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Marquita, Home Buyer in Philadelphia, PA

Is the Lawndale/Lawncrest area of Philadelphia,PA a family oriented neighborhood?

Asked by Marquita, Philadelphia, PA Sat Jun 30, 2007

Are there good neighborhood public schools? Is there a neighborhood watch? Are there community activities throughout the year? Does everyone know eachother?

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I feel that all of Philadelphia is a hell hole. I was raised in South Florida so I know first had what good living is all about . Its not just one or two particular subgroups it is all subgroups that destroy a community when no one takes pride in the community in which they reside.
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This used to be a great neighborhood for families; but no longer. The caliber of people moving in have definitely destroyed the atmosphere of the whole area. Yelling, cursing, cars racing through the streets, increased trash. People, I won't call them neighbors, playing loud music all day and night, confrontations on the street, harassment of longtime residents by newcomers. Litttle kids on the street demanding money from you when you walk down the street. Homes in the area are not being kept up as before, kids as well as adults hanging out of house windows and yelling and cursing, House doors left open all day, no screens in windows, these are indications of real trash livng within. No more local parish Catholic school; St. Williams is closed as of June 2012.
As for the business district on Rising Sun Avenue, it is a joke, unless you want to get your nails done or put your kids in daycare. This whole area is going downhill fast. It reminds me of the Logan section of Philadelphia 30 years ago. That used to be a nice place to live also, until the lower class of people moved in there and destroyed that section also. I would never recommend Lawndale at this point in time. It's the people that make or break the neighborhood, and the changing demographics have condemned Lawndale. I don't consider these people my neighbors, half don't speak English, and the ones that do, speak eubonics more than any formal English. I am moving out as soon as I can. No sane person would want to live hers.
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i don`t like this neighborhood any more a lot of thieves and more are coming every day ..families that let their kids " play in front of your property"" the next thing you know they are destroying your house window ect.. and the parents don`t care. this make me feel very sad because i like my house and iam tired of moving from one place to the other.. iam not racist but 70% are black .they smoke weed all the time in the park in front of your house and they don`t care that your kids are looking. and the cursing woww this is something normal for them. i really prefer to live between any other people.
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The area is predominantly black and Hispanic now there are some Asian, this is the new north philly just give it some time. It is not a place you want to stay in. I am Hispanic myself and have lived here since the early 90's this neighborhood is on a steep decline. The only reason I have stayed is that I cant sell my property because no one will buy it. They sell drugs in my area and the people and children are disrespectful loud dirty and obnoxious. (Large majority not all) look somewhere else. And if you have it pay the extra money to live in a nicer neighborhood I wish I would have.
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I Moved in lawncrest two years ago im from G-town I still no nothing about this neighborhood but my block is quiteI have children and it seems like its no other kids on this block so we just stay in the house. Funny I don't even no my Neighborh I only saw her two times.
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Its funny that you claim not to be racist but mention the color of the people who you claim are doing the inappropriate things. If you travel a little closer to Cottman you will notice the white kids doing the same thing. It is not a race thing, it is a generation thing. That being said I am also moving out but only because it is my time to do so. You will be fine raising your kids here. Just keep them away from people like Nrt
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I grew up in Lawncrest back in the 80's. Pretty much everyone I knew has moved out because it has gotten real bad. Someone mentiones that as long as you are not alone in the middle of the night alone you will be fine. Well back when I was there people used to walk all hours of the night without an issue! It is ashame how bad the neighborhood got. I don't like driving through it let alone letting my children grow up there!!!!
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I live in Lawncrest, right off Rising Sun. We have a block captain and they organized a 4th of July parade and block party. The rec center and public library are right in the neighborhood. The Fels HS chess team won a national championship, and they are moving to a new location a few blocks away this year. Neighbors sit on their porch and chat when the weather is nice. Kids play in the street. It gets quiet after 10. Most of the people on my block are black. The loudest I ever heard it was when Obama was announced president. Lawncrest is definitely not bad. I live next to a pub and close to a popular Hispanic nightclub. I have never seen any brawls or mayhem after Eagles games or anything like that. There are really 2 neighborhoods that make up Lawncrest -- Lawndale and Crescentville. All the blocks I see when I walk or drive are typically quiet with kids jumping rope or playing in a mini-pool, teenagers going to the Burger King or hanging on the corner.
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I currently live in Lawncrest and have been there since 1999. Our block is great and most of the neighbors know each other. We are looking to sell our current house and look for something bigger in Lawncrest b/c we like the neighborhood that much. I mean, where in the city of Philadelphia is truely safe these days? Houses in Northern Liberties cost $500k and you have more of a chance of being mugged or raped in that neighborhood than in Lawncrest. I say if you are looking to live there, look towards the west side of Rising Sun (if you are going North). It's nicer on that side. But overall, it's still one of the nicer neighborhoods in Philly.
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The neighborhood is going downhill. House prices are going up. I bought my house in 96 for 60K. I got out of it in 2000. Its worth 100k now, yet the crime rate is up, drug dealers on the corners, vehicle thefts...etc. Kids and their young adult parents have no respect for their surroundings nor respect for anything. Running stopsigns. Scoping out your cars' interior while the punks walk to school. Blastin music at 1am while drinkin beer on your front steps. Elderly people afraid to come out side. This place will be the Compton of PA within 5 years. I watched 3 young girls of about 15 punch a 70yr old indian lady in the face so they could steal her purse. The other post is correct. yeah, hang out in the local park and such to see what goes on. better yet, watch the local news. This is not a place that I want my kids to grow up in. I'm 36 and have lived right here my whole life. My 3 kids are bored and I can't let them do the cool things I did when I was young cause around here, you cant have anything nice. God Bless you, but go NORTH, out of this zipcode like I'm in the process of doing now.
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i use to live in lawncrest for 8 years and i will tell you what it is a place for kids to go and hang out at the rec but we have to many shoutings at our kids and too many new things going around so you never know what is comming.Lawncrest is my #1 home but i could never go back ever
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in response to the white man home buyer....i grew up in lawndale and i still live there now. he is really exaggerating. it's actually a nice place to live, everything is close by or in walking distance. there are parks and rec centers for kids to hang out at. Now, yeah there are some crimes committed, but where isn't there?? You just have to be careful, as in not be walking alone by yourself when it is like midnight. the houses are nice and so are the people. lawncrest is bad. lawndale is not.
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Marquita - These are difficult questions for a Realtor to answer. We really have to watch what we say for legal reasons. I think the best ways to get to know a neighborhood are 1) hang out in the area, go to the park 2) shop at the local stores, get a feeling for the people, check out the bulletin boards for community activities 3) check and find out what people in the neighborhood are saying. Good luck. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or would like some help. ---Katherine
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