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Kenneth, Home Buyer in Chicago, IL

Can anyone comment on NACA. The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America?

Asked by Kenneth, Chicago, IL Wed Jun 11, 2008

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We have been working with NACA for over a year now, and after sending them the same documents again, and again, and again, our house was put up for auction because our NACA representative couldn't get ahold of us (he had written the wrong number and attached it to our account). After hours and hours and hours of trying to get ahold of a single person, not one customer service representative was available and we were not able to save our house. Ooops, did they make a mistake? So sorry, Too late now!
Unfortunately, we were working well with our bank and would have likely been able to work out a deal if we had not contacted NACA. After punting our account to them, Wells Fargo no longer held our account and could not/would not help us further.
By working with NACA, we lost our home. They did not return calls, or even keep the documents we sent them. We sent them hundreds of documents, both by certified mail and fax. It was a huge mess, and I am most upset that we lost our house because we chose to work with them.
My advice: DO NOT WORK WITH NACA UNLESS EVERY OTHER OPTION IS DONE AND GONE!!!!! Beware that if you start an account with them, you limit your options and NACA can't always help you.
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Great program only if you are blessed with a great mortgage consultant. I have been dealing with the Atlanta office. Their lack of communication has caused a lot of frustration with my agent and seller's agent. It has been a very stressful experience and at this point, I would tell anyone, unless you enjoy being ignored during your house buying process, don't use them. Explore other home buying alternatives. I assure you that I followed all of the programs requirements in a timely manner. I have filed complaints properly, to no avail.
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I used naca to purchase my condo in Kansas City. The program is WONDERFUL and delivers every promise it makes. The downside of the program is that you will have a lot of hoops & paperwork to go through, which can be very frustrating. So if you are looking to purchase ASAP the program in not for you. I went to my initial workshop and had my first meeting with my counselor in Feb 07, I got my approval letter in May 07 (you have to wait 3 months to get the letter to show that you can budget and save for the mortage amount you qualify for.) I took 6 months to find my new home. I am very picky...lol. There was about 3 weeks between the time I submitted a contract to closing on my home. Like I said before its a great program, but you will have to stay on top of your housing consultant and I would suggest working with a real estate agent that has worked with the program before, as they can speed things along since they know how the program works.
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People love the idea of NACA, but they hate NACA in practice. I can only comment on the Chicago branch. You can call 30 times in one day and never reach anyone. They are reluctant to give out fax numbers or email addresses. Most clients who begin with NACA close elsewhere.

I have heard better things regarding NACA modifications, but those things were still bad. There are HUD approved agencies that are much better than NACA.

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I have not had one good experience with them. The delays are unbelievable and once you're signed up, we could not get a live person on the phone! Not one of mine closed on time and you know the chaos that causes!

Good luck!
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NACA is a crock of BS. I went to the Save the Dream event in Chicago in July. When I went I was 2 months behind in my mortgage payments. Yes. It is true they will work with the lender at the beginning stage to try to work out an affordable solution. I was very excited at first because they negotiated and lowered my payment by almost $500 per month. This was a forbearance and NOT A LONG TERM SOLUTION. I accepted this temporary agreement and was told by NACA and my servicer that the loan would be permanantly modified if I completed the 4 month trial payments and/or forbearance successfully. After the 4 months they did not modify my loan but decided that I needed another 3 month trial period and lowered the payment even more. I successfully completed this forbearance as well. My mortgage company still would not modify the loan. Aslo, I was not aware that even though they agreed to lower the payment for the forbearance, the balance of the agreed principal and interest is still due and payable. All late charges continue to accrue. Now, as opposed to being 2 months behind, I am now 6 months behind. NACA DOES NOT HAVE AN AGREEMENT WITH THESE LENDERS TO HELP YOU. EVEN IF YOU ENTER INTO A TRIAL OR FORBEARANCE PERIOD, YOUR LENDER STILL DOES WHATEVER THEY WANT TO DO. NACA does not assist you in a LONG TERM SOLUTION. In my opinion NACA helps the lender to make money from the poor people who obviously cannot afford to keep their home. I am now worse off than I was before dealing with NACA. I would have done better just dealing with the Servicer myself
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We are a registered NACA home inspection firm and truthfully have had massive complications in the process of completing reports for them according to their guidelines. On top of that, one of our inspectors found SIGNIFICANT building issues in a new construction single family that were not completed or repaired prior to the final walk through with nary a concern from those on the NACA side. How is that helping the participant? The money saved in the financing will soon be spent dealing with the same defects that should have prevented said client from closing!

While we all agree that the premise and mission of NACA is fantastic, there is much left to be desired regarding their follow through.
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NACA IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!! They lie to keep you hooked and only give you a small portion of the story to try and satisfy you long enough to hang in there for another week or two (which always turns into a month.) PARTICULARLY in the Chicago area, you DO NOT want to use NACA. I can't empasize this enough. They promise big and NEVER deliver. You will never be able to get a hold of them, they will refuse to see you in person, and they will try to blame the bank on their errors -- they lie to avoid taking responsibility and you will NEVER see your dream of owning a home come to fruition. It simply isn't possible with this program, and I feel so horrible for all the people it takes advantage of -- and without any regard to your feelings. They will only e-mail (if you get any contact with them at all), and you will be completely devastated at their inability to fulfill the dream they promised you. We are 6 months in, and no sign of closing is even in sight. Good luck if you go down this path, but I highly, highly, HIGHLY advise you not to!! You have been warned....
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If you have any questions about our Organization, NACA and it's validity, please go to our website http://www.naca.com and our forum http://forums.naca.com/forum where you can interact with other homeowners/members and receive quick responses from our NACA staff to any concerns you may have.

You will find members from the Home Save and Purchase program that post their progress. This is extremely helpful to other members. Members can ask questions, get clarification and express their concerns.
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I thought it was just me having such a problem with NACA. I have been working with the Birmingham office for over a year and have had no success. I've done everything they have asked and it has not helped. I would not recommend anyone try the Birmingham office. Most of the people that worked in the office don't have a clue what they are doing. So, the underwriter could tell them anything and they go along with it. I have called the home office and it has not done any good.
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Do modular homes qualify?
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I am currently working with NACA in NC and it is hell. Rude and disrespecful. I currently have horrible credit. A bankruptcy and a short sale. They dont seem to be so bothered by the bankruptcy, now 2 years old, but the short sale; boy, they act like I committed a federal crime. It took everything I had not to loose it during my meeting today. I know I made a bad financial decision by getting into an ARM, but you said you would work with me. Now my alternative forms of credit have changed.

First it was a credit card, storage bill, and car insurance. Now it can't be the credit card because it's a line of credit and she never told me that.

Then she told me to keep the balance below 1/2 the credit limit to bld good credit. Today she says it should be $0. Okayyyyyyyy

I started a new alt credit line because the book says 3 - 4, she told me NO why are you spending money. My other alt credit has to be utility bills paid current for 6 mths. The book says 12 months. So am I qualified in 6 months or another full 12 mths? I am so frustrated.
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NACA is WACKA. I worked for NACA and they discriminate against any employee who questions their pay rate. NACA which has to be against labor laws pays staff members one salary when in office, i.e. $14/hr then when you go on a tour they want to pay another salary i.e. $11.hr. They use some complicated formula that changes every tour so you don't know how to calculate their pay. Their systems don't work, the computer system crashes, or is so slow it takes a ridiculous amount of time to complete files or documents are lost because the fax system, upload, or email options don't work properly. The phone system is crap, customers can hear the couselors around you better than they can hear the counselor their supposed to be talking to. The IT & HR depts are understaffed and all technical resources is controlled by one guy in Boston named Scotty Nguyen. The website is crap, It's not user friendly and requires input of a 10-step process that really should be about 2 steps. They drop the ball on a homeowners proposals from banks, then turn around and blame the banks when the bank closes the file for lack of response. Homeowners lose their homes not just because of the banks but because of NACA. The organization is totally disorganized, no accountability and members personal information is subject to security risks i.e. their SSN, DOB, address are all available to staff members that do not require a thorough or timely background checks or any national, state or regulated licensing. CEO Bruce Marks, a good organizer, passionate leader but the rest of management team lacks significant leadership skills and experience. There is no process for hiring, promoting or accepting the varied experience and skills sets of staff members that have loss jobs/careers in corporate america and would help the company move forward. Promotions are based on all about who you know, whose ass you kissed, who you gave sexual favors to and you better not question them or you will get fired. This rebel organization don't like or care for rebels. Anyone who questions management responsibility to members (homeowners), or staff will be terminated if they continue. If they don't become a cheerleader for the organization they will be ostracized or terminated. Working for this organization is pure, cheap slave labor. They pit Hispanic workers against African-American/Black and white workers, promoting Hispanics who has worked for the company less than the 90 day probation period while other minority or white employees with similar skills are not given the same opportunities to advance. The Hispanic workers don't outwardly question any of NACA's tactics. They keep their mouth shut in the face of slave labor hours and pay. NACA is a fraud, playing Russian roulette with the lives of homeowners and its staff.
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I went to a Naca home save event in West Palm beach last weekend( February 25th 2010). The process took 18 hours the first day,and 10 hours the second day, with about 10 hours of preparation at home the day before the event getting all my documents together. The lines are long but worth the wait. When it was over I went from a n adjustable rate( 7.32 at lowest 13.32 at highest) to a fixed rate of 5.05 no change in my maturity date and lowered my payment 420.00 a month! I really worked some people got loans reduced to 2% fixed!
Very grateful, Jim
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In April 2009, I paid NACA the fee they require to start the process of running my credit to qualify for a home purchase. The NACA representative I met started the process in the same month. She informed me that I had an excellent credit and that I "pretty much qualify" for a home purchase. After my meeting with her, she called me a couple of times requesting additional documents, which I faxed and she acknowledged receiving them. Then, the communications suddenly ceased. I called the NACA office to inquire about the status of my case, and I was told my rep no longer worked there and that my case was assigned to another representative, who was not available to talk to me. Every time I called the NACA office to get in touch with my "new representative," she was never available and never returned my calls. It has been several months since NACA received the fee I paid, and never delivered on the service they promised. I complained to this NACA office as well as to their headquarter, but I was ignored. Stay away from them. NACA is a scam...
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STAY AWAY from NACA Los Angeles. I tried using their Buyers program and just had a horrible experience! I have excellent credit and was told in the beginning my file would be easy and painless. 7 months later I have gone through 2 mortgage counselors and still have not received a response saying that my file has been given to the underwriter!! In my 28 years of existence this is BY FAR the worst customer service I have ever received. Don't get your hopes high, this organization is a joke.
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NACA is currently taking advantage of people desperate for a job. They hold long indoctrinating job fairs that trick people into volunteering for the organization for a chance to "show off their skills".

