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Are the winter's as brutal in Wisconsin as everyone says?

Asked by Ben Aughenbaugh, New York, NY Fri Jul 27, 2007

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As a former yankee and a wife of a man from Wisconsin I've been in the weather quite a bit. It's all in what you are accustomed to. Wisconsin and the Great Lake States, in general, have had much less brutal winters in the last decade than what they previously had. Even when the winters are extremely cold it isn't as terrible as you might imagine. You will get quite comfortable with it soon and find your level of comfort in dressing for the weather and avoiding it at times.
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Winters are only what one thinks they are! To the person enjoying four seasons a year, winter is the quite time when everything sleeps. The blanket of snow protects some things and kills others. There are many things / activities to do and enjoy as long as you protect your body from the cold, which is no different than protecting your body against the heat or sun in warm areas. Same goes for your home the better the insulation the better protection from cold or heat! A lot of discussion about our Wisconsin winters has taken place for as long as I can remember and will continue I am sure, however, they are as different each year as the earth spins and changes but the four seasons are great, I for one love the variety we have here in northwestern Wisconsin! I hope that everyone would have an opportunity to have this experience once in their lifetime! It is nice not to have to sorry about some weather troubles like earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes and things, we only need to protect against cold when it comes a few months of the year. IT IS GREAT here in WISCONSIN!
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I would agree with most of the responses - WI winters can be very difficult with the cold weather and all the snow. I will say that Southern WI got a lot more snow this year than we did in Western WI (and we all felt bad for those in the "southern WI snow zone"). Summer and Fall are wonderful in WI and I look forward to enjoying the wildflowers that pop up and the fabulous fall colors. WI is a great state to live in - cold winters and all - (great people, too.)
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The winter of 2007-08 was brutal. One of the worst. But not as bad as Ohio and Minnesota, from what I hear. I believe the Great Lakes actually protect us from storms coming in from the west, south/west.
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Winters in Wisconsin can be brutal. This past winter was especially bad in many parts of WI including the Madison metro area. But one thing that is always so inspiring is the spirit and friendliness of WI residents. No sooner than the snow stops falling there are people outside helping to shovel their neighbors sidewalks, help push cars thru yet unplowed condo associations, and just checking on elderly neighbors. It may be cold and nasty outside but sometimes the worse it gets the more your neighbors are there to help.
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Brutal is not the word. STAY INSIDE AND STAY WARM. If your a skiier Wisconsin is GREAT!
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How is skiing in Wisconsin great when the tallest mountain we have is the Crivitz community landfill? It's as flat as a 9 year old girl here.
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We moved to WI from Ohio for a year and while it was cold it was also drier and the year we were there we had very little snow. The folks are friendly and know how to make the most of the winters, we loved the Sturgeon Bay area. Now we live in the California desert, BIG DIFFERENCE!
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Winters in Wisconsin's North can be long but there are so many activities that you don't suffer. The summers are beautiful, the fall is unbelievably colorful and the green that appears in the Spring when the snow goes is spectacular. I have lived in Chgo & California and I would take a Wisconsin winter over those climates any day.
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As a life-long resident of Wisconsin (over 50 yrs...) Winter is just something we deal with. It makes us appreciate the nice weather days that much more.
This last winter was the 2nd snowiest in history... but now that' behind us. We could have several mild winters.
There is always something to do, just what you want to make of it.
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Here in Winter, WI (up north), we have some of the coldest, snowiest weather. We also have lots of great snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, and of course snuggling up by the fire on a chiily night.
On the other hand, we don't have to sweat much in the summer, when this area becomes a haven for snowbirds who winter in Florida or Arizona. I'm originally from Illinois, and I adjusted to the cooler climate easily. I prefer the cooler summers more than I dislike the longer winters:)
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I think if you are from NY the winters would not be that bad for you. Depends how far north in WI you go. We did get a lot of snow this year all over but if you like to snowmobile, ski, snowshoe, or just enjoy the beauty of a fresh snow you will love it. Just get out and enjoy it. You can always put clothes on. When it is 90 and humid you are stuck inside. Summers are very nice 70-80's and less humid.
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Ah, you get used to it! This last one was rough, but most are not. Great plowing equipment compared to lots of places, kids love it and not much stops! There is so much here that outweigh the weather, clean and not terrible traffic. Gotta love it!
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Having moved from Indianapolis area to Eau Claire Wisconsin, I can tell you there are differences. Here we have distinct seasons. Summers are typically mild, 80's with a very few days in the ninetys. Winters can be very cold. The nice thing about here is that you can enjoy winter sports. Ski resorts almost always have snow because it it cold enough to make snow. Many people ice fish and hunt. We have lots of lakes for recreation, skiing, fishing, wake boarding. i do not miss the gray skis of winter in Indiana, we typically have abundant sunshine which is why it can get very cold at times. But that is why they make all of the great winter clothing they have now.
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I don't know specifically about Wisc but I was surprised by the opposite in Mid-Michigan. I moved 90 miles South within Michigan and it was so much warmer. Then I moved to Chicago and it was dramatically warmer again. The actual averages might not be much of a difference but the bitterness is.
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Ruthless, Other/Just Looking in 60558
Winter can be a little chilly - but not as bad as Minnesota or North Dakota! Winter in Wisconsin is no different than summer in Florida. In Florida you stay in the air conditioning, in Wisconsin you hug your heater!
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Yes, Winter's in WI can be brutal--We had a week of -40 degrees, and our septic field froze up--that means no plumbing for a week. But this California native who married a midwest boy has learned to adapt, (and cover the septic field with hay!) Kids love cross country skiing, and the beauty up here in the Northlands is breathtaking. You really learn to love the change of the seasons and all the variety. Best wishes if you relocate!
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I think it's all relative. Having grown up near Madison, WI I loved winter as a kid. There's was always lots to do to occupy your time from ice skating to snowmobiling to skiing. Occassionally we'll hit a few days of sub zero temps but they typically only last a few days. I lived in Chicago for 6 years and found the deep winter days, with high winds, more bone chilling than anything I've experienced in Wisconsin. For the most part, we adapt. The key, I think, is that there are only a few days when the temps might drop so low that it's uncomfortable being outside.

Hope that helps.
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Yes. They are. Probably more brutal than everybody says. Problem is they go on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Winter weather lasts roughly early November to early/mid May. While it may not snow in May (it did in 2011), days can be cold. 20's or 30's. The midwest sucks.

And it seems as soon as spring/summer comes, out come the fall clothes and news about the Packers.

There's NOTHING pretty about winters in Wisconsin. Don't let anybody sugar coat it.
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Let me put it this way.
Where I live - we get over 400 inches of snow per year, and I have seen it snow every month of the year... (on 4th of july a few years back). For fun - i go out in the middle of blowing snowstorms - preferably when it's clsoe to or below 0 - to play in the snow.

All that being said - I would not move to WI in the winter if you paid me. Yes - it can be that bad.
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Brutal is not the the word for it .... lets try "horrific" .. and then some.

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Frozen Tundra? In-line heater for your cars cooling system? Lakes freezing over so thick you drive your car out onto the lake pulling your fishing shanty?

Ahh... you just have to dress for it, dontchaknow?
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