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Do You Care What Your REALTOR Wears?

Asked by Lesley Lambert, Westfield, MA Mon Feb 8, 2010

We had a discussion at my office meeting that prompted a blog post asking "Do You Care What Your Realtor Wears?" I got some great feedback, but would love to hear your thoughts, too!…

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I draw the line at bib-overalls.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Yes, absolutely...In my opinion, Realtors should carry themselves and dress in a professional manner.
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Absolutely, I live in SW Florida and everything is much more lay back, but sneakers and shorts should be most definitive off limits. Business attire should be a must doesn't matter where you live just out of respect for your clients.
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I always dress for success. what you wear and how you look sends a message to the public and most importantly your own brain!

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I am a firm believer that people behave in the manner of how they dress. I have chaperoned far too many college Halloween dances in my past to tell you, when you dress like a hooligan, chances are you portray that as well.

I typically will be in business casual when meeting with a client for the first time and able to gauge what their personal tastes are. Some clients, I can get away with a nice jacket / jean combo. Others, a more formal suit is required.

Regardless, you need to feel confident in your abilities and if the dress attire adds to it, I more than encourage it. The same goes with home shoppers. If you are looking at a high priced home, make sure you are dressed appropriately. This will ensure your agent takes you seriously as a client and that you are vested to the process.
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I believe on first meeting make sure you put some effort into your appearance. If you look sloppy, then they may think you are lax and not detail oriented.
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Make sure you are clean, neat and smell good - it's common sense
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People care about what you wear. You will find that client that's the exception and doesn't care at all but 9 out of 10 are looking at you up and down. I believe you should dress the part. If you want to be seen as a professional dress like one.
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Dressing neat and clean, and as professional as you feel comfortable is important. Remember you will do your best when you are comfortable and you are having fun with your clients. Real Estate is a adventure weather it is buying or selling , Take it and wear it well. New Construction, High End listings to the average home, it all about you and your client, and making the transaction as pleasant as possible. So wear it well.
Knowledge and sharing the knoweldge is most important, the dress and the car will come..
Be yourself, dress your best, and make the transaction the best, keep your client first.
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I think everything matter, your suit, your car and your entire image. When I'm a consumer I want the best professional to represent me, and even if i wear a shorts and beach top my self I would probably walk away if my Realtor or Lawyer or Doctor (or who ever) show up wearing same things .
I don't want the guy in old jeans and stretched T be my representation out there, no matter how much he knows about the subject.
Professional dress expected for pros - and for ladies, have a neat hair, some makeup on and pleasant over all image I think is a good idea.
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I think there is a difference between appearing too formal, and dressing professionally. I have worked for 3 different companies. A number of years ago, the manager decided that every day during the summer could be a casual day, and those who wanted could come in with shorts and flip flops. To me, it just didn't give us the professional aura that we needed to have. The next company I was with asked all men to wear button down shirts with ties. I just gave a more professional appearance. Even on casual Fridays, sneakers were not allowed. Sometimes you don't know who is going to walk into or through your office, or when you are going to be walking out when someone's client is sitting in the waiting room. Dress for success, as someone said earlier.
Another question for realtors, do you think it matters what kind of car you drive?
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As long as your car is clean and maintained, I think any car will do. I made sure that I have excellent gas mileage - in one year I drove over 30k miles.
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My partner and I are suit people. Hardly anyone wears a suit any more and we feel it separates us from the pack, but I would agree with one of the other agents and it depends on who you are dealing with. I always come to my first meeting in a suit. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. From that meeting I get a feel for the clients and their expectations, and we proceed accordingly.

Now if I am sitting in the office, going to home inspections, or off to a construction site then it is jeans and a sports coat is fine. The key is to appear professional and I want to demand the level of respect that my clients give their Doctors, Lawyers, and CPA's and do these people go to work in track suits? No, they don't and neither should we.

