Sam, Home Buyer in Richardson, TX

Do First Texas homes use cheap quality products?I saw their home and was not satisfied with the kitchen cabinetry wood.It has some holes in it.

Asked by Sam, Richardson, TX Fri Feb 4, 2011

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Hello Syeda,

Actually First Texas Homes is one of my favorite builders in DFW. They use quality material and have energy efficient homes and they use standard items that other builders consider an upgrade in their spec homes.

My only complaint is that they don't have too many floorplans. They have about 20 and they found them to be very popular among the consumers so they are sticking to the formula.

They also use 3rd party companies for their walk through which is a big deal IMO. Wood is a natural product. If there are excess holes in some cabinets doors, ask them to replace them before you close.

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All of the local builders use quality products. As far as the kitcheen cabinets. most builders are using custom cabinets but some are using pre- fabricated cabinets. Pre-fab are usually not a very high quality cabinet and will fall apart over time. Custom is way better. If you are looking at buying a new home form a builder make sure you use representation. Even if your a salesperson or in the construction industry. I worked for some of the areas largest builders for over 8 years and can tell you that the salesman is there to make sure he makes the most money for the comapny. Not to make sure you get the best deal. It will not cost you a dime reguardless of what the salesperson might say. They wil not give you a better deal without a realtor. Make sure the realtor you choose has knowledge of how builders work also.
I hope this helps.

PS The holes in the wood might be the type of wood used and are there for the beauty oif the wood. Knotty Alder is probaly what it is. If you dont like Knotty Alder and prefer the smoother look of a low grain wood then ask for Maple or some simular wood.
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Question is 3 years old, but the way to really evaluate the quality of new home is to see how they look after they've been on the ground for a year or two. Have your agent show you some resale homes built by the same builder. To assess their service level, talk to some neighbors. Hire a skilled exclusive buyer's agent to represent you, and do your due diligence. You don't want to end up with a $300,000 dog house.

Don't Let The Make a Monkey Out of You! Follow the link below.

Alysse Musgrave
Consumer Advocate
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Yes, they are the one of the poor quality and cheap builders. Their workman ship and the products they use are very cheap. I suggest not to buy a FTH. Their warranty works also very bad, they come to fix 1 thing and break 2 and FTH warranty people do not even care and bother to fix it. Please avoid them and go with some better builder and have peace of mind.
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Hi Sam,

First Texas Homes builds exceptional quality homes, and uses only top quality products. I'm certain that 'Hud' from Keller, TX is correct in his assessment of your concerns. Much to the contrary of your perception, First Texas Homes uses the highest quality cabinetry their homes. All FTH cabinetry is custom built job-specifically from top-quality hardwoods. Features include dovetail joints, heavy-duty quick-release hidden hinges, and solid raised-panel doors and drawer fronts. First Texas Homes offers many wood species including Ash, Beech, clear alder, and knotty alder to name a few.
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Old question, but good to update with an answer for anyone else looking. Not even one year in and a bunch of warranty claims had to be sent in multiple times over and over until was finally resolved. (half of them only got resolved due to sending a complaint into BBB) The you will hear back in 2-3 days form online is a load of bull. If anyone going to go and buy a house from them, make sure on the initial walk through to not let them rush you and spend at least 3 hours looking at every single nook and cranny or it will take who knows how long for it to get resolved. Nice home, terrible warranty service.

