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Hi,Currently live in NYC. Husband works in downtown Stamford and we are looking to move to the area. We

Asked by NYC2CT, Connecticut Sat Jan 12, 2008

Looking to move to Stamford from NYC. Born & raised in NY so really don't know much about CT or the Stamford area. We've looked at quite a bit - are only interested in condos and townhomes. We've liked a lot of things we've seen but just can't get a good feel on the different neighborhoods. Without offending anyone, it seems a lot of neighborhoods in Stamford are very spotty. It seems you can have one block of gorgeous million dollar homes...and the next block over have a very diverse street with not as nice homes (old, falling down homes).

Was looking to get some thoughts from people who have lived in Stamford for a long time and really know the area well. What are your thoughts on the area around Mill River - somewhere around W. Broad St. and Adams. There is a school over there & a french speaking baptist church. There's a very old looking convenience store on the same street as the school and church - is this area safe?
Also thoughts on E. Main & Lafayette area please.

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Horrible place to live...Been here for a year. Multiple breaks-ins/thefts in the parking garage, poor management company and an even worse developer. All they care about is making their money. STAY AWAY!
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NYC2CT, Happy to hear you have moved and have found a great home! Enjoy!
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Did you end up moving to the W. Broad/Adams side of the neighborhood? Now that you have been here for a few years, what do you think?
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Sonia - Where is Stamford do you reside?

Just like NYC2CT, I have lived in Stamford for quite a while now, and have never had an issue with any theft or breakins. Generally Stamford is considered a safe community as per crime rates (you can view police records). It is unfortunate that you have had so many issues.

Nick Gandhi
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LOL I've been living here almost 5 yrs now - my question is very old but thanks for response. Sorry you are so unhappy here. Never had any theft problems or management company problems.
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Which unit are you in? There have been three incidents where all of the rims were stolen from a car. Twice a roadster has had the roof stolen off the car. several windows have been broken. The developer/management company have done noting to rectify any of these problems.
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Just as any other city, Stamford has a diverse mix of neighborhoods. I'd be happy to drive you around the area and describe each. Most important, I've lived here quick a quite, have seen more than 2,000 houses and apartments and know the area very well. Please call me for an appointment: 646 734-8525

1. Mill River area: Considered part of Stamford's West Side. That complex (Adams/Mill River is new, gorgeous and two blocks from downtown. Nice underground parking with a gate. Interior courtyard.
2. West Broad Street, also part of Stamford's West Side, with easy access to downtown. See above.
3. East Main (Commons) and Lafayette (nice condos, some older multifamilies) areas: Part of Stamford's Eastside. That new complex there is lovely, affordable and you're close to downdown and I-95. Glenbrook (French church) is one of the three main north-south routes in Stamford. Some agents also call it "condo row," since it is lined with affordable and expensive condos, townhouses and rentals of every description--owned and rented by many who live and enjoy Stamford and work in White Plains, NYC and all over Fairfield County. Easy commute to NYC in 45 min., for example. FBI ranks Stamford as among the safest cities is this size in the entire United States, by the way.
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We are selling our Condo/Townhome that we have lived in for 6 years on Highland Rd. in Stamford, so I feel qualified to answer your question! We also lived over on Washington Court about 10 years ago (sketchy part of town) and up near Newfield Green (quiet suburban). We know Stamford very, very well. First's a great town. You are right that some areas are spotty. The one you mentioned on W. Broad I would consider suspect and it doesn't have downtown nearby. We picked our location because it is around the corner from downtown but at the same time it's a wooded tree lined street that is quiet. We can walk down to live at five in the summers, the UBS parade in November, all the restaurants, the mall, the Palace Theatre. It's been like living in NYC in many ways (used to live on Broadway and 80th). Stamford has amazing restaurants, and night life (though we have kids now so we haven't been out much). More often we walk to Target, the library, our favorite outdoor cafe Capricio in the summer and the movies. I've heard it's nice to live in the Chesterfield complex as well - it's right across from the Marshalls/Bed Bath and Beyond. Like our complex Forest Mews the Chesterfield has good management and nice layouts. We have been very, very happy in Stamford for a long time. I hope you will be too. Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you!
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Hi and Welcome to Connecticut - Stamford Ct is divided up into several small neighborhoods (over 10) North Stamford, Turn of River/Newfield, Westover, Springdale, Glenbrook, Mid-City, West Side, Shippan, Cove, South End and Waterside. Many of these small enclave of communities have area "neighborhood" conveninece stores that cater to its nearby residents. It is truly a unique city ....Many of it's residents reflect all walks of life and cultures - to get a true and accurate feel of what Stamford has to offer you my advice would be to work with a professional who works within the town and can tour your through the various areas, addressing your concerns and assisting you in locating the right fit for you and your family. If you need any assistance, please feel free to call me - Kerri Heffernan-Curtin 203-219-1123 (25 years Real Estate Experience and a proud graduate of the Stamford Public School system)
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Thanks for all the answers I appreciate reading them but check the date...LOL i have been living in Stamford for almost a year now. We love it and our home...thanks again!
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I own a multi family on W Broad across from the hospital. I have spent quite of bit of time in the area and have realized its safer than expected. If you go west of Hubbard there are a lot of very nice homes, the ones on W Broad definitely could use a face lift...I invested significant $$$ into my place with the hope/feeling the neighborhood is changing. Mill River was a big help, so was Target, I expect Trump will be as well. My friend, his wife, and their baby lived at my place, they said they felt safe and he would take their dog for a walk at all hours and never felt uncomfortable. Most houses on W Broad are multi families (with lots of units, legal and "non-conforming"), some places on the block have way too many tenants per room and that can always be a bit of a concern.