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Seems to me Real Estate Agents are in the business of selling themselves to clients. When we dress we "package" our product in a way that attracts potential clients and current clients. Although we've all learned to never judge a book by its cover, people tend to judge you from their first impression, your clothes, your smile, your hair, and body language. It is the overall appearance that says what kind of package your selling. I have walked in stores that selll high end products and clothes and the packaging and display seems to be the only difference from similar products at discounted stores. So, if you are on a listing appointment for instance, or meeting a potential buyer or investor, is the value of your service any different? I like to package myself in a way that subconsciously says to my client I am worth every penny and more. Consumers buy on different levels and many companies spend a fortune on packaging...shouldn't we since we're selling the intangible?
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I think agents should dress to appear as professionals . No matter how you dress I think it is inapproppriate to dress in a way that people might find offensive and give some people the wrong impression.If you wear casual clothes you should know there are clothes considered to be 'business casual.' and not to casual.
Again it will depend on your market .
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There is a reason they call it dressing professionally. You may not realize it, but the way you dress says alot about your attention to details, your attitude, drive and other things about yourself. This is a first impression business and you need to grab the clients attention right away.

Imagine if you showed up to an interview in casual dress. Each time you meet a new client it's like a job interview. You need to put your best foot forward. You can always dress down after getting to know your client.
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You can't please everybody, but you can turn off everybody!

I think that, if you're having success, you're probably dressing just fine for your clientele. If you're not having success, and you're meeting a lot of people, it MAY be worthwhile to give up your wardrobe and go to a good clothing store like Nordstroms and let them dress you.
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Great discussion, I must say you will never find me in a suit. Rarely in a tie, maybe dress pants and dress shirt. But personally I am more comfortable and confident in a nice pair of jeans, a dress shirt and dress shoes. I feel I connect with my clients better and faster this way. I never want to appear to be a fast talking suit trying to pull something over on someone. I am just a regular guy with some knowledge and experience that can be helpful to some regular people wanting to sell or purchase real estate. This view however might come from my Church. I attend a very casual church, my Pastor is often in jeans. I believe it is the way a person lives the other 6 days of the week that matter and not the way he dresses on Sun. (by the way I am often seen at Church on a Wed. night in a ball cap. lol!) Maybe I am just a rebel!
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I have been a Realtor for 18 years and yes I dress!!! I will sometimes wear jeans with a blazer and heels and if I am walkning land I dress appropraitely for that as well. The only time I dress casual is when I have no outside appointments and am just in to work at my desk. However, my casual attire is still clean and pressed you never know you could get a walk in!!!
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Very important to look "Put Together" That look reflects what the quality of your service you may look like as well!!!
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I draw the line at a nudist realtor. That would just not be acceptable to me.

As long as they are wearing clothes that are clean and a step above just a t-shirt I am fine with it. If I see a realtor dressed in a suit and am thinking of walking some property with them, I would wonder if they would want to do it. I would not if I was wearing a suit.

The other day I saw a doctor who was wearing very relaxed clothing. He had hurt a foot and was not yet wearing the more traditional doctors garb. I preferred it. Not everyone is formal or formal minded. Excellence shows through regardless of the clothes worn.
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Hey Alan,

What if your client is a pig farmer?
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Before I was a realtor, I sold custom made career apparel to banks, hospitals, airlines--any business who cared about the public impression the employees made. Over the years we did many experiments with professionally dressed employees and casually dressed employees. Time and time again when the consumer had a choice between a professionally dressed person and casually dressed folks, they always chose the person who was dressed professionally. The consumer thought this person had authority and in the first few seconds they decided this based on dress alone. Yes, how you dress says more about you than words can tell.
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I Realtor, or any professional, should dress for success. There's plenty of time to dress down. I believe you can tell the the type of person you're dealing with by how he or she is croomed. Look good! Feel good! Make an impression!
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There is an Agent in my office that shows up like he is in the Special Forces deployed in Afghanistan, except he doesn't carry a gun , wear body armor or a uniform. I could care less how he dresses, but since he is representing my company it does effect me. I think the consumer expects professionals to dress professionally when in the presence of customers or in the office on floor time.
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