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Quinton Smith, Real Estate Pro in Apopka, FL

Are there any brokers that will NOT charge a fee to their agents if the client does not pay?

Asked by Quinton Smith, Apopka, FL Sun Feb 3, 2013

It seems ridiculous to have ANOTHER charge (named various things like Regulatory fee, Broker fee, etc) added on to the commission charge and all the other fees that someone pays in a RE transaction.

But then to have the agent pay this fee if they refuse ?

Thanks in advance!

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Please talk with Real Estate Brokers. Not their Agents. Brokers do not let agents make decisions for them. There some agent that may know about the subject but if you want it from the horses mouth then talk with a broker
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PLease talk with Real Estate Brokers. Not their Agents. Brokesr do not let agents make decisions for them. Thwre some agent thatmy know about the subject but if you want it from the hourses mouth then talk with a broker
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Hey Quinton,

Please feel free to contact me directly. I am very familiar withthis issue, and have even just consulted with an attorney.



Carl Head
Realty Center-Orlando
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Sure, my broker for example. Click on my picture to find out who it is.
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Before I reply can you tell me a little but more about the services your company does and does not provide you? There are a lot of factors that go into the compliance fee - most companies I know charge at least $300. For example at my office (RE/MAX Town Centre) you cannot waive the transaction fee, however I also do not get charged a "marketing" fee on top of my commission. So if I had an 85% split its a REAL 85% split. My office also is by far one if the nicest I've seen and I have a large support staff. When I was at Prudential Florida Realty they would NOT charge the compliance fee on certain transactions (ie: short sales, etc) but you had a 6% marketing fee on each of your deals. As a former manager I can tell you that it's extremely expensive to run an office so that fee is a give and take. Do you have a great brand behind you? Do you have support staff? Nice office? If you ever want to chat don't hesitate to contact me. I'm not a recruiter but I'm familiar with all the major franchises and maybe we could brainstorm a company that's a better fit for you?

Kase Ellers
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Plumbers give advise regarding the real estate business.
The guy that does my lawn, he's see's himself a real estate expert also, since he does mow a lot of grass and offers copious advise on how the real estate business works.
Seems everyone is a 'self-declared' adviser on what the structure of the real estate industry is or should be. Then to 'whisper,' it's a secret call me is a most offensive of all.
There are no little secrets. There most certainly DOES exist distortions of the truth.
Some real estate enterprises have established a business policy recognizing the principle "you simply can't stay in business giving stuff away."
If resources are used to market a home, these companies want those expenses paid for. For instance, when you finance a house, the lender may require a survey. Does the mortgage broker pay this? Does the bank pay this? No, the citizen pays for this. The same is true when your home is advertised, when the home tour movie is made, the back story is written, the social network is engaged, the broker event hosted......these are all expenses that must be paid by someone. Your HVAC technician, appliance repair, and most contractors also require at the very least a trip fee, a co-pay, or office fee when they are required to spend their time and resources. After all, they are engaged in a business, not a hobby.
IN additions to these expenses real estate professional MUST pay, some mortgage brokers try to get into the real estate agents pocket by compelling the agent to fund the mortgage companies or broker fee.
One could assume the mortgage broker believes that if 'someone else pay the junk fee on behalf of the buyer, they do not exist! There's a cold hard truth.
Usually this shell game is a 'one way' exercise where ONLY real estate agent funds are involved! It seems everyone else in the business is being paid for the costs they incur. Some even choose to extort funds from others. When the real estate agent exercises the same discipline, questions appear regarding, "Who will do it for FREE?"
Why is their an expectation that real estate professionals should spend freely when success really depends on the decisions the homeowner makes? Success really depends on the home buyers ability to make a decision? There are seven parties that determine if a real estate transaction will fail or succeed, and the agent, being only one of the seven, is expected to pay for them all! Do you not see how ironic this distortion is?
Most real estate companies, mine included, unfortunately, still operate on a hobby model. If a seller changes their mind, they have the freedom to cancel the contract and no fees apply. The costs I incur, however, remain real and must be paid, by me!
Many of the home owners who have grown to trust be, began their experience realizing there are no fees, junk fees of any kind, whether imposed by my broker or other source, will be passed on to them.
Junk is Junk, regardless of the label applied. When a home buyer or seller just 'changes their mind' they have rendered all the effort and expenditures of the real estate agent, JUNK! And you apparently believe that is OK.
Now, this is one of the great things about real estate. The home buyer and seller DOES have a plethora of choice. You can:
1. DIY,
2. Pay as you go,
3. Pay up front,
4. pay at closing, or
5. not pay at all.

Each choice has benefits and consequences. But you do have a whole world of choices. And there are no little secrets that are kept in the dark shadows regarding the real estate side. Simply state what you want and you would be surprised how quickly the solutions will come to you.
If only the mortgage business was as transparent. If you want to avoid all the 'fees in disguise' piled on by many mortgage brokers, go as quickly as possible to the nearest credit union. They are 'hands down' the lowest cost provider of home mortgages. Even E-loan has proven highly effective. Now that's some cold hard truth.
There most certainly is a 'cold hard truth. The truth is you do have choices. Local lenders are valid options also. Simply enter you zip or city and choose an "A" or "B" graded lender.

Best of success to you,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
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At most brokerages, if the client doesn't pay then you have to eat it. The brokerage has expenses that doesn't change because we didn't collect the fees.. I dislike all of the fees but, the lease and lights don't pay for themselves..

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Yes. Me contact me
Rosalina Esquilin
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If you want the cold hard truth about this subject, contact me, a Florida Mortgage Broker. Email me at Steve@pro-option.com

Unlike others, I will share info with you that nobody else has or would be willing to share.

Why would a Mortgage Broker be willing to share this info?

Why would a realtor, new to the scene, step in after a Mortgage Broker has worked with a borrower for 10 months, thru 4 properties and have a massive amount of time invested in the borrower, have the unbelievable nerve to coerce and steer that Mortgage Broker's clients to that new realtor's "Preferred Lender?"

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Yes it does happen. It seems like many large brokerages structure their business this way. I prefer a simple structure of a percentage and nothing else. That way, the agent knows exactly how much they will earn from each sale. Keeping agents happy is key to a successful brokerage and when it comes to the most important part of the transaction for the agent: the paycheck, brokers should be helpful and not looking to glom an extra few bucks. Always check your broker/agent contract before signing with a new agency to avoid this situation. More importantly, find a broker that appreciates your hard work and recognizes it by setting out a clear and simple commission structure before signing.

Best of luck to you,

Danny Barto
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We definitely don't do it. It's not good business. Agents need to make money and clients need to be happy. We gladly take the loss.

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my brokerage does not charge buyers or buyers agents a fee in addition the th ecommission avail from the sellers broker

These fees extra junk fees are usually chaged by franchises that pay their agent 100 %

If you are a buyer and want to work with a buyers agent with no fee to the buyer then get in touch

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