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Janie, Home Buyer in Houston, TX

Are DR Horton homes typically considered to be of poor quality? Are these homes more difficult to resell?

Asked by Janie, Houston, TX Wed Jun 29, 2011

I am interested in purchasing a lovely resale home in Eagle Springs. The only problem is that the builder, DR Horton, has a terrible reputation.

The home was built in 2004; it is ~3,500 square feet. There are signs of a plumbing problem. I really like the house, but I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED about the builder's repuation for shoddy work. What is the resale value of DR Horton homes, compared to homes of other, more reputable builders? What are typical problems people encounter with DR Horton?

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Smarter In Tx’s answer
And looking at this forum it becomes abundantly clear that you can't always trust a realtor either. They are after all looking to make a dollar also. I paid a structural engineer to come and see if the landscape slope was adequate as they were telling me. It wasn't. Not only wasn't it but there was no way they could make it right without razing the entire project and starting over. We were two weeks from closing, had sold our old house and was living in a third floor walk-up rental. We had put several thousand dollars down on the home and more than anything I wanted to move in. Common sense overruled all the emotion and we built with someone else. Oh, and our down payment was never returned.
I strongly advise you shun any real estate agent telling you how wonderful they are. Read the complaints online. No one ever even thinks of writing a review, especially a bad one unless they are completely disillusioned with no recourse. There are too many other home builders to consider and I'd personally rather buy a pre-owned home by a reliable builder than a new home by a shoddy builder.
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well cms, I disagree. If I believed every review I read online than I would have never bought my lovely dr horton home. And doug is correct... I had absolutely no plans on writing a positive review, most people don't.
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Well tdoug I disagree with you. DR Horton just lost out on a $200,000 sale today because my daughter read the reviews. There should be mixed reviews that even out the complaints. A home purchase is a major transaction and therefore worth the reviews. There are plenty of builders that get mixed and good reviews. This builder gets 1 and 2 star reviews consistently throughout the U.S. not just one area. A bad purchase is going to affect the resale of the home too. If the builder would do the work right the first time then they would get good reviews. Period.
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I disagree. More people are willing to write a bad review than a good one. That goes for any field that requires trust in someone else's expertise. People tend to have a lot of anxiety about major purchases, such as a home. Therefore, they are more privy to make note of the imperfections they receive. D.R. Horton sells around 20,000 homes per year. I'm sure there are at least 10,000 satisfied customers, but they aren't jumping up to write reviews online, because they're satisfied. Their needs were met. So, no, people love writing bad reviews. By the way, I have no dog in this fight. I just don't think numbers lie, but people do.
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I called today to report a warranty problem. I spoke to "Chavon". What a rude person she was. Really want to call her the "B" word but I'm going to try and keep it clean. I bought my house in 2005 and when I called today, 2014 to report some issues, Chavon gave me an attitude! She really needs to go back to school or her childhood and learn some manners!
If I was her mama, she wouldn't have turned out THAT way!
Really DR Horton you employee these types of people!
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A Realtor should not be telling you anything about a slope or anything structural mechanical that involves a home it is unethical. We are not engineers or home inspectors. We can not comment on the soundness or integrity of a home ever. We can only comment on the scope of our knowledge which is real estate and what is disclosed by the homeowner and nothing more. If a Realtor tries to do that get yourself a reputable Realtor via referral or references.
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I would like to offer you an apology on behalf of the Real Estate Industry. Unfortunately it looks as though you may have been working with an agent who was not as educated, or thorough as he/she should have been. Please do not hold a grudge, there are many of us who offer a higher standard of excellence, a service which you should have received. Reading your response, it looks like the D&R's were not properly reviewed by the parties involved, which ultimately cost you at the end...unacceptable! You mentioned loosing your deposit, I would certainly take this matter to the Brokers involved. Finding new disclosure information while in escrow should have warranted you the opportunity to renegotiate terms & conditions of the escrow. DR Horton homes tend to be at the very bottom end of the market I work in, here on Maui. They generally run about $200/sqft on the high side, and with their materials being "affordable", you might find the quality reflects the price.
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Eagle Springs is conveniently located in northeast Houston, close proximity to Bush Intercontinental Airport. Eagle Springs is an award-winning community where neighbors enjoy the carefree lifestyle surrounded by trees and nature.

