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Jennifer, Home Buyer in Astoria, Queens, NY

Anyone live at the Acropolis Gardens in Astoria, NY and have problems with BUGS (bedbugs, roaches) or MICE?

Asked by Jennifer, Astoria, Queens, NY Fri Mar 6, 2009

Looking to buy in the Acropolis Gardens in Astoria and don't want to get duped... any bug problems, mice / rat problems? Other problems with the apartments?? Thank you!!!!

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I have lived in the building for two years. I have NEVER had any problems with rodents, bug or roaches. I love this building. Great investment and I can rent out whenever I want to. Any complaints are quickly taken care of by management. A exterminator is provided by the building but I never had to use the service. Neighbors are friendly and keep to themselves. It's been a pleasure!
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Never had any issues with rodents or bed bugs. I had roaches when I first bought my place there, but since renovating (and carefully sealing off all the holes in the walls) I haven't had any roaches. I am quite certain my neighbors have roaches - they have the exterminator come every month or two. I guess it really just has to do with how clean you are and making sure there are no entry points for the roaches. Most older buildings have roaches, so it's just a matter of properly cleaning and caring for your place. Also, the Acropolis has many different buildings in the complex. I'd recommend one where the neighbors are young and have renovated many of the neighboring units. Hope this helps.
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Well, Nabewise says that Astoria is "somewhat clean" so I would imagine that there are probably roaches and mice in majority of buildings in Astoria, including the Acropolis Gardens. But really, very few residential buildings in NYC are roach free anywhere. It's a part of being a New Yorker!
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I have lived here for 4 years at 21-15
I see one or two roaches a year. NO bed bugs. NO mice.
I have the windows open most of the summer and I HATE bugs. I've never needed an exterminator.

Basically after living in apts for 15 years in NYC, this has the least bugs.

I don't know where the bug rumors are coming from for the Acropolis. It's really nice.

Good luck.
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Not in the recent co-op I have sold. They have been gut renovated. Acropolis Gardens have been cleaned up and are well managed now.
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I have sold units in the Acropolis haven't heard of any such issues, I have also showed many apartments haven't seen roaches as in some large privately owned buildings.
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If you haven't bought yet and are still looking to buy in the Acroplis Gardens, the best advice I can give you in regards to your concerns is to bring in an exterminator to inspect the unit and the common areas as part of your due diligence.
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i love Acropolis Gardens is a Beautiful place nice people been here for along time CHIARA I LOVE THIS PLACE
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i looking for rent in 1bedroom
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Acropolis is a BIG complex...approximately 700 units and while everyone has had a different experience we should not demonize it. Yes, anyone that had a bad experience has the right to say what they feel. Yes, I too have been somewhat disappointed with the speed that things are getting done there but at the end of the day, they are getting done. The halls have been looking dirty lately but that's the ridiculous amount of snow we had. Then again, some of the maintenance personnel does lack will (LOL). I too am hoping they finally get going with those hallways but I was told that they are amazing the funds this year to finally get some of them done.... but then again, they said the same about the intercom and it is finally getting done (taking forever but something like 65% is already done).

There are a dozen contractors working there but only a few that are truly capable and have pride in the work they do. Hey, you get what you pay for...LOL. If you buy there all I can say "GOOD FOR YOU". The location is tops, the conveniences are true city dwellers quality and the prices do not get more affordable for this part of Astoria. The fact that its a walk up is a minus but if you can get something in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor than its even better. Some of the units are tiny but some of them like the A and H lines are more comfortable and more valuable.

I have been doing work on and off the complex for about 3 years (NOT FOR MGMT but for other investors and owners) and I have yet to see a bed Bug or a mouse. I am sure that if someone said they saw a bug then I have no reason to doubt it. All in all, if you are renting you have many choices, but if you are looking to live in the 11105 zip code and this close to all of the spots and train, then your choices shrink really quickly.

Good Luck Jenny
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I first noticed a couple of red welts on the right side of my upper torso when I woke up one morning. At first I just assumed that these were mosquito bites. But then the next day I woke up and had a few more. The next day, again a few more. Of course I did what everyone does these days, hopped on to my trusty laptop and started working with Google.

It didn’t take me too long to arrive at bed bugs as a possible culprit. I actually found some pictures of bed bug bites and compared them to my red welts and bingo, it was very clear to me that bed bugs were the problem.

These are a couple of great resources on dealing with bed bugs:


Web Reference: http://www.bedbugbgon.com
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The Acropolis Gardens does have bed bugs. I pulled a biting one off my back waking up this morning. It was fat with my blood. I also found bed bug droppings along the edge of the sheets. We have only lived here 2 weeks but are moving out. Bed bugs are a big problem in NYC and there are no guarantees with any building but if I have to live with them (and they are my biggest phobia) then at least I want to live in a nicer place.
Sure the location is really great, but the apartments are ridiculously small even by NYC standards. The place was dirty and what "improvements" had been done looked liked a child did it or a very angry contractor. And then there is the constant low-flying helicopters buzzing overhead from Manhattan to La Guardia every morning. So much for a quiet complex.
The stairways are dingy and disgusting. We too were told the stairs would be renovated but I've read other blogs from 3 years ago saying the same thing. Saying the stairway halls will be renovated gives them the excuse to never clean them. Yuck!
There's a reason there are so many units for sale or rent at such reasonable prices here. Huge complexes with central heating cannot ever get rid of bed bugs. They'll just come through the thin walls from the adjacent apartment and will feed on you while you sleep.
If you like tiny rooms, dingy stairways, and bed bugs, then Acropolis Gardens is the place for you.
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we moved into Acropolis in Novemeber. We have been on the list for coarchroaches every month the number of roaches we see are minimizing. However I am from upstate and my hisband from here. I have nevver had bedbugs in my life and I was cleaning my kids room the other day and found a strange bug. I saved it for the exterminator and it was a conformed bedbug. Upon moing into this apartment we signed a paper that stated a bedbug problem in the building that had been taken care of. This buliding has a lot of special needs people in it to where nurses come and help. I'm worried that living next to older people who can"t clean as well are part of the problem. Just like the roaches, i get rid of them for a while and they comeback. I guess its time to move.
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Hi Jennifer,
What is the address for the "Acropolis Gardens" i am in Astoria but i'm not familiar with that name.
I can check for you once i have a physical address.

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Hi - If you're still following this... Acropolis Gardens is a large complex between Ditmars Blvd and 21st Ave and approximately between 35th and 38th Streets
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