First off, the whole program is (for the most part) funded by tax dollars, so this is spreading the cost out to everyone not eliminating it.
Second, NACA uses communist tactics (and an unfair law) to force banks to make these loans. They are taking people(for the most part) that are not credit worthy and making them appear credit worthy thru their "program". If these people were responsible with their money they could get a loan from traditional sources.

Why is it unfair to look at a person's past payment history instead of their future (that is dictated by NACA)? Moreover, what is wrong with a down payment?

NACA borrowers have a lower interest rate (because of their unethical practices) but the borrower still has to pay thousands in fees to NACA (added to their payments) and volunteer (free labor).

Educate yourself about a free market society… if you value such a system.
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NACA promotes irresponsibility, not justice

Actually NACA and other "non-profit" companies like them are part of the problem with lending today. They are federally funded and are invented to carry out political agendas. They actually help very few people. Borrowers have to jump through hoops to get a loan from them and most have to wait 7-14 months for a loan (missing closing dates and defaulting on sale agreements)
I think it is funny that they admit hounding and harassing banks to get them to loan money to extremely high risk borrowers (by threatening discrimination through redlining) ; now that those same people are defaulting on their homes NACA has the temerity to harass the companies again to let them refinance or let them keep their homes without paying what they agreed in the first place. And NACA wears this with a badge of honor?
NACA may seem good on the surface but it is just a tool for some political scheme.
They are advertising a type of loan that got the market in trouble in the first place.
• No credit/bad credit
• No money down
• No closing costs
• Very low interest rate
If the borrower does not have anything invested in a property to begin with then they are more likely to walk away from it without fulfilling their agreement.
NACA promotes irresponsibility with their communist like tactics.
In a free market, lenders will be more selective when making loans (they are the ones putting up the money), but organizations like NACA make threats and do anything they can to disrupt a free market.
I don’t agree with the term "predatory lender" because this is removing the responsibility of the borrower in the agreement. A loan is a contract that is agreed to by ALL parties involved. The borrower does not have to enter into the agreement. If laws were broken in connection with a contract, then the contract is voidable anyway. If people would educate themselves about contracts just a TAD before going around signing them, then most of these problems wouldn't exist.
Actually I think that predatory borrowing is more of a problem than predatory lending. The borrower will say anything and falsify anything just to get a loan, then when they can't pay it back they claim to be a victim of "the evil predatory lenders".
The current economic collapse was caused by ignorance, but that is another rant. :)
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Well I must say that I have had a very frustrating experience with NACA but your rant is off base. The People that represent NACA...SUCK...They are unprofessional and could care less about what's going on with the house that you are attempting to purchase....Now with that said...Their program does outline based on your debt to income ratio what you can actually afford. NACA does not approve a loan amount for you instead they crunch the numbers and tell you that you can afford a $750 or $3500 house note based on your financial information. You will not be approved to submit an offer on a property that does not meet the financial criteria laid out to you. This part of the program is not a bad thing as it keeps a person or couple from overbuying on a house....So you make 100K as a couple and have good credit...so a bank approved you for $300K home loan which is about a $1900 or more monthly note. That would not happen with NACA...but they still SUCK....because of the people they hire
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Watch some of the videos linked from the organization's Web site. It's a thoroughly unpleasant group of people whipping up the worst sentiments in people who've been victimized and victimizing them further to pursue an agenda.
Web Reference: http://yochicago.com
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Did the workshop, met with my counselor and provided all the information in the booklet along with anything extra I was asked to provide. That was 3 months ago. I've called, e-mailed, volunteered and can get no answers. I live in Los Angeles. I won't stop pursuing the matter but I could not ever recommend this organization to anyone. Seems like a bunch of hype with no followthrough. Now I'm sending certified letters to the corporate office to see if anyone there cares. Doesn't say much about the organization that my counselor was the national director and he has done nothing with my case in three months and I can't reach him to save my life. Even when I go on the website and type in my ID number, no information is available. SAD SAD SAD. Anyway, I finally got an appointment for March 18. We'll see what happens. I'm on the verge of reporting them to the BBB or any organization that will document their bad behavior. This is crazy. And they continue to recruit new members... they can't handle the clients they have now!!!
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There are many buyer incentive programs to choose from. What benefits of this program are most appealing to you. Perhaps they can be found in another less controversial loan program?
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Look on Trulia for other threads on this. There has been lots of discussion and experiences shared. My take away was that it was lots of promise but lshort on delivery. There were a few positives but not as many as the negatives.
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Jed Lane; Fog…, Real Estate Pro in San Francisco, CA

Here's a link to their website which is pretty comprehensive and looks to provide a lot of resources and information. https://www.naca.com/index_main.jsp