There are various builders here in Eagle Springs, including DR Horton. I've sold new and resale DR Horton homes and I have not heard of any complaints regarding the workmanship. Their sales representative really work with the buyer is providing great customer service and making sure that the buyer is satisfied with the purchase of their home.

If you're not already working with a real estate agent, I would recommend calling a local agent that can help you with your purchase.

As the other agents have mentioned, you do need to get an inspection done when you make an offer. This will uncover any issues that will need to be addressed before you continue the buying process. Your agent will guide you through the process.
Web Reference: http://www.amandahomes.com
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The homes in Florida are of low quality. The division does not take care of its employees (current ones). When I worked there I became suicidal. I was so happy to find another job. It was the worst experience of my life. I had to turnover "crappy" houses with bottom of the barrel materials. I always felt guilty handing over the keys. People had no idea that their $150000 house cost $52000 to build. Rough times for the megabuilder. To my friends that are still there...GOD BLESS YOU!
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The amount is correct, the building cost is about a 3rd to half of the price. The next third to half is land cost, not just the lot but the improvements, road, utilities, grading.
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How do I know you're not just a competitor?
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Shoddy is an understatement. If I could post this to everyone in the United States, i would tell you to stay away from this builder! DR Horton, aka Emerald Homes, aka Cambridge, aka Garbage builders!
If I could give you any advise, it would be RUN, don't walk! They are awful and building with them was horrific! I have been in my home for over 4 months and I can't even put a rug down because my floors are not finished. They are the worst. DROP the BALL is synonymous with this one! Save your money and your mind and stay away from these losers!
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I agree! I have been in my home for about 3 months and in addition to the shoddy work and yes, it is an understatement, my home is smaller than what it was suppose to be. My house was built between 2 houses and it appears that the only way they could fit my house in was to make it smaller. I'm in the process of searching for an attorney because this was done knowingly. Because the house was built smaller, the chandelier in the foyer is not centered and when building the house they had to change the swing of the garage to be on left side. They will be moving the chandelier to the center but I am seeking an attorney to see if there is anything I can do about the square footage issue. PLEASE DO NOT BUY A D.R. Horton home! Oh I forgot to mention that during my walkthrough I had 181 pictures showing work that needed to be done. They removed the blue tape but didn't do the work......thank God I had pictures!!!!! Please post if you had the square footage problem.
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RUN don't walk! They build total crap and don't stand behind what they sell. The Illinois team is full of inexperienced carpenters who work cheap. and they drop the ball on every corner. BUYER BEWARE was written for this group. I would not trust them to build me a dog house! Absolutely the worst experience of my life, the most expensive and worst. I did a semi-custom home in Arlington Heights, Illinois. I'm saying I did, because they did nothing. I spent over $825,000 and ended up having to put another $20,000 just to get things safe and up to code. I would not recommend them to anyone!
Beyond disgusted in Arlington Heights!
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DRHorton in Stuart FL is terrible!!! They have hired the cheapest workers who do an inadequate job on every part of the house. The Supervisors that they hire dont even get out of their trucks to check the work. The workers here have been seen drinking alcohol and sleeping on the job. Dont build with this builder in Stuart or Palm City unless you want complete aggrevation and you plan to pay real contractors to fix all the problems with your house that DR Horton created. Home Owners Group from Stuart and Palm City. Buyer Beware!!!
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DR Horton builds a great home. I have had one since 2006 and it has been just fabulous! Best home I have ever built. Thanks Jill
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In response to Bornco: could not agree more. We purchased a DR Horton Condo in a lovely area 3 years ago. Total piece of junk. The lack of soundproofing, coupled with hardwood flooring installed on upper units, means that we listen to stomping and crashing noises all day long. Throughout the daylight hours, we hear constant noise. And yes, every toilet flush. And our neighbors' conversations. Horrid. I will never buy DRH again.
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I purchased a DR Horton condominium 7 years ago and it was a huge mistake. The inadequate soundproofing means I listen to the army marching above me as well as know without a doubt each time they flush the toilet. I believe they used the cheapest materials of dubious quality and slapped these places together hurriedly with profit as the only consideration. The association lawsuit was settled with several units being evacuated as unlivable and the owners paid to move. Unfortunately fo me, my unit was not as negatively impacted and I did not qualify to have this cheap dwelling repurchased.
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Signed papers Thursday on a newly built home in Daphne Alabama; biggest mistake we ever made. we are having to fix things on the house before we can even move in. The super in charge of the project was hard to work with and DR Horton will not fix anything. Paint and glue on hardwood floors and tile floors. most new construction have a professional cleaning service to clean after construction finished, was not done. paint on cabinets, several things that can not be fixed, would need to be redone. our final walk through was rushed and i was so shocked…speechless. we have a lemon and i highly recommend you run, as far away from a DR Horton home fast. we have spoken to another recent home buyer in our neighborhood, they are having same problems and said they were lied to.

