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Asked by Joe, Queens, NY Fri May 2, 2008

I am currently looking into buying a one bedroom in the Boulevard Gardens complex in Woodside. I was wondering if there are any current owners or anyone more familiar with this area/co-op to shed some light on this place. I looked at a renovated small one bed for a little over $200..and I thought it was nice but the lobby/elevator area was really dated. What are your thoughts on this co-op? Any information/opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I bought a one bedroom in July of 2009, and I've loved every moment of being here. If the plumbing, the safety and the maintenance were problems 10 years ago, you'd never know it. Plumbing, safety and maintenance are three of BG's greatest assets right now!

Since I started looking at apartments here in 2008, I don't think I've seen as much as a cigarette butt on the sidewalk or a dust bunny in the laundry room! I was completely bowled over by how clean everything was the first time I visited the complex. Yeah, the lobbies are dated, but they're clean and they don't smell like boiled cabbage and cigarettes like most NYC buildings. The flower beds have nice landscaping, the snow is shoveld as soon as it hits the ground, and everything inside and outside the complex is safely lit at night.

My personal favorite things about BG are:
Trade Fair - you can't do better than being across the street from a newly renovated, huge grocery store open 24/7. You can find everything you want in there, in addition to tons of stuff you won't recognize.
Hot water - There is virtually limitless hot water at any hour. I've never had a cold shower here, which was a problem in every other building I've lived in. Just that makes my mortgage worth it.
Laundry - The laundry rooms are open from 7am to 10pm, the machines are cheaper than a laundromat, and you almost never have to wait.
No pollution - no matter what unit you live in, there is little to no noise or air pollution from traffic because the buildings are set back from the street. In the courtyard, it's rare if you ever hear a fire truck or screaming child, definitely never a drunk bar-goer in the evening. Sometimes you can hear your neighbors, but that's unavoidable.
The views - You can see some or all of the Manhattan skyline from almost 50% of the units in BG. I can see the Empire State Building from my living room window (if I get on my toes).
The size - It's not a palace, it's a well-priced one bedroom in New York. In BG, you'll get at least three very large closets and a kitchen with more than enough space for an active cook. The bedrooms will easily fit a full bedroom set. I fit about 35 people in my place for my housewarming party, and they weren't stacked vertically.

As for the NYCHA housing across the street , it is some of the safest and best maintained in the five boroughs. There isn't one mark of graffiti anywhere on the buildings, the playground, or the community garden they keep. One of my best friends is an NYPD officer who moved into BG with his fiance this summer, and he clearly thinks it's safe enough for her and the baby they'll eventually have. I'm a little white girl, and I'm not any more worried in this neighborhood than anywhere else in Manhattan or Astoria - which is to say, not really at all. The only crime you'll see here is loitering, if you call chatting outside with your neighbors a crime!

