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Did anyone already bought a house in the Saddlebrook River Estate in Sparta TN? What is your opinion on the quality of their homes and do you like it?

Asked by Retired, Sparta, TN Mon Aug 15, 2011

I like what they have shown on their website, But do not know if it's true. I would have to fly from CA to see it and wanted to know if it's worthy to spend $600 (me and my husband for round trip) to see
Thanks to those who will respond to my question.

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Yes, 7 residents currently are there with many lovely lots having been sold. In addition, there is a modest clubhouse and work has started on the community pool. Another of their developments for the stick built homes is Daddy's Creek. http://www.visitdaddysreek.com. A beautiful setting. http://www.visitsaddlebrook.com. we just returned from there and was impressed by the scenery, the ease of traffic to and from Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville.

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Hey Frank, we know you MUST be a seller for this crappy place! There is no building of a pool going on in this place, BOLD FACE LIE, I drove through it the other day! Might I say I almost got stuck turning around in there in the mud because the only roads that are paved is the main one going in! Good luck people....
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Really? FACT: the bank backed out. The roads are not built or the driveways! Senior community? they are stuck! You have exactly 3 days to build a 6month promise!
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Since no one here seems to know about these homes....I will enlighten you. These are HORTON HOMES! Horton has been a leader in the industry for years and years. I am purchasing one of the lot models and it will be on my property (not in Saddlebrook) on Wednesday. I could tell you all the differences between a Horton Home and all the others, but I think this statement says it all....You could drop a Horton Home out of an airplane and still not break it. Horton has NEVER been big on flashy stuff. They have concentrated on building one fine home...and that's it! So look elsewhere if you want fluff vs. a modest looking home that it one of the best built in the industry. Horton fan? Well, yes I am. This will be my second one. I did my research, now just spreading the word.

Good luck!
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I'm going down there at the end of the month to check it out. They're offering a free trip to tour the place. I'll take some pics and report back :)
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Hey Janet! I just checked the website, and they appear to be showing five floor plans. Here's where I looked- all the links appear to be working: http://visitsaddlebrook.weebly.com/floorplans.html
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You have been in your home for almost a year now. Are you still happy about your purchase? I ask because I'm looking into this Saddlebrook River. As far as I can tell they are only showing one floor plan and all the links regarding them, are not working.
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Retiring, your calling someone you never met a liar. boy that takes a lot of class. Why not step up and use your real name ? instead of making anonymous derogatory statements and hiding behind a phony name. I own in Saddlebrook , I am very happy I bought and happier you didn't. we saw the infomercial with Namath and what we saw on TV we saw in person. A new home for $69.900, with all the amenities that go with it. I am a retired, disabled police captain from Florida and looked at many developments over the last few years and Saddlebrook was buy far the best bank for the buck. No , the home we bought wasn't a million dollar mansion, it was a 1600 sq ft practical floor plan and yes we did our homework . Bill Sheridan, a Saddlebrook owner
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Mrbill, I'm on your side, I know your message was posted a year ago, but you have my support? I think "retiring" is a mal-content who likes stirring up trouble & doubt, I admire your decision, I live in TX, I'm not a Saddlebrook employee? I want to go there & look at homes? thanks, Bob robertflak@hughes.net
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Good morning all! As a member of the new ownership team, I am very excited to answer many of the questions and comments that have been posted on this site. First, we would like to thank you for your interest in the community and to let everyone know that it is now under new ownership! We have been diligently working to transform Saddlebrook into a dream retirement community. The pool has been installed, we have begun work on the fitness center and we are about to break ground on the brand new 4000 sq ft clubhouse. Several new residents have recently moved in and we are thrilled to welcome them to Sparta! We encourage you to visit both our re-designed website http://(www.visitsaddlebrook.com) as well as our facebook page where you can view community photos as well as floor plans and videos. We welcome any questions, comments, or concerns that you might have and hope to have you take advantage of our free trip offer soon!
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I bought a lot a little over 2 years ago i.e. January 2013. I saw 4 stakes in the ground and a map, got a bunch of paperwork with a lot # on it and started paying what resembled a "Contract for deed" mortgage. I was told that by doing so I'd lock in the home prices and would not have to pay the maintenance fee until I built. The new owners must not intend to honor the contracts they 'bought' with the property. In April I started to get a bill for the maintenance fee. I discussed it with someone in New York who said he was a new owner. I would never have considered this purchase if I thought I'd be paying $200/mo to mow a 1/2 acre empty lot which I wasn't going to use for 5+ years. Apparently I wasn't the only one who had called about the same concern. I was just putting a stake in the ground to hold my place which was fine with the seller at the time. For anyone considering this place, I have what they call a premium lot and it is for sale. I don't trust these new owners.
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Help....I am suppoed to tour this community mid-december 2014.....I've not noticed any recent posts about this place. Has anything been completed that would make my trip worthwhile. I am driving from Tampa and would like to not waste time and money to do so. Carole, Tampa
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We invite you to browse our facebook page

Please feel free to leave us questions or comments and we'll respond promptly!
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What are the price ranges of their finished homes?
How much is the Home Owners Association fees?
What size are the lots?
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The website says they start at $99k and go up to $145k. Looks like maintenance fees are $20o per month. Can't find anything about the lot size
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Take a look at the 2015 Google satellite view of this development. A stretch of asphalted road, a handful of houses, several dirt roads and no pool. There appears to be a large-ish building and what looks like a couple of model homes.

While the website pitches Chattanooga as a place to spend the evening, that evening requires a 150-mile round trip drive.
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if there are so many problems with saddlebrook, hawks bluff etc why is this guy allowed to keep developing. can't he be sued or stopped somehow?
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They seem to not know when anything is going to be finished. Waiting for roads to be built is a big excuse by them not to be moving fast enough on the project. I backed out of agreement 1and1/2 yrs ago with a promise from the Pres. that I would get my down payment back, to no avail. I guess his word is like water off a ducks ass.
Bill, Niagara
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Saddlebrook is a rip off..... They r selling shoddy modular homes. They haven't even filed a final plot with the county, so if you have a house on the second phase, you can't get a deed to the property and they can't build a road...... I have visited there 4 times to check it out. Buyer beware, International Property who's owns the farm land makes many promises and doesn't follow through. They take your money and lie, lie, lie....
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Are you talking about the Joe Namath 55 and over community? If you are they are offering FREE travel and 3 free days there. Go to the web-site and check it out.
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We did a couple of years ago, drove up from S. Fla. and saw.......nothing! A couple of models and a road to nowhere. A metal structure that said "Clubhouse". We did not even check into the hotel, just made a u-turn and went back home.
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Saddlebrook River estates was incorporated in 2010, I don't know how you bought in 2007, prior to that the land in White county Tennessee ( Sparta ) was a 140 acre private farm!! Check your location, you have the wrong development. The owner of Saddlebrook in White county is International Property Inc. They NEVER built in Gallatin. just thought you should know.
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what a joke...the builder is a crook and has ripped alot of people off down in Hawks Bluff...Good luck, you all will be next!
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hi........i've never been to saddle brook. i was considering it, and did do some web searches on it. in one of my searches, i came upon a realtor in the area who has one of the saddle brook homes as her listing. she has actual photos posted. the interior looks like a typical mediocre mobile home. i guess if one went for upgrades, they would look better. the real estate taxes r lower(than where i am now). the weather is supposedly better. although one site did mention humidity. saddlebrook charges a $200.00 a month fee(which seems excessive for the quality of building) for grounds keeping & security. for the price of the Madison with a 1 car garage($132.700), i can get the same size property, beautifully built with HOA fees of $100.00 per month that includes grounds, and all outside building maintenance, repair & replacement. i was excited about saddlebrook at first, until i did some comparison shopping. my biggest reason for moving would be the low property taxes and the weather. i can get a much better deal locally(the realtor with the listing i mentioned, had some other listings which seemed much better than saddlebrook). this is my personal opinion. everyone has different views and needs and opinions. we all need to do what we think is right for us.
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we visited Saddlebrook , we bought a home on the 8 acre private park. like the area a lot, the sales girl that gave us the tour was very friendly, no pressure, no sales tricks. we stayed at a nice hotel in Cookeville. all in all I must say we had a very pleasant experience . while we were on our trip, a new home was being appraised and we talked to the appraiser, he said these houses are basically a site built home built in a factory, he said all the garages and porches and decks are acutally built on site and because the houses are built on a block foundation they have more value than other homes of this type, that made us feel good. I miss our friends and family but they plan to visit soon. my husband loves fishing in the river and I like the fact that he seems so relaxed here. Rhonda Spicer
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Hello Rhonda,
