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jamesaboyer, Home Buyer in Fort Myers, FL

Why does everyone tell me to stay away from Cape Coral? I would love to have gulf access and it seems like there are many nice places in Cape Coral.

Asked by jamesaboyer, Fort Myers, FL Thu Mar 14, 2013

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undrwater1’s answer
I am not a realtor nor do I work for the city of Cape. I am simply a 15 year home owner ( in SE Cape) on a cannel with a 25ft boat that just loves it. My wife and I raised 2 kids here and would do it all over again. Cape has parks and events everywhere. From block parties, concerts, art shows etc. etc. etc. We take family and friends on night rides in the cannels and hit Sanibel beach on the weekends.
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Thanks for sharing your personal experience living here in Cape Coral. It is really nice to have non-realtors express the positives about our area!
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Thank you, it was good to hear from a non real estate person.
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Opinions are like......

One trait I have seen humans develop, is the overwhelmingly desire to generalize. Generalizing is for folks who lack the fundamental intelligence to understand that their incredibly limited opinion in no way represents the masses., to be blunt. One person may have gotten a speeding ticket in Cape Coral, so now they hate the Cape. It really is a silly way to advise people. Every town, city, and village has its good and bad. I have lived in Cape Coral all of my life, and love it. I have had many opportunities to move away, but chose to stay. One may wonder "why do so many people flock here year after year?" "Why is Cape Coral still one of the fastest growing areas in the country?" Why? Because my little city is a great place to be, period. If you like good weather, fishing, boating, good schools, a safe location, lots to do, and some of the world's best beaches close by, you will love Cape Coral. If you are thinking about moving here, I'd love to help. I know my city better than just about anyone, and find it a pleasure to help folks relocate here.
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I'll be relocating in the next year or so a d very confused. Index help. My husband a d I have 2 little boys. I need a safe commu city and the reviews so conflicting. Thank you.
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hello,just read about your city,would love to ask u a few questions when u have time ty
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Hi, I was just offered a position at Oasis Middle School. I live in NC. Do you know anything about that school or any you would like to recommend?
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Hi, I'm looking to relocate to Cape Coral from Ohio....I want a house with pool and salt water canal.....any suggenstions? Right now I'm looking on Zillow and Craigslist.....are there houses for rent there that haven't been listed online?
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I'm moving that way in a there any areas to avoid when looking for a house in Cape?
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WE are thinking about moving from the east coast to Cape Coral and would love you hear from you.
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I am thinking of relocating my family, includes 2 young teenage girls. Affraid of the school system. Can you shed some light on how the system works and what HS are good and Charter schools?
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You can take people's opinions and I see a lot of them here or you can look at the statistics released by the FBI which are facts:

Cape Coral Remains One of the Safest Cities in Florida and United States

(October 30, 2012)- The 2011 FBI's National Crime Report was released yesterday and once again Cape Coral was recognized as one of the safest cities in the state as well as the nation as a whole. Below is a quote from Cape Coral Police Chief Jay Murphy taken from an address to the sworn and civilian staff at the police department.

"Today, the FBI released the national report of Crime in the United States for 2011. These comparisons are provided with the FBI's caveat which is contained in the attached document.

For Florida cities, we once again find ourselves as one of Florida's safest large cities. The table below is that of Florida cities with populations greater than 75,000 residents. The rates are based on incidents per 100,000 residents. We find ourselves #3 as it applies to overall reported crime. This is attributable to a higher number of property crimes than the two cities ahead of us.

We remain the safest city as it applies to crimes of violence. Our residents are least likely to fall victim to a crime of violence than any other city in the State of Florida with a population exceeding 75,000 residents.

This is directly attributable to your work and the relationships we have built with the community. We need not look too far to see what happens when the community does not cooperate with law enforcement, and we cannot afford for our relationship to slip, and we are quite cognizant of our residents' cooperative attitude and the overall sense of a law-abiding citizenry that we are privileged to serve.

On a national basis there are 9,315 cities who report crime to the FBI. Of these, 155 cities have a population exceeding 150,000, of which Cape Coral ranks as the 144th most populous reporting city.

