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Contacted 5 or 6 agents and nobody is calling me back regarding a showing in Orange County, CA?

Asked by Confusedinoc, 92683 Wed Mar 31, 2010

Hey Everyone,

I don't know what the deal is, I thought the housing market was in a slump and agents were clamoring for business, but apparently not. I live in Orange County and am looking to sell my current property to move to South Orange County. I am looking for a home in the 700,000 to 1 million price range.

I've searched every listing website I could find and found numerous properties that met my needs and I was interested in seeing. Each time I called the listing agent I didn't hear back. Many of whom are featured on this very site. Two agents who did actually answer even asked that *I* call them back the next day. Last time I checked, an agent is working for me and is going to make a nice chunk of change off a sale to me.

What gives? What can I do to lock down an agent who is interested in helping me?


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When I once complained about an agent doing something stupid, a Realtor friend said "There is no intelligence test to get a real estate license".

And remember 50% of the Realtors (and Doctors and Lawyers) graduated in the bottom half of their class.

Find a friend who's sold a home recently and IF they were satisfied, ask who their agent was. Call that agent and tell them you want to list your home.
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Hello Confused,

You've had a variety of answers and a few have touched upon a primal truth. That is, in today's market you MUST sell your house before you can go out and buy another - UNLESS - you have 30% down for the new house, 30+% equity in your present house, and about 6 months payments - in reserve - to carry both properties. ( Those are strict lender requirements - assuming you'll be needing to obtain financing.)

Since most potential seller/buyers aren't that financially blessed, AND, since most listing agents of today's listings want only premium, non-contingent offers, they will usually turn a deaf ear to someone who has to sell their present home - in order to complete a purchase - and who hasn't even placed their present house on the market.

Unless you are financially blessed, as I described above, your best course to pursue is to sell your present house, and either get a real long escrow, or close it and rent it back, or close the escrow and go rent somewhere for 6 months or a year - while you then are free to search for properties as a preferable non-contingent buyer.

This can get complicated, but a good agent working with you on each separate scenario, can make this go together seamlessly - for you. Trust me - it isn't seamless for us - but that's why people hire us - to do the real estate work, while they live their lives - with our professional help.

By the way? Working with just a listing agent for your purchase is the worst thing you could do - thinking that doing so will get you a better deal is folly - it just isn't going to happen.

Find an agent to work with - one who actually works either in your present area, or the area you want to move to - or preferably both. Also, an agent who claims to be able to "help" you anywhere in Orange County is another person to stay away from - no ONE agent is well versed in our entire county, and frankly, you should expect LOCAL expertise in both your selling, and buying transaction.

Good luck in finding solutions to your situations.
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Ironically, Greg, your experience has been a great way to eliminate "bad eggs" from your basket. It would be even worse to get further down the road with some of these unresponsive agents only to have them fall apart at a more crucial stage. I am happy for you that they revealed their true nature early on. Trulia is a great way to find an "engaged" agent (one who is responsive and communicative). I, of course, would be happy to assist you with your transactions and would encourage you to contact and interview several of us responding agents in order to determine who is the best match for you.


Dave Gubler
IML Real Estate
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Wow! This could mean a market shift and the seller's market, with the shortage of properties and plenty of buyers. It is this way in Miami, FL.
Believe me, this is just as frustrating for us, as Realtors, to call on listing agents that don't call back (usually because the property is under contract, but they didn't update it in the system), or to find out in early am that they "just got the contract accepted"...when the property just came out the night before. In this kind of fast paced market place, you got to have a good realtor helping you.

There are some great agents outthere in your area - but you just might be going the wrong way in your search of them: you got to find your own agent - by interviewing at least a couple of agents, choosing one who is most knowledgable ot your state laws and the market, and giving them a good chance to find you a great home.

It is true that many listing agents won't tell you -the buyer- the "scoop" on the property, but they will do so to other agents, as we know how to ask/request information.