Overall I'm a fan of the neighborhood, especially as an investor (so close to hospital and school). I think over time it will improve.
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There are gorgeous 2 condos for sale on Hollow Tree Ridge Road in Darien. They are adjacent to the WeeBurn Country Club. You can look it up on Trulia. I think one is in the 500's and one is a bit higher.
You would be in the neighborhood of multi million dollar homes. Your kids (if you have them) would go to great schools, there is no crime, Darien is known for it's school system.
You are with in 5 minutes of Stamford, less than 5 for the Noroton Heights trains to NY or points north. I would never buy in Stamford. You pay tons of taxes for CITY services you will never use/benefit from. You are right, the neighborhoods are spotty in Stamford
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Coldwell Banker's nation-wide relocation department has helped thousands of families relocate successfully. Drop me a line and I'll tell you how are free service can find you a hard working, knowledgable professional agent in the area that you wish to move.
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Hi could help you with areas in Stamford Living here all my life and also being a realtor these are up coming areas as downtown is changing with the new building goin on i nthat area. The area on East main is also going thru the same and a few are still waiting t be built .Please feel free to call me and I will be happy to sit down with you and give you a tour of our town

Phil Caruso
Marr & Caruso Realty Group
President of the Stamford Board of Realtors
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I just moved to Stamford and bought a condo in EastSide Commons. AWESOME condo -- very high quality construction. Couldn't be happier. They still have many available units for sale being offered at pre-construction prices. They've even created a model in one of the units so I'd recommend you check it out. They also have a website --
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Mill River & Adams-are bought most by investors. if you look at the reselling flow since buildings were constructed-you will be surpised-how many times the same units were resold for profit. It's very convenient location, but, on the Adams side-there is a middle school neaby... The school itself isn't great... The middle schools in area aren't good. Most of the families send kids to the private-it's an option if you have money... High schools-2 of them-very deverse but if you kid take AP classes-he/she will be OK -many kids after go in Ivys. If you really want a nice school district-you should move in Ridgfield (more affordable area and nice schools). Very nice place to raise the kids. And commuting to NYC isn't bad.
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Hello NYC2CT, as a life long resident of Stamford and Norwalk and as a second generation Realestate professional in Stamford, I feel I can offer you the assistance and knowledge of the area to assist you in your move to Stamford or the surrounding towns.

Let me Help you with your search.. I have attached a link to my local web site that gives you access to view all the available listings in the area.
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Hi -

Have you considered prestigious Southport? There are lots of very reasonably priced condos, and the schools and safety levels are hard to beat. My husband and I moved up into a Southport condo from Manhattan as newlyweds several years ago, have had a couple of children since then, and have been thrilled with our decision to settle here.

