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Is willingboro a good kid friendly community? Why are the houses so cheap?

Asked by Thelma, 08610 Mon Jan 26, 2009

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Hi Thelma!
I live in Willingboro and find it to be a pretty nice place to live. Even at the height of the market, Willingboro has been a place where you can get "more house for your money." We have many people who commute from North Jersey and New York City, people who are in the military, older people who have lived there for many years, and lots of families. It is a diverse community. There are a lot of parks and playgrounds. There are community events sponsored by the township, many houses of worship, and it has its own new library, as well as a campus for Burlington County College.
I agree that the best thing to do is take some time to visit. Willingboro is divided into different "parks" and they each have a different "feel." Take some time driving through each one to see if you prefer some and if there are others you don't like. Try to visit at times when the children are home, visit the local WaWa, Shoprite, or Acme to get a feel of who lives here. I would suggest you do that with any neighborhood you would consider living in. I also agree to check into the school system and see how it compares to other areas you're considering. I hope this all helps!
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I think each individual's experience depends largely on exactly where in Willingboro they have lived. Their neighborhood has a lot to do with their impressions. My family lived there for 4 years and my elderly mother is still there. Our homes were in Garfield North. The neighbors were wonderful and it was usally a quiet neighborhood. Last winter, my mom's neighbors cleared away all that snow-- EVERY time it snowed. So far this year they have also helped rake her leaves. They are good, kind people, have well-behaved kids, and strive to keep their neighborhood nice. My mom has never felt unsafe there. Like any town, it has its issues. The most common issues people seem to have are the taxes and the school system. I wouldn't totally discount Willingboro but if you're considering moving there, do the research. There are many short sales and foreclosures and investors have totally renovated many homes. There are some great deals to be had there. For many people, it is still a nice place to live.
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With obamacare we will have to pay another 6% fee for his ill fated healthcare bill. This is a NEW tax to pay for this crazy health care bill. As far as willingboro is concerned this place can only go DOWN. Look elsewhere and rent you'll be way ahead of the game at least the next 10 years!
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WILLINBORO! I moved there only because my husband liked it. My opinion is and I did tell my husband expect it to go down in a couple of years, The school system is horrible. Crime is everywhere but it is the people that will bring it down and willinboro is filled with african americans some good and some bad, but some of the bad ones are wannabees. No I dont like it and I want to move out asap but times are not that easy. It will be another camden or a place in brooklyn ny the hard core places. SORRY!
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Ladyt, where did you move from? As far as the crime, you are not stating facts when you say it is everywhere. I'm really curious as to where you moved from, because truth be told, it's not the original residents who are the problem, its outsiders like you, coming from worse areas, who bring the town down. Move to Mt. Laurel already! Or can you? Real Talk!
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Crime is everywhere? Really? You are not stating facts miss. Btw, where did you move from? My parents have lived on the same block for 30 something years in Pennypacker back when they were hesitant to allow an African-American purchase in the area and they will beg to differ. They never had issues. The neighbors always look out for each other. And truth be told, the original residents aren't the problem! It's outsiders like you who come in and bring the town down. And like I said, I really wonder where you are from and why you can't move to Mt. Laurel. Real talk!
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I live in Willingboro. I just moved back here last year. I grew up in Willingboro and we left in the 80's.
We had been robbed 3 or 4 times - so we left. I think the new Town Center and Village Square has redefined Willingboro. The roads are well maintained, the police respond to incidence within minutes, the people are very friendly - and I happen to be white. I am more afraid of the large skunk population out and about at night then of any human offenders. I frequent 7-11 and Quick Stop often late at night and never have any problems.
The taxes are high because any upgrade you do to your home jacks up the home value.
The schools do not rank high but , I see so many of the teachers who taught me are still there.
I see new computers being purchased and books as well as upkeep of the schools.
I think it has to do with the children who have attended the schools. Many families have left Willingboro in recent years due to forclosures from the housing crisis. I think Willingboro had alot of welfare subsidary in the past, too. Willingboro is assessible to several major highways and bridges. Many of my surrounding neighbors have been here upwards of 25 years. I think Willingboro is coming back stronger.
When I originally lived here it was a very large jewish community. I think it will become a big melting pot in the future!
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The taxes are a bit high depending on which park you are looking in. If you look at homes in Twin Hills, Country Club, or Windsor, or a home in the other parks that has had additions or more land (like a corner lot), you will see higher taxes. For reasons as to why they are high, you might try researching the internet for local news regarding Willingboro. With the upcoming primary election, there are candidates who have said they are making the taxes their primary focus.
As far as racism in the schools, I have not heard of it but I do not have kids in the school system. To talk with a local school principal might help and provide more insight.
There are other towns in Burlington County that may be worth checking out-- especially since the home prices have decreased so much. Burlington, Mt. Holly, the river towns-- there are many, many options in Burlington County!
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You really have to do some basic research on ANY area before you decide if it's the place for you. The school system is critically important to any kid consideration.
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The home prices are lower in Willingboro because the school system is not the greatest, but if you don't have children buying a home in Willingboro is a steal. Some of the houses in Willingboro especially the Garfield ad TwinHills sections are beautiful homes that surprisingly outrank some of the homes in surrounding areas. The median income in Willingboro is also hirer than the income level of surrounding areas. The crime rate in Willingboro also believe it or not is similiar to the crime level in surrounding areas....Burlington County in general is low on crime. A murder in Willingboro though it does and can happen is very rare. Willingboro is a community like all communities needs work but it is a far cry from Camden regardless of what some people say on here just drive through the town it is quiet and people are rarely on the streets, and at night it is even quieter. Some but not all of the negative comments on here about Willingboro sadly are motivated by fact if you do the history on Willingboro it was founded on racism a sad but true fact
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willingboro is the worst place to live....i lived there for 8 years. it was so bad i would wake from my sleep at any noise thinking someone was in my home. i lived in fear....glad my house sold so i could move back to edgewater glad without fear...
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Absolutly NO! This is Camden II gang killings rape and group homes. The towship has no power to enforce codes so the homes continue to rot. Burned out homes in all parks sit idle and stink. People pait their homes purple gloss and nothis is said or done. This is the ne harlem for people from trenton to camden. Run the other way...I should know I have been stuck here since 1961!
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My husband and I had decided to go look for a few homes in Willingboro because of the size of the homes for the price... I was almost too scared to get out of the car when we stopped at the first home... Then, when we stopped at the second home, we realized that it was next door to a halfway house. There are also numerous sex offenders living there. THIS IS NOT A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE.
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I am from my Philadelphia, PA and my fiance is from Edgewater Park, NJ (Burlington County). We searched high and low for a good property to call home! We have two little girls, ages 6 and 3. We chose Willingboro, because we felt we were getting a great piece of property for a great price! As far as race goes, my fiance is White and I am African American. We have been living here for eight months and we have not experienced any problems, not that we would expect to... but, we all get along! As far as crime goes, my fiance grew up around here and he told me that Willingboro was a bad neighborhood... but, I had to remind him how old he was at the time... I said, "you are thirty now... you were in middle school then... everybody was bad... you were kids!" Alot of those kids are grown... or have moved out... and if they are still around... they're not doing what they did then... now! As far as schools go... I haven't heard anything good... so, my girls continue to attend a private school in Philadelphia. I work in Philadelphia, so the commute is not bad! Willingboro is quiet. I don't hear gunshots at night... no helicopters are circling over my home... no loud music is playing! I don't see strange people walking around and night... I'm not paranoid or afraid to come out of my house at night! Crime is every where! Not all crimes are reported. Willingboro is a great place to live! It's convenient!
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Guys I love all your comments you are very helpful. I work in the Levittown PA area looking for an inexpensive house in a decent area and Willingboro is it. I've driven around quit a few times and haven’t had any complaints. My question for you the experts is WHY ARE THE TAXES IN THE AREA SO EXPENSIVE? Thanks for your response.

