though, it really depends on the previous owners. Programing the remote really isn't that difficult though. http://www.tieche.com.au/roller-doors.html
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I agree with Jackson, if it is an older home, it really depends on the previous owners. Most new homes do come with garage door openers. You just have to check with your insurance agent. They should be able to give you all of this information. http://premierdoorcorp.com/OtherProducts.htm
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Most people like having a garage door opener, so it's likely that the previous owner of the home had one. You might want to get it upgraded, but it should be there. Just ask the realtor before you move in and they would be able to tell you. It's nice to have the garage open automatically like that. http://www.actiongaragedoor.net/service-repair.html
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For the most part, spec homes come with garage door openers. Often times, they give you the option of which model you would want. It would be extremely rare to find a home that did not have a garage door opener.
Mark Leach | http://www.raynordoor.com/opener_list.cfm
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Most all spec homes come with an opener installed in the garage. Some new homes even have the garage wired to an interior light switch inside the house! I have been wanting to do this for years because it would be so convenient! I really need to get in touch with a garage door installation company and get a quote. http://www.advanceddoorsystems.net/services
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Yes, they usually do. You can ask the Realtor to make sure though. If your home does not come with one already they can easily be installed by a local garage door maintenance company. It usually costs around $20. Like I said earlier though, I would be surprised if it doesn't already have an opener installed in the garage. http://www.cdsdoor.com/service/commercial-service.html
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I agree
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I'm with you guys on that one, most new homes that I have seen have had garage door openers. It really makes everything so much more convenient if you think about it. If you are planning on buying a home that doesn't have an automatic opener, you can simply get one installed. It doesn't take very long and usually isn't too expensive. http://www.allseasonsgaragedoor.com/
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I agree, most new homes that I have seen come with automatic garage door openers. The most common kind these days is a roller door that folds up. Like Calving said, if you don't have one on your house, you can easily get one installed. Talk with your realtor to see if you can work out something with the seller as well. http://www.uniteddoors.net.au
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I think that most homes come with garage door openers, especially if it is being newly built. I think it's a good idea to double check with this though. You want to make sure your new home has everything you are looking for. http://www.shankdoor.com/
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If your home didn't come with a garage door opener, it is easy to get one. Even if your home did come with a garage door opener, I would recommend getting several replacement ones. We bought enough for all of our kids to have one. That way, we can have one in each car and also the kids that are still in school can have them in their backpacks to let themselves in if they get home before anyone else does.
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Most new homes should come with a garage opener. I think that would be standard now a days. I think that you also could just call and ask the crew who put the house together. http://www.aagaragedoor.com/content/37/plymouth
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Yes, new homes usually do come with garage door openers. My family has moved into a new home multiple times, and we have always received a garage door opener as part of the package. It is just the standard one, so nothing too fancy. Also, many cars have openers built right into the overhead console. You can program your garage door to open with those buttons as well.

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I would imagine that they would. If not they are very easy to set up. We had power doors installed at our last house. Linking the remote opener to the door was quite simple with the help of the installation shop. http://www.auroraoverheaddoor.ca/en/markham.html
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My home didn't come with a garage door opener. I had to get out of my car and open it manually every single time. It was getting very monotonous and I eventually replaced the door completely so that I didn't have to do that anymore. http://www.garageintel.com/gadoop.html
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I would assume that most newer homes would come with garage door openers. I know that even some come with the keypad to enter it without the opener. My garage door is in needing of some repairs after my wife accidentally hit it with the car. I think that there is a place here in San Diego CA that would able to come out and repair my garage door. http://www.allproqgd.com/services/
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I worked for a construction company last summer and I noticed that most of the spec homes did, in fact, have garage door openers. Most of the time, they were located in a drawer in the kitchen along with important manuals and papers for the buyer. If your garage door does not come with a remote, it would not be hard to contact a garage door repair service to come program your door with a new remote. Programming a new remote by yourself can be pretty tough if you don't have experience in that area.
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I would also assume that most of the newer homes would have them. Every home that I have been to and looked at come with automatic garage doors. They are hardly making houses without them now days. Just to be sure, I would call and ask the real estate agent that is over the house you're looking at. http://www.garagedoors4u.com.au/Our-Panel-lift-Colorbond-Garage-doors/Our-Manual-or-Automatic-Steel-Garage-Doors
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I would think newer homes would come with a garage door opener. You would want to check with the builder. If the home is lacking it is not difficult to have one installed.
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Most homes with garages should have a garage opener. Some older homes may have older garage doors that don't have automatic openers, but newer ones should have them. It isn't a requirement though. There is a chance that having one put in is the only option.
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It seems to me that most new homes come with a garage. I would think that is a common structure for most houses. It can depend on the designer and contractor though. You may be able to come across some homes that have no garages. That may be a little strange, but not completely unusual.

