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My agent works only parttime in the real estate business.She has been very helpful .Still I would like to know if this would this affect my home searc

Asked by Pamjac, Irvine, CA Fri Dec 17, 2010

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No, in a word! If your agent is a hard worker, he or she will check daily all available sites. All you need is a great agent, not someone who is overworked and not really paying attention. Some of the best agents only handle a few clients at a time and can still work another job or work part time.

Debbie LaCour
RE/MAX, Ltd.
Oradell, NJ
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Hi Pamjac!

Let me start by pointing out the fact that if one of my buyers who was inquiring about whether or not my work hours will effect their property search, that either means that I haven't spent enough time with them or that I haven't met their expectations thus far. When you're working with a leader you will no doubt feel like you have the best representation working for you. Homes sell everyday and you may be missing out on a great opportunity. Timing is everything and your time is just as valuable too.

If I were a buyer, especially in this market, I would prefer to utilize the business practices of someone whom I can "trust" and rely on for great service regardless of whether or not they're putting in 60 hours a week. A buyer truly deserves a professional that shows consistant dedication tailored to each clients needs. Now, I wouldn't totally disregard an agent because they're not centrally located behind a desk at all hours of the day. Besides, I can't help but mention that no one is ressession proof. There are an increasing number of real estate agents that are juggling other businesses along with a hectic family life. Some of your seasoned professionals have even taken a step back from some of the challenges that we're all facing in the industry. Therefore, I wouldn't find fault in a real estate agent just because they only work part-time.

Just make sure that your needs and concerns are being addressed. If they're not, please don't delay in making the right decision to work with someone who can provide you with excellent services.

Best Wishes & Good Luck!

Katrina Roth, Realtor®
Keller Williams VIP Properties
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Great Answer!!!
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Good Morning Pamjac;
She is probably giving you full time service; just not taking on too many clients.
Like you said....."She has been very helpful".
I think you're fine as is.
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Hi Pamjac. Great answers below. You also seem to answer your own question. First you refer to her as "your" agent. Second, as stated she has been very helpful. Your question reads like and echo of what you've been told. There appears to be very good rapport and trust here and that should be enough.

Nobody needs to look at every house available especially if their criteria yields fewer options. If this is truly a working relationship, your agent suggests properties and if you come across any, hopefully you're contacting your agent about them and not going behind her back to view.

It truly sounds like you are very well represented. Good luck.
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Hi there, generally I am not a big fan of "part time" resources, particularly in this tough market. BUT, it sounds as though your experience to date with this agent has been a positive one. If she is available, responsive and knowledgeable and has enough experience - or access to resources that do - to get the job done, then you should be just fine. Talk to her about it - voice any concerns you have - so that you have an understanding of how she operates and her availability which will be increasingly important as the process progresses.

Good luck to you,
Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service
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Since you refer to her as "my agent", I assume you have already created a relationship. This question would have been better asked prior to doing so. How long is the term of your agreement (if you have one)? Since you've already committed, give the agent a chance and see how she performs. If it isn't working out, terminate the agreement and engage another agent.
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Good points of view below. I would agree, if she is available when you need her and responsive when you have a question, then I would say you're well represented. If you're happy then all is good. Go with your gut feeling.

All the best!

Ryan Smith
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Hi Pamjac,

Only you can really answer this question. Do you feel that you are being serviced properly? Do you get timely answers to questions? is it convienent to see homes based on her time availability? Those are the questions to ask yourself.

Does she only work part time because she has another job? or because she's home with kids? Can she take time during a work day to communicate with escrow/title/listing agent once you get into escrow? Finding the home is the easiest part of a transaction.....when it might affect you is once you open escrow.

Good luck with your home search....and let us all know once you find a home.

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Not necessarily it sounds like she was upfront with you and informed you she was a part time agent which is good.

Real estate agents are self employed therefore part time and full time can mean two different things because they don't have set hours. A full time agent could have ten other clients or real estate is his only source of income therefore he calls himself full-time but goes on vacation a lot. In either case you will most likely not get the time from them that you need or may want.

Your part time agent may have another job that is very flexible or she may be a stay at home mom and only does a few transactions a year and as such only dedicates herself to one client at a time in which you would get more of he time than the above full time agent.