We find ourselves as the sixth safest of these cities in the United States as it pertains to violent crime and 32nd for property crimes, resulting in an overall Index Rate ranking of 27th.

What is also important is an agency's success in solving crime. As demonstrated by the following table, we have experienced notable success in identifying and holding accountable those that commit crime. Our local clearance rate is roughly 150% that of the national average of all cities and towns in all categories.

Again our success in this area is attributable to staff efforts and our citizens' willingness to come forward and cooperate when called upon"-Jay Murphy, Chief of Police.

If you'd like more information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Erik Elsea
Jones & Co Realty
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Hi, it's me the guy that wrote the original question. Let me be more specific. I rented a boat last year at Christmas and was cruising the canals back behind Salty Sams around the area of TipTop Isles. We just happened upon a family that just bought some property and of course we are interested so we started chatting. He said the one place to stay away from is Cape Coral. He said something about sewers and streets. Case 1.
I know a guy from Pittsburgh (where I'm from) that moved to Ft Myers (near Summerlin). He has lived there about 2 years. When I asked him what he knew about Cape Coral, he said "stay away" because of incomplete infrastucture and crime issues. Case 2.
I talked to a realtor in the Ft Myers area (that shall be nameless) and of course her properties where not in Cape Coral. She would specify she just said it wasn't a good place to live.
I have nothing against Cape Coral, time and again I find myself looking at adds for houses and thinking "wow" these are nice. I just don't understand why some many people (3) have told me to avoid it.
To all you realtors out there I'm interested in a house that is less that 12 years old, 3 bedroom, 2+ bathrooms, open floorplan and gulf acess. My email is Feel free to contact me. Thanks to everyone for trying to help.
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It is to bad you can't get an accurate answer. Look, Real Estate agents are in business to sell real estate and if they are located in Cape Coral they sure are not going to send you somewhere else. Does that mean they are all bad people? No. It is common sense. When would you ever pull in a car lot and all the salesman come out and tell you to go buy from another manufacturer? " Hey, go to the BMW dealer, we sell Fords and they no way match up" Never going to happen. The problem here is clear, it is either just fabulous or it is the pits. That in itself should tell you that reviews are not biased. For one, no Agent who posted has advised someone not to buy there. Surprise. You need to find forums with residents or ex-residents. After many entries you will see a common theme arise. Good and Bad. Like the one gentlemen stated you discard the "I got a ticket, hate it" crowd and also the "It's fabulous, paradise" crowd. Every city has good and bad and people want to know if there are deal breakers hidden. One person considers a deal breaker another may not, people just want information (honest) to decide for themselves.
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Based on the overwhelming evidence regarding the incredible quality of life in Cape Coral, one can only suspect that 'EVERYONE' wants to keep you OUT of Cape Coral.

You may want to consider kicking EVERYONE to the curb and replace them this the most misquoted people on the planet..."They."

As in 'They say Cape Coral has a haunted church.'
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Who ever is giving you this information apparently does not live in Cape Coral. Nor are they educated in all Cape Coral has to offer. Forbes magazine has rated Cape Coral in the top 5 mid sized Cities to Retire to in the USA and the FBI named Cape Coral the 2nd safest mid size city in Florida in 2012 and the SAFEST mid-sized city in Florida in 2013.

I myself moved to Cape Coral with my daughter from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan 3 years ago and we absolutely love it. We feel safe and love the beauty of the Cape!

If you are not working with a realtor I would love to assist you in finding your new home and/or answering any questions you may have.

