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Who is the Best Short Sale Processing Company?

Asked by Mark Antonowsky, Phoenix, AZ Mon Apr 28, 2008

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warriorinvesting’s answer
If you live in the Chicagoland area I had a very good experience with They were able to get me $20,000.00 cash back at closing. Something my lawyer, who was working on the short sale said was impossible. I didn't have to pay any money out of pocket, for anything, which the law firm was going charge me a retainer.
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Short Sale Assistance Program is the best processing company out there by far. We have used them over 50 times since last year and they have closed every deal. They answer their phone, I found that to be truly amazing. They have a system that lets all parties go online to get updates. They are truly an asset and have made me the number one short sale agent in my area. I am now flooded with leads as SSAP has made me look really good!
3 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jul 18, 2012 is an excellent company! Professional, friendly, informative, and easy to work with. Just check out their testimonials page to see comments from other satisfied customers. They do not charge you a dime and only get paid if they complete the process with the financial institution who holds the mortgage. They work with local real estate agents to expedite the process and are experts in all of the opportunities when dealing with a short sale. Go to Http:// and contact them for more information. They also have an excellent FAQ section with more information about short sales
Web Reference:
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Short Sale Assistance Program is by far the best for me they closed ANOTHER short sale for me and continue to be the best in communications as well as their online system. Don't take my word for it, call Nick Curcio he is the President and always makes sure he has time to talk to me. If he is busy he usually returns my calls withing the hour. How many other companies do that? Do you?
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Here is a good web address for more information on short sale processing companies
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HOPE CONSULTING OF AMERICA they process short sales and have a 96% approval rating!!! PLEASE Email for more information.
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America's Mortgage Loss Mitigation Processing Services
5704 Colon Terrace
Temple Hills, Maryland 20748

Keller Williams
Coldwell Bankers
Long and Foster

98% Successful Rate Short Sales 98% Success Rate/Loan Modification

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For Arizona, the top of the list is TMS Short Sales. They are a Colorado based company that processes
Short Sales in 15 states. They are partnered with Stewart Title of Az as well as Clear Title. Contact info is or Fred Ross 303-633 5454
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Short Sale Assistance Program has taken over TMS Short Sales File Load as TMS has gone out of business. We are very happy with SSAP
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Real Estate Paper Pushers only does Short Sale Processing and Transaction Coordination. Some of our team has been doing it for over 6 years now.

We are licensed and 100% compliant for the State of California. We can not process out of state transactions.

Other companies charge outrageous fees, we don't. You should take a look at our website and learn more. Our service is 2nd to none, our communication is done via email updates and also you have access to the system 24/7 via our web portal. We do not typically charge the listing agent either, read on our website how you can have your short sale processed without loosing any of your commissions.

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Hopefully you found Kevin and Fred with Group 4610 right there in PHX and never had to have the unfortunate experience of dealing w/ a third party processing company anyway... this was done in 2008, ask how many successful 3rd party SS negotiation companies are out there now... the banks have caught on
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Good Day,

Most short sales take 3-6 months to negotiate. I can negotiate a short sale deal in two weeks. I bridge the gap between distressed home owners and their lenders and orchestrate the win-win.

If you are a distressed homeowner and you've been looking for help, call me. You don't have to file bankruptcy and you don't have to lose your home. Banks are giving away 1'000s of dollars to help home owners get a fresh start!

My initial consultation is free. I look forward to working with you.