Wishing you to find a great agent and a great home,

Irina Karan
CDPE - Certified Distressed Property Expert
Beachfront Realty, Inc.
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This is the first i've heard of agents not needing work. Bizarre.
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Hi Greg,

Your woes are definitely over considering if your looking for an agent- you will get a lot of responses here. It is always a good idea to have your own separate agent representing you aka a Buyer's Agent, and not the seller. So if you are interested in taking a look at several homes to find one that fits your needs, please don't hesitate to give anyone of us a call. I'm pretty sure we will all be answering our phone for you. Have a great rest of the week!
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One has to wonder...is it my cologne? I remember bathing this morning! LOL - As my colleagues here have demonstrated...there are plenty of fine agents. I think you just had a patch of bad luck and coincidence.

If you're calling listing agents...especially the larger REO agents, chances are, you feel kinda like a number who is being asked to stand in line and wait your turn. Feels a little silly to stand in line in order to hand somebody a fat paycheck, huh?

I don't handle OC myself, but have trained hundreds of agents there. I'd suggest that, rather than keeping a "free agent" status, where you go direct to the listing agents, that you take some time and interview at least a handful of agents who regularly represent buyers. A grand misunderstanding amongst consumers is that agents are agents, and pretty much, anybody will do. A good buyers agent is much more than somebody with access...it's somebody who has good business systems, top negotiation skills, and tons of knowledge to help a consumer get the best deal possible and stay protected from start to finish. That's rarely a relationship that is best discovered accidentally.

Best of luck to you!
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Good Morning Greg,
Well I know Myself and several others answered your note yesterday. I hope you were able to connect with an agent in South Counth for your purchase. I myself am in North Orange County, if you need any help here I will be available!
Connie Bramble
Prudential Ca Realty
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I don't know why agents aren't calling you back. This is a much different market these days. Where there are so many short sales and REO properties you need an aggressive agent working with you, one who doesn't necessarily wait for a home to come on the market publicly.

I work live and work in Orange County and help a lot of upside down homeowners so I know the process from the buyer & seller side when it comes to these types of sales.

You don't want to sell your home and end up homeless. Can you afford to buy before you sell or do you need your equity to purchase another home? It is a little crazy out there and with all the short sales & REOs there is a lot of competition.

I would suggest putting your home on the market, start looking for another, sell yours and rent back until you can close on the next one. IF your next home is a foreclosure home, you will not be able to do a contingency offer.

Let me know if you'd like to talk about it some more.

562-430-3053 cell
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Hi Confused,

I'm a little late to get my hat in the ring, but will vouch for several of the other respondants. I know them through social media circles and in real life. I myself work with a group of agents and am the buyer specialist in the group. There are others on the team who a best suited to selling your current home. We would be able to provide you one stop service.

I can't speak about those agents who did not respond to your call, but the agents on this site are active, energetic, motivated and responsible. Your experience with us should be much better than what you have recieved previously.

Best of luck,
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David, I have 200 Agents in my company, what do you want? Tall, short, happy, sad, Spanish speaking, big Liset... Whatever you need :-) I don't have your number and I sm driving, so call me on my cell 209-481-6860 or Tweet me at @CBRELongBeach

Wishing you success in this crazyness my friend

Web Reference: http://TheRECoach.net
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Good morning Greg,

You are absolutely right....maybe a few years ago we could all sign our names and tell the bank that we made millions of dollars and get a loan, but now most people who do want to move from a home they own, have to sell first. It can be a bit of a balancing act, but it can be done. Especially if you are considering a short sale....you have time to identify your new home and then sell the current one. We can talk more, if you like.

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That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me David. Most people especially here are going to need to get rid of their current property before buying a new one. It's kind of the way of the business.

Thank you to the agents who have offered to help. I will be contacting some of you shortly.
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My suggestion is that you focus on finding a great agent to help you rather than contacting individual listing agents. This is the second post I have seen in the last week with the same theme - I hope that it will begin to reinforce the message that bouncing from listing agent to listing agent is not the best route for buyers to take. Approaching it this way leads to a disjointed effort that, as you are finding, can be very frustrating.

Put responsiveness high ln your list of qualification and go find that agent. You will likely get some great contenders through responses here on Trulia. Oh how I wish I could help you but I'm in New Jersey! And incidentally, regardless of market conditions, a lack of responsiveness is not acceptable.

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service
Web Reference: http://www.feenick.com
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Hi Greg,

I can help you. There are several listings available. All I can tell you is there are many dependable agents right now so don't let the ones you spoke to get you down. Call me if you have any questions or would like to get a free assessment of what your house can list for. Thanks.