Dalphne, Alabama
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I encourage everyone to provide comments on the experiences they've had with the home builders, so that other people can be aware of who they are before doing business with them; and hopefully those builders will get a clear message and try to shape up and conduct their business better in the future. But please be honest and tell exactly what happened, so that we can be prepared of how to deal with them or not to do business with them at all. It's not only help the community to make good decision when buying a new home, but also let those builders know that they need to practice their home building business better or they will get caught and no one is going to do business with them. If people are afraid and not speak up when they got cheated, then those builders will continue to cheat people more and more. We need to help building our America a better country in business practices by stopping those bad business owners and encouraging those good ones.
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You noted all those items on a punch list and they still did not fix them? And you closed anyway? You were rushed? It wasn't clean and you accepted it? I agree they should all be fixed and move in ready but you also have the power. No, I don't work for DR Horton and I'm sorry that after accepting all those defective items and signing anyway and then posting here, you feel they did you wrong.
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@gaylamercer - i'm sorry about the issues you have faced. Your posting and the news articles about DR Horton have helped steer me away from their communities.
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hi Gayla,
I live outside Nashville presently and have been to Fairhope and Daphne to look at DR homes. I have appreciated your candid assessment of your home. It makes me think twice. Can we chat more, with your husband and his thoughts?
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Oh gosh I was just looking at Horton homes because we want to move to Daphane Al. I don't know where to look. bdgarrisonatcharternet
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D R Horton is the number one builder in America, In the Realestate market they are considered one of the highest quality constructed homes, if the house you are looking at has plumbing issues it is out of warranty 7 years later, was it a foreclosure beecause if it was it could be from being vacant for so long which has nothing to do with the quality of the builder, the one thing that i live about my D.R. Horton Home is that my neighbor and 50 others in the community don't have the same exact thing, every home is special in it's own way. I have never had a problem with anything on my house, maybe the homeowners didn't do maintenance or something like that.
on the internet you only see people who gripe, thousands of homes sold every year for 35 years told me they are doing something right.
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I've been a happy DR Horton home owner for 2 years now in Martin County FL. I monitored the construction from ground breaking to closing and could not be happier with the finished product. I'm a retired Licensed Electrical contractor and know construction and this house was built with quality materials and all the subs were clean and professional.
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Typical Fl(wh)orida real estate agent.
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BS . You most work for them , this is the most unreliable , disorganized , chip group of people!!!!!!!! because they are BIg does Not mean Quality , Kmart would do better , they Don't care !!!!
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Yes, and Wal-Mart has lots and lots of stores....but they still sell crap. People buy cheap stuff.
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B.S. you must work for DR Horton. Homes built lousy, Poor customer service, They don't honor their workmanship.
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We bought a D R Horton home in Rimes Ranch in Killeen Tx. They are the worst homes I have ever had. The walls are already cracking. the Hearter does not heat the rooms due to poor insulation. the paint is chipping off. I am ready to report them to the BBB because when I told them about the problems. There word were "Well the one year warrenty is up. It is what it is." I now cant get out of it becuse it was so poorly built. I wish I had done a better research. If you want pictures of the poorly built house call or text. 210-870-5751 of e-mail me rayvidal_rodriguez@yahoo.com.
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I own and built a DR Horton Home. THe Sales reps are like used car salesmen as soon as you sign the contract they never return your calls. The Consruction Manager is never to be found and the contractors are all the lowest bidders. The warrenty is only one year and when its under warrenty you have a hard time getting any results. All the materials used are of the lowest quality. I continously had to make the contractors fix mistakes before they covered it up. If your looking for a low price on a new house (YUGO) than buy it otherwise pay more and have less worries in the future.
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You get what you pay for, The reason they are the #1 builder is because of the low price and they finance their own homes. They are the YUGO of home builders.
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This will vary from area to area, as each community usually hires its own contractor to construct the homes. It is not like DR Horton has thousands of construction workers on its payroll. I will say in Dallas they seem to be very well constructed and have a very good reputation.

