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Do buyers prefer finished hardwood floors instead of carpet?

Asked by Jeff, Livonia, MI Wed Jul 1, 2009

I've been hearing a lot about hardwood floors lately, especially on real estate shows (HGTV, DIY, etc.). I don't know if this is just propaganda, but everyone seems to make hardwood floors superior to carpet. If this is the case, I personally don't see what all the hype is about. Hardwood floors need to be cleaned frequently and can be easily scratched or scuffed. They are very hard and uncomfortable to walk on, especially in bare feet (not to mention cold in winter). A lot of people like to be in bare feet at home, especially summer time. You need carpet for that. Also, it takes a lot less time to vacuum carpet than it does to clean hardwood floors.

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It just depends on the buyer. I know that some buyers hate hardwood floor because it's loud when they walk on it. Others don't like carpet because their pets' hair gets in it. It depends on what buyers are looking for at the time. http://markshardwoodfloorsnj.com
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I think the people down south dont understand what a cold winter feels like :) Of course we'd not like carpet so much if it was always HOT! I hate hardwoods, when I'm home I like to walk around barefoot. Yeah, wood is so comfortable . lol
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As everyone else has stated its a personal preference. Speaking first hand I prefer hardwood over carpeting. I have severe allergies as well as asthma and as mentioned by a previous poster, carpeting traps allergens forcing you to vaccum twice as often. Carpeting is easily stained as well. Spill a glass of red wine on any light colored carpet and good luck getting it out but do the same with hardwood and assuming its finished and sealed its a breeze to clean. Additionally I also find it asthetically pleasing over vinyl and tile. A broom and mop are also much less hastle than a vacuum especially when you're dealing with a multi level home.
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In my personal home and rentals Install hardwood and ceramic. I have allergies and Huge dogs it make everything easier to clean (I vacuum or broom sweep weekly and Shark steam mop monthly). FYI I am a no shoes kind of girl and love the wood on my feet..

Then I am not replacing carpet every time I get a new tenant either. I use HARD woods like Hickory and Cherry.
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I know this is an old post,but I think you nailed it the head yourself...Carpet is easier to care for(vacuum Vs. constant sweeping&mopping),not so prone to scratches&scuffs,feels MUCH better to the naked foot&to lay on,does'nt make rooms echo so loudly with every noise&IMHO,just looks better in most rooms. I think if you treat carpet well,it will treat you well. Many people just don't take very good care of their homes&belongings,including carpet.
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No hardwood in bedrooms for me. Sounds echos everywhere with hardwood floors.
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You really can't give a blanket answer to this question, it depends on the buyer. I like carpet and hardwood floors. However, I have a 180 lb Great Dane, he would destroy any hardwood floors he traveled on for a long period of time.
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They look better and are easier to clean. http://www.cashbackflorida.com. They also last forever and don't need to be replaced every few years.
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I wouldn't generalize buyers like this. However it depends on the area and the buyers lifestyle. We have found that people with multiple dogs prefer carpet as the dogs damage the hardwood more readily. Likewise people with children tend to prefer hardwood floors because cleaning is easier on the hardwood. It also depends on the price point of the home. Higher end homes typically have more hardwood though often this is replaced by marble or granite floors.
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MOST BUYERS ALWAYS WANT HARDWOOD FLOORS!! I will say many do like Carpet in the bedrooms! Hardwood floors always help sell!!!
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MOST BUYERS ALWAYS WANT HARDWOOD FLOORS!! I will say many do like Carpet in the bedrooms! Hardwood floors always help sell!!!
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MOST BUYERS ALWAYS WANT HARDWOOD FLOORS!! I will say many do like Carpet in the bedrooms! Hardwood floors always help sell!!!
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MOST BUYERS ALWAYS WANT HARDWOOD FLOORS!! I will say many do like Carpet in the bedrooms! Hardwood floors always help sell!!!
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Hardwoods, hardwoods, hardwoods! If you're selling a house, remember the preparation is for your likely buyer, not yourself. Hardwood floors add style, substance and THE LOOK buyers want.
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Without reading the other 22 answers I will say that well over 90% of our buyers prefer hardwood above all other floor coverings. If there is carpet in a property we often are asked how much it will cost to replace with carpet.
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My wife and I just finished building our first home and we insisted that hardwood be installed. We feel like it not only looks better, but it also is much easier to clean. I have been looking forward moving into our new home and I am glad that I don't have to keep any carpets clean. Carpets can be such a burden sometimes and they are hard to maintain.

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Today's buyers prefer hardwood for its versatility. Wood floors are esthetically beautiful with many options. Area rugs can enhance the flooring and at the same time delineate the flow. And lastly at a time when many people
Have allergies, hardwood gives the best return for money spent.
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I think it just depends on the room and your personal preference. For main rooms I like wood flooring. I think that wood flooring is classic and timeless and goes with any home. There are also many different colors and styles so it's easy to find a kind that will be perfect for your home. Best of luck! http://www.toliverscarpetonetempe.com/hardwood-tempe-az
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I think that hardwood has received a lot of hype lately due to being more aesthetically pleasing to many people. A lot of people really want their house to look good. I also know of many people actually prefer hardwood because it doesn't get ruined as easily. It's much easier to clean up a dark liquid from hardwood than from carpet. Ultimately every person is going to be different. Even if one option is more popular there will be plenty of people who like the other. If you're trying to decide what will make your house more desirable, you should find out what is selling better or for higher prices in your area.
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Hardwood floors are very "in" right now. They come in all shades from very light oak to a deep cherry. They can add a lot of ambiance to a room. They are easy to clean and can be a perfect fit for those with pets. If you're worried about how cold they would be, add an area rug where you'll be resting your feet or go a step above and add heated coils before installing your hardwood floors. Hardwood adds value to a home.
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That is a very good question. I think it all depends on the certain room in the house and the area you live in. I know a few people who have replace some of their carpet floors with hardwood though.

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It depends on the person. Some people like the look of hardwood floors. They can be very nice and add value to your home. I don't think it hurts to get hardwood floors installed. http://www.carpetkingcarpet1keene.com/hardwoodflooring
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I think that everyone has their own personal preference, but I really like the look of hardwood floors. I think that hardwood goes will with any room or decor. I think that kitchen and dinning areas are especially nice with hardwood flooring. Best of luck with your decision! http://www.cardozaflooring.com/wood/hardwood-flooring-nh/
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Definitely a personal preference. I am removing my carpet and replacing with "green" hard wood flooring for allergy purposes. And I do reside down in south Texas and have no idea what cold weather is nor do I ever wish to experience such bitterness LOL!! I did have a client present a purchase offer on a gorgeous new construction home with very expensive scraped harrd wood flooring........ He brought in contractors to measure and provide price quotes to cover all the wood flooring in carpet. The builder thought he was nuts! He believed the wood flooring to be higher maintenance than carpet as he had 3 boys. If you are selling maybe consider offering X amount for a rebate to replace flooring if needs replacing.
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While it is an issue of personal preference, in our area in the north east, most people prefer hardwood floors.also people with allergies prefer hardwood.for marketing purposes, hardwood is the way to go,
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Hardwood ids definitely preferred by nearly all home buyers on the main living level. Most, unless affected by allergies seem to prefer carpet in their bedroom areas.
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I think a lot of buyers like hardwood in the main living areas but not in the bedrooms.I think it really depends on the market you are in and if you are trying to get to the higher price point.
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Personally if I'm buying for an investment that I will be holding and renting, I will look for hardwood floors all the way. On the flip side, if I'm looking to purchase rehab then sell, depending on my target market, I will consider carpet throughout.

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Personal preference would be my answer. You seen a multiple of answers that go both ways. I think what shows likw HGTV are trying to sell are the new simulated wood floors that look like real wood, hold up and can take a beating. We have them in rental units in the south because they can take the traffic without any damage. In the north we have carpet and tile in rental properties.

The new wood floors are very nice and I would recomend them, they are easy to care for, you can vacumn or damp mop them in no time.
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Dear Home Buying in 48150,

This is an easy one in my opinion... Real Houses have Real Floors and buyers will always see finished hardwood floors as a positive feature. Carpet should be a choice and can easily be installed over hardwood flooring.

Deborah Endres Camacho
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I to believe it is personal preference for some people, however, for those that have allergies, hardwood is a better choice. Allergies are a part of life here in Michigan for a number of people. Carpet is nice but traps several types of allergens. Just a thought.
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I really is a preference. And, in my experience depends on the rooms. When they do want hardwood, living rooms, kitchens, foyers, hallways every one seems to like it. Bedrooms..people are split down the middle--especially in the northern States (cold floors in winter being the issue). Same way that tile in a living room in the South may fly, a high percentage in our area don't like it at all. The one thing I've always found is that hardwood does give a wow factor, and if you encounter those who don't like them they'll just carpet right over them.
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It's a matter of personal preference. If you spend your time trying to guess what people prefer, you'll likely need to go back to school and get a specialized degree for that, lol.

Now, look at home trends. You're in Livonia. Almost ALL ranches built in the 50's and 60's in Livonia have hardwood under the carpet. In the late 70s, carpet was the fad. Most recently, we've seen hardwood come back in play.

It's all cyclical. Personal preference. Half of my clients love it, half hate it. Half like it in main rooms but not bedrooms. Just purely depends.

If you're trying to sell a home, look at the matching features, trim, decor style. People can always carpet over the hardwood if they want.

If you're the owner/listing agent on yours which you were, why don't you try this:

In your listing, say flooring has an option.
If purchaser likes hardwood, then you'll refinish it to a stain color of their choice with an accepted PA.
If they don't like HW, then you'll carpet it to their liking.

That way, you don't have to speculate. Everyone is happy.
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That is a good answer&good options,about offering to either stain,or put carpet in. When I bought my home,I had to carpet over much of the hardwood. While hardwood is kinda pretty,I like carpet much better,in most rooms. I only left the kitchen&bathrooms,uncarpeted.
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Hardwood floors are absolutely more popular than carpet. Ranked 2nd to hardwood is is some type of tile, wheteher it be ceramic or travertine, etc. An option is Vinyl with simulated hardwood. Carpet is the least desirable in living areas. It is still somewhat desirable in bedrooms but even then I have seen where hardwwod is desirable over carpet. Most people will have large area rugs in their hardwood floor areas. Hardwood can be vacuumed much easier than carpet and adds a worm feeling t a room. I hope this information helps. If I can be of futher assistance please contact me.
Bill Deese
Mount Dora, FL
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