Best Regards,

Rowena Dabney
Foreclosure Specialist
Quality Real Estate
4823 N Broad St.
Philadelphia PA 19141
2674073859 direct
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I'm a Certified Distressed Property Expert in Jacksonville, FL. I'm not going to give you a percentage, but I stay on track and when my sellers cooperate with me and the lender we get a response. Most of the time we get the lender's approval and we close. A promissory note is requested when the lender examines their financials and sees that they can afford to contribute. I will challenge the promissory note if my seller feels they cannot contribute, but truthfully the promissory note is a smack on the wrist compared to the full shortage. I will not advise my seller to accept a promissory note and then not pay in the future. I will not advise my seller to stop paying thier mortgage payments. I assess the situation as to loan modification, short sale or deed-in-lieu. I've had the loan modifications work only if the seller's still have some money coming in. I've advised a deed-in-lieu only if we couldn't find a buyer. I can't promise anyone will make an offer on the house. I set the listing price at the just market value, notify the lender to discuss the condition of the property as to whether it'll get an offer at the listing price. I actually pick up the phone and talk to the seller's, lenders, buyer's agents and anyone else that'll be tied to the transaction. Most importantly if the sellers and I are to get lender approval the sellers need to be in full cooperation and honest with their lender. I advise my sellers to not take the kitchen cabinets, appliances, carpet, wood floors, or make drawings or comments on the walls, through trash in the yard or leave trash in the house or their dog.
I've already studied the new Short Sale/HAFA II short sale guidelines starting Novemeber 1, 2012.
I'm an honest agent looking for honest sellers in a distressed market believing that character still counts.
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I'm not sure about Arizona, but the best short sale agents in California are Garrigus Real Estate, of Coldwell Banker Kivett-Teeters, but I guess I'm biased! :)
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Short Sale Assistance Program is the best processing company out there by far. We have used them over 50 times since last year and they have closed every deal. They answer their phone, I found that to be truly amazing. They have a system that lets all parties go online to get updates. They are truly an asset and have made me the number one short sale agent in my area. I am now flooded with leads as SSAP has made me look really good!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jul 18, 2012 is the best company out there. They do not get paid if it does not close and the real estate agent keeps their full commission. They process short sales NATIONWIDE and they get the files approved in a timely manner putting the seller in the best position possible at the end of the process. They have a 90% approval ration and an online system which allows me to track the process of all my files. The buyer and seller has access as well this way it eliminates phone calls where they ask me for status updates. My hat is off to the associates of the Short Sale Assistance Program.
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Tom_in_pa is right, is the best company I've found, even after almost a month and a half of research. Their FAQ page answered all of my questions so that when I contacted them, I was already well informed about how short sales work, and they were very friendly throughout the whole short sale process . I would recommend them to anyone.
Web Reference:
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With all due respect to the previous post, there are really bad negotiators and firms and title companies that do them. I specialize in doing short sales and have our negotiator on one hand, and whoever the seller uses on the other. It is generally night and day, although there are a handful of agents who do them themselves and outsiders who are ok. I have used and have closed almost every one. They communicate and have overcome many a problem. this can take time, but they are persistant and resourceful.
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There is no way to determine this because of all the variables. You can't even go by the close ratios because some companies have figured out which ones are a lock and simply go after those rather than take on some of the harder ones that aren't so clear cut. Also, the best will vary depending on whose standpoint (the seller, agent, and lienholder all have different standpoints).
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I have had much luck with SSAA (Short Sale Association of America) they allowed me to send unlimited amounts of short sales, and even had multiple other features that increased my business, and opened up A LOT of field time for me to make MORE MONEY! I hope you find them as resourceful as I did! :)
Web Reference:
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We agree this company seems to be out of business and continues to debit our account for $148/month. Via there website we have requested cancellation of services, but they have continued to deduct their subscription. a hassle we had to go in person to our bank the block their future deductions
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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They are SCAMMERS and owe a lot of people money for not making good on contracts.
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has anyone used a company that was not licensed in their state to negotiate or process their short sale? if so, does your state department of real estate allow it?
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Asset Realty Solutions in Melbourne, Florida did the most professional job imaginable on my short sale.
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Sterling Title Agency in Michigan has a great network and team of professionals and attorneys to walk sellers through the process. One key part of a short sale is the communication between all parties involved and they have it down to a science, the online 24/7 software is a great communication tool for agents and sellers that is bar none the best I have ever seen. If short sale service is what you are looking for and short sales that actually close contact them at
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True Loss Mitigation, LLC
We work in 48 States and have a 93% approval rating
(386) 243-0645
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Mar 18, 2011 has been processing my short sales for a couple of years and they have gotten every one, except one that had a first, a second, an IRS lien and an HOA lien on it. It also had MI insurance. Closed about 30. They get me full commissions and don't cost me anything. Their communications are great too.
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In Tucson it would be the Rob Lamb Team. Very educated in short sales!!!
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America's Mortgage Loss Mitigation Services
Contact: Thomasina Singleton
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I would focus more on the Realtor than the Brokerage. Find one that has extensive experience in Short Sales as a listing agent and ask for referrals.

