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Seamard, Home Buyer in Atlanta, GA

Are my expectations unrealistic? How long should it take my realtor to get back in touch with me?

Asked by Seamard, Atlanta, GA Thu Jul 11, 2013

Ok I have a couple of questions that are related. Basically I want to know what I should expect of my agent? My husband and I are new to this process so we don't want to be unreasonable with the agent if this is how it is normally done. First, is the agent supposed to do the home search or am I? I have been the one finding homes online and he has told me to email him the MLS numbers so he can check their status. Second, how long does it take to check the status of a property? If I send him 4-6 properties we are interested in, it takes him about 7-10 days to get back to us. Finally, how long does it take to come up with the comparable list of properties and submit an offer? We saw a property and wanted to make an offer. He got us the comparable properties about 4 days later, same day we told him our offer price, 2 days later he sent us the paperwork via email, same day we signed it and sent it back and he emails us saying it is already under contract. Is this timeframe normal?

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No, Your agent should respond to you in 12 hours or less. Period, end of dicussion. IF their away on vacation they should make arrangements for someone else in their office to cover for them. I close on average over a transaction a week. I am never without my smartphone, laptop, IPad or all three. I'm often out of state and my client's never even know I'm not there. there's no excuse to not respond promptly and handle business in a professional manner.
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7-10 days? By that time im sure if the property was available, it prob wont be after that.
You need an agent that is quicker on their feet because homes are being snatched up rather quickly
and time is of the essence when previewing homes and putting in offers.

A lot of buyers like to search for homes online but the agent should also conduct their own searches
for the buyer because the buyer may not have access to all the listings that the Realtor does.

A lot of us use email because of the convenience. But it should only take up to a couple hours (if even that long) to write up an offer.

Have a conversation with your agent to discuss your concerns. If nothing changes, there are plenty of other agents that would work hard for your business!


Laquita Baez
Licensed Realtor in Ga and NJ
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metrobrokers
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My buyers agent responds within an hour and works for me literally 24x7. To draft up an offer he takes no more than 2-3 hours. Anything that takes more than 12-24 hours then you need to to find yourself another agent.
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It sounds like your agent is pretty busy and you are now getting the type of service you deserve. Like many others have said there are lots of agents who are available and would give you the quality service. I would definitely have a conversation with the agent and if he or she does not have the time to work with you then I would find another agent.
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Hello Seamard,

You should allow your agent to search for homes for you. Many of the homes you find on consumer based websites are old listings.

You either have to put your trust in your agent or decide if you want to search on your own, you should not do both.

That being said. Phone calls emails, and text messages should be answered. With so many ways to communicate there is no reason for you to feel ignored.

I work very hard for my buyers and I a little frustrated when buyers start sending me info to check on.
It really boils down to trust and mutual respect for each others time.

Best of Luck to You!
Kawain Payne, REaltor
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Prohibiting the buyers from searching homes on their own is poor judgement. Who knows better than the prospective buyer as to what they find appealing. I used to (now retired) check the MLS everyday early am to see what's new on the market and provide the buyers with any that met their needs. I even knocked on doors of homes that I knew my buyers would like to see if the owners would be interested in selling. It worked. I made the sale. New owners were very pleased.
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Wow...I would hate you to be my realtor. You sound like a control freak. It is OUR purchase, not yours. You are not responsible for finding the person's home, you are responsible for facilitating their ability to get the homes they are interested in. I have never heard of any realtor who believes only they can be the gateway to a person's dream home. What if someone finds a home that their realtor did not? Happens all the time.
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Seamard....You should expect your agent to be responsive, the time frames you have outlined is unresponsive....either you have a very busy agent who does not have time for you or one who does not understand that time is of the essence in submitting an offer on a home.

I would have a sit down with him and outline your expectations....such as you expect him to find homes for you and not wait until you provide him a list for him to check out and you expect timely offers to be made in your behalf.

The Time to check status will be dependent on the time it takes the listing agent to get back to him...if it is late in the day then expect the next day as a general rule... I personally will call the seller if I am unable to reach the agent within a few hours....

Generating comparables should take no more time than getting on the MLS database and inputing the data then reviewing it and making judgements as to comparable value, generally an hour unless it is a complex purchase with no true comparables then it may take a few hours going through the tax database for the county.

Getting an offer on paper, your signature and sending to list agent same day if I have multiple appointments or within a couple of hours if I only have to meet with you....again unless it is a complex purchase.

Even with that said homes do go under contract fast and have multiple offers...so an offer submitted may be under contract without our knowledge before we send it and we may not find out for a day or two especially if we are talking a weekend offer...

Chuck Green, Realtor
Keller Williams Realty
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You need an agent that is responsive in this market. Homes are being put under contract very quickly in most areas. I'd be happy to set you up with my preferred agent who is hungry and gets back to you very quickly. I know this because he responds to me very quickly. Give me a call and I'll pass along his contact information. Also, I'd love to assist with your financing needs. Talk Soon - 678-644-9912.
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Sometimes the "possibles" that they come up with, are out of date, info changed, or just plain SOLD.
Sometimes the houses we see on the MLS are out of date, info changed, or just plain SOLD.
The difference is; we, (speaking for a lot of Realtors out there), will call the Listing Realtor and get the latest, including showing info. We will them pre-view the good ones and get familiar with how to get there; so we don't waste your time and ours searching for them. When I pre-view a list of homes; I can generally eliminate half of them from the "short list".
I encourage Clients to search too; it's educational, informative and entertaining too. And sometimes they will find something that I missed, (yes, most of my confederates are human too!)
7-10 days in totally unacceptable, in so many ways.
We love e-mail because of the convenience, time and gas savings; but it must be used properly.
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7-10 days === OH MY.

Today buyers "LOVE" to search the internet online sources for homes. It is like a hobby for some and they are good at it too. I have several out of town buyers I am working with right now. Each morning I start by reading my email. Often, like today, I got one with 7 listing mls numbers in it they want to see Saturday when they come over. We have looked at homes for the past two weeks on Saturday. 2 of the homes we have seen before and the others they decided are worth a look. I got that at 8:30am today and by 11am I had already contacted the listing agents and made arrangements to go see them and when. 7 days is a joke. 2 days is too long. Is your agent in jail, drunk, out of the country, or a part time agent working another job?

Dump them and move on to a real agent that contacts you ASAP. Buyers often find there own listings to look at, but 7-10 days to reply is ridiculous. Say BYE BYE.
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From the information you have provided, your dissappointment is fully reasonable and understandable.
In Atlanta, just as in Tampa Bay, the real estate market has shifted to a sellers market. This means fewer home avaiable for more buyers. Rapid response is ESSENTIAL! Rapid response is not esential if you are looking only at foreclosures and shorties and intend to submit non-competitive offers. Chat with your agent about this.
A meet up with your agent is past due. Share your expectations. You may find your agent would advise finding another agent. But, until you have that chat, you can't know what is going on with the agent, why the response is as it is, and what would be the very best next step for you.
It has been my experience that buyers do not fully hear what their agent is advising until they have exhausted their alternative ideas. Until those HGTV ideas are proven to be ficticious. Until those other real estate reality shows are shaken from the buyers brain. Sometimes, an agent realizes, the buyer has to 'burn a few good homes' before the buyer will respond to the right approach to buying a home in this market. Of course NONE of this applies to you, but for many buyers it does.
Without a conversation with your agent, it will be hard to know what is happening. After all, your question presents only one side of a mulitpary collaboration.. Have a chat. Maybe your agent will recommend another agent who has more avaialability if that proves to be the issue.
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