Jack Gillis, M.B.A., J.D.
Jack Gillis Realty Advisors
Nathan Grace Real Estate, Broker
5619 Dyer Street | Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75206
Cell: 214.718.4910
Email: Jack@JackGillisRealty.com
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I have been in the construction industry for 40 yrs and we(my wife & I) are building a D.R. Horton home now in Wylie,TX and so far I am very pleased with the workmanship form the underground plumbing rough in, form set up and slab pour and now the framing is about start and they have done a great job. I have also been watching other homes from the ground up in this community that are all but complete and I believe in my expert opinion they build a good a home as any builder out there at least in this community and no I do not work for DR Horton.
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You have no soul if you can read these complaints & the ones on other sites & still put your name anywhere near this company.
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To walk ruuuuuuun !!! Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn, keep running ! Save yourself ....
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Which development in Sarasota did you have a problem
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If you buy from D.R. Horton, you may want to be wary of what motivates their decisions, their technical competency. and most importantly, their ethics. The house we purchased had a type of HVAC system installed that it is EXTREMELY unusual to install in a residential setting. It appears to have resulted in needing to purchase supplemental dehumidification equipment, unbalanced temperatures and vent air flows between rooms, and based on informal discussions with neighbors living in houses built similarly, seemingly higher electrical bills.

When the person from Bureau Veritas (the company that does construction inspections for the city we live in) who originally inspected this house during its construction revisited our property, he stated our system had been modified from how originally installed. When his supervisor when back and checked the records, it turns out it was not modified, but because it was such an unusual configuration, the very person who inspected it when built did not recall that to be the case.

When D.R. Horton was contacted to ask why this was done, their "answer" seemed to be that they left all of that to their subcontractor (Reliant) whom I should trust because they did. The person they referred me to at Reliant was their sales person, not a technical person. The jist of what that sales person's response consisted of was to imply that there was no reason to be asking the questions I was.

I did eventually have a more technical person at Reliant tell me that he was very familiar with the type of system installed in this house because he had installed a lot of them before they quit installing them a very long time ago, and that I should not be concerned because that type of system cost them a lot more than the type most of the other houses in the neighborhood had (as if higher cost equals better performance).

So I ask that you consider; if something costs a lot more and is no longer commonly used, why would a HVAC company select to install such a system when they are being paid a set amount per house rather than cost plus? Perhaps they got some systems for free on evaluation or at a deeply discounted close out price? In either case, that seems like a restaurant using ground pork in their chili rather than ground beef; it would still be chili, but it would not be the same thing.
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We purchased a condo from Dr. Horton in 2005 in Phoenix, AZ. Had some moisture over a door over the years, but my mother who resides there didn't raise an alarm thinking that it was due to AC condensation. Then after a big monsoon storm in August of 2014, water was just pouring down from over the door. It turns out that DR Horton cut roof tiles too short to protect attic vents from water intrusion upon driving rain.

