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Sam, Home Buyer in Townsend, GA

Any problems with DR Horton homes in Alabama?

Asked by Sam, Townsend, GA Mon Oct 1, 2012

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pmscalisi’s answer
Rob is right. Don't expect custom home quality. Horton does do a good job at the price point per square foot which is at presently about $80. A custom home will be easliy almost twice that.
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We bought a DrHorton home in 2012 (Baldwin County Alabama). Dumbest thing we ever did. Did not find out until after we paid for it that they build nothing more than House Trailers. We moved to the area to retire. Not a happening thing. I spend my whole time AND our retirement money fixing things. Our warrenty ran out and never did get them to come fix our list from the walk thru,hence the reason I am now working on it and still having to spend money on it. DO NOT expect them to give a care after they get your money. Again... the biggest mistake I have ever made was buying a DrHorton home. Before you buy, make sure to talk to other home owners to get their opinion of the homes in the neighborhood. They use the cheapest materials possible and have low cost labor building them with out supervision.
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DRHorton is the worst builder ever. We had to let go of our contract with them due to very poor quality and terrible workmanship. I would rather pay a little bit more just to get a better quality home and avoid problems down the road. They are building left and right here in Baldwin County sacrificing the quality of the homes. New home owners just moving in to their homes are complaining already. Plus their builder and sales people's attitude were so bad. It's a shame that you have to beg these people to do things right on your home. We want to buy a brand new home, not a patched up home!
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There may be some very good qualities of a DR Horton home, as there are with other area "box" builders. For instance, you do get a lot of square feet for the $ per sqft sales price. However, there should be no confusing a "box" or "production" builder with a true custom builder. My company, Monarch Homes, is a custom builder. We design and build your home just as you want it from the beginning. We nurture our relationships with our Owners to form a partnership in the construction of your new home. Our Owners are involved in every phase of construction, working hand in hand to build your "home"....not just a house. Typically, with a "box" builder, you sit down at the beginning with a sales rep, pick out the options and upgrades that they offer to their limited existing plans, sign the deal and then come back when the home is finished to close.
For more info on Custom Builder please contact me directly. Thanks.

Rob Davis
Fairhope Realty Group
Monarch Homes
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Yes I am in the process of buying a home in Daphne, AL from DR Horton. I paid $1000 earnest money and signed a contract to purchase a home. My wife selected all the extra including being told she would get a specific baseboard and door trim option. After I put my money down and signed the contract in Dec 2016, DR Horton changed to a cheaper baseboard and trim without regard for what I contracted for. BEWARE OF DR HORTON. I WAS TOLD THIS BY SEVERAL
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We have been in our home built by DR Horton, here in Montgomery, Alabama since December 2012. Before we closed we had issues with our AC/HEATING system, DR Horton have sent several repair companies about our AC issues, but each time they said it was fixed, I'm not sure how many original parts have been replace on an system that is now 2 years 11 months old, well this last time in July 2015, the system gave out completely after suffering all weekend in 100 degree heat on the inside of your home and after contacting the BBB and DR Horton home office in TEXAS, they finally said it was the condensor and compressor had to be replace. To this day it's still not working properly. Our home is 3500 sq.ft. and only have a 3 ton unit to cool and heat the entire home, and DR Horton says it's a dual thermometer so we dont need an extra unit, REALLY!!! Well that's not all, we have had the kitchen and bathroom faucets replace 3 times or more, just got another kitchen faucet in October,2015,the stairs light fixture just one day and stop working, finally got it fix, the hardwood floors are popping, after several repairs to the floors upstairs the floors are still creaking, popping and carpet is coming detached from the badly seems. They give you a one year WARRANTY and tell you that after the year they cannot repair anything else, well that's incorrect; if they attempted to repair anything in your home that have not been resolved in the repairs they are obligated to FIX IT until it's properly FIXED, just do not get any other contractors to try and repair, because that voids the warranty with DR Horton. Well I have too many other issues to tell, but my neighbors have crack foundations. cracks in their interior walls, uneven floors, but DR Horton telling them the house just settling, AGAIN, REALLY, if you are suing DR Horton, please contact me so we can too. 334-354-1959, Thanks and be Bless!!!
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Yes, our dining room tray ceiling is not square, we have gone round & round for 6 weeks. They say its to spec but its perfectly square on the drawings of the floor plan. I kept telling them it needed to be fixed before school started & I went back to work (this is a vacation home) I go back to work next week & we have no resolve. they also put the sprinkler system ON the property line (which they've been told NOT to do, so when they installed our fence 4" in, the sprinkler was outside the fence.
other issues too. I regret buying this house.
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Bought a home in Gulf Shores Jan 2014. Haven't been able use the master bath to bathe in since due to the shoddy construction and tub leaks. Have a mold farm growing out of the floor in the master bedroom next to my bed from the tub leak. I'm allergic to mold so I can't sleep in that room anymore. Contacted D.R. Horton's non existent warranty service center by fax requesting help. I've been COMPLETLY ignored as have the other problems I've sent them. Not even a call to offer an air purifier from Horton. They left insulation out of the walls during construction and I had to make them put it in. I have a shingle blown off my roof from your everyday wind here on the coast. Not even one nail in it I can see and plans call for 6. A yard full of dead sod they improperly installed and other things the show their complete lack of concern for any type of quality work. To make it worse they just ignore you if there are problems with the crappy work they did building the house. If you buy a Horton house you're a fool!!! Ask the other owners in my neighborhood.
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I am sorry we did!
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Where is this neighborhood located. We are looking in Gulf Shores at the present time. Thanks
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Hi, Sam.
I've been in my home for about 1 year and so far it's been a good experience. We have had minor issues with cabinet doors and some paint issues but Horton has always been responsive and did the fixes usually within 2 weeks. Our 1 year inspection is due in June and some settling issues like a few nail pops and a couple of corner joints have slightly opened up and the crown molding joins have separated slightly. They built our house last summer when it was very rainy and damp so I'm really not surprised that some of this happened since we had such a cold and dry winter. Some places on the second story's floor started squeaking and that is bothersome.
Basically the house seems sound so far except for the little annoyances mentioned above.
We have had no plumbing or electrical problems and the heating/cooling and water heater have been working fine. The original landscaping sucks but I plan on taking care of that this summer.
The carpet pad upstairs has crept a little causing some irregular areas you can see.
I hope that Horton will see to these problems on our 1 year walk through and be as responsive as they have been.
I often think that people view these as custom homes but they are not. The cost of my house was less than a comparative type home built by several local builders nearby. The workmanship on the much more expensive houses weren't any better than mine. They probably use the same low cost labor.
Just as a reference my house 3400 sq ft was about 250K, the other builders pretty much about 320K for 2700 sq ft. I do have a couple of crooked walls and some finish work could be better I also took that risk buying the lower cost house. It's not bad but it is still there. And a custom home would be easily $150-160 per sq ft. Just like everything else you get what you pay for.
I really like the floor plan of my house and plan on staying around for a while. I suppose time will tell.
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Found this after doing some research on DR Horton homes...