John Doan
Web Reference: http://www.CallEquinox.com
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Dear Confused,
I can put you in touch with an excellent agent in OC out of Coldwell Banker. Let me know if you would like that referral.
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Hello Greg,
I actually have a listing just posted this week in S. OC in your price range. Please visit my site for more info on the property http://chrissuh.com/find-a-home/orange-county/ - sorry to hear your situation and very surprised the agents have not been returning your call or tell "you" to call them back. There are a lot of great agents/realtors on this site so I'm sure you will have no problem finding help.

If there is anything I can do to help please let me know
Web Reference: http://www.chrissuh.com
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Based on my experience referring people to agents, agents do not want to talk to someone who is not qualified.

A lot of agents turn down referrals for someone who has to sell a home before they buy one because of all the variables involved in selling a home right now, especially, in Orange County.
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Unfortunately, even other agents experience the same scenario you described. An explanation? I have none to offer and feel such behavior is rude and unacceptable. I suspect if the owners of a property had any clue how many agents do not respond to prospects they would be truly amazed.

Perhaps you would have better luck utilizing an agent to represent you in both selling your home and assisting you in purchasing another home as well, rather than trying to approach each listing agent yourself, without representation. Fortunately, there are many terrific agents out there too, and you have just found one of them!

Without an agent representing you and your interests, you are really at a disadvantage since we have access to much more information about properties than you will find on the various real estate sites for consumers. We can also share with you different strategies that might be valuable in securing a home you want, assist you in becoming a "qualified" buyer and discuss how you might want to consider the timing of selling your current home while finding another suitable one to purchase.

Please call me if you feel my partner or I might be able to assist you. Feel free to visit our website and you will find that we are very responsive to our clients whether they are sellers, buyers or both. You are right to carefully select the right agent, buying and/or selling a home is a huge investment and you want someone who will take their job seriously as well as their fiduciary responsibility to represent you and your best interest. I may be reached at 949.929.3848 or at kay@ksellshomes.com. License # 01354750
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Hi Greg,

I would find that confusing too.....yikes! The title of your question is going to get you a lot of responses on here, so I know that you will have more than enough agents happy to work with you...myself included. :) I would encourage you to check out my profile and some of my blog posts.....I think you will get a good feel for who I am and how I work. If you think you might like to talk with me....please give me a call (I will call you back) or email....and we can go from there.

Sorry you have had such a bad experience....but I'm sure we can help you!!

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Good evening, Confusedinoc.

I see why you are confused. I am confused as well.

It is time to put the past behind you and interview a couple of agents. Maybe you were contacting the listing agents. I highly recommend selecting your own representative to work for you. Check out a couple of us on Trulia by googling us or checking out our websites/blogs/social media sites. There are MANY great agents in Orange County. I am sure you can find a phenomenal Realtor that will be a great fit.

Please feel free to take a look at my sites. I would love to be your representative.

Facebook: /OCRealtress
Twitter: /OCRealtress
Blog: http://www.OCRealtress.typepad.com
Linkedin: /CarolynnSantaniello

Warm regards,
Carolynn Santaniello
Web Reference: http://www.OCRealtress.com
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Hi Greg,
Very strange behavior indeed. If you are looking to sell anywhere in North Orange County (Irvine and North)
I would be happy to call you back! And right away as well! Sorry to hear you have had such bad luck.
I promise to call back right away.

Connie Bramble
Prudential Ca Realty
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Bad apples in every bunch ConfusedinOC. Many of us can help you and some better than others. Are you sure you are sharing all the details of your bad experience with us? http://www.socaloceanviews.com or http://www.laderaranchlife.com.

I can easily help you.
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Hi Greg,

What gives is most agents are lazy. However, our team would be pleased to work with you. We are the top transaction team in our office, so we obviously do work hard for our clients. You can visit us at http://www.HartanovTeam.com or call us at 949.481.3739. Of, email us at homes@hartanovteam.com and we will give you a call once we receive your request.

We look forward to working with you.
Web Reference: http://www.HartanovTeam.com
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Not sure but I would be happy to help you. You can contact me at the number below or via my website and I definitely won't ask that you call me back. I am a broker who has worked in Orange County for 20 years.

Cathy Haney
Web Reference: http://www.cathyhaney.com
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