I hope you ge my point, it may not be a bad thing she's full time. She did disclose to you she is a part timer which shows she cares. If your not too sure don't sign any agency agreements with her at first. See what she has to offer go visit a couple listings then decide if she's the one.
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I would just be worried about her or his availability!
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Would you use a part-time doctor? Your family doctor has probably attended a heart operation. Woudl you want them to do heart surgery on you? Would you not want the best there is? Doctors, lawyers, firemen, police, mechanics, real estate brokers...are professionals. Find the best there is by asking for references and asking A LOT of questions. Find someone you are comfortable with that KNOWS the business.
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Hello Pam,
I would hesitate to work with a part-time agent as they don't always know what is going on in the market. I often see buyers try to work with a relative who is part-time or an out of area agent, and this is not usually in the best interest of the buyer.

I am full-time, working and living in Irvine over 30 years. I know this town very well and also have properties not yet on the market. This current market is very competitive, with multiple offers on all well-priced properties in certain price ranges.

Please let me know if I may assist you? You can reach me at:
Hanneke Jacobs, CDPE
Short Sale Specialist
Harcourts Prime Properties
949)463-4339 cell
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Why; did you plan on having her working 40 hours a week, JUST YOU?
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Hi Pamjac, did you land up buying a home since Dec. 2010?
Let us know how it worked out for you.
Best regards
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The issue I believe you should most consider quickly is she able to show you homes that come on the market? And if you like the property - how quickly is she able to write an offer for you?

Currently, I am receiving double digit offers on all my listings - it's competitive out there - as a listing agent I'm telling you that if your agent isn't on top of knowing the new inventory coming out then you're probably one step behind.

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Even a full time agent is not going to spend all their time with one client. Therefore, if she's doing a good job for you it shouldn't matter.
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Many Real Estate agents supplement their real estate income some how.
Here are a few jobs they may di in addition to selling real estate:
1. property management 2. BPO work for banks 3. consultating 4. short sale co ordinating 5. spend hours a week bolgging

Others supplement their income by doing jobs unrelated to the real esate industry.

As long as your agent is a memebr of a local board and has access to the MLS he/she can search for you just as much as an agent who only works in real estate.

As long as your agent is in contact with you on a regular basis you should not worry. I know full time agents that are hard to get a hold of most days. In fact some full time agent do not even like to take calls from other agents! Some do not provide their clients with personal attention, they have an assistant do a lot of their work for them.

Bottom line, as long as your agent is working hard for you, you will be in great hands.

Best of Luck to You!

Kawain Payne, Realtor
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Hi Pamjac,
You say your agent has been very helpful, but how effective has she been? It sounds like you may have a few doubts or concerns as to her being a part time agent. Ask youself a few questions. Is she available to answer questions? Does she return calls in a timely manner? Is she experienced? Does she have another job that keeps her from helping you? Have you missed out on seeing any homes because she is part time? If you can answer these questions and still feel comfortable working with her, then you should be fine. If you still have doubts you may want to speak to another agent to get a second opinion. Feel free to give me a call or email me with any questions or concerns.

MIchelle Gonzalez
Realty Executives Select
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I would say that as in any profession, how much time you dedicate to your career and your chosen field determines your level of knowledge and expertise. However if you enjoy working with this person and find that she is in tune with your needs, is in touch with what the market trends are and is able to do a good job, she is the one you should continue working with.
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This might affect the search when she is not available for some property viewing and trouble shooting. However there are some part time agents that keep you posted and have the experiance neccesary to find you the property and also keep the transaction going until closed. So it all depends.
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As long as your agent has back when she is not available. Here in NYC, agents are required to always have coverage for their listings.
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Dear Pamjac,

I love the internet, it has changed the way we all do business! In a good way! Assuming she knows what you want, she is able to set an alert when new properties go on the market with your criteria. If she hasn't done this for you already, perhaps you can suggest she sets this up for you.

Good Luck, Pamjac,
Jen Sommers
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Dear Pamjac,

Again you mentioned that your agent has been very helpful. Trust in that and I am sure that your agent is doing everything even though working part-time to help you find the perfect home for yourself.