If you do a quick google search, you'll find people blasting them (owners) and people praising them (realtors; let's face it - they would NEVER bad mouth them).

That should really tell you all you need to now. As with all things, the truth is probably in the middle. You're building a cookie cutter house wherein the materials where everything is budgeted right down the number of nails used per stud in the frame. They have their profit margins on their houses down to an exact science and that sort of thing generally shows in the quality of the end product.

The thing to remember is that nobody really talks about the awesome service they received at a restaurant, but you can bet you will hear about it if it was a bad experience. What I mean to say is that the negative always seems louder, but that doesn't mean it's not true. Do your homework - go to an existing DR Horton neighborhood and walk around. If you see someone outside, strike up a conversation with them.
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I am a realtor and believe me, I don't praise them! For those buyers insisting on a D R Horton home, I just tell them to check out all reviews on the internet. I have had numerous problems with them completing work for my clients and have watched as their customer service has basically dwindled away. I always encourage my clients to talk to the neighbors. :)
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First, let me state that I am not nor ever have been in the employ of D.R. Horton but I have sold their products as an independent real estate agent.

D.R. Horton is a recognized national builder that has stood the test of time and is still putting out products that people are proud to own. The fact remains that there will always be problems with any business but the fact that so many buyers are considering a company's product speaks well of their ability to produce a quality product and problem solve.

The comfort level you are seeking may be more reliable if you were to take some time to visit your target community and speak with current owners. I've found that these residents are more than willing to share both the positive and the negative. Planning an evening visit, parking your car, and just taking a walk may get you started on getting good reliable information on your own.

Good luck,

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I had some clients put a DR Horton home under contract last Friday. We'd looked at several subdivisions of new construction around Birmingham and were pretty impressed with most of them. Then we saw 2 DR HORTON homes. I was amazed. They then decidedit was between the 2 DR Horton homes. So far it has been great. The homes from DR Horton were larger by 700-1000 square ft thant he other homes we had seen from other builders. The price per Sqft was so much lower with the DR Horton home and in my opinion the homes were better. I think they are great homes, I'd take a buyer to a DR horton home any day.
All the best!
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No DR Horton Homes are doing very well here
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I recently showed a DR Horton home and was impressed by the quality.

Peter is right that they tend to have several floor plans that they repeat with similar materials. But from what I could see, they were using high-quality materials.

If you would like to visit any of their homes and are need of a buyer's agent, let me know so I can make the necessary showing arrangements with the showing manager.

Mary McNair
Cortright and Co.
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DR Horton builds a very good home that is perfect for first time buyers or people who might need to move in several years. They buy lots in quantity in today's market at lower prices, they buy materials in quantity and build several homes in a row. This is a cost savings they pass on to the buyer. They are not custom home builders but will modify their plans if you get them at the right time. If you really want to build a dream home to live in for a longer period of time, it makes sense to deal with a builder who can take your dreams and make it into reality.
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