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Deborah, Real Estate Pro in Chicago, IL

Top Rated Voices

Asked by Deborah, Chicago, IL Tue Apr 15, 2008

I see who the "top voices" are, but I'm curious.
of the participants at TruliaVoices, as of today, who are your
favorite posters. who are the ones you look for? who are the ones who's opinions
you value? who are the ones who's profiles you seach through, reading all their posts?

participants? lurkers? agents? I'm sure they'd be interested to know too!

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I think there are a lot of really good agents online, including Larry and Chris listed below. (Although Chris seems to have "blown a gasket" and has gone MIA since.)
Deborah Madey, JR, Sylvia Barry, Jim Walker, Ute Ferdig, Cindi Hagley, Keith Sorem, Don Tepper, to name just a few who've had some impact. And recently, Rockinblu, who I know isn't an agent, but has added valuable content as a layperson (I'm convinced that he's really a Realtor wannabee), as is Ruthless who occasionally graces us with some wisdom who's a former Realtor, and layperson wannabee).

JKonstant who's just recently joined us, but was an excellent voice of reason over at Zillow... shows great potential.

Sorry... I can't name just one. There are plenty, and they change day to day. How about YOU become more involved?? It says you're a REPro in Chicago... chime in more!
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Deborah... here is where you can find Paul Slaybaugh.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Wow!! I'm not sure I can live up to "Idol-hood", maybe I'll just stick to being a Rock-icon!

Trulia definitely has much more substance than zillow (the lower case "z" is intentional), as there is more opportunity for conversation. On zillow, anyone asking a serious question is quickly peppered by the "don't buy now" contingency, regardless of their question. And yes, I admit, there are hordes of "Great Time To Buy" agents who swarm buyers on zillow, as well.

Trulia tends to moderate a little better, keeping the abusers more in line.

Being a Realtor IS far more complicated than the general public understands, and far more difficult than the average "newbie" Realtor thought. But I still think you'd be a good addition to the ranks... you seem to have a good feel for the issues, and an understanding of the consumer side of things.

(and I'd say good things about you, regardless of the "return trip" :-) )
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL

I have followed ElV!S' posts for about a year and a half. He is my idol. His writing style, knowledge, and wit sets him apart from anyone else here, or on Zillow. I actually only posted that because he posted something nice about me. ;-) I also like J Konstant's posts a lot. He really seems to always have a good honest approach, and not so rigid with promoting the usual NAR stuff. I get a kick out of J R as she pulls no punches. Don Tepper is great too. Linsey Planeta has a great blog. Those are just a few that come to my mind as I am a relative newbie to this site.

BTW ELV!S, judging from the questions over here, it seems a lot more complicated being a Realtor than what it seemed on Zillow. I think I will just stay a "wannabee", and thanks very much for the mention.
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Hi Deborah,

I haven't been as active on Voices as I would like to be. Hopefully, in the near future I will be spending more time on Voices.

I found your comment/question wording very interesting, because you said participants "as of today."

I agree w/ Elvis' comments below. And, thanks, Elvis, for including me on that list. I'm honored to be that company, and that includes you!

In addition to the names listed below, I learned much and miss some of the posters who are no longer very active on Voices. So, Paul Slaybaugh, just where are you, BTW?

I thought it would be interesting in Trulia could put up page counts on individual threads. So often we see 4 or 5 posts, but we know there are many viewers and lurkers out there.

Looking forward to being able to spend more time on Voices soon, and will look for your posts here. BTW, great name!

Deborah Madey - Broker
Peninsula Realty Group - New Jersey
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Red Bank, NJ
Sorry it took so long to get back here. It seems the consensus is Elvis by a horselength. Thank you to all who participated, elvis, i'll try to participate a bit more, but it seems your carrying the weight nicely.
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This is not intended to be politically correct but comes from the heart. I enjoy reading the comments of all of my colleagues and welcome the opportunity to grow through their wisdom.

The fact that you are giving, with no expectations of anything in return, is inspirational and what I believe this forum is all about.

Thank you Trulia and thank you colleagues....... for making this program one that so many look forward to and seek refuge in.

Let's keep it going....

The "Eckler Team"
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Sorry, but I am an Elvis fan. The man knows his materials cold.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Im sticking with Elvis. always worth reading.....
Web Reference:
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well, that's why i posted it in the "general" area, instead of Agent2Agent.
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Maybe if you re post your question and direct it to Buyers and Sellers only. See if the hoop on then.
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I was really hoping to get the thoughts of the general public, but opinions from realtors is okay too.

Elvis posted here earlier, but seems to have deleted his post. Not sure why? Anyone else care to chime in?
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Well you can't really expect us to toot our own horn. You asked for our favorite. Besides there are many very good answers out there it is just there are quite a few out there now that just are trolling for business. I prefer to think of this as the site where the public can come to for help. Yes occasionally I have thrown out there that if they cannot find someone I can help them get a referral but, we have some agents that don't even attempt to answer the original questions.

Larry Story
Coldwell Banker Triad
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Only Elvis? With all the excellent advise on Trulia, I only get one name?
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Actually in your area I like Elvis.

Larry Story
Coldwell Banker Triad
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