Good luck
Spirit Messingham
Tierra Antigua Realty
Tucson, AZ
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I used National Closing center for my short sale processing. I had 8 deals with them. All of them was closed. Average processing time 64 days from submiting Short sale to NCC to get approved
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They should ALL be avoided at ALL cost. ANY company that claims a % is also a scam company. The vast majority of short sales fall apart due to sellers fault, so to imply that they have control over a high percentage screams SCAM. are not needed in any short sale transaction, PERIOD. My company works with thousands of homeowners each month faced with loosing their homes. Here are some very valid reasons why we do not allow any of our agents around the country to use them:

1.) Regulation - We as brokerage companies are state regulated institutions. 3rd party mitigation companies are NOT. Because of this, there is no standard level or expectations of services, and they have nothing to loose when it comes to licensing. Many also work under the guise of "investors" and they also tend to act on the "liberal" side of real estate law, and can entrap agents in THEIR practices. I've heard literally hundreds of horror stories, CLICK HERE for one I just read on our site literally today. There is also a time factor when it comes to short sales and buyers backing out. When it comes to getting contracts signed or documents back, the processor is just another unneeded party that if anything can ONLY contribute to further delaying the process and of course approval times.
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2.) Accountability - While there are short sale processing platforms that attempt to control communication between ALL parties in the transaction, many companies don't use them, and MOST programs are insufficient. This means that when buyers or buyers agents would like an update, they contact a 3rd party, which may not know ALL of the details of the transaction and be able to effectively commucate them to all parties. Things are also lost in communication very frequently. Also, real estate transactions are supposed to be at arms length. Do these negotiation companies and attorneys understand what an arms length transaction is, and who do THEY represent when a buyer or buyers agent contacts them regarding the file? What about when it comes to negotiating a 2nd position lien, who do they ask FIRST for a contribution? These types of things make arms length transactions virtually impossible when using another party.

3.) Fiduciary Responsibilities - Due to the importance of the situation, I believe very strongly that in a short sale transaction especially, it is extremely important for brokerage companies to take their fiduciary responsibilities VERY seriously. For me, this is a pretty simple line to draw in the sand. Either you care about looking out for your customers best interests, or you don't. Telling them that you are there to help them in their time of need and then passing the buck to another company, most of which are not regulated, is certainly irresponsible and careless.

What does this mean for agents? I understand that negotiating short sales is NOT part of your job description and in most situations you should NOT be negotiating them yourself if any way possible. A good short sale team is not a one man/woman show, it takes a team. Mitigating with lenders is not rocket science, and there is no reason an assistant, broker, or designated person in your brokerage office can't help with the negotiations. This way, they can still be under YOUR supervision directly, and you can do what you do best - SELL REAL ESTATE! And if you only have a handful of listings, there is no reason you can't do it yourself, it is NOT as time consuming as many would have you think. Remember, this is coming from somebody who has done a couple hundred.

Closing attorneys and title companies are great to partner with to help with legal matters, advance title work, HUDs, and closings. While they are a valuable part of a short sale team, There is no reason or need to pass the buck and hand off your brokerage companies fiduciary responsibilities and relationships by allowing them to actually work the short sale negotiations.

Of course, our agents are only required to mitigate in house for the listings we refer them. It is a free country when it comes to their own. Choose wisely. This is also a way for us to help guarantee the sellers we refer out are never charged any money out of pocket, and can also receive a standard level of service. It is also a way we can guarantee any lenders who directly use our services and organization can insure that THEY don't get charged any UNNECESSARY FEES. Yet another reason to stay away from them.

In closing, I'd like it to be known that I COULD stand to capitalize substantially from mitigation. We have literally thousands of short sale listings around the country we've referred to agents, ALL of which have agreed to not use a 3rd party to negotiate them! For these reasons, and others, I also believe to do otherwise is completely careless and unethical.