Web Reference: http://www.KDRchicago.com
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I went to NACA event yesterday. I was there for 4.5 hours. There were only 2 lenders there boa and Wells Fargo . There were hundreds of people there and 4 loans were modified. All by Wells Fargo. They announce it to the crowd as if its a rally. Giving hope to everyone in attendance that they too may get a modification. Corrine brown was even in attendance to congratulate all 4 homeowners!
I was impressed by the process and the friendliness of the Advocate but turned off by some of the questions gathered. She was required to ask me my religion!!!! What? That is not anyone's business. If you think people aren't collecting data about you for a specific reason your wrong! There is a purpose. Not sure what the purpose of that one is but I hate to guess. After they collect everything there is to know about you except your party preference if your lender is not boa or wells they only forward the info to them.
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If you are a home seller that's trying to sell to a NACA client, I have one advice for you, don't do it. Actually, I suggest that you run away from NACA program. The average time to close a real estate transaction in Illinois is about 45 days but with NACA you will be lucky if your transaction closes in 190 days and even then it may never close. As for buyers, anyone with decent credit and job and can afford a home will not go to NACA in the first place. I was involved with four real estate transactions with NACA helping clients and I have promised myself not to do it again, never.
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Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA): IMPROVE THE INFRASTRUCTURE, STOP PREYING ON THE PEOPLE!

NACA portrays itself as a non-profit, community advocacy and homeownership organization. NACA professes its primary goal is to build strong, healthy neighborhoods in urban and rural areas nationwide through affordable homeownership. NACA maintains they are committed to providing honest and effective counseling to its Members, enabling those with poor credit scores to purchase a home or refinance a predatory loan. With dissatisfied members and unhappy employees, is this a seemingly unachievable mission?

NACA’s leader/CEO Bruce Marks, is a forefront leader and advocate of rights for the underdog and always takes the "junkyard dog" approach when fighting! Unfortunately, Bruce Marks is unable to have the same commitment and fight for his own employees. Bruce Marks is all about making things look nice on paper so he can continue to receive government and bank funding to keep he and his family living the lifestyle they have become accustomed to while his largely African American and Hispanic employees are losing their homes, cars, filing bankruptcy, relying on food stamps to feed their families and the list goes on because these employees are paid sub-pay standard wages. Bruce Marks prides himself and brags about paying top dollar for his Harvard lawyers. One has to wonder if these high priced Harvard lawyers are paid to clean up Bruce Mark’s indiscretions behind the scenes while he’s out in front distracting the public of his own shames by staying out in the forefront of the press or throwing other organizations under the bus. All the while our eyes stay focused on what’s going on in the front as to take your eyes off what’s really happening behind the scenes.

NACA believes in investing in working people and they believe they are the answer to subprime and predatory lending. NACA states they have conclusively shown that when working people get the benefit of a prime rate loan, they can resolve their financial problems, make mortgage payments and become prime borrowers. What if NACA adapted that same belief and philosophy with its employees; NO more sub-pay, replace benefiting from a prime rate to benefiting from prime income; NO more predatory hiring practices, replace it with fair and equitable treatment. NACA’s employee base is largely African American and Hispanic and with these changes NACA employees in all 41 branches could resolve their financial problems too!

NACA’s largely African American and Hispanic employees are poorly paid, not properly trained or educated to be efficient and effective in carrying out all of their duties to assist the members. Most NACA offices are under staffed, some only having one mortgage counselor. Thus, the members of the organization are not being properly counseled, serviced and in many instances not being seen at all. Effective April 1, 2012 NACA lowered it already sub-pay compensation plan for Mortgage Counselors (MC) to an all time low. There is tremendous turnover in the majority of the offices because the employees are unable to survive on the $8 per hour “draw” not salary. Draw really means “temporary income” you have to pay all the money you’ve accumulated at $8 per hour back to NACA once you close on a loan which yields a commission of $450 to $1,000; there are Mortgage Counselors who are indebted to NACA for thousands of dollars because the timeframe to close on a home is unrealistic compared to the illustration provided in the job description and the salary they advertise in their job postings……simply put, most Mortgage Counselors are not able to close loans and if you don’t close loans you don’t make money. It can take on an average of 6-9 months to close one loan. Pause! If NACA is claiming the purchase staff (namely unlicensed mortgage counselors) are only housing counselors and not loan officers (mortgage counselors) then why is the pay structured as a loan officer who work on commission? Hmm...

Most of NACA’s mid and upper level management lacks the experience, education and proper training for the “titles” and positions they hold. They too, are not provided with the proper training and resources to help their staff. Most if not everyone in management is wearing more than one hat and incapable of focusing on what matters and what the organization is supposed to be about. They are unable to provide the right assistance and guidance to keep the organization in sync. As a result, improper counseling leads to the inability to effectively close loans resulting in the employee not being paid for their work.

A large percentage of NACA members never get through the process meanwhile more and more new members are solicited
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The Home Buying Program is a sham! Do not get involved with this scam company. They will string you along for months, in my case 2 YEARS and like the previous commentors..all they ask for is documents over and over again ...Three "loan officers" were fired from the Tampa and Jacksonville office for not being licensed loan officers..this "nonprofit" is paid $75 per person per month by the US Government to "counsel" clients on budgeting and home ownership and all they say is to pay your bills without coming up with a game plan. I am self employed have 0 debt earn over 4k per month and was told I was "approved" in December. I put down escrow funds ordered an inspection even tented or termites only to find out that I was not really approved..the loan officer lied and gave me fake documents! Run far and fast from this scam..all they really want is the $75 per client per month from the government..can you say ACORN Housing all over again!
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NACA (The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) makes unsolicited, unwanted, and recorded phone calls to people on the Federal Do Not Call List.