PS if you get a loop carpet installed, ensure the vacuum has no roller or it will eat up the carpet. Was not told how to care for carpet and it messed up on day one and FTH will not repair it
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We have been in our FTH since 2007 and have had multiple issues, including foundation trouble. Although they have a 10 year warranty regarding foundation, it is impossible to get them to cover the repair. Their definition is your foundation issues must be causing dangerous conditions, such as doors and windows not opening. They send out their own engineer to inspect your property, and of course, its not anything they will cover. We hired our own structural engineer and the report was completely different. FTH basically laughed at our report and did nothing. So we were out of pocket for the foundation repair. Cracking sheetrock, nail pops, constant issues with GFCI's popping when you plug in anything. Really disappointed in the lack of quality.
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They are the Best builders and for the price, is a bonus. I tried every builder ( shopped around for almost 8 months) , before I decided to go with First Texas .
They are the most flexible in their floor plans at reasonable price. For example Toll bros would charge 25K to add a media room -vs- 6K in the media room.
Let me tell you about quality :- First construction wise - All builders use the same CREW. Those are the people who actually build your house. Now as far as material is concerned NO BUILDER IS Making any of the building materials, they all SHOP from the same shop _ Similar 2X4 used for framing, Same Concrete standards, E;lectrical, Plumbing. Toll Bros and FT both use PVC pipes for plumbing . No one use metallic electrical conduits . So what is Extra with those High proced builders - Its probably their Floor Plan that you like , Their Cosmetic Stuff ( Samsung Appliance - vs - Amana) , Expensive looking lights ( you need to upgrade and pay extra) and may be better carpet etc. Those are all replaceable things. THE REAL STRUCTURE ISNT THAT DIFFERENT .
SAVE your money from going to expensive builders and getting ripped off, if you like floor plans of first texas. THEY will modify the floor plans that no other builder could do . - For me they made my bedrooms bigger , drive way bigger , added balconies, etc etc etc at MUCH REASONABLE PRICE..
Go FIRST TEXAS !!!!!!!
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If you don't like their product then move on. You need a home that you are happy living in it.

I hope that makes sense.
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If you don't like their product then move on! You need to live in a place that you are happy with.

I hope that makes sense.
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They use the cheapest products they can find, that are allowed by laws, and regulations. I know this from dealing with them for many years. They have to do this, because most of the production builders, like them, do the same thing. It's the only way they can compete. Most production builders do not build high quality housing. There are a whole spectrum of quality products that they do not touch, since it will increase the price point. They also go with the cheapest labor they can get. All of this affects the over all value, and quality.. It's the simple old saying "You get what you pay for", but of course they will not tell their customers that.
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We have been in our FTH since 2007 and have had multiple issues, including foundation trouble. Although they have a 10 year warranty regarding foundation, it is impossible to get them to cover the repair. Their definition is your foundation issues must be causing dangerous conditions, such as doors and windows not opening. They send out their own engineer to inspect your property, and of course, its not anything they will cover. We hired our own structural engineer and the report was completely different. FTH basically laughed at our report and did nothing. So we were out of pocket for the foundation repair. Cracking sheetrock, nail pops, constant issues with GFCI's popping when you plug in anything. Really disappointed in the lack of quality.
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Absolutely they do. They may make it look nice but the material behind the scenes is TERRIBLE. Two years after buying a new home I had leaky windows, nails coming through the dry wall all over the inside of the house, had to replace the fence, and carpet was cheap and stained easily. Will never buy FTH again nor recommend them.
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I am currently working with First Texas Homes on a new build...this project / process has been the worst business experience of my life! I wish I had never heard of them or dealt with them. I hope we end up with a decent home out of all this, but there are several things that we will be stuck with that I am extremely unhappy with. Their representative in our community is very difficult to deal with - you have to keep after him to get you the answers to your questions so you can make some decisions - sometimes he doesn't answer you for months, despite numerous requests in writing. Based on my experience, I say: RUN FROM THEM!
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The best thing to do is have a phase inspection during the build process by an inspector of your choice!
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4 year old 1st Texas Home Owner:
Cracked walls and driveways.
Moldings pulling loose or cracking.
Corner tape and bed loose and cracking
Prewire system that doesn't work
Cabinets are trash inside and out.
Cabinet finish is gone.
Yard and landscaping impossible to maintain.
Water line freezes in winter (Texas?)
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I have the knotty alder cabinets and they have not held up well. The inside is very cheap particle board that swells due to humidity... becomes uneven. Trying to get First Texas to complete our first year punch list have become a nightmare!!! We have a wall in our master bedroom that makes noise when it is windy... so loud it wake you up. My level 5 carpet (very expensive) is being replaced for the third time. First Texas refuses to allow us to choose a different pattern from Mohawk. Just do a Google search and you will find many other very upset First Texas home owners!
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As others have mentioned below, the wood in the cabinetry is probably knotty alder - I've seen it in a number of the FTH houses; it seems to be pretty common, so my guess is that it may be the standard base cabinet wood (but I'm not certain of that). In general, I would say that the materials used are not the highest quality - especially carpeting, cabinetry, tile, granite, appliances - you have to upgrade... And from watching several houses currently under construction, I would urge you to really keep up with what's going on during the construction process or you will have errors that will be costly to correct later. In general, their floor plans are pretty good, but storage space is sorely lacking - no coat closets, or storage closets, for example.
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The cabinets may have been made using knotty alder wood, if so, there will be some holes and knots in the wood, which is very normal. However, check with the onsite rep. to see what the cabinets were made of. In addition, most builders offer many varieties of cabinets, so be sure to ask.

I purchased a new First Texas home in May 2010 and I am satisfied with the home, but there are builders out there that build with higher quality.

Remember, it is very wise to use a REALTOR even when buying new construction, because the onsite builder rep does not represent you, nor do you get a discount by not using a REALTOR.

Providing Solutions Because...Your Move Matters!

Michael L. Brownstead, GRI, ABR
Keller Williams Realty
Cell: 214-872-0400
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We bought a First Texas Home and LOVE it! The quality and layout of the house are excellent. It depends on what kind of wood you want for your kitchen cabinets. We have been in our house for a year and they honored the first warranty claims. We were impressed with the work the guys did when they came in. They replaced one of the sides of the kitchen cabinet because it was not perfect. They did a touch up of paint throughout. They regrouted part of the bathroom that was missed and took care of all of our needs.
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The cabinets are knotty alder and the holes are intentional. You should not be able to see through the holes. If so, First Texas will replace them. Many like the rustic look... Especially over pressed wood cabinetry which most spec builders use.

I have a First Texas home and was able to include many normally expensive upgrades at a fraction of the cost (8 ft. doors, double mantle cast stone fireplace, hardwood, Electrolux induction cooktop, pot filler, 24x24 inch tile in my kitchen, tankless water heater, and lots more!) Also, scored a corner lot! Most other builders overcharge for upgrades. Just price crown molding and you'll agree.

Some builders charge for everything and include their profit margin. Others sell by volume. First Texas is owned by a very wealthy man who sells by volume. This is why we got more than $100k in upgrades for about $10k.

Hope this helps!
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We bought when the market was still very low and were one of the final homes in the development. So, this is why. They wanted to sell the lot and move on. (We all know what most builders change for upgrades is outrageous, the material cost is not high.) Since I wrote this things have changes. We cannot get First Texas to complete our first year punch list... two years later! Dealing with the warranty department is a total nightmare!
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I am currently working with FTH on a new house, and find it very hard to believe anyone gets "$100K in upgrades for about $10K"... they are extremely high on upgrades (way above market costs). If you did manage this, count your lucky stars - things must have really changed since you bought your house!
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Well sometimes it rings true....."you get what you pay for". Just be very careful when selecting a home builder. Check out several builders in that price point. Research them with the BBB. Then make an educated decision. Your home is a very huge investment and decision. Take your time and due diligence to make the decision that is best for you and your family! If you need guidance or assistance please feel free to contact me.

Lisa Montes"Your Home Retriever"
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They do have great floorplans, however; They have terrible workmanship and very little respect for other people in the communities in which they build. There jobsite management is non existent, therefore the quality is terrible. I have many pictures of a complete start to finish build which I intend to publish soon. they leave trash blowing all around the community, no trash box on site so the trash including the workers lunch trash and empty bottles just litter the area. I have personally asked the superintendent to please get trash boxes put up on site. He was full of spit and fire and could'nt care less. I would not have this company build a home for me if they were the only builder in this country, They to put it politely SUCK!!! It is going to be fun publishing this start to finish project they have created a masterpiece and publicity nightmare!!! Be Smart do not buy a home built by First Texas Homes. To anser your question yes there products and materials are very low quality!
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I notice that responses came from agents, home inspectors, real estate personnel... What does the actual home owner's have to say?

Well I know several home owner's have filed law suits because the homes were built on expansion soil at dense when it rains the soil expands raising the foundation... First Texas Homes are aware of this problem... It is documented in the surveyor's notes before construction began... Every home built on expansion clay should be elevated to where the water can drain and have gutters all the way around the house with a 10' diversion.... So go look at First Texas Homes...and any home built on expansion clay... They have lots of structural problems. Do an inspection x 2 prior to moving in.... Make sure they are independent and are not associated with the builders...
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A landscaper who fixes these problems told me the problem was a result of city water restrictions. Homeowners were not allowed to water at appropriate levels, and this caused the foundation lift issues. Many homeowners filed suits against the cities.
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First Texas Homes builds good quality homes and they are a large builder in the Frisco area. Although we do not live in a First Texas home personally First Texas is a builder in our Grayhawk Frisco subdivision and I have not heard anything negative from our neighbors that own First Texas Homes.
If you require any more information please let me know. Your Frisco Realtor.

Nick Walton Realtor®
Keller Williams Realty Frisco Star
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Your probably mistaking poor quality for Knotty Alder Wood. This wood has become extremely popular to acheive the old world distressed look, but is not cheap. I fact that is an upgrade for most builders and most of them still can provide maple or oak cabinets, if you build from the dirt up i.e. build job and pick all your personal "buyers choices ".

Hope that helps you out !

Gary Hudson
The Connection Real Estate Services, Inc.
817-992-8762 cell
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Wanted to agree with most of the other agents here. First Texas is now the 3rd largest builder here is Dallas and they do a very nice finish out for the money. The wood cabinets you are referring to has to be Knotty Alder which has the natural "pits" in the wood for added detail.

Hope you found the home you wanted!
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Not seeing what you are referring to difficult to render and opinion.

Keep in mind the more expensive the home higher qualify of material is used for finish outs and etc.

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Loan Officer, Credit Repair Advisor
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The quality of the products with most builders is usually not a concern. The problems arise from the quality of the construction and installation of the materials used.

Cabinets are a simple thing to fix. Builders typically have no problem with repairing cosmetic items to sell a home.

A thorough home inspection will go way beyond cosmetic items to show you what else needs repaired in the home. You can use the results of the home inspection to negotiate repairs or negotiate the price of the home.

Good luck!
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Hi Syeda,
I sold three First Texas Homes last year and all of my clients are very satisfied. In my opinion you get allot for your money with them. I have a good relationship with the salesteam there and if you would like, I can get one of my past clients to speak with you.
Grayson Randolph
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We will do a punch list before closing as well as a home inspection. Not to mention if anything comes up with the home after you close in the first 12 months the builder will cover it under warranty. Its what we often call it a bumper-to-bumper warranty for the first year.

As far as quality of the cabinets - if it was as standing inventory it could be the buyer just chose a low quality material. If the standard cabinets are not of the quality you expect you can always get a higher grade from the builder. I can help you negotiate upgrades in the sales price of the home.

Talk to you soon,

JP Piccinini
Exit Advantage Realty
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I am not famililar with 1st Texas homes, but my thought is if the model - what they are showing off-isn't built to your standards, it isn't likely the home they build for you would be.,
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Most of the builders in the DFW area are fairly reputable, but quality can be another concern.

Regardless of when the home was built or who it was built by, if you enter into a contract on ANY home you should definitely have a home inspection done. This can help to uncover some of the less-than-stellar construction shortcuts that can be taken sometimes.

If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact me.

Because it's more than real estate. It's RAYL-Estate!

Brian Rayl, REALTOR®, e-PRO
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