Mary Jane | http://www.lakecountydoorco.com/About-Us/
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You have to ask what your buyer's WANT. I would say this is a relatively inexpensive "luxury" to the point where it is expected and wanted by most buyers in new construction.
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Yes, I think that garage door openers are expected these days. When I purchased my home 10 years ago, it was included. It don't think that it is extremely expensive to get one installed/repaired.

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They is no difference between spec homes, and custom ones when it come to garage doors openers...
Garage door openers are like keys... they should come with the property! If they don't the former owners or construction workers have the key to get in and no one will think twice when they see them using it as who has the open except the owner...

Go to a home improvement center get a new opener and change the code on the motor so you don't have any unwelcome visitors when your not home...

Good luck and stay safe!
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Nothing in the real estate world is typical.
Most new construction will include but when it comes to resale not every homeowner will remember to leave them.
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For security reasons, I would want to get a new one. Even if the previous homeowner didn't forget to leave it, you never know if they had lost one or who else might have kept a remote.
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Depends on the contract and builder.
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Absolutely they come with garage door openers. At the time the door is installed the builder is typically given 2 garage door openers set to open that garage door.
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Yes, they should usually come with a garage door opener. Whoever the company is that installed the garage door would have given the owners at least one garage door opener. Whether the owner lost it or not might determine if you will get one or not, though.
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In New York's suburbs, my experience is that most homes do have garage door openers, unless its an older home. To be truthful, though, the majority of my buyer clients live here in The City and either don't own a car or rent a space in a parking garage.
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I would say yes, they usually do. All the houses we have looked at, at least, have had garage door openers. Maybe that's something you would have to work out directly with the seller, though.
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Here in the greater St. Louis area some builders do not provide garage door openers, carriage lights on garages or an ice-maker/water line to the refrigerator. If you are building, I would advise my client to write the items you'd like in the contract itself to be safe. If you are purchasing a spec home, then I would ask the builder to add any items you'd like on the contract. Most builders will agree to add a garage door opener.
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Yes, usually they do. Make sure that the opener is put in the REPC.
Web Reference: http://www.depend-a-dor.ca
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Every home builder is different. If the garage door opener is not included already, you can ask your Realtor to include it in the contract.

Chad Roberts
Realty One Group
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Yes, with a newly built home with a two car garage, 2 garage door openers should come with the home.
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Yes they do. I have never sold a new construction without one.
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It's better if you are gong to build to find the builder first to see how much would cost to build and how much land you need with frontage. You can find land anywhere. Price the most first. Don. Krueger. Century 21. All pro agent
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This is a very good question in that it points out the difference between a cheap builder and a great builder and shows you the kinds of agents who represent both. First of all, an automatic garage door should ALWAYS come with the openers. Doesn't the home come with keys? Secondly, beware of the salesman in the builder's showroom. They are there to dazzle you with the model home and then build you an empty box unless you pay with your first born child for all of the upgrades. The garage door opener included! With that said, choose your builder carefully. Meet with at least 3 and have them give you complete cost breakdowns. Stay away from the ones who refuse. Lastly, remember to utilize your agent. He/she should ensure that these things are taken care of. After all, he/she is there to assist you in getting the home of your dreams for the best price.
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Yes they do and they don't then the builder is to dam cheap and so is the house..... Walk away !!!!! If you would like a strong agent with experience with builders since l have had 3 of them or resale homes give me a jingle. Don. Krueger. 816-277-7055. I won't steer you wrong since am upfront and honest
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Exaclty...if a builder didn't spend the extra $300 for a pair of door openers what else did they skimp on?!
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Depends, Griff. Where are you building these homes on speculation and in what price range do you intend to sell them?
If you're building in the neighborhood of 18th and Vine in the lower price ranges, you don't need a garage door opener.
If you're building in the suburbs, then yes, buyers will expect a garage door to have an opener.
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We include them in all our homes. We think it is expected. http://www.marimackvillas.com Thanks Scott
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This varies from builder to builder. It even varies from neighborhood to neighborhood with the same builder. They typically have a list of items and upgrades that are standard for the model you are interested in. But to make the answer short, yes I have seen several that did come without the opener. Asked them to see how much it would be if they install it and then go price one at your local store and compare prices. Often times it is one o the items that comes cheaper if you add it on your own after closing!
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Every builder in my area is differnt. Seveval here are "soup to nuts' developers with custom paint, some lighting fixtures, etc. Others give you an exclusion list and there are alot of "a la carte" items that need to be added. Again, others may offer "incentive packages" or credits. Get the inclusion list to see what it does come with, get a REALTOR® to assist and help you as well. Best of Luck
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