Agents in ALL forms of brokerage relationships in our state are required to use "skill, care, and diligence in ALL transactions". Choose wisely.
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Hi Mark,
We are a network of real estate short sale specialist who have witnessed 100's of house's slip away to foreclosure with agents who had little experience. That is what we are here for to make sure you are not the next one. We help homeowners by working closely with agents nationwide. There is no fee to anyone, and we are ready to answer any questions! Please click here to visit us
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Short Sales and Loan Modifications

Ask for our references from Realtors and Homeowners!
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Mortgage Assistant Services in Saugus, Ma
email: for information
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The top short sale processing software can be found here:

“By a wide margin it’s the lowest priced product on the market. It will be available to real estate investors and Realtors without the large setup fee of competitors such as Short Sale Builder, Short Sale Engine, and Short Sale Commander” said company spokesperson Jerry Maiger.

No setup fee. 80+% below the monthly cost of the competitors.

Features of the Short Sale Management System include:

• Online access for all parties involved in the transaction
• Manage all files online from any location
• Build instant short sale packages in less than 15 seconds
• Web Based HUD-1 Generator
• Web Based BPO Builder
• Pull Comps online
• Daily, weekly, monthly planner
• Optional email updates to all parties
• Public and Private Notes on each property
• Time-stamped activity log with lenders
• Unlimited document storage for each user
• Lender specific documents in place
• Easily navigate between properties
• Assign negotiator to any file
• Negotiator notes
• “Closing” checklist
• Status bar and tracking system for each property
• Checklist of tasks completed
• Record and save buyer offers and documents
• Additional business and marketing tools

That's a winner!
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Hi Mark,
I work for an attorney, we specialize in short sales, loan modifications, short refinance etc. We have solutions for home owners who are facing a financial hardship.

When we call the lender from an attorney's office we tend to get results. I started with a broker several years ago. Now with more experience and education under my belt I do get extra help from the reps.

I would work with an attorney's office in stead of a processing office any day because an attorney knows the laws and can advise you and your clients of specific laws that you can not advise your client of.

also one thing that a lot of realtors dont always think of is the second loan. As an attonreys office we seccessfully negotiate /settle the second loan. These things are extremely important for your client. they would be very unhappy if they received collection calls two years later for the second loan.

An attoney can help your client with bankruptcy if needed. We can also negotiate a better settlement with the lender becsue of the fact we may be able to file bankruptcy for the client.

As a realtor your knowledge is in selling the home. You want a knowledgable attorney to represent the client and make sure your not exposing yourself or your client during the short sale process.

Our firm may also be able to help your client save their home. One thing some realtors may not know is a lot of lenders are working very hard to keep homeowners in their home. It would benefit you as a realtor to know you are doing your best for your client. Knowing your working with an attorney who works very hard for your clinets and is also awar of how loan modification and short refinances work is beneficail for you as a realtor.

Your client would want to know that they could have saved their home if that optionn was available to them.

Not all short sale companies will let their client know they may qualify for a loan modification. i believe a realtor has an ethical duty to their client to let them know they could possibly save their home if they have income.

JoAnna Jensen

Legal Assistant
Volo Law Group

925 699 5041
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It seems that in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami & South Beach area, all the well known Realtors and Brokers use "REAL" Real Estate Solutions Inc. ( in Fort Lauderdale to negotiate their short sales.

They have been doing short sale negotiations for well over 10 years and came well recommended to me by other agents I know. The specialize in clients that must protect their credit rating and or have numerous assets.

My client had over $13 million in assets, yet walked away from a $1.4 million deficiency without owing or paying one dollar. No Promissory Note...nothing. Needless to say I was quite impressed.

David Korkoian
Keller Williams Professionals
Fort Lauderdale. FL
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There is no "best" company, when you are dealing with short sales, it all comes down to who has the best marketing to get the buyers to want the home and then once the offers come in who has systems in place to stay on top of the banks to get the approval done in a reasonable time and can stay in touch with the buyers to make sure they are still on board every step of the way. It does not good to have the best of anything if once the short sale is approved the buyers are gone. Why, because then you have nothing. You need a system to make the calls, get the loss mitigation people and negotiators on the phone, can be a challenge, not going to lie so that you can get the deal done. You as an agent have to stay in touch with the buyers every step of the way and make sure they have not gone and purchased a different home. It all comes down to pre-qualifying buyers which as an agent you should know how to do. There are lots of short sale processing companies out there but who is the best well, all I can say is my partner, she gets them done and that is all that matters to me and my clients, she keeps us informed as she gets information that is what you want.
Best of luck finding someone good.
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It's True....That's exactly what we do at our title company in Florida act as a complete support team for our realtor clients and it works. We support them in follow up, submission, help gathering documents from their clients, title work and preparing HUD's when needed.