DR Horton (Mr. Bolton and Mr. Liston) knowing that roof tile has not shrunk or grown from the time it was installed refused to even compensate us for the roof repair (not even including water extraction and mold mediation), citing the time that elapsed from the closing. We feel that this is an ethical obligation of the builder at the minimum to take the responsibility for improperly-installed roof that caused so much damage to our home.
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Did you think about getting an attorney and suing?
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Did you think about getting an attorney and suing?
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We bought a DR Horton hone in Tomball, TX. There have been no huge issues,. The valve ont he water heater started leaking after 3 years but the water heater itself has a 6 year warranty, so the appliance company replaced it and it cost us nothing. I watched other builders, Ryland and Toll Brothers (who are both much more expensive) their bulding techniques were no better. I watched Toll Brothers roof a house in the rain, which means the roofing paper and plywood was wet when they put the shingles on. Unless you are there to check every aspect of the building, the builders do what they want. that is why you should hire an independent inspector, whether you are building or buying one already build. If you are building the inspector will come out at different intervals and check out what is going on.
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I live in a sr Horton home and it is a love hate relationship. There is nothing special about it.The floor plan is weird and a lot of space was wasted.The ac doesn't cool the entire house.They used very low budget prefab cabinets...nothing appealing about them. All the light fixtures, knobs,toilets and other things were on the lowest end.As well as the doors.Nails began rusting threw my Sheetrock within a year of purchase.Knobs began falling off of doors,light fixtures stopped working.In some of the rooms the light switches control every outlet.. So if you turn the light off you turn the TV,clocks and lamps off as well.The windows leak air,the outlets leak air.The roof slope is so close to the ceiling in the upstairs rooms that it is impossible to cool those rooms and Impossible to remedy without changing the roof design.The master bedroom is huge but you can't put furniture in it because there are no walls....there are all I'd the weird half walls that protrude out because of the plummings down below go up the wall into the second floor and they just boxed in around them in the upstairs rooms...its odd.There are so many doorways and half walls in the upper family room that it is a useless space more like a large entryway to the upper landing.The taping and floating on the Sheetrock is coming apart. And thanks to like...I have a better roof because the one de Horton installed was littwralky sagging....no cross support between large gaps in the studs.I can look at my neighbors and see huge dipping waves in those who did not need a new roof after ike.In the bathrooms most of the toilets have given out and needed to be reringed and have new swats and new Ballcocks after about two years.I have linoleum next to ceramic tikes and the fake grout lines aren't even lined up to real grout lines.Also the linoleum has stretched away from the walls.No quarter round was put down after insulation to hold it down and it wasn't stretched out and preshrunk before instulation. All of the faucets have eventually busted...ruining the cheap particle board cabinets...they turn to mush when slightly wet.The carpet is the cheapest available and uncleanable.I'm starting to have walla that move when you walk around upstairs.The tiles on the walls surrounding the tubs and showers are seperating.The baseboards are made or painted cardboard,I learned this when a toilet spewed in the bathroom and the paper just turned to mush.My house is barely 6 yrs old.when you complain they send some random contractor in to say nothing is wrong or to say it is your fault and not theirs.And nothing is done.BTW the water heater went out after 3 yes.
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we were supposed to close on a DR Horton home on Friday. We are now living in a hotel and our new house is not done. And they don't have a crew working. We have our stuff in storage and were told they could close next Wednesday and now they are saying they can't. I have NEVER been more frustrated with any company I have ever worked with for ANY reason. The only person that talks to us is the sales guy and while he is very kind he can't do anything. They are NOT helping us with any costs and this unexpected displacement will end up costing us approx $5000 in hotel, storage, boarding our cat, movers, rentals for storage and lost time off work. They are too big of a company to care about their clients. If you buy a DR Horton home you run the risk of becoming just a #, losing money and lots of errors in construction. Our walk through took 8 hours. EIGHT. Carpet without padding, dented appliances, crooked walls, gouges in our hard wood floor, fireplace needing replacement, crooked doors, crooked shower doors, heaved and cracked porch, holes in the driveway... this is all after we already had to have our basement floor repoured due to ground movement. And we had to ask them to do it although the cracks were not in expansion joints and were more than 1/2" wide. They are all pointing fingers at one another as to who's to blame. I don't care who is to blame. So beware. I will never build with them again and we are contemplating walking away.
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I'm curious too. How did it work out? Did you walk away? DR sales guy I spoke to last week said the company has no problem with people walking away from their 1,000 deposit. Said I could tie up a 170k home with just 1,000. Obviously I'm not going to do biz with them, ever.
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How is it going? Were you able to close?