I know. I am someone who is on the Do Not Call List, and today I received a recorded phone call from Bruce Marks. My caller ID said "Out of Area".

I have reported this phone call to the Federal Trade Commission.

They seem very sleazy, especially if they have to make such calls to people in order to drum up business.

I would recommend staying AS FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS YOU CAN!!
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they force you to use the rehab program and all the contractors inflat their quotes because it's such a hassle to deal with naca. I bought my own supplies and had a family member install. for the $940 they tried to bill me I paid about $75 bucks. Then it took over 8 mths to get naca to adjust my loan balance (they add it to your priniciple balance) by the $940. email after email threats after threats.
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Entered my information on the website...read the "Me ember Agreement" and you know what, if there is NO service guaranty from them but WE Members must suck it up they can shove it where the sun don't shine.
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If you have about a year or two and lots of flexibilities, then NACA is for you. I bought my home Jan 2011. It was a 2 year ordeal. I am sorry for those who have to use NACA to buy their home. Despite the pain it was well worth it. At least my husband got a lot of his financial act together and me too :-), but his was a great mess.

I work as an assistant to a previous NACA rep that now is a real estate agent. It takes our clients that use naca about a year to close. Most of them have to suffer until the closing date; but they still send us a lot of people because NACA is the only hope they have to ever buying a home. Many are always willing to give references. NACA is for those that are willing to pay the price in hard work and perseverance as well to repair their credit.

Some of our sellers don't like NACA because of the unpunctuality but they still deal with them because despite the loooooooong time they take, NACA is a sure thing for those that persists and do all the dreading things they ask for (lots of documentations and paper work.) Some seller send us people because they know that we can help them pass the NACA challenge and also willing to give references.

For us as a very small real estate office using NACA, we are unable to make a decent profit since naca has a lot of limitations. It takes a lot of work to be qualified by NACA. Most people don't want to do the work or don't have the time to get their file and all together. Anyhow, buying a home is not easy, even if you have a lot of money and can buy cash. We call most of our clients frequently, help them in every thing including cleaning their credit; we take them by the hand.

As for now we are restructuring in order to be able to help people and make some profit. But we will offer more alternatives to NACA for our clients. Also, most people that use naca is because of imperfect credit or they want no down, no closing cost and a very low interest rate. That is the very good part of the deal. Most people are very skeptical until they move into their new home or see their friends into one. They often say, if they can, I can. If you ask around you will find someone who bought with naca no far from you.

I do think that NACA does not take care of its employees. They are overworked and sacrifice their family time. They have a high turnover. The paid may be average considering the large hours they give.

Good luck in buying a home. If I could be of any help contact me at lorenvisaez@yahoo.com
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Well, the paperwork required is very stressful but I did get my home with NACA and there are some ups and down but at the end, it is how much you want it? Can you take the pressure? Also, I saved a lot with NACA on my loan. If you have a good counselor who knows what they are doing the process might be less stressful. It is what it is. When it comes to Bruce Marks I have nothing bad to say.
You cannot be in a hurry with them it took me 8 months. When you have God on your side you can do all things.
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I went to their workshop in Atlanta and I have heard nothing but good things about them here. I do know it is a process that can take some time. In this area once you go to the workshop it usually takes about six months for your first appointment but they tell you everything you need to have to move forward. I have heard that real estate companies generally don't like them because it takes away from their business. But you should go to the workshop. If you buy a house through them you could end up saving a lot of money on things like closing costs.
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We are a real estate company located near Houston, Texas. We referred approximately 200 of our clients to NACA and not one of them closed! Many of them had great credit scores. We contacted CEO Bruce Mark and never received a reply. We sent countless emails to other departments (no replies). It appears that NACA was only interested in receiving the membership fees from our clients.
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We purchased our home in 2006 through NACA's Atlanta office. It was a seamless transaction! They walked us through every step of the homebuying process -- and we got an interest rate of on 4.875%. I underdstand that recent homebuyers have had problems with NACA but, for us, NACA was a godsend. We might not be homeowners if not for this worthwhile program.
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Ceecee10’s I would contact the office manager patwell@naca.com, it may not make it faster but if things continue to come up then you have a history. also, every question and concern should be sent thru the naca site because more people will see it other than your counselor.
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@ Keeping My Cool in Raleigh NC

I am currently working with the NACA office in Raleigh, NC. How long did it take (beginning to end) to purchase your house? Did you have any problems closing? My husband and I are almost at our wits end with our counselor. We have completed all our tasks, got over the required amount for MRF, and now waiting for our file to be sent to the underwriter. I was recently told by my MC via email that she doesn't have to time during office hours (unless someone cancel an appt.) to complete our file for submission to the underwriter and has to work on it after work hours. Then, I got the don't contact me I will contact you vibe from her. Are there any good counselors at this location that I should switch to? Or is everyone busy and hard to work with?
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Just closed with NACA. The positive, I would have never been able to get this house without the program.

The negative - slow, unprofessional, and they lie (alot). You really have to work the loan, constantly calling, sending emails, and forseeing issues that may arise. It took 2 months to close even after the NACA prequalification. My prelimary bank info was $2800 less than what was asked of me at closing and they gave me this total 2 hrs before closing.

You have to really, really, really want the house and really really really need to buydown your interest rate to afford the monthly payment, otherwise you will loose your religion with these people and their ridiculous process.