At the end of the day the Realtor is who facilitates the transaction and we support them as the title comany.
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Dear Mark,

I can understand you asking some names of a few realtors in your area that have success in approving short sales. The question you asked makes it sound as though there are mills processing these short sales. Title companys help realtors negotiate these short sales.
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Question for agents: When you say "you fight for Homeowners to avoid foreclosure, do you give them the option of saving their home? Do you ask them if they prefer to keep their home if you could make that happen?
Quick criteria to look for:
is their 1st mortgage PITI ( not the neg am, or interest only payment) more than 31% of their gross income they may qualify for a loan mod.

If there home is underwater: if they were to get a principal reduction to the actual current market value could they afford the new loan? then I believe that is fighting to help the avoid foreclosure.

We as realtors should know loan mods and principal reductions do happen.

We as realtors, touting Foreclosure Prevention should Prevent Foreclosure all together, dont push short sale unless all other options have been looked at and short sale is the only option.

If your not working with a specialist who can get mods done or Principal reductions, your homeowners who want to stay in their home would be very gratefull!

JoAnna Jensen
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Frankly speakingk I don't think there is actually anyone out their that should be consider the best in the industry. In fact, thats what they all say. Lets face it, I've closed nearly 1,200 short sales to date, and never would I say, I'm the best, in fact, I say, more learning and training since this industry shifs from one day to the next. Look folks, let's stop hyping things and simply get to the nitty gritty of this business...If you can do it yoruself, then by all means do it. If not, then simply do what any prudent person shoujld be doing, due dilengences on everyone you might consider...Enough with the bull....and on with the solutions.....All this online marketing hype is simply another way for you guys to simply attempt to attract in point, if you're doing well, then thank God for that..If your struggling, then get more knowledge experience but do something other than wasting time in this room trying to convince others of your knowledge, your so called success, etc...You are all beginning to sound like those so called geru's that claimed things but performed very little...Good luck to you all...
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Assure America Title Co has a free short sale processing program for Florida residents...They will help gather the docs, provide a free title report, Prepare HUD and do all the necessary follow up needed to obtain approval
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Assure America Title Company can help you in the State of Florida

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When trying to decide who is best qualified to handle a Short Sale for a distressed Seller, I'd look to the great number of Realtors who have the genuine desire to help a Seller avoid foreclosure. I'm dedicated here in South Florida in helping such homeowners and will fight for them to avoid foreclosure. I haven't found any company that has the my compassion, persistence and dedication to keep on a Sellers Lender until a Short Sale approval is given. I never ever quit! And I don't work 9:00 to 5:00 in getting Short Sales done. Check track records and talk to their customers.
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0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Jan 23, 2010, Mark we have a unique system. check us out.
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Go to and check out the site. Lori has written a book called Short Sales Without Brain Damage which includes a cd with forms and examples, and you can contact her from the website. Lori is highly experienced and extremely successful in negotiating short payoffs.
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One thing to consider when choosing a Short Sale Processing Company is the state that the Short Sale Listing is in, and the resulting DRE laws regarding Short Sales. For example some states require anyone 'negotiating' a deal to be licensed in that state, while others allow third party processing companies to be licensed in any state.
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At our brokerage at KW in California, we can not even use a negotiating company that is not broker licensed in our state and they need E&O.
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None.........It amazes me that in this current market that any realtor would contemplate spending this time for what will ultimately be a lowered commision scale by the lender. Do you want to make the best of your time represent the Investor who has his own team of Realtors, Loss Mitigators etc. You will get a guranteed full commisiion and do no negotiating and not pay a processing company. People on this blog need to be educated. I am not going to give my name or a plug for business as I am an Investor. This post is for the benefit of Realtors who want to spend thier time doing what they do best. The market is not getting better and foreclosures will continue. It will come down to those who excel and those who ponder along with the belief that they just know all. Look at your bank account at the end of the year because many peoples egos are larger then that account.
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