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I have been in a Dr Horton home that I built for almost 10 years. I had some issues when we moved in, mostly cosmetic mistakes, but over all we are happy. Find out when the home was built, which phase. You do not want the last phase or the second phase. The first phase, in my opinion, is watched very closely. Then they go out on their own and are not watched as closely. The last phase, the experts have moved on and you get the left over people that have not moved on to the next site and left overs are used not to spend additional money. I hope this helps.
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That's very interesting. TY
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DR Horton make exceptionally nice homes - maybe in the past they could have been considered less than average but they have far exceeded that standard these days. I'm on my third DR Horton home in a row (over twenty years) and this was the first I had built from scratch and this home is absolutely amazing. In my opinion there are few builders today that offer the value that DR Horton offers. Do yourself a favor and your some of their model homes.
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Okay - I was just notified of this area. I am reading all of these comments and getting concerned with DR Horton home. I haven't purchased yet - but I am now considering moving on. Thoughts? I have drove through the neighborhood looking at other builders which I am fairly confident in saying that their homes are nicely built.
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I'm buying one now same neighborhood what inspector are you going to use?
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I'm in McKinney as well, the Reserve at Westridge, and the homes are outstanding value. You should be looking very near where I am since all the Westridge properties are close together.
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Hello, I'm planning to buy a four bedroom at Valor Point at Westridge, Mckinney. The house looks fine, good materials, nice finishing touches. We will get a private inspection, but it seems nice. Have you heard anything different? Thanks, M.
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I'm in a DR Horton home and the workmanship is terrible. I had the home built in 2006 and the window locks were installed incorrectly, costing me the purchased of new glass for 3 windows. Each time you lock the window the glass would crack. $800.00 to replace, and the builder said it was my fault. I've been opening, closing and locking windows for more than 50 years and lived in 3 different states, not once did a window break.
Also the ceiling over the patio was poorly installed. All the seam tape had to come off and replaced and painted, another $350.00
Paint is coming off the foundation and has been since day one, no help from the builder.
The list goes on, would I buy another home? NO.
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I bought my D.R. Horton home in Frisco in 2006 I have had no problems with it. In my opinion they build a great home. Go for it!
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I own a Horton home and wish I had never heard of them. They are extremely poorly constructed with only the least expensive and therefore least reliable fixtures used to keep down cost. DR Horton sells square footage at a lower price that many competitors and does so by cutting out quality at every level. My home is so drafty that the window blinds blow away from the walls. We have lived here less than two years and have already replaced two of the appliances.
I could go on and describe a multitude of other problems with our home, so many that we are going to try to sell it and custom build a new one. Needless to say, do not buy a Horton home. My experience, as well as that of many of my neighbors, has been pretty bad. The homes look nice but they are for appearance only. Stay away from them!
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The home you are referring to was actually originally built by a company called Emerald Homes. DR Horton purchased that company a few years back. DR Horton in Eagle Springs just opened this year back in February and is doing VERY well. They have sold 33 homes in 7 months....#1 for a reason I would say!
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Janie - New homes are a bit like new cars. Most car companies have cars in all price ranges. The higher the price, the better quality of features the car will have. It's the same with home builders. They build in many different price ranges. DR Horton is one of the largest builders in the country so they must be doing something right. You may want to research what you are getting for the price, compared to other homes of similar size and features, in the same area.
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In the Dallas area they are built well. It is going to be somewhat different from state to state, division to divsion.
Web Reference: http://www.realtordamon.com
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I purchased a DR Horton resale home that was build in 2007. The home passed all inspections now after being in the home for almost a year we have to replace the roof. If I would have read these reviews I would not have purchased this home. I found the reviews when i was trying to contact DR Horton to find out if my home is ceiling fan ready.
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Dr Horton is awful ..I just bought and its terrible
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I live in a DR Horton planned community. It's a very close knit community and have several online groups. we've never had complaints about the homes on there and there's over 300 residents on our facebook group. I like my home. It wasn't new when we bought it but it came with all the bells and whistles included for a much lower price.
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I had a patio home built by DR Horton and found it to be of exceptional quality.
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In desperation to get into a house because rent was going to exceed $2000 a month we found a Realtor who told us she could get us in a very nice, NEW neighborhood at close out prices. The Home was listed at $250K....the builder dropped the cost to $231K. A new house that never been lived in was a first for us. We snatched it up and are saving nearly $600 in monthly living expense. We thought WOW, home ownership is great, right?