If you do find yourself in a situation that you are running out of time and need help of another agent, please bring to their attention that you are currently working with an agent so that you agent gets compensated for the time and effort they have put in.
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As long as your agent is there when you need her and gets back to you promptly you are in good hands. If you doubt her abilites I would shop around still. There are a wealth of qualified agents out there that want to earn your money and will absolutely work hard on your behalf.
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Hi Pamjac,

I hate to prejudge a person's ability to do a good job based soley on hours, but it seems logical to me that a full time Realtor will have more time to devote to your cause. There are so very many excellent Realtors out there why not interview a few more?
P.S. many of us work in Real Estate more then full time, truth be told!
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As a broker who previously managed an office with over 100 agents, I would have said a few years back, that it would not be smart to use a part-timer when someone totally devoted to the Real Estate profession was available. However, the current economy and market has forced some very good, experienced REALTORS to seek other jobs in order to get by. Have a conversation with your agent and find out her circumstances. If she has been very helpful and is giving you good advice and bringing good possibilities that meet your requirements, why would you change now? I assume you researched her background before hiring her originally. If she's doing a good job, I would think that it wouldn't have a negative affect on your experience.
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Great service is great service maybe you are working with an agent who has 30 buyers or maybe a part time agent and you are their only client, each agent is different .all that matters is that you recieve the service that you you value, and the job you wanted done is done!

Good luck,

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I have managed an office of 350+ agents many of which were part-timers. Some of them were very diligent and I don't know how they managed two jobs at once, while others dropped the ball because they just didn't have enough spare time to do their clients justice. So it really depends on the work ethic of the agent. You could miss many opportunities depending on your price range, because offers need to be submitted as soon as they come on the market in Irvine. Irvine is so popular there are usually multiple offers on one property. So as long as your agent can perform within 24 hours, and be communicative, you're probably OK.
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Please be careful. Practicing Real Estate is just like any other profession. You wouldn't go to a doctor who only does it part time, would you? Or, would you want an attrorney to handle your law suit knowing that he was only doing this part time? It only makes sense for you to use an agent who does this full time. Too many things change in our world and only a full time competent agent can know what's going on with the law changes etc. So, do yourself a favor and if you don't know of a good full time agent, contact the board of realtros in a your area and ask them to refer you to someone. Or, if you'd like, I have connections in southern California and I would be happy to refer you to an agent there.
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Hi Pamjac:

The most successful agents I've ever met are also full-time real estate agents. It may be because they're so successful that they've switched to become full-time agents or maybe they've made the full-time commitment to real estate so that they've become successful, but suffice it to say that to really be a good agent and to really serve your clients well, you MUST be able to devote the time necessary to invest in market research and look at homes and be available for your clients at the "drop of a hat."

Personally, since most buyers look for homes on the weekends, and most part-time agents are available to show homes on the weekends, there should not be any problems in looking at homes with your current agent. Where the part-time agent has problem, however, is in the actual purchase of the home. Most purchase offers are MADE on weekdays, during working hours, and home inspections and appraisals are MADE on weekdays, during working hours, so your agent may have a hard time getting things done timely if you find a home you like. There are also techniques that many of us employ in negotiating a sale that requires full-time concentration on the task to be successful for our clients, and that would be difficult to do if my time were split between my home buying client and my 9-5 job (if I had one).

But I know that not everyone has the luxury of being able to devote full-time effort to the job of selling homes, so if your agent is a part-time agent, then he or she should be "teamed" with an agent who is a full-time agent to ensure that you have a representative who can be available for you during working hours when your part-time agent may be otherwise engaged.

Good luck and happy house buying!!

Grace Morioka
Area Pro Realty
San Jose, CA
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As a Buyer having a part time agent if they are skilled is fine
As a Seller you need someone working for you full time.
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PLATO QUOTE; Hardly any human being is capable of pursuing two professions or two arts rightly.
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It shouldn't affect your home search if she is a good realtor and keeps in contact with you on a regular basis. If you do need her all of a sudden such as for an offer time limit or other reason, it would be good if she can have another agent available for such emergencies.

I used to work a full-time job and real estate too (but not on the side, as I made myself available just as many hours as I do now that I am a full time realtor). I actually used my lunch breaks for real estate, showings on the way home or later at night (when most people can look anyway), and kept in contact through email and text when absolutely needed during the day. I had 5 closings in one month while doing this, as I will never forget. I did it and did it well. My clients were very happy. I know of full time agents that do not hardly ever answer their phone or return calls within 24 hours even!