Teri Zanella
Gulf Coast Realty Network
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City is a septic tank! Lived there 30 years and never so glad to have escaped . The place is corrupt, drugs are out of control!!! Crime is bad but its all kept quite to promote "paradise" that's the biggest cover up of all. Only people that brag on it is Realtors and City workers and or family of either. Google little Pakistan and you get Ft Myers. Cape is referred to as lil Afganistan. There is a reason it is called Crap Coral. Take you kids and RUN!!! Your children will either turn out to be a thug or hang with thugs. Real people know about the drugs and home invasions in broad daylight. My family escaped the dump!
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Nicest areas are all about personal preferences, budgets, wants, needs, lifestyle; therefore consider researching areas of interest on your own, and take the time to visit more than once, then determine where your comfort level can best be reached; don't simply just entertain what other people think or say, another's opinion may not be anywhere near the best thing for you...
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I just wonder who “everyone” is and where do they live! Cape Coral is a wonderful and developing city. Cape Coral offers real estate value. There are few areas in the USA where you can have gulf access property at the prices Cape Coral offers. You would still have a chance to buy land in Cape Coral and build a new gulf access home.
Yes, Iona (33908) is preferred, but pricey with a vast selection of old homes.

:: Don’t miss out on the newest on the market and price reductions. Contact me for a customized search of up to date listings sent directly from the MLS ::

Barbara Klare, Broker Associate
Gulf Coast Realty
cell: 239-292-1358
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Great info Erik! If you are not working with anyone else I would love to answer all of your questions and help streamline the search process for you. I go beyond my customers expectations by locating the perfect property that fits your needs, negotiating the best deal possible and protecting your interests every step of the way. Call me and lets talk about how I can help you find a home you will love.


Terence Trombetti • Realtor®
Licensed Florida Realtor Since 2004
Gulf Coast Realty Network
Mobile 239.560.1574
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*Contact me for a current list of active properties that fit your needs too. Conventional, foreclosure and short sales. All properties I send come directly from the Realtor's MLS system and therefore are real-time current information, only active and available homes.

**If you thought my answer was helpful, please give me a “Thumbs Up” or “Best Answer.” Thanks.
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Not sure who is telling you to stay away. We moved here 14 years ago and love it. We are not boaters but like to be near the water. .we have shopping and restaurants nearby -so many restaurants-- so little time! Plus, CC has a New Residents Club which is a great way to become part of the city
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why do you say this, my wife wants to move there, but I do not I would love to stay in Ohio, but if it will save me money when I retire in 2 years I guess I will move, need info if it will save money when I retire.
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Because it is, and epitomizes the environmental tragedy, which is the abhorrent disregard for the most sacred possession of our existence. Our mother earth. This area was so pristine and beautiful, and the people from up north grew up in an area that was already destroyed generations earlier. You all think this is paradise. You have no clue, and were killing this place slowly, with your boat motors cars and golf courses and sugar and farming practices. S@#ts out of control. So fu@$k it. Come to sunny florida. Try leehigh. Its wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I currently live in near Jax in Orange Park and want to relocate to either Port st luci or Cape Coral. the "crap coral" and kids growing up as thugs really concern me. I grew up in Brooklyn NY so I know a thing or two about bad neighborhoods, thugs and drugs. I swear these realtors are like used car sales men. I tend to read the more negative opinions because they are closer to the truth. I also know sewerage because i had a plant near me and almost every morning you would smell the rotten eggs smell and loved seeing the 3-5ft high flame coming out of the pipe. So "crap coral" is new to me and kind of turned me down but i am not giving up yet. one Guy referenced "Pakistan city"?? and Cape Coral as "Afghanistan city" ??? Is there a large population of middle easterners?
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Okay we are looking for a move as well and first we would like to explore the area on vacation this summer. Can someone tell me what is a good area to vacation in? I know there is the only real beach in the cape which is the yacht club. We are beach goers. Would apprecaite help soon because we are looking for a rental there and they are going fast! Dont want to be hours from any beach however! Thanks
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Oops im not a homebuyer from oklahome! im from Virginia
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I love living here but I wish they would fix the roads and put in more sidewalks in our area. Besides that its a great place to live. Been here 6 months.
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Society is filled with habitual complainers, that is all. I read a man saying he hated Cape Coral because he got a speeding ticket for going 10 miles over the speed limit in a school zone. He said he preferred Houston. LOL Houston has MUCH higher crime, and the man was really angry that he got caught breaking a law designed to keep children safe.

I've lived here all of my life. Not only can I help you find a perfect home, but driving around looking at properties will be like getting a free historical tour guide.