After 6 visits from HVAC company to get AC corrected, cracks in drive, garage, patio, rolling roof with dips so bad its visible from the street, defective sprinkler system that never worked properly all thru the first year, a poorly graded yard with drainage issues that allows water to stand nearly year round, poorly stained cabinets that do not match in the kitchen and was told there would be no effort made to correct (while still in warranty mind you), tile that was not floated, and a garage door opener that quit working the last month of warranty, I can truthfully say, I wish we had just gone with a different builder and paid the full cost of a better home. I guess there was a reason why they could come down so much on the house, they didn't have the construction cost IN IT to warrant charging $250K!!! We will put our home up for sale this summer most likely, before we see anymore defects from the lousy workmanship.

I can assure everyone, the next house WON'T be built by..... D.R.Horton.
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I'll start by saying, Yes, I love my house built by DR Horton, BUT, things started going wrong, once we signed the contract to build.
The windows are not put in incorrectly, which you will find out first rainfall. Leaking so badly, plan on spending thousands. After a few years, the mold smell just grows on you I guess.
The nails started coming out of the walls, through the paint, within days of moving in. (they said they would come back and fix, and repaint) NEVER HAPPENED
Not sure about any other states, but in SC, they tell you to make punch list, and never show up. I've got blue tape they put up on what needs fixing, still sitting in same places, and that was 10 years ago.
They do not insulate, even though they say they do, and when our air broke for the 1st (Of many) times, the repairman said, "You had a few more days, and your house would have burned down, b/c of the way they just threw the stuff together". It was just a board with wires everywhere and some actual tinfoil. Quality is so bad, but they put so much pressure on poor foreign construction workers to build a 1000 houses a week. No one ever actually comes back to fix anything, which was not for petty little things.
Like I said, I love the house that was supposed to be built like they said, but if you never show back up to fix the problems you knew were issues to begin with, you are screwed. Our supposed "follow up contractor" had a heart attack from everyone calling him to fix horrible issues. Obviously he quit after, and no one was heard from again to assist. The homes look pretty, as long as you don't plan on great quality. They know this, yet do nothing.
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Well, never bought DR Horton home but a guy used to work for me (still remain a friend) bought a DR Horton home two years ago, now he is suing the builder.
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I'm curious, why is he suing the builder?
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Hi Janie,
Congratulations on you great decision. DR Horton is a great builder I live in one myself. If you decide not to go with DR Horton just do yourself a favor. Please don't go with Centex Homes. I don't don't know if Abrazo builds in TX but do buy from them either. Wish you good luck on your purchase!
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Do not buy a home from D.R. Horton. We've had nothing but problems with a brand new home. Their work is shoddy and they do not honor their warranty. We have been having problems since we moved in in February. The water fro the house to the meter was leaking and it cost us $275 for water that we did not use. They won't reimburse. The AC in the master suite has no AC and they say its fine. Right the house is at 73 and the master suite is at 80. There are so many issues I get a headache just from thinking about them
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I don't know what the resale value is but we are fixing to find out. We are so unhappy that we have been in our home less than one month and will be selling in the next few months or a year at the most.
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We owned a dr horton home in Ca and it by far was one of the best built homes we've owned.
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I owner one of DR Horton home BUT I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a DR Horton home again.
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I'm buying a D R Horton house here in Waco Texas and I can say everyone has been honest with me. I'm getting a nice home for the money.... I'm always stopping by the house taking pic and have no trouble getting anything I find wrong fix's by the builders... Now that my GF is having trouble with stairs the Retailer has been trying to find us a 1 floor home.... Just like any company you will find good and bad.... We both have been very happy with Annie and the people we work with...
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Do not buy from DR Horton, look at the contract you sign as it is one sided and after you sign, they lie and do what they want. Trust all the comments and research the company... I totally regret buying from them in Sarasota at Vilano. The corporation does not care once they get your money and won't get it back. Despicable!!! You will regret if you buy in the Vilano sarasota, Florida.