Sometimes, it can be a good thing to have an agent with a steady income that isn't overly desperate for your closing. They may actually be more patient and possibly more ethical. If they are willing to work both jobs, that says to me that they are not a lazy person and do whatever it takes to get things done! I know many lazy agents that do just enough to get by and I also know many hardworking, ethical agents.
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GREAT QUESTION no with all professionals whether full / part time matter of scheduling time work with both parties schedules.

Many professional have another job however run a successful real estate practice

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Loan Officer, Credit Repair Advisor
The Michael Group - Dallas Business Journal Top Ranked Realtors
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Hello Pamjac,

There must be a reason you are posing the question. Timing is everything in Real Estate. Even though this is a buyers market, the good deals come and go fast. In my opinion It is not part time vs. full time that makes the difference, it is the sense of urgency and the type of service level you agent provides that will make the difference for you. How important are you to your agent? Do they return your call quickly and are they available when you need them to be? If so, you are in good hands. If not, feel free to contact me for top notch service.

Best Regards,
Catherine Bedrossian
Home Sales Pro
(310) 383-4212
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This question should really be posed to your agent, therefore consider a discussion with him/her.....just because he/she is part time, doesn't make him/her any less qualified and there is the possibility that his/her work schedule is totally flexible.
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One disadvantage to working with a part time Realtor is she may not be able to get you out to show a bank owned listing the same day and submit your offer before 5 pm the same day. Some Asset Managers for bank owned listings just want to clear the file off of their desk and will take the first reasonable offer that comes in. You may miss those opportunities.

If you're not considering bank owned properties then you may be okay.
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Hi Pamjac,
It;s the service that you get. A person who can do time management well will give you the semblance of a fulltime agent-- and as other comments have already alluded to -- someFull time agents don't even return calls. It is a normal reaction for buyers or sellers -- clients always want to g=feel like they have a 100% of their agent's time. But reality is, realtors need to get a caseload fo clients to stretch that commission paycheck. Some buyers take 2 yrs to buy a home in his market, and yet think they shoudl eb serviced immediately when tehy call. Fulltime or part time, it doesn't matter ..again a partt0me agent may be pickign just a few of their "A" clients who are ready to buy.. and wisely using their time elsewhere .. I know because I have seen a lot of cross-business that makes sense to cross-refer teh real estate side and those skills go a long way to better service -- for example: Accountants having an office (they own th business) and they feed the real estate for leads and advice clients as needed in taxes.. or folks with loan skills .. these are "part Time" workers, but fully skilled agents who can give you more information at times more than you can ask for! You don't need to go to depths and hole dtheir hands to help you.. if you're getting the service and skill from your agent, I would say you're getting served. Think of it this way -- your call is like a call at your work place -- it's not always answered and you have to leave a message sometimes.. I for one batch my calls because it is more efficient that way, esp when there are a lot of activity-- desk jobs, showing times, marketing times, etc. Showing times for homes esp if the homes are occupied-- it is better to schedule close to 5 +when the occupants are home rather than scatter them out all day. So if your eagnet works durign the day it doesn't really impact showing times. When transactions are already accepted, there are transaction coordinators. How urgent are your calls? If your agent's skilled and submits offers in time, advises,and has her own system, there is no worry.
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Pamjac, Part-Time or Full-Time is not the issue you should focus on...Service and Dedication is...If she Rocks! She Rocks! The Internet has "Leveled the Playing Field" and your home search can be as fulfilling and rewarding as any other =)

I wish you the very best in your search.

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I would say it this way: if she is working a full time job and just doing real estate on the side - she may not have much time to devote to your needs. If you called during the day and said you found a property and would like to see it immediately, then it would seriously impact you and your homesearch as she might not be available to help you nor even able to take your calls during the day. On the other hand, if she is at home with small children, she can probably do a lot to help you even though she might not be able to get out until she can get a baby sitter. Bear in mind, part-time in real estate does not necessarily mean part-time efforts. She may be a very hard worker who focuses on only you and getting you a home. So, I would have to say, if she is very helpful, then it probably would not affect your homesearch. BTW: some people who call themselves full time only do a part-time job in real estate. I know some full-timers who have sold 2 transactions for the year!!!
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Hi Pamjac,
Part time Real Estate Agents
Think about it this way,...
Deals are done all day long, from 6 am to midnight 7 days a week.
Seeing Homes are generally done 9am to 7pm.
If you real estate agent works part time doing something else and it is during the times you are looking for homes it will probably impact you and your search.
Part time agents are not usually as astute in doing deals either which may cost you as well.
Part time agents are not usually as well educated in Real Estate either.
Part time agents usually do real estate for extra spending money or vacation money.
The thing you need to ask yourself is one agent as good as another?
Just because we all carry the same license does not make us all the same.
That would be like saying all drivers are the same.
Would you rather a professional driver who does as you ask to drive you around or would you rather the 16 year old drive you around and get an "E" ticket ride?
Keep in mind a home is the most expensive item you will buy in the next 3 - 5 years.

