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Rebecca Teno…, Other/Just Looking in San Diego, CA

how do i get a squatter out of my property?

Asked by Rebecca Tenorio, San Diego, CA Tue Dec 4, 2007

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If the squatter is not a former tenant, but someone who as illegally entered the property, I would call the police as a first measure.

If the squatter is a former tenant, I would suggest you contact an attorney as you will likely need to evict this party .

Vito Boscaino
Help-U-Sell North High Realty
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Rebecca, I had a host of "squatters" all declaring to be care-givers to a nice little old lady who had passed away. One had moved a mobile home onto the property. We had to evict all and serve "John Does" on them all. The guy with the mobile home tried to run a phony "lease agreement" signed by the departed owner. I got a hold of a hand-writing expert and had him analyze it ($200.00) and he determined it was forged. We had this tenant show up at the court for the eviction preceeding and I showed him the letter, he turned white! We waved $200.00 in cash at him and said if he and his mobile home where not off the property by tomorrow at close of business we would go to the DA!! He signed the agreement, took the $200.00, swore in front of the judge he was leaving, and he was out THAT afternoon!!
Nolo Press has a series of great books on "landlording" and the eviction process. A "squatter" though is an interesting term. Is he a left over from the Charlie Manson clan? Those hills up there in San Diego have all sorts of strange folks wandering about! A real sharp eviction attorney will cost you around $1500.00 for everything and will be well worth it.
And yes, be glad this didn't happen in San Francisco--they'd own the property in a couple of years!
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Squatters are like stray cats; if you don't feed them, they go away.

I think the best answer for this question is PREVENTION, through knowledge and wisdom. I THANK GOD for sites like this, I was able to nip a squatter in the bud while she tried to move in, refused to pay rent, made up numerous excuses, tried to plot our (paying) roommates against each other, stole from us, used us, and partied around L.A. while we worked throughout the summer to pay our rent.

Besides the helpful sites that share experiences, legalities, ad advice, I found that reading the popular Squatter sites are helpful as well. They gave me incite to Squatter codes, plans, angles, and true intentions. Check out the squatter site below.

Squatters are modern day BUMS, who use the "homeless" excuse to lure victims and get stuff for free. Squatter-bums think they are too good to work, complain about society, yet they expect society to take care of them. They use excuses that they are anarchists, advisers, artists, genius', while they live off of societies working class. Many of them bag on hippies, yet they live the life of modern-day hippy bums. Lazy bums.

Good luck to everyone who has one of these infested vermin trying to leech off of you. We are still trying to get her stink out of our home. I am not kidding --- she refused to wear deodorant, take out her trash, or buy athletes foot medication. Good riddance.
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I do not know the answer to your question, but you should see the movie Pacific Heights with Michael Keaton. It is about a landlord in San Francisco that cannot get a bad, non paying renter to get out. It is pretty good, yet disturbing.

Good luck.


Best Regards,
Dan Mengedoht
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I have great advice, if they utilities are shut off you can go to code enforcement and they will condemn the building making them leave in 48 hours unless, they take a current lease down and have the power turned back on. The must leave within 48 hours. It can take months to go through the eviction process and if you get a savvy scumbag you are screwed. We got an eviction for the 30th and they had full plans to refuse to leave. They then would wait to have the marshals office serve them (may be 2-3 weeks) then they have about 7 days after that. We had them our in less than 48 hours because they didn't have a lease to get services turned on in their name. Yes, one for the tax payer and 0 for the squatter
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Michael is on a roll tonight, with good advice. And, yes reading these answers could invoke a lot of fear about the absolute worse case scenerios. Hopefully, it motivates you to go get an attorney ASAP.

Good luck on this one, squatters suck. Let us know how it turns out.
Susan Walker
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I would make a report with the police department as soon as possible. I doubt they will gain any kind of squatter rights in a short period of time, but they can definitely be a liability if they are injured or something happens.

Speaking of squatters, checkout this article on a Colorado couple that lost a million dollars worth of land to some squatters a couple of months ago:…
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There is a reason that movie was filmed in San Francisco. The politics here are crazy. Ive heard of stories where homeless people "move" onto peoples balconies, and it takes forever to get them off because their shopping cart junk they move in is considered "private property". are lucky you are not in San Francisco with this problem or you would be screwed.
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