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Structurally, our DR Horton home seems to be sound (my opinion and that of a trusted inspector) but the little things will drive you crazy: "Oh, we'll fix that at the 30 day walk through." Later, "There is no 30 day walk through; you have to file everything on the warranty web site." (Our neighbors got a 30 day walk through and got problems resolved). Painters are worthless for coming back to fix things-have been here 4 times and still did not fix everything because "it was not on the list;" (what list? the last guy you sent painted with the wrong color and now we just want all those mis-matched spots fixed). And all of that was while the supervisor for DR Horton is telling me that multiple other houses on our street have the same problems and he cannot get the office to use a different painter. Later, he tells me that "the next step is to get a different painter." Just maddening going around in "blind loops" with these people. Save your sanity and buy from someone else. Even items on the "punch list" that would be "done next week after the closing" took 3 months.
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I am not sure what will be the selling price for it, but recently I have recently tried a remodeling service and I think that can also help you out. Instead of selling it why don't you go with remodeling it. It will save you time and money too.
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I have a stucco business and wonder where do I go to make bids on D-R Horton jobs here in Sarasota County FL ?
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DR Horton is a tract builder, they build homes in their own subdivisions with a few floor plans and a few options. Regardless of peoples personal opinions on the forum, wherever the homes are built they still have to meet the minimum code requirements of the area. Also as with any builder it really depends on the subs that build the house, you can have two identical homes side by side built by the same builder but different subs could have built each. Buying a pre owned home is like buying a used vehicle you have to do your own inspections and determine if the home is right for you. There is no way someone can give you a blanket answer about DR Horton since they are a huge builder that builds all over the US. Could there be a subdivision somewhere in the US with a bad reputation sure, but then on the other side I am sure there are lots of happy home owners somewhere else.
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Ah yes, another idiot florida realtor trying to be the voice of reason.
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Good Evening Everyone, I've purchased new homes in two different states, one in Savannah, Georgia, one in Humble Texas, (Fox wood Builders) and I'm currently building in Killeen Texas, DR Horton. Fox wood builder in the Humble area off 1960 and Cypress-wood has the best builder (John) he worked with me on any issue I had, only once did it take three days to get back to me because he was out of town. But he stood by his warranty and when the AC (coral) I think went bad two days before 1yr warranty ended, he had it fixed for free in less then two days. I truly had a great experience with him. I recently sold that home and truly miss it already. I believe that it depends on the area and the person that cares about his/her job. Thanks!
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DR Horton homes in the Raleigh-Durham area of NC are terrible. Besides myself, I know of 2 other people in different areas of the Triangle that have had terrible issues with DR Horton homes. Most of the major problems involve major drainage issues and grading problems which are a result of the builder not doing things correctly to begin with. The fixes to these problems has been major work by the builder to correct them. Sorry this is vague but to go into detail would require a LOT more typing than I have time for right now.
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We bought the house from DR Horton in 2012 in VA. Last summer(2013), the Air Condition can't make the house cool, under the warranty, the AC contractor came by check the AC but only recharge the refrigerant. This year(2014) summer, the Air Condition didn't work well either, as run out the warranty, we called another AC company, the new AC guy find the issue that it's the connection joining between AC with liquid line it's leaking and the refrigerant almost gone. He said I need call the builder to redo the connection joining. Because the liquid line wasn't solder property during time of installation. After we contact builder. DR Horton said the warranty for HVAC has expired and D.R. Horton cannot assist with this request.
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Just wanted to report that we recently had a very good experience with D.R. Horton. All the folks at Horton were a pleasure to work with, and thoroughly answered all our questions. Even though we decided not to buy a new home at this time, we came away completely satisfied customers, and wouldn't hesitate to consider a Horton home should we decide to move into a new home in the future.
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See my recent review of a community in Naples, FL called Valencia Lakes Country Club - My understanding is that these are D R Homes and I referred to them in my review as what will become "Maintenance and Financial Nightmares" for a future homeowner or better stated, Beverly Hills looks on a trailer park construction budget
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