thanks for the uplifting message..we're looking forward to visit Saddlebrook again in October..maybe we'll see you there.
Bob and Heidi
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I DID visit this property and was disappointed in my decision to go - if they had actual photos I wouldn't have wasted my time. YOU have taken an opinion I am entitled BY LAW to have and discuss and made it personal? Freedom of speech, ever heard of it officer? No one was talking to YOU so relax and enjoy your retirement in the magnificent clubhouse dude - maybe Namath will stop by!
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it's not your opinion I object to, it's the fact that you insulted where my wife and I bought a new home and made it sound like trash, when in fact it is very nice and AFFORDABLE for us. we have had the pleasure of meeting many of the Saddlebrook buyers over the last few weeks and they are kind people who worked hard their whole lives and who don't deserve to read how stupid they were to buy. Yes I am angry not at your opinion but your cold hearted words. in so far as badgering other people who don't buy, boy are you reaching for that one. come on Retiring, did you even go to Saddlebrook ? I bet not. ( again, a cops intuition ) In case your interested , Saddlebrook sold out phase one, must be a lot of foolish people out there. Bill Sheridan, a real name a real person.
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manly/well said dude !! rick chew of emsra.com/
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Let's stay in touch.
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Let's stay in touch....
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The fact is the community has been around long enough, the clubhouse is built, there are models... so why not use ACTUAL photos in the commercial and on the website? I felt like it was a waste of my time - that's my experience and one I am entitled to write about. Funny you're getting so upset over my opinion. There are many negative posts. Are you badgering each and every one of them as well for having an opinion or experience that doesn't match yours? And what do you plan on doing with my name? Is this a requirement for everyone that visits, doesn't buy and writes about their experience - to leave their name behind? I agree with you on one thing Bill - I am glad I am not your neighbor!
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did you not walk thru the 4 models ? did you see the clubhouse ? did you see in the infomercial the pool and tennis courts are under construction ? do you under stand pre construction pricing ? I have a feeling you are a competitor or disgruntled ex employee. your opinion doesn't upset me, you obviously have an agenda, why else would you go out of your way to write such a vile attack on a company that gave you a free 3 day trip to look at what they were offering ? come on Retiring, give us your real name, don't hide behind the internet and a fake name. I am being honest and straight forward and your just out to hurt some really good people and I don't know why. in closing let me say again shame on you, enjoy the home you say you bought, have a wonderful life in Tennessee. Bill Sheridan
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I think it is amusing that someone would take the time to write a review that sounds like a commercial. I'm even more amused that what you saw on TV was what you saw in person because there are no actual photographs of homes (they are clearly renderings), upgrades or amenities (pool, clubhouse, gate) in the commercial or on the website... so that's just not possible that you saw what you saw on the commercial and on TV there!

In this economy you can get a great deal on a pre-existing non pre-fab home that's better built - and they are all over the internet so you can see them instantly as opposed to spending 2 days looking at stakes in the ground. Sorry my opinion upsets you so much (?)
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Cheap homes, get more bang for your buck on your own (acres). Images in infomercial aren't real. Do your homework - sounds like Saddlebrook rep below!
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yes, we have purchased the package deal (land/home) in Saddlebrook and plan on building the home next year to use as our summer residence. The homes are pre-fab, built in Georgia and look well-build. There are several models on site to see which floorplan and size will work for everybody. Good lots are still available. We have met 2 couples at our last visit who also have purchased lots.
If you have not visited the area, please come and see the location. Saddlebrook is located close to Sparta, a small town with @5000 people. There is a WalMart Superstore, Hospital and a YMCA within 6 miles of the development. Cookville, a larger college town is @12 miles away with all the restaurans and shopping anybody needs. We went to Nashville, just a little more than an hour away, also to Chattanooga, also @1 hour south. It's worth the visit. This is not a back-in-the-woods community, location is great and still enough country and parks around to enjoy.....FloridaRoses
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