Raleigh NC
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I went to the Naca workshop in Baltimore in November 2010. My one on one appt was then set up for January 2011. I went to the appointment & I once I got there I was told that my appt was cancelled. It got rescheduled a for a month later. So 2 days before I went I called to confirm my appointment & the receptionist said I was scheduled. So, I went in again & was told that noone was available to help me. So at this point im pissed. I left work early & paid for parking twice already and they couldn't call me to tell me this. So anyway I have my appt resheduled for today so I just called them & they say my counselor been out for a week sick so I need to reschedule smh screw NACA im done with them.
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Purchasing: I attended a purchase workshop in January 2010, I finally got approved in December 20th, I was given a preaproval letter and was told that I am now NACA approved and can start looking for a home. Friday January 7th my realtor sent a fully executed purchase contract to my counselor. My NACA counselor told us that NACA AT THIS TIME DOES NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED LICENSE TO DO HOME LOANS???????and that at this time I must stop shopping for a home ?????Is NACA out of business finally. NACA NEEDS TO STOP MISLEADING PEOPLE AND MAKING FALSE PROMISES. Someone should go and protest into Bruce Marks office just like he does lenders.
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Ok. I want to clear the air of some perceptions.
I have had a horrible time corresponding directly to NACA. That is something you will get with the sheer volume of calls.
But it has been even worse dealing with Bank of America directly. BofA wouldn't even talk to me for 6 months about changing my loan till NACA got involved.
Once NACA was involved, then BofA actually transferred me to the NACA phone bank each time I called instead of their own. Like that would absolve them.
Now BofA won't get back to NACA or me. That is BofA's fault not NACA.

I have only paid a $20 voluntary fee for NACA participation and have not been asked for a dime more by them. If you are paying them something more, it's because you decided to make an additional donation.