I propose we go out in the Gulf and catch grouper and discuss your real estate needs in a relaxed setting, hauling in big fish. Look:
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Once the state of Florida posted that Cape Coral, FL had the least amount of crime in Lee County that would have most people flocking there. Of course the Cape offers the other amenities you wanted such as direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. There are also hundreds of miles of lakes and canals that do not offer Gulf access which makes the properties even more affordable. A large percentage of Cape Coral already has central water and central sewer however the remaining percentage is being assessed for installation which if not paid in full can be paid in the yearly taxes.

I love the boat parade at Christmas time, the downtown art shows and celebrations. There is always something to do or you can be laid back as you want to be. All the major roads have their own shopping plazas and their is an excellent hospital so you don't have to leave Cape Coral accept to go to the airport or the beach. There are four main roads that go in and out of the Cape but two of them collect a $2 toll to go into Cape Coral.

Once you have all the facts it doesn't sound so bad. However, if you have the right Realtor who knows the area and can help direct you I think you will find the reward quite satisfying.

Sarah Garrett, Realtor
"Chosen Best in Client Satisfaction 2006-2013"
Web Access: "Shop like an Agent"
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im not sure why anyone would tell you where to live. I believe Cape Coral is beautiful and living there when I first moved to SWFL was great. You are close to everything and since Cape is relatively newer city a lot is new. Would love to help you when in need to view real estate.
Lanie Krechting
Keller Williams Elite Realty
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I will be happy to meet you here in Cape Coral and show you what our beautiful city, also know as the waterfront wonderland, has to offer! Contact me or 239 357 8969
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I have lived in Fort Myers for 3 years now and go over to the Cape a few times a month. The main reason my wife and I did not buy in the Cape is (1) they over-built the neighborhoods during the mid-2000's boom and now there are whole blocks with only one house on them, (2) the Cape has a ton of a-hole bikers making noise at all hours of the day & night, and (3) the stupid burrowing owls.
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Another option for gulf access is Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte, depending on your price range and needs. Explore different areas and see what is a good fit for you.

Tammy Hayes, Realtor
RE/MAX Palm Realty
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I moved to Cape Coral almost 2 years ago and love it! I have a brand new home and looked in many gated communities in FM's and I just could not have the elbow room I have here. I was told not to move in CC due to crime but I see more crime happening in FM and in Naples lately than anything else. I just became a new Realtor and I travel every day to and from CC to go to Sanibel. I love my house, my location, and all the extras I get to have living in Cape Coral. It's like anywhere else you have to do your homework on where you reside.
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See, that is a good point. Someone said Cape Coral has high crime, when in fact, it is actually low! I'm glad you enjoy Cape Coral. I'm a native, and love to see new faces.
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Check out areas closer to the Gulf. You may have Gulf access in Cape Coral, but it can take quite awhile to get to the Gulf via canals - so depending on how much $ you have and where you buy, the Cape may or may not be the best place for having a boat. Also, the Cape is very congested. If this is not a concern for you, then there are many places there that are lovely. There are amazing neighborhoods along McGregor (the river) that offer canals and river/Gulf access. There are amazing and safe and uncrowded areas in Southwest Ft Myers that you should look into before committing to any one particular area. Everything is personal preference - you should live where you feel comfortable and safe - there is crime everywhere and there are good people everywhere.
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dude,let me give you a different opinion,other than that of a realtor.i purchased a condo in fort myers,i presently live in montreal,what people were saying concerning cape corral is that there is a couple of crime ridden areas,due to local unemployment,and lack pf proper housing,but in no means should that be a reason to pass up on a good deal.criminals come in all packages(rich and poor).
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If you want gulf access, Cape Coral is one of the BEST places to buy!!

What you may have heard about "infrastructure" and sewers, refers to Cape Coral's Utility Expansion Project. Much of Cape Coral, especially gulf access areas, is already connected to city water and city sewer. Those areas that are still on well and septic are slowly being brought in to the city water and sewer, and these properties are being assessed (roughly $20,000) for these services. This bill can be paid upfront, or in installments. Before you put on offer to buy a home, make sure your realtor
does a thorough check of that property to see if the utility assessment is paid in full. If it's not, you need to factor that into your offer price.