Good luck!
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In regards to the Stamford schools....First of all, this is Connecticut, so the public schools are generally strong. Second, the test scores you've seen online are likely averages. I think you can easily get the wrong impressions from these averages, so you need to dig a little deeper into the data to see the true story. There are clearly segments within the city that do poorly, but there are also those that do very well - just as well as the performance of students in the more expensive towns in the area. If you're really interested to learn more, I would look into meeting with someone from the Stamford school system who can give you an overview of the schools, provide more depth into the test score performance, as well as arrange for you to tour a building. I've gone through this process. It was very enlightening and increased my confidence in the strength of Stamford's schools. I can't say everyone will come away with the same idea, but I certainly was impressed.
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I live on Schuyler Ave, off broad street, near mill river house. Right now, across the street from my is not so nice, but i look out my window and I can throw a football at the trump development.
If you are looking for something that is very nice and already a nice neighborhood, i'd go over to the Classic, but if you are looking for a good investment and a place where it will appreciate in a few years then the mill river house and that location, its a good buy. I assume you are looking for a two bedroom at least?
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Thanks so much Jim. So you live near Adams? Actually good news - I will live near there too in a few months. We decided to go for it b/c we love the condo so much so we are in contract! Very excited. Still definitely having nervous feelings but just b/c I am so used to NYC and literally don't know the first thing about Stamford but I am excited to find out about it. My husband works right in downtown - I will have to commute to NYC. Looks like I could walk to the train even. I'm used to walking all over NYC so walking to the train won't be an issue for me.
We're very excited - thank you for your input!
Oh and about the schools - everyone we speak to that does know about CT and Stamford tells us we have to move out by the time we have school aged children. Everyone tells us the school are horrible and when we did our research online the test scores are definitely low and I know the schools are all very diverse which isn't a problem but we do want a good solid school when the day comes that we need one. Don't have any children yet but are hoping to start a family in the next year or 2.
I went to private school my entire life so I don't have much faith in the public school system as it it is hard enough I'm going to send my kids to public school - so I definitely want it to be a good one when the time is here. But we have plenty of time to learn more and do more research...glad to hear you think the schools are good though - that is definitely good to hear!
Thanks again Jim!
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I live near there. I walk to work which is a joy. That's an extra 2 hours a day I can spend doing things I like to do I walk home at all hours, last night 12pm, and I never feel unsafe. I'd say Eastside Commons is walking distance to downtown, which has a solid restaurant scene, movie theatres, several gyms, recently renovated mall and a pubic library. Closer by is a little gem called Myrna's, which has great Middle Eastern food. Not sure if you're interested in the public schools, but in my opinion, they are solid. Additionally, Stamford has a lot of upside, with several new employers putting roots in the city. I moved here 5 years ago, and it was the right choice for me. Good luck with your decision!
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Hi, again-- Stamford is consistantly ranked among the safest smaller cities in the U.S. Your r. e . agent should be able to supply you with more details and information about neighborhoods. If you become "unlocked", I will be happy to assist you and show you the different areas. Good Luck!
Les Gordon
Juner Properties
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Thanks for the quick response. We are already locked in with real estate agent - but thank you anyway. We've already seen a lot we like - just trying to decide which is right for us as we are so unsure about the area. We are decided between 3 places right now. So it's not a matter of needing to find a place...we've found just can't decide that's why we are curious about the neighborhoods. The condo we are interested in is obvisouly the new building going up - Eastside Commons. I know there are going to be retail shops on the main floor of that building - any idea what type of shops would go there. The shopping center across the street looks old/run down. I guess I won't ever find the most perfect location - but the old and not cared for buildings around many of the nice new constructions are such an eyesoar if you know what I mean.
Thanks for your info! Really appreciate it although I'm still didn't mention if any of those areas are unsafe???
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Hi, I have lived in Stamford for over 40 years and know it and all its areas very well.E. Main is going through a major renovation withmany new condos and townhouses. It is the gateway to Darien. A new train station in the area is a definite possibility a few years down the road. There are some great new condo buildings in the W. Broad and Adams areas; most are two bedrooms and two full baths. The area is very close to downtown and the main train station. Also close to the hospital. Some of the side streets have much older and less cared for buildings. I will be pleased to assist you in your search. Pls contact me at your earliest convenience.
Les Gordon
Juner Properties
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