If you want to blame anyone, blame the ones that put you into the situation that you even needed to ask someone like a NACA type organization. NACA isn't at fault. Blame the borrower that won't work with you.
If the banks were cooperative, NACA and other organizations would cease to exist.
Good f*>#$ luck working with the bank.
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I have been a NACA member for 12 years. I lost my job in 2003 and was unemployed for 2 years. Being a NACA member I did not know they were suppose to help me. So I lived off my retirement money until I found new employment. I was employed again until the end of 2008. This time I call NACA after I was 30 days behind in my mortgage. I paid 50.00 extra every year toward my mortgage to contribute to the fund that is suppose to help you when you get behind in your mortgage. Well the nightmare started when I tried to get help.
Don't get me wrong it is very easy to become a NACA member. But never loose your job and need help then the truth about NACA will be revealed. I contributed 3.000.00 dollars for 5 yeas paying an extra 50.00 per month to NACA. All I asked for was 1 month payment to make my mortgage current. Since Oct 2008 to now Oct 2010 they have yet to make the payment to my mortgage company. When I first contacted NACA for help I was assigned a worker. He told me to relax for 3 months and take my time finding a job. That did not make any since to me. I know after 3 months your house starts to go into foreclosure. So I called back after a couple of weeks and talked with his supervisor. She said no that's not how it works. They had me go before a peer committee to be approved for the payment. Mind you the peer committee are other NACA members like yourself. I had been a NACA member longer than anyone on the peer committee. Also I had to send in mortgage payment receipts along with unemployment payment proof etc. The corporate office is in North Carolina so I faxed the paper work. The same worker that told me to wait 3 months then find a job kept saying he did not receive my paperwork that I faxed to him. I told him I was going to the NACA office in my area and make sure he got the paperwork. There was a pause in his voice then. After that I felt this was a Scam. I was approved by the peer committee to receive the one month payment. That's when the supervisor and worker started the madness. Every other week I would check my mortgage online and the payment was not made. I called my worker and he said he send the payment to the mortgage company.
I talked to his supervisor and she said she released the payment. I told her my credit was being messed up as long as I stayed a month behind. She said they were not concerned about my credit.
So every other week for over 1 year the bank kept saying it was not sent to them. My worker and his supervisor were hanging up the phone on me as soon as I said my name. My phone number was blocked from their office desk phone, I could only reach them being transferred through the switchboard. I kept professional when talking with them. They know they were giving me the run around and did not make the payment. I was also put on hold and they would never return to the phone. Emails were not even responded to. I called the CEO Bruce Marks and left a long voicemail message about what I was going through with his my worker and his supervisor He never returned my call. I believe they were just doing their job ordered by him. The feel the reason why it is easy to get into a home through NACA, they make money off of you. You have to volunteer your time also make 50.00 payments to them every month for 5 years. I also had to pay 3,000 dollars to get into my home for down payment. Invested the 3,000.00 for 5 years. You might as well go through the bank yourself. That is a 6,000.00 down payment.
Also when I was out of work for the 2 years I did not ask for NACA help. My home almost when up for foreclosure because of my 2 second mortgage. I was not aware that Bank of America was not suppose to give me a second mortgage because I am a NACA recipient but they did. I had to pay the attorney fees etc to save my home.
NACA sued Bank of America. But they work together scamming people. Do Your Research.
My worker kept saying he did not get it. So I went to the NACA office in my are and they put the paperwork in the system. I’m looking for a lawyer to get my money back
that I invested for 5 years. NACA is working with the Bank Scamming people.
They are making money and the bank is going to make money by reselling your home.
This NACA Program needs to be investigated by the Government. NACA recipients
that get help from NACA have jobs and just fall behind. If you loose your job
NACA will not help you. Please research these programs.
I spoke well of NACA until I needed one month payment that I was suppose to get..
I apologize for being long winded. This was a very frustrating experience.
There have been NACA member’s that have unfortunately lost their homes.
Don’t believe the hype about NACA. They need to be investigated.
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*******OK guys, I am one of the lucky ones.*********** No, I did not go through this program. I worked with the bank for 2 years. Just a quick note, I have never had a late payment . I owed more than my house was worth and I had a hardship, I had cancer. So, keep this in mind when you read this story please.
At first my bank said "we do not have that program yet, then we will get it soon, then we have it but no one knows how to contact them, then it finally was yes we have one and I will put you through to the "Loan Modification Department"." I was constantly told that I had the wrong paperwork. I did not sign the correct spots, my pay stubs were out of date ( because the bank was taking way way to long to do anything). Then we happened to mention that I was getting unemployment on the phone when talking to the bank. The next thing we know we are asked for a document that the unemployment office never was able to provide. Finally I had to go off unemployment just to start the whole process again. Sigh; then we started the whole process again, new paperwork, new paystubs, me off of unemployment. Finally we got an answer, we do not qualify and when I asked why they said they did not have to tell me why, I just did not qualify. I had had it with the bank, I looked on the Making home affordable Web site and we did qualify. I went to my Congresswoman and complained. My congresswoman sent the bank a letter. The day after they received the letter I got a call from the bank ( which had never happened in the 2 years ) I had always had to call them. I was told that I qualify with the paperwork I sent in and they would be sending me paper work to sign. We qualified and had a 3 month trial period where we had to make the LOWER payment. As if we would not be able to pay a lower payment. We passed with flying colors and now have a new lower interest loan with 80 some odd taken off of the top of our loan and an interest rate of 2% for something like 4 years then it increases a little. Contact your bank ask for the "Loan Modification Department". My bank was WellsFargo. Do everything you need to do, go to the web site on Making homes affordable http://makinghomeaffordable.gov/ it will help you through the process, then also contact your congress person it could not hurt and it may help. That is not all the story but I hope it gives you a direction to go in.
Have faith, never stop, send in the paperwork over and over again, resend new pay stubs, KEEP Records of who and when and what department you talked to. How long you waited on the phone, how may departments you were transferred to and how may hang ups you got. You may never get the same person twice, but you would be amazed at how interested the news papers are about stories about people given the run around who actually kept records and notes of conversations. Another avenue to get the banks to work with you. And Yes I did that as well but I called them I never waited for anyone to contact me. Is it hard to do, hell yes, can you do it if you qualify? I really don't know, but I never gave up and never took "NO" for an answer and I did it. You never give up ether! Good Luck,
IF anyone wants to contact me my email address is mrdennis88888@yahoo.com
Good Luck.
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Went to the October 1st-5th Save The Dream event in LA at the convention center. My number in line was well in excess of 37,000. I attended the orientation and was told to go home and wait for a text or e-mail to go to the next step. I got an e-mail the very next day with an apology from NACA saying there were too many people to accomodate at the LA event BUT...I got a priority invite to attend the event in Sacramento October 8th-11th where I WILL be face to face with a counsellor and my lender. Yea, it's a drive from so cal to Sacramento but if it'll save my home, so be it. Good job so far NACA, thanks.
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Well, I am in the NACA Purchase program and beginning to lose confidence. I went to the workshop and scheduled my appointment and had all the documents needed for when I met with the counselor for the first time. When I met with the NACA counselor he gave me a to do list that I needed to complete in order to become NACA approved. The counselor set up another appointment for three months later. At that appointment I completed every item on the to do list, including the payment shock. The counselor then began to give me other documents to complete and when I asked why he did not give it to me before, he admitted that no one ever returns to the follow up appointment completing everything on the to do list. He apologized. I had the additional documents completed within 2 days and submitted it to the NACA counselor. Now here is where the problems began. The counselor was supposed to submit my file to the lender, he told me it should take 72 hours for to hear something back from the Lender. After over a week I started calling and emailing the counselor with no response and when I called the office, no one would put him on the phone and he was the only one I could speak to. I made a face to face appointment with him online for the following week and when I met with the couselor he told me that he was sorry that he forgot about me and did not know how I fell out of his radar. He submitted my file to the lender while I was in his office and told me again about the 72 hour wait. Needless to say, two months later, I still have no NACA approval/qualification letter. I have to send numerous emails and calls before I finally get in touch with the counselor. The lender has come back three times requesting the same documentation from old creditors, wanting them to reword what was already submitted. Every time they ask for something else I get it back to them within 2 days and the game starts over where I try to get in touch with the counselor or his supervisor. I am past the frustration stage and am just waiting to see what happens next. I wish things did not have to be so difficult, but it seems like this is how it is when people are asking for assistance. I am praying for patience and hopefully things will have worked out by the end of this roller coaster.

Patient in Maryland.
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it seems to me that buyers and realitors are the ones that are complaining What about the save a house program for people that are paying their mortgage and want some help getting their equity back ? I am going to go to a work shop & see what it is about Nothing to loose I am not selling or buying, just want my mortgage to be what the home is worth now not 5 years ago when i paid inflated prices
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I just got involved with them. It appears that the process does take time. The buyer has to show they can make the payments. I see the comments from a Real Estate Agent in CA an how their client who went through NACA lost their down payment. Problem there is through the NACA program working with NACA agents there is NO down payment. I also know that here in Atlanta there are hundreds of people going to the purchasing workshops that are held every other weekend and currently they are scheduling initial appointments for intake six months out. So yes when you are dealing with that load of people it can take time. Consider that some of the negative comments are a result of people not going into their appointments with the proper documents needed. The workshop gives you a workbook outlining what is needed. Also consider that the program offers no closing costs so some one isn't getting their fat little fees somewhere. And I have heard several testimonials from people that say they were able to buydown their interest rate to less than 1% over 30 years. You have to take the negative comments with a grain of salt.
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I am a Real Estate Agent. Our client is a client of NACA and was getting thier home funded through them.. We got into a contract. The seller and sellers agent were very patient...
It has been the most ridiculous situation we have ever been in. I am embarrassed to be a part of it. But I try hard for my client who is the one losing here.
A normal escrow period is 30-45 days. Appraisal should be ordered and completed within 14 days of acceptance. 2 MONTHS LATER... NACA still cant get it together to order the appraisal, or answer a single question straight forward. Millions of calls, millions of emails and 2 MONTHS LATER after several extensions later... The NACA rep casually says... oh dont worry, I can save the deal.. I just need an extension.... OH REALLY? THATS ALL? How about getting the appraisal done that we have been begging for since the beginning? How about finally drawing up the paperwork (no not the loan docs) that NACA says the buyer needs to fill out to order the appraisal?? We beg and beg and beg every single day... 1. For NACA to do their job that we are not allowed to do so our buyer can get this property AND 2. for the seller not to cancel on us even though we have completely lost face to them and look like bums and liars.

Here we almost 3 MONTHS LATER. .... NACA has done NOTHING... and The seller is cancelling the contract. The buyer is losing their deposit. The buyer has lost the apartment they were living in believing the lies NACA told and has no where to move.

I have no idea what kind of SCAM this is... but we (buyers, both agents and sellers) have done everything from the beginning, while NACA did nothing. I am sick to my stomach that our client is going through this.

There must be a scary reason why they tell people, that buyers don't need decent credit to buy.
I wish I had a criminals mind in order to figure out where they are scamming people, but believe it.


A hardworking person, left homeless, out $2000, stressed out, sad, betrayed.

Can someone do something about the psychos?????
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Contact your congressmen or congresswoman and they will help you get through this situation. I hope that things work out for the best!
Flag Thu May 31, 2012
Wherever this person lives you should contact your congressmen formally in writing and I guarantee you, that something will happen then. I pray that things work out for the good with this information.
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I worked there and they could do better with the customer service. The problem is the CEO is greedy and takes on more than he can handle for the gov't pay outs. He underpays and sometimes didn't pay us. Cheated us out of money too that many of us can't recoup. The phones are horrible and they treated us with an utter lack of respect. From working 18 hours a day at NACA save the dream tours, to reducing our wages for these tours, to messed up travel and lodging arrangements that did result in workers sleeping on floors in hotels it's CRAZY. Discrimination against the disabled, ridiculous rules, unjust terminations, this place is riddled with law suits. Being investigated by OSHA, US Dept of Labor and EEOC for major violations. From felons working there looking at sensative information to a wanted fugative working as a supervisor, I am shocked this place is still standing. They have lost over 250 employees in the last 90 days. There will continue to be massive hold times, dropped calls, incomplete files and members waiting desperately to hear back from the bank. People beware. Be prayerful and please fight for yourselves. As far as the purchase program, it's good but long and tedious. That's the only good part with this. But you can't rent out the home, you must volunteer 5x a year for NACA and pay $50 a month in your mortgage for a NACA neighborhood stabilization fee for 10 years. Think think think.
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Our goal is to have a method for our members to interact, share stories while providing NACA the ability to improve our Customer Service via your feedback.

We have launched The Official NACA’s Public Forum http://forums.naca.com/forum

Our forum is being monitored by NACA Staff and you will receive assistance and direction per your request.

Keep in mind that the forum is NOT a replacement for NACA Counseling. If you need to schedule an appointment to speak with a counselor, please do so through the main site: https://www.naca.com/ and logging into your Web File or call 888-404-6222 to speak to a NACA Representative.

Please also keep in mind as these forums are public in nature, DO NOT POST your NACA ID, password, email address, Social Security Number or Tax ID in these forum. Please also keep our forums free and clear of any profanity, racism, rude language, and inflammatory comments.

Thank you, and enjoy our NACA Public Forum http://forums.naca.com/forum

Ricardo Herrera
Online Operations | NACA
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This is a perfect liberal scam. Liberal whacko gets press for organising more liberal "victims". Government gives them money, the original liberal gets rich, running a very disfunctional entity, proclaiming his underdog status and helping poor people, slave wages, absolute incompetance at best. And this was stimulus money ? And its ongoing ? At $75.00 per customer to be consulted by someone who doesn't have a clue to what he's talking about ? Ahhh. Enjoying where your tax dollars are going ? Just like Obamacare, anything the government does it does incompetently and very expensive. A website built for $400 million dollars and threee years later it doesn't even work ? Ha! Just keep paying your taxes ! The IRS will be watching you ! And running your healthcare !
Flag Mon Nov 11, 2013
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