Another thing that bothers me is that a large percent of the students are African American I’m afraid my son will get picked on because he will be minority in this community.

What do you guys think?
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I am not a real estate professional and do not live in Willingboro. My wife and I moved to Palmyra 5 years ago after looking at many of the affordable areas including Willingboro and Burlington City. My advice: think long and hard about why housing is cheaper in one area compared to another. Supply and demadn is a kinder way of saying not so many people want to live here. Like it or not, there is more crime in Willingboro and Burlington City than in other nearby but more pricey areas. Drive there on a nice day but also drive there on a nice night and ask yourself: is this a place I would feel safe walking around in the dark. Every place changes over time. The schools that Carl Lewis grew are hardly the same today. Camden used to be a great place to live, but would you live there now?
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Gee whiz, Bill. We all would like to send our kids to Princeton school district, but that's not happening. Unless you know first hand about the school district, I suggest you refer people to a web site showing the school raking. The district did O.K. for Carl Lewis, Crystal Langhorne and Shaun Phillips to name a few. Maybe you could enlighten us as to the accomplishments of Princeton school district graduates?
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Well, I like it. It has area playgrounds in and about the community. Some famous people have called it home. Here is a link on the area:

Why are the homes so cheap? The first and biggest reason is Econ101 = Supply and Demand. Why not take a day during the week and a weekend day to drive around and see if it is some place you would like to live?
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