If you felt this person is doing the job you expect, you probably wouldn't be asking here.

With all the answers you have, I think as an astute person, you realize what is best for you.

Harold Sharpe - Broker
So Cal Homes Realty
(951) 821-8211
California Department of Real Estate License # 01312992
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Hi Pamjac

If your agent has been helpful, and is actively helping you, you should be just fine.
Full time Realtors are generally, working with three plus clients, actively doing open homes etc.
And there is a spread of their time, and mind share.

In this case you maybe the primary focus and client of the agent.

Happy Holidays and home hunting.

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Hello Pamjac,

A part time realtor will give you part time sevice. In any real estate transaction, time is of essence. A realtor needs to react in a timely manner to certain things in a transaction. If an issue arises, what
is more important solving your issue or her employer's? Put yourself in her place and ask yourself this questions, who am I more loyal to my employer who gives me a steady income or a buyer who I don't know when he will be putting an offer?
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There are ups and downs for both full and part time agents. If your part time agent is devoted and gives you plenty of her time, then it shouldn't be a problem. A part time agent might have only 1 or 2 clients that they will devote their time to. If they are serious about real estate they will take the time to work with you. My father is a part time agent and he gives lots of time to client. He has a great reputation. He answers phone calls at work, takes days for showings, or works with another Realtor from the office if he needs to. Sometimes I feel like he is more up on things then some of the full time agents. If your agent has been helpful it sounds like she is devoted to real estate and not doing it as just a hobby.

Sometimes, full time Realtors might have 10, 15 or more clients. There is no guarantee that a full time Realtor will be able to give you more time and attention. However, sometime full time Realtors work in teams to help service all their clients, which allows them to give time to clients.

Full time or part time, is always a question that clients worry about. There are ups and downs to both. If you find an agent who gives you the time and attention that you need, it shouldn't matter what their status is.

Good luck with your house hunting!

Stephanie Drag
Realty Executives, Pequannock
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The answers below are good ones and I would agree the answer is maybe yes and maybe no depending on how much she works. Question, how hard is she for you to reach and get in touch with? If she is available only part of the day or at certain times a buyer or buyers agent is going to not get information or help in a timely manor. The same can pretty much be said for the busiest agents since they are also limited on how much they can be available to do research or answering calls. If I were using a part-time agent I would like one that at least had a partner or someone else they work with that is available when they are not. If I want to show a house with short notice or I need a question answered that will decide if I show the house or not and I have to wait until tomorrow for a return call, I may not show it.
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It differs from agent to agent, she may just have the ability to work a full time job and then work her real estate job. In general in life you get what you pay for... if you want full time service, hire a full time Realtor, if you want opart time service, hire a part time Realtor.

For the benefit of the doubt, simoly ask her if she has the available time to be able to take care of you and provide the services you want or require. Being open and up front will safe time, money and any hard feelings later.
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Yes and depends on the particular individual but since you are asking, it seems you feel there may be an issue with your agent on this topic.

Here's the direct and present your concerns to your agent. By "putting your cards on the table" you may a resolution that will keep your search moving forward.

Good luck,

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It doesn't have to, and it might. If she's out of town doing wedding photography on location, this will affect your home search. If she's in town tending to her rentals or homemaking or even working part-time, maybe not so much.

As a full-time agent, I'd love to tell you that having a part-time agent definitely puts you at a disadvantage, but it wouldn't be true. It depends on the circumstances.

All the best,
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Having a part-time agent will affect your home search. Why? A part-time agent has limited hours studying the inventory on the market and even less time to take you out to see hot properties. Right now, there are multiple offers on good deals and it's more likely to miss those deals with a part-time agent. Helpful as she is, will you be happy with the results?

Good luck!

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