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Robert, Home Buyer in White Plains, NY

Accepting a corporate position in Wayne. What towns provide a reasonable commute to Wayne?

Asked by Robert, White Plains, NY Mon Mar 15, 2010

Additional detail: We are a family of four, with two children in elementary school. Ideally, we would like to find a 4br/2.5ba home with a nice yard under $550k in a community with great schools, but still be able to commute into Wayne. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Robert, one other factor to consider. prices are likely to drop more.

Below is a house price prediction site. See what it says before buying.
Vast numbers of New Jersey residents fleeing the state as a result of rising job losses and one of the highest two tax bases in the country is projected to delay any come back in the housing market through the year. However, home sales are expected to rise as the states housing markets move towards stabilizing.
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Hi Robert,

I kind of figured that a Colonial was what you were going to be looking for. So to go over the target house, it looks something like this:

2800-3000 sqft
4 BR
2.5 Baths
Very good condition
Nice lot
Great schools
Quiet street

Honestly this is a $650,000-$700,000 house in Wayne. You can look there, but for the most part the homes available in the low $500's are going to be a disappointment. You can do one of two things: Look farther away in the 45-60 minute commuting zone and stick to your guns on your requirements. Or compromise on something in order to stay close to work.

You can find something that meets most of the requirements on your list, but it will mean something like West Milford or Randolph or even southern Monroe (New York) for example.

The "great schools" is a sticking point. If you settle for decent schools, that opens up some possibilities. But great schools is going to mean you sacrificing on the morning drive, there's just no way around that.

Or you can move into the Cape-Split-Bi-Level design universe. Of course, these are inferior designs, and you may have some funkiness in the floor plan, but going with one of these will also allow you to stay close to work.

So to narrow it down, there are 3 options:

1) Stay firm on your house/school/lot expectations and price level, and move 45-60 minutes West.

2) Suck it up, stay in Wayne, and look for an expanded Cape or a big Split or Bi-Level.

3) Find a beat-up Colonial right in Wayne, and expect to do some major renovations.

Let us know what you think!


Marc Paolella
Relocation Director/Appraiser
Century 21 Joe Tekula Realtors
Phone (direct): (973) 584-4235
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Hi Robert,

I have a couple of questions that come to mind in giving suggestions. 1) What is your idea of a monthly budget for a payment, bc this determines the property taxes ceiling and therefore quickly starts to have certain towns take shape. 2) Is this a semi-permanent relocation, or do you feel in your heart you may make another move in say less than about 6 or 7 years?

I always do a very thorough Buyer (or potential buyers') Consultation to really get to the nitty gritty so to speak before giving any true guidance.

That being said, and in just answering your basic question about the towns, Wayne has great public schools. Little Falls, Haledon, North Haledon, Totowa, Pequannock, Lincoln Park, Parsippany, Woodland Park, the Caldwells [North, West and plain old Caldwell], Cedar Grove, Florham Park and Verona are all reasonable commutes, nice communities with decent schools. There's also Livingston, a bit further and so is Chatham, Madison, Summit, Millburn and Short Hills (these last 6 towns are in higher tax brackets and the schools are great but definitely a different category of home/tax pricing)

My picks for you taking into account pricing, commute and great schools, are Wayne and Parsippany.
There is one anomaly I wish to point out, and that is Summit. Taxes and prices higher and definitely like 40-45 minute commute, but WORTH IT. I actually taught in Summit and fell in love with both the education there as well as the beautiful beautiful downtown and Princeton like architecture throughout. I actually did a quick search and found a house MLS# 2737780 on Garden State MLS ( It's listed at 599K and has really low taxes for Summit at $8628/yr. 4 bedroom, 3 bath, full finished basement, multi zone heating/cooling, totally renovated in 2006, beautiful stonework in front, colonial with large deck and great for entertaining. You cannot go wrong with this listing. Go see it. If you need to have someone on the east coast set it up for you, let me know. Regardless there are so many great homes at record low prices now you should be able to find something wonderful in your price range.
Best wishes in your search, let me know if you need any help.
Karen Fisher
Weichert Realtors
Wayne, NJ
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Hi Robert,

these are the towns inthe surrounding area of Wayne with a ereasonable commute;