All in all, if you want something bigger you'll have to move further away from Manhattan or the more hip neighborhoods like Astoria and Jackson Heights. My advice is to pounce on a place here before everyone else figures out how great it is.
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Its old Joe but you'll never find a better place to live or a better deal. If you want modern don't buy here. Most of us have been here 40 or 50 years. We're used to it. There are still many renters here Joe. Some don't like the owners but I think its a better place to live since it went coop.
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I've lived here 45 years. I love it here. Everyone is friendly. Stores across the street. Subway a block away. R & M. Bus on corner. LI Railroad not far. 2 BR is the nicest. 3 BR not worth the money. Only one bathroom. Not enuf closet space. Quiet but don't buy near playground. Also, get a bldg with a laundry. Only 4: J, E, F, and B. Maintence reasonable. Old but repairs are swift.
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This is a very nice complex. Have never heard anyone complain about it.
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If you will have children...despite what it may seem, this place is not good for children! People yell at them for everything, and then at you. The park attendants are gossip mongers and deliberately pit people against others. You are not a member of the 'club' unless you were born here, and you have no voice otherwise. the elections are rigged every year. If you walk to hard then neighbors will complain and some even bang on doors and yell at you...for walking. or a loud tv...I hear so many people complain about this. I am saving my pennies to move, and have been here 8 years.
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What a dump and don't get me started with the people in the management office. They act like they're doing you a favour anytime they have to do something for you. Forgetting, of course, that this is why I pay maintenance. Good luck getting any of those lazy slackers to stay past five. If you have to pick up something in the office, they give you an "I don't know what to tell you". I know what to tell you f#%k off.
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I moved here a year ago and although it's not the worst place to live, it could be better. Unfortunately, there are groups of rowdy twenty-somethings that like to drink and yap (very loudly) from midnight until about 5am during the summer weekends. I've called the maintenance office several times to complain and all they do is tell me to call the police. I'm sorry, but isn't that why one pays maintenance? There are cameras all over the property so they could easily check to see who the offenders are. However, they chose not to because I guess they don't want to be bothered. They insist that the offenders do not live on the property, but I've seen one of them go into their apartment so I KNOW they do. The people in the office are lazy and you must constantly ask them over and over again when you need something. It's ridiculous.
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they are the relatives of the people who live here for many, many, years even before becoming a co-op. there's generations of families who control your investment for their benefit. they are employed in the maintenance, office and children's park and very prejudice against all except themselves. They never bought, rent control with free utilities, and rule the Gardens.
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I moved to Blvd Gardens in 2006 from Manhattan UES and this is the best investment ever.. It is nothing but a great experience, the commute to the city is so easy, the staff is amazing and helpful, the maintenance is cheap, yet you have the amazingly clean and great looking gardens. I wanted to buy another unit but they do not allow it, because they want owners to live here...
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Have lived here forever and this is an incredible development. Not sure if you purchased already or not. Super Police/Firefighter neighborhood and most poeple who move in never move out. I own in one of the buildings. If you are still interested there are many apartments insiders can get that sell cheaper because they sell them on there own. Let me know. Joe
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We are interested to purchase 1 2 BR coop : Can you guide us through who to contact?
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I'm looking at the one bedrooms in Boulevard Gardens as well. I'm surprised to hear the negative response since I've friends who live there and don't say the same. There's nothing "great" about the place but nothing contrary either from what I've seen/heard. However, the maintanance issue is something to investigate. I thought it a bit high for what is offered. Any thoughts?
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don't do it! i lived there in the late 90's until early 2000's. the maintenace during that time increased 50%. the co-op board enitiates new rules and bylaws that forced people to sell apartmentsduring the last housing crises, only to see within two years that the prices tripled. they limited time if you could rent it out, if unable to occupy apartment so that you lose money. now with the current housing crisis, you are going to see tons of foreclosures their, and the maintanences on those dwellings will be passed down to the current owners.
there was a time there that you couldn't even give away an apartment there, so then the co-op board gave it out in lotteries, which wasn't fair to the previous owners who had to bear enourmous maintenance charges.the complex was heading for bankruptcy, which was restructured, but there's never enough money in the reserves for present and future expenditures, and the ineptness of handling such matters and fraud either intentionallly of supidity, will increase your maintenance for years to come.

the buildings are from 1930's and there's plumbing problems with constant leaks in the walls. so even though renovated, you'll always be required to have to break through the walls to get to the problems and even the ceilings have collapsed are have constant water damage.

it may be close to transportation, but it's dangerous there from evening on walking from Northern Blvd. there's constant muggings, attempted rapes, car thefts are normal. it's opposite a housing project, and there's always violence including shootings. there's only on street parking, and the school takes that up. the schools are terrible, and then the kids from the school are even worst, the deliquents that roams the properties and actually destroys "the gardens" while the so-called private security turns they're heads.

it's very noisy there especially in the summer months, with the co-op kids taking over the complex grounds and their parents who sit outside at all hours not controlling them.

instead of it being called, "Boulevard Gardens", it should be called Boulevard Horror Show". and the prices of these apartments are unbelievable to live in this HELL!
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I've sold in that building before. Its not bad. Though I think some others are better. I have a new listing woodside that isn't on MLS yet. Its fantastic, give me a call if you want to take a peak 347 968 1309
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I bought my apt. 5 years ago and I love it here! My neighbors are nice and friendly. My husband and I would buy a bigger apt. here (we have a one bedroom) if we have children. It's so affordable plus like Iris (previous comment) said, this place is close to eveything. I would recommend purchasing here. As for the lobby/elevator area - it's is dated but it's always very clean. It's a great place to live! Don't miss out!
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I bought my apt at the BG two years ago, my only gripe is the apts are not huge, but that was my sacrifice to find something affordable and with a low maintenance!! Its really hard to find maintenance fees in the 400s. Also, this area is super convenient, subway ride is 20 mins to manhattan, and if you don't feel
like the city, there is plenty to do in queens, Queens mall is only 5 stops away. Down on 30th ave, you have places to eat , a supermarket that opens 24 hrs, and you keep walking down into astoria, and you'll find more restaurants, bar/lounges. You can even go further into long island city, and find places, all close by, you can cab home or take a subway. I believe BG value will only go up. Brooklyn's overpriced, and soon people will be flocking to queens, and the Boulevard Gardens at Woodside is a great deal!!
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