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Can I qualify for FHA loan after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and home included?

Asked by Tlkmry, Wed May 2, 2012

I am in a similar situation where I was granted a chapter 7 bankruptcy which was discharged March 2011. I surrendered my home which was also included in the bankruptcy. Can I qualify for a FHA loan under the 2 year rule or do I fall under the 3 year rule? My home is still in foreclosure. So when does the clock start? Is it after the sherriff's sale date or the BK discharge date?

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Yes you can qualify for an FHA loan just 12 months after a BK now with the HUD back to work program. I have lenders that offer this just check out our site.
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A mortgage after chapter 7 bankruptcy is possible as long as you sit through a waiting period and rebuild your credit. The length of the waiting period can depend on the type of loan you desire. To obtain an FHA loan or a VA loan after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must wait two years from the date your Chapter 7 is discharged. You can possibly obtain an FHA loan after one year if you had an economic event (such as unemployment) that resulted in a loss of income causing you to become bankrupt. Conventional loans have the longest waiting periods. If you want a conventional loan, you must wait four years after receiving a Chapter 7 discharge. So it seems that you should be able to go for an FHA loan. Either way, the best thing for you to do is to speak with a knowledgeable lender to see if you can get started on financing a new home. If you need additional assistance, feel free to reach out.

Feel free to give me a ring at: http://fhamortgageinfo.com/
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Good news! FHA shortened the time to wait. Contact your lender today to verify your eligibility.
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You may be able to finance the purchase of a home two years after you have received your bankruptcy discharge, but you may qualify as early as one year after filing Chapter 13, or one year after discharge in Chapter 7.

Check if you qualify for a mortgage. Try http://www.whywaitbuytoday.com
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I would venture to say yes, however, other factors, such as DTI(debt to income), overall credit, payment and income history, will go into account when a decision is made. I have a great mortgage guy I can refer you to, if you're interested. Feel free to give me a ring at 407.517.8693.


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You can email me for a great Lender to speak with. It is best that you go directly to a local Lender with your personal situation.
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Jerry, we havent filed for bankruptcy but do have credit issues. We were victims of a predatory lender and were qualified for a home that cost 500k with only 84k in income. This hurt our credit but we have managed to hang on for 7 years. We really want to get in to something cheaper so we can begin to repair our credit. Do you know any lenders who may consider us? We are trying to do the right thing. We are across the border in South Carolina and have strong stable work history. Thank you
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Randy Roberts stop spamming Trulia. The Lendersnetwork is a scam buyers beware. They hire people to creat fake profiles and spam Truila.

Look at Randy Roberts profile. He has 100s of spam comments left on blogs.
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Try a credit union. Credit Unions don't use the same strict guidelines as most banks and lenders.

Good luck!

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We did try a Credit Union, that we have our Savings with and car loans with and they denied us saying it was because FHA guidelines said we can't have 2 mortgages and because we didn't reaffirm our mortgage and need to sell our other house first.
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I have a similar situation but the deed is still in our name although we didn't reaffirm on the mortgag, we have been paying the mortgage. We now want to buy another house since we are selling that house on contract. Can we Quit Claim deed the house into just my name since there is no mortgage on it now and then my husband can purchase a home in just his name? He have been denied, over and over for another mortgage until we sell our home and its frustrating! Our discharge was almost 4 years ago, credit scores around 700 and our annual income is just over $100,000 and we can't get a mortgage sine the deed is still in our name even though it shows discharged in the bankruptcy in 2009! Ay suggestions?!
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Not sure why it says from florida...we love in Indiana
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I had a buyer that wanted to buy a home in Arizona, but he had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy 7 months ago. After researching the web I found a loan program at http://www.cfsflex.com, they allow a mortgage after a foreclosure, short sale, or bankruptcy. There is only a six month waiting period. Good to see lending options coming back.
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Actually I looked into the matter a little further after my previous answer and found out that there are a few lenders that will overlook your foreclosure and approve you based on your Chapter 7 discharge date even if a foreclosure was included in your BK.
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So is this reliable info?
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Will you please give me a list of those lenders and do they offer FHA mortgage loans???
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What lenders will overlook a foreclosure that was included in BK? I am in the same situation as Tlkmry
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3 years after your home is foreclosed.
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Hello Tlkmry,

My name is Marques I represent CRL home loans we are a brokerage that works with over 70 different lenders. We currently have guideline in place that are as follows. If you have had a foreclosure during a bankruptcy each lender will look at the date of the sherriff's sale so unless you or your spouse served in the military you must wait until Mar 2014.
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Try a credit union. GTEFCU.org is a good place to start. They don't have the same strict guidelines and will make a business decision whether or not they should take a risk with you.

Also you have the NACA program:


Just make sure your Realtor signs you up with NACA or you may have to work with an ASSIGNED Realtor or your Realtor may have to pay a significant fee to NACA.

Hope this helps.

All the best,
Alma Kee
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Though the property was included in the BK, your clock for a FHA, USDA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and VA does not start ticking until the day that the Deed Transfers. This could be months or over a year from now.

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Your credit card balances should be at or below 30% of the available credit limit. Also you will need to re-establish your credit. I suggest you go to a credit union to obtain a secured card once the foreclosure is resolved.

Good luck,
Jacqueline Clarke
Town & Country Mortgage Srvs., Inc.
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Unfortunately you will have to wait a little while longer. In the mean time if you haven’t already, start work on building your credit profile. When you apply for a FHA loan, lenders will want to see a minimum of 3 open and active trade lines with at least a 24 month history on your credit report. Always try to keep any credit card balances below 40% of the available credit limit and it will do wonders for your score
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No you cannot qualify for an FHA loan at this time. Unfortunately, your kinda in limbo until the foreclosure judgment has been entered. The clock starts when the bk is discharged and/ or the foreclosure was entered whichever is later.

Town & Country Mortgage Srvs, Inc
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