I would be happy to find you a home in Cape Coral that suits your needs. Please give me a call if I can help!

Lisa Puls
Alliance Realty Group
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Lisa, my wife and I will be vacationing in Daytona Beach this year and retiring in seven years. We are very interested in Cape Coral. We prefer a one story no more than 2400', pool, boat dock with lift, with gulf access. We will be in the cape in July for a day. Love to see a few houses, Dave
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I say you should check out Cape Coral. I have lived in Cape Coral for almost 25 years and love it! Email me at or give me a call at 239-707-4575. I would love to show you homes and tell you more about the area.
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"Everyone" and "They" are the most misquoted folks in the word.
Nearly as predictably goofy as "I read it on the internet!"
Every place has it's stuff'
Chat with one of the professionals who have real names and real addresses and real phone numbers and I bet the can identify a gulf access location that will make do the happy dance as well as advise you regarding the 'real' issues of the area instead of the imaginary ones.

Best of success to you,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL

Scotsdale Bluffs, Dunedin Home Tour
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I wrote a more specific response to the they's and everyone's. I wasn't bad mouthing the place I was merely trying to figure out why other people were saying these things. You email implies something, perhaps that you are a genius and you don't fall for things on the internet, and also that I don't know who the they's and everyone's are. I have chatted with professionals ( See reference to FT Myers realtors) and real people that I know (see message about friend from Pittsburgh) and a happenstance meeting with a property owner in Ft Myers. If you are a realtor you need to find a better way to address potential clients. I wouldn't buy a dog house from you with the way you started your message, implying that I'm goofy. To clarify, I hold 2 degrees in Engineering, 1 degree in education and started and ran my own business for 20 years.
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I don't know who is saying stay away from the Cape, but they couldn't be more wrong. just listed the cape as most favorable for future job creation. The housing market is on the rise again as new construction is ramping up, particularly for gulf access homes. There is more than enough data to support all of this. A few good places to start are;

1. County Sheriff for crime statistics
2. Lee County Schools
3. Coral City government
4.… Coral Waterfront

There are so many great sites available to tell you about Cape Coral, but the best thing is to visit yourself and form your own opinion.

Neil G. Blair-Bennett
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Most folks love Cape Coral. Great properties and prices. You are listening to the wrong "everyones"
I would love to sell you a gulf access home there! give me a call.
Marge Bennett
RE/MAX Realty Group
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Cape Coral is where you want to be if you want affordable gulf access as gulf access options are fewer and more expensive in Fort Myers. What are the reasons that people are telling you to "stay away" from Cape Coral? Let me know if I can be of any assistance in answering your questions.


Victor Schargorodski
Broker - Associate
Maxim LLC
cell: 239-218-9400
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Who told you to stay away from Cape Coral? it would be best if you did your research on the Cape and other surrounding areas. My recent blog may help guide you and explain what agents can and can't tell you, as well as give you some sites as resources for your research:
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I don't know who is telling you that. Cape Coral is amazing and just a couple months ago was ranked 6th safest city in the US. That's the entire US!!! I live in Cape Coral @ Cape Harbour Marina. If you want Gulf Access I don't think you'd find a better deal in the whole state of FL than Cape Coral. If you have any questions or need anything don't hesitate to let me know.
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If you are looking for boating you should no doubt at least consider Cape was built for that! If you would like some assistance we can help.
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The Cape has the lowest crime rate (you can google city comparison) it is beautiful, low taxes and good economy compare to other cities. For a personal reason I have been looking to relocate to SC Greenville area and keep debating afraid it may be a mistake to leave the Cape. Again only for a real personal reason I would leave. I did the comparison Greenville vs Cape and Cape is still way lowest in crime. So if if if I choose to relocate, it would be Maulding SC, the crime comparison vs Cape came in close to Cape crime rate yet the Cape came in a tiny better. I would say to anyone, move to the Cape, and again I wish not to many people would move here because I would hate for it to be over crowed. God Bless
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