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Title and Clear Lien Search: how do I go about doing my own title and clear lien search?

Asked by Nancy, vanberg Sun Apr 13, 2008

How do members of the community go about doing their own clear title and lien search?

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As a small time RE investor, I have few DIY title searches at recently. The website seems meeting my expectations. I only paid 49 bucks for a preliminary title report.
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The real estate information services can help you to do your own title, tax, ownership, mortgage and lien search in the same website.
Another website let you to download a free basic property report to start your title and lien search.
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what a load of baloney. That free website is crap. It only gives you general stuff like "We found current ownership and ownership changes beginning in January 1901." That was the whole line for ownership. It's a scam to get you to buy the website membership.
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The best answer is to hire an Attorney (in an Attorney State) or a title comapny (in a title state-most states are title states.)
But I wonder for what purpose you want the search? Title companies will ""Insure the title, in case they miss anything (not that terribly uncommon)

But yes the actual process is to go the City Clerks office and go into the vault and start researching. Each deed will reference other previous deeds and maps and liens, and you just follow the web of history until you get to the beginning. It is not for everyone. Best to do if you enjoy history, details and you are a patient person. It can be fun to learn the history of a property.

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It's a lot easier to just use a title company, especially when it's a higher-end property that requires a major investment and you have money to spare.

If you want to find out yourself, you can get an online report within few minutes on website such as or where you can download a title report that has mortgage record, ownership history, delinquent taxes even liens and foreclosure information.

You can also contact your county assessor where they keep the property tax record. The assessor should also keeps the liens, mortgage and other information that linked to the home title.
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Real estate information website is the best source of liens and judgement search on any home in the US. You can also search and download a free property report from there.
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In my opinion you should never attempt a title search on your own. There are too many little cracks things can hide in. I occasionally buy properties when I can get a GREAT deal and although I know how to do a preliminary title search using the clerk of courts records I still use an attorney that issues title insurance to do the real title search.

A case in point, I was interested in a property where everything looked good at the county level and I was ready to move forward however, my attorney uncovered a US Justice Department Lien on the property far great than the property was, or ever in my lifetime be worth. That was the best money I ever spent for a title search as it saved me from loosing over $300,000!

I know of buyers who have skipped that step and have paid dearly in the end.

JD “Dan” Weisenburger, GRI
Broker-Associate REALTOR®
Vanguard Realty, Inc. GMAC Real Estate
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Tile searches vary from at the state level (where the law changes) and county level (where the recording systems vary). If you're feeling adventurous, and want to complete your own title search, your best is to visit your local courthouse and enlist the help of the staff and title searchers in the county offices. Title searches can be tedious work, and may take anywhere from 1 hour to an entire day.

Generally speaking, in Pennsylvania there are three offices to search: 1)The Recorder of Deeds (where deeds and mortgages are found) 2) Office of the Prothonotary (where judgments and municipal claims are found) and 3) Tax Claim Bureau (to check for delinquent taxes).

If you are interested in further information or have questions regarding title law, I would be happy to help. Feel free to email me at or by visiting our companies website at


Vincent Baro
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How to clear apt lien off your record
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To clear apt lien off your record
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I have 25 years experience, own my own research company and have my E&O insurance. I have access to Titlepoint which is a widely known and used search engine across the U.S. and I can do any kind of searches from O&E to Patent and residential to Commercial. If I can be of use please contact me my prices are very reasonable but vary depending on type of search and county info available.

Penny Leite - Owner
Elizabeth A. Williams Inc.
1157 W Hampshire Blvd.
Citrus Springs, Fl 34434
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Are you still performing this service? If so, what is the fee for performing a title lien search in Homosassa, FL?
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How much would it cost to do a title lien search on a property in Homosassa, FL?
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I agree, it is very easy to miss a Judgment, Lien or even delinquent taxes on a property when you search on your own. It is a lot safer and easier to have a professional title search done. ProtitleUSA not only offers title searches which includes the Chain of Title,Judgments, Liens and Taxes on a property they also offer just a Judgment and Lien search. Their searches are very thorough and accurate. Visit their website for more details.
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If you are just looking "to know" you can search teh registry of deeds or county courthouse that records deeds. if it is for a sle or any type of legal purpose, hire a professional, a search could be as little as $100 and best money spent.
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This is really something you should consult an attorney. Title issues are very complicated, and can be made a lot easier if an attorney is involved. Most will not charge you a consultation fee. If you do not know a Florida attorney, you can go here:
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Hi, Is tefer me there a company that i you can ro that does judgement and federal tax lien services in palm beach county florida?
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-Hi Nancy, please contact DHT title and Steve will answer your question on Monday...They are very helpful (954) 351-2242
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Unless you are a title insurance expert you should rely on one to perform an Ownership and Encumberance search for you, O & E search, to reveal recorded matters affecting the property,, you don't need a full blown title search. A lien search is also recommended and similarly should be left in the hands of a capable and competent firm that specializes in this. Permit Searches Plus is a great lien search firm with extensive all around title knowledge and they also conduct Bankruptcy research which is another search for consideration to ensure nothing attached to current owner will transfer to property they own. It is up to any interested purchaser to conduct very thorough due diligence. You can try to make any real estate contract subject to a clear lien search and clear title but in today's market that is a hard sell. Many people fall who don't do thier homework pay dearly. There is really no short cut but buying real estate is a the biggest purchase you can make so you don't want to cut corners.
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In the current environment with so many foreclosure and REO homes, be especially careful if you are in a lien superior state - because so many previous home owners went into default, and left with known violations and/ or unpaid bills. These are liens that sometimes don't show up on the regular title search. However, you do not have to be a victim, or worry about these potential unrecorded liens, such as code, utilities, waste, and municipal liens -if you work with a professional lien search company. Most reputable title companies and attorneys also use one, so check to be sure. You should be using one in conjunction with the title search if you are in a lien superior state, especially if you are attempting to close a property outside your area. A good company currently performing this service is Property Debt Research in Florida.
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Dear Nancy,

If you have never done a title search before, its very easy to overlook an important document, I would certainly recommend asking Title Search Company to perform a title search.

Clean Title really means that there are no liens against the owner or the property. You need to have a systematic approach to title search in the county office searching documents by Current Owner's Name, Legal Description, Parcel or Folio Number and Address. Remember, the recorded documents may have recording errors, pay attention to legal description and parcel numbers throughout all documents and make sure they match.

I would also recommend performing a Bankruptcy Search against current owner. You can read about Bankