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Asked by Gary, Paradise Valley, AZ Fri Jun 24, 2011

Is a realtor limited to show a house in only certain areas of a city or can a realtor show a house about 20 miles across town from their office?

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Jose Dias’ answer
No, a REALTOR can show homes anywhere in the state. We hold an Arizona license that allow us to show and sell anywhere in Arizona.

Having said that you probably will want to work with a REALTOR that you trust and that is familiar with the area. And if you can't find both qualities in one person, I would go with the one you trust.

Good luck!

Jose Dias, REALTOR
(623) 418-5700
Realty One Scottsdale
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REALTORS® are licensed by the State and if they are a member of the Multiple Listing Service for that area they can even list homes for sale a hundred miles from their office. That doesn’t mean they are an expert in that geographical area. Maricopa County is a huge area and it’s difficult to be knowledgeable for the entire area. Having said that, I know several agents that prefer to work just with buyers and they could go into areas across town and be more knowledgeable about the area than the local people. It really depends on the skill set of the individual agent.
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Realtors are licensed by state, so technically they can show you anything in a particular state. In NJ, I've shown houses in many different counties. I am obviously more familiar with some areas than others so if a buyer wants to see an area I'm not familiar with, I make it clear that I don't know a particular area very well and I would understand if they want to use another agent who knows that market.

For me, 20 miles is nothing. Some agents choose to just stick to one market. I guess it all depends on the agent but make sure they are honest about what markets they know or don't know.
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A realtor in Arizona can sell property anywhere in Arizona...

The key is to find someone who works, lives and plays in the neighborhoods you are looking to make a purchase.

If a Realtor specializes in Gilbert are they really going to know the NE Valley Market?

My business consist mainly of Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and the NE Valley. It is where I live, coach athletics, where my kids go to school.

If you need any assistance please feel free to call.

John Forsyth- HomeSmart Elite Group.
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Hi Gary
As a Realtor we are licensed to sell property in the State we are licensed in so that would include Paradise Valley to Tucson if you will. Now that does not mean I would sell in Tucson being a Realtor in the Paradise Valley area. It would benefit the client to refer them to a local Tucson agent as you'll need more direct service. So a Realtor can choose to limit themselves and if they are in your case find out why and then if you need to find another ask them to refer or seek another on your own. Twenty miles is not that much of a deal here in AZ as our highways are fairly un-congested. Finding the right Realtor fit is to interview them with your goals and if they can fit that need they are the choice for you.

Good Luck
Laura Myers
AZ Real Estate Consultants
Keller Williams AZ Realty
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We can show any property in the state in which we are licensed!
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A Realtor can show property anywhere they are licensed to show. That being said, two significant factors come into play regarding the feasibility and effectiveness of a Realtor who reaches beyond a particular service area. To the buyer or seller, the most effective representation will come from someone who concentrates on a particular segment of the marketplace. When one tries to serve beyond a reasonable boundry, the service you will receive as a client will diminish. Questions about local ordinances, histories, market values and market trends will have to be researched each and every time you ask for a particular property outside the reasonable service area of that Realtor. For the Realtor, who spends their time, effort and financial resourses marketing or showing homes, the cost in going beyond a reasonable limit will diminish their ability to provide the best service to not only the client who is making the request, but clients who he or she is currently servicing within their service area due to the time consumption related to such extended activities. Also, 20 miles across town is 40 miles round trip. While a one time showing away from the area might be feasible. 20 showings in that area spread over several days could become cost and time prohibitive for the agent. You and they are best utilizing a referral system wherby the agent can discuss your needs with an agent in the requested service area and thereby providing you with a more area-knowledgable professional to work with.
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The Realtor is licensed for the entire state.Most Realtors have dedicated territories with up to a hour or so from their business.Some never leave a certain side of town, It all comes down to knowledge and service and how comfortable and experienced the agent. A great agent can show buyers almost everyone and study the comps etc of the area without a problem. When listing a home an agent would ideally be a hour a less from their office or main territory as to service the listing it is important to be able to come by ofen to check on brochures, showings and the home in general. There are always exceptions to the rule.
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Realtors are licensed with the state and with online resources can become a quick expert in most places. However, it is good to find someone who has experience where you are buying.
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Realtors can show homes anywhere in the state. Most good realtors only show homes in areas that they know the market.
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As many have already answered, agents hold their license in the state and can sell or list home anywhere within Arizona. With that being said, many agents choose to focus on a particular area because Phoenix is such a large city. It is almost impossible for any agent to become familiar with every single community within this city.

It's always a good idea to work with somebody that is very knowledgeable within the specific communities that you are interested in.
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In the state of Arizona you a Realtor can sell real estate in the whole state. I would recommend finding a realtor who specializes in the areas you are looking as they will be the most knowledgeable about the area.
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As the others have said, a Realtor can show you any house in the entire state he/she is licensed in. (Where I am, near Washington, D.C., some agents are licensed in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. They do that so they can cover the Washington metro area. However, technically, they can show houses far north of Baltimore and far south of Charlottesville. Few would do that, but they could if they wished.)

If you've identified a particular area, it'd be best to find a buyer's agent who is active in the area you're interested in buying in. That agent will be more familiar with the particular conditions, real estate activity, and other issues affecting the house you'd be interested in than would an agent who doesn't regularly work the area.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Fairfax, VA
I don't think you have to know the principal either. I wonder if some agents just do business in their school district.
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I don't know my kids' principals; I guess they're not in trouble as often. ;-)
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A licensed real estate agent in Arizona can show you homes anywhere in the state. However the public is not well served when their agent is little more than a taxi driver. Agents should serve the areas they know well or risk putting their clients and themselves at risk. It’s one thing to say you know the schools that serve an area. It’s another thing to say you know the Principle of the elementary school your client’s children will go to.
Web Reference: http://lisalucky.com
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There many great answers here... can relate to Joan's answer... though I live in Texas,,, I service 3 counties... five cities in particular that are all within 35 miles of my office. I am quite familiar will the markets in these cities -- each a little different. If you have a Realtor that is willing to show you property about 20 miles from their office ... and you feel that the Realtor is going to best represent you in your purchase... you have a Realtor for life!
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You have been given great advice from everyone. Go with a Realtor that you like and trust as long as you feel they can represent your best interests. Best of luck!

Deborah Griffin, Scottsdale Realtor
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A REALTOR licensed in Arizona can show and sell a home anywhere in the state, however, it may not be wise to you an agent in areas outside of their expertise. Even if an agent sells residential resale homes in Scottsdale, they may not be the best agent to use for a land or commercial purchase in Scottsdale.

Check with the agent and see if they are familiar with the area you are interested in. If not, it may be best to use another agent who will serve your needs better.

Best of luck!

James Wehner
John Hall and Associates
Web Reference: http://www.jameswehner.com
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Yes we can sell anywhere in Phoenix or surrounding cities. I have been working in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix/Scottsdale) area about 13 years and have listed and as well as sold homes as buyer's agent.
If you need to buy in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Tempe + other cities, contact me. smentha@cox.net
Web Reference: http://www.azmove1.com
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What are you trying to accomplish?
Give me a call if you need assistance
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Our group lists REO homes for Banks, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other sellers. As such we list and sell homes all over central Arizona and some areas outside Phoenix. These sellers really don't care about a realtor's service area. They want their properites sold. As mentioned in previous answers, agents are licensed to show homes and handle transactions all over the state.

Rob in Sunny Phoenix wherre golf course fees are inversely proportional to the temperature.
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Gary ...

The Phoenix area's 80-odd miles across. Twenty miles isn't all that much distance here, to be honest. There are some agents who work only in specific areas, others cover wider stretches of the Valley. Myself, I've sold homes on both extremes of the Phoenix area - Apache Junction to the far east, Wittmann to the far Northwest.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you're comfortable with. The vast majority of the Valley are tract homes that are similar in nature; there are some pockets - Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Carefree - where there are more custom builds and more quirks to keep in mind. Someone experienced there may be of help but it's nothing that most agents can't figure out quickly.

Take the comments from Florida with a heavy grain of salt - if you're asking about agents working 20 miles away, you can imagine that someone 3,000 miles away probably doesn't understand the inner workings of our local market.
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Give me a call at 480-588-6742
I will answer any questions you may have.
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A realtors license permits them to practice the sale of real estate anywhere in the state in which they were licensed.

With this said, its's obvious that an agent would not be able to cover this large an area. The area that agents cover is normally related to the geographical location that their office covers and what they feel comfortable with.

Many agents will specialize in community sectors where they focus their attention and become the local community expert.

Good luck,

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Realtors are allowed to show homes in the state they are licenced in but as most of the other comments said, you should find a realtor that is familiar with your area as well as one that youare comfortable working with. Good luck.
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A Realtor can show you any property in the state they are licensed in, That being said like many others have stated you probably don't want someone who is not familiar with the area you are looking in. 20 miles in the Phoenix area is not a big area, our city is very spread out, I have lived here all my life and have lived all over the valley, therefore I work all over the valley. If a client wants to buy in an area I am not familiar with I would refer that out, and that would be much further out than 20 miles.
I am centrally located near the Shea corridor which makes it easy for me to get anywhere in the city in a short period of time. Please let me know if I can be of assistance!
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Hi Gary

As an AZ Realtor I can show you homes anywhere in the state and represent you - but really shouldn't. That is the reason you should interview realtors and not work solely with a recommendation. Example: I focus on Paradise Valley and NE Scottsdale, but would be a poor agent in Glendale and would likely refer you to another agent.

All the best!

David E Smith
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Real Estate Professionals can show any property anywhere in Arizona , However that does not mean they are experts in every area. They may want to show 20 miles from their specialty area or they may not. It is an individual choice. If they choose not to show in areas they aren't familiar with they should be willing to assist you in finding an agent in that area to help you.
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A Realtor could show property 20 miles across town. However, how well will any Realtor know an area 20 miles from their service area?
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Office location does not matter anymore. My broker has 10 offices all over the Phoenix Area. I meet my clients at an office that is convenient with them. For example, you are in PV so I would meet you at our 32nd Street and Camelback office or our Scottsdale Office at Hayden & Shea.

Most REALTORS are mobile now, therefore physical office location does not matter.

An agents area of knowledge is a different topic. Sally is right, I can sell homes in Sedona, but I am unfamiliar with the area.

I hope this helps.
Web Reference: http://www.DonaldKeys.com
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Theoretically, a Realtor can show any property anywhere in your state. However I would ask the agent and see if he/she is open to showing you a property that far away. (I would think they wouldn't mind) But..they may not have as much knowledge or experience with that area. Some agents prefer to focus only on one area, and may decide to refer you to an agent in the other area.
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