Woodland Park
Pompton Lakes
North Halden
Of course Wayne itself excellent town and school systems

If you would like me to run a search for you to minimize the time you are spending searching on your own, I would be happy to meet with you and assist you in your search. I work outof the Wayne Weichert Realtors located here in Wayne on Hamburg Turnpike and we specialize in Passai c County home sales. Are you aware of the Federal TAx Credit? You can take advantage of if you find a home and are in a contract by April 30th. You can qualify for either a $8000 or $6500 credit! I would be happy to discuss this and help you in your search so do not hesitate to call me at 973-214-7726 anytime to get started.

Michele Moretti-Bender
Sales Associate
Weichert Office Wayne NJ
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A couple of other towns come to mind also: Suffern and Montebello in New York (30 minutes to Wayne and Ramapo Central schools, and New City (45 minutes to Wayne) and Clarkstown Schools. Coming from the North there are some excellent back roads to avoid traffic also.

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Robert - your head must be spinning by now!

It's confusing for all of us to jump in and offer our suggestions..............since none of us know what exactly would work for you in a home, you really would benefit from having a nice chat with a few of us. Maybe you want a charming home.......maybe you want contemporary......maybe a nice cul-de-sac with split levels will work for have to look at the big picture............the schools, the styles, taxes.etc.

I also agree with the person who said you don't need to travel 45 minutes from Wayne for a home. I think you can find something that will work for your family, and save some of that precious commuting time to spend at home instead of in a car!

What's your time frame for the move? I hope you have time to spend............
You need to be taken on a few area tours to get a sense of the various areas.
It will all come together for you in time!

No one can give you a real sense of what's out there in this limited forum.
I don't presume to know what will work for you....but I'd be happy to help you find out. If nothing else, I could point you in the right can others here who work in the different areas.

I am a call away!
Good luck ........

ps Thanks again Dan for the kind if only you wanted to move to NJ ! ha
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I have to disagree with someone below. It is not necessary to go all the way to west Milford or Ringwood, unless you like rural area. Robert, you have plenty to choose from within 5 to 10 miles from Wayne City Hall. You could choose towns from Passaic, Bergen and Morris County. If you don’t want to live too close to Wayne, that’s a different story. There are about 44 properties only in Wayne for the price you are looking for. You still have room to negotiate from a higher price and the neighbor cities which are great as well as Wayne. Please, read Peter Rogers comment. That is true!
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Robert, Debbie Rose below has an excellent grasp of the areas she covers. Look at her profile, go to her website.…

After readings a lot of her replies on her I would strongly suggest that you contact her for help. Her website has a lot of useful information also. If I was buying in her area I would definitely have her at the top of my list.

I am sure the closer the better, but you have a lot of area to choose form with 45 minutes of driving or train or bus.
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Hi Robert

As was mentioned below - a lot has to do with your price range comfort level - AND property well as your personal style preferences. Certain towns have certain need to discover what flavor works for you!

I cover Essex County.....towns like Livingston, W Orange, Roseland, Cedar Grove, The Caldwells and Verona....just to name a few

As an example - I just listed a charming tudor in Livingston for 489,000..........4 br's 2 bths and central air, deck, fenced yard and finished basement........I also listed, at 515,000, a wonderful 4 br, 2.5 split in West Caldwell on .31 acre...eik w/granite - .finished basement, you can see from these can find a lovely home in your price range in the various towns I mentioned.

Moving a bit west, is Morris County - some of the towns that might work are E Hanover and Florham Park (without going too far west into the county).

Another Morris County town is Montville - only a 15 minute drive to Wayne, along rt 46 East. (my daughter-in-law grew up there), which also has an excellent school system.

You will have a lot to choose from.
I suggest you reach out to a few agents in different areas, and ask to have some listings sent your way..........a conversation will be really helpful in helping to narrow down the choices.

Certainly, I'd be happy to help!

Best wishes........and good luck with your search
Debbie Rose
Prudential NJ Properties
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Hello Robert
If you are accepting a corporate position in Wayne the town of Wayne is a great town and has great schools. It is one of the highest rated towns to live in. Next to Wayne other towns to consider would be Montville, and Franklin Lakesjust to get you started. If you need assistance with finding a home in the area do not hesitate to contact me directly 973-214-7726, I am conveniently located at the Weichert Realtors in Wayne and my name is Michele Moretti-Bender. I am a full time agent and hold a ABR designation as an Accredited Buyers Agent..Good luck to you and your family
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just as an FYI - this question was asked 2.5 years ago! I am sure the person is long gone
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Wherever possible keep away from the Rte 23 traffic corridor specifically north of Wayne. In the morning it is a nightmare as is the afternoon commute north! The school systems in Bergen County are far superior than those in Pasaic County.
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Robert - since you are going the full "relo route" you should be well taken care of, and assigned agents in the various areas who can really help guide you, and give you a taste of the different towns. Your relocation counselor will come in very handy!

There's certainly nothing wrong with getting a head start here on trulia!
Hope it has been of some help to you!

And let me add...........Welcome to New Jersey!
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I am sorry to be so obtuse . . . but since this will be a corporate relocation we will eventually have to work through the approved channels in selecting everything from an agent to a lender. However, I can give you some additional background. We are from Cincinnati. Because of work, we have subsequently lived in eastern PA and Bentonville, AR. Obviously, Cincinnati had the most expensive real estate of the three areas. (Even there $500k could buy a considerable house!!) However, I understand that moving to the New York/Newark metropolitan areas, we will be buying less house for our money. That said, it will be easier for us to go to a traditional two-story story versus a split-level or bi-level. Through our moves, we have lessened our load but we unfortunately still have enough stuff to fill a 3000 sq. ft. house. Since Cincy was the "biggest"city we have live in, I cannot thank everyone enough for this input . . .!
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Hi Hugo,

I was assuming (maybe wrongly) that a corporate buyer was going to want a Colonial. You can't get a nice Colonial in Wayne in very good condition on a quiet street and with a nice yard for $525,000. You just can't. Let's see if Robert can deal with Bi-Levels or Split Levels. if he can, then maybe Wayne is still a go.

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Hi Robert,

OK that's good. Now can you put up with a Bi-Level or a Split Level? Or are you a Colonial type of family? The answer to this question is important as it will determine what you can get for the low $500's in close proximity to Wayne. If you want a 30 year old or younger Colonial, we will be pushing towards that 45 minute number. If you can be happy in a Bi-Level or Split Level, you can find something much closer.

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A reasonable commute for us would be around 45 minutes or less. I knew I should have been more specific! Thanks to all who are taking time to provide feedback.
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You will need to define a "reasonable" commute. Some people consider 1 1/2 hours reasonable. Others think more than 10 minutes is to much.
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Hi Robert,

Wayne itself is out. A 4BR 2.5 Bath Colonial with a nice yard on a quiet street that is priced under $550,000 is going to be older and not in the greatest of condition. I would probably look in areas like West Milford, Ringwood, or even in Randolph or Boonton. If you can commute 45 minutes or so you have some good options. If you are looking for a 20 minute commute, you are going to have to settle for something quite small at $550,000. Give us an idea of the upper range of your desired commuting time and we can be of more help.


Marc Paolella
Relocation Director/Appraiser
Century 21 Joe Tekula Realtors
Phone (direct): (973) 584-4235
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Actually Wayne itself is not a bad option at all. your price range will allow you to purchase a nice house and the school system is well regarded.
For the money you will find a nice house in Oakland which has excellent schools and is very close to Wayne.
You might want to look at other Bergen County towns that are close to your work but you would be in the lower end of the price range. Midland Park, Wyckoff and Ramsey all have top schools. Now these are a little more expensive so the houses in your price range might be a little smaller but you would be entering some of the top school districts in the entire state.
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Wayne would be perfect for you then! I live in Wayne myself and I love the neighborhood. Wayne has very good school system. You could also look into North Haledon, Little Falls, Pompton Lakes, Pompton Plains. There are plenty of properties in Wayne with the characteristics you are looking for.
Send me an e-mail so i can send you some lists or I can put you to a system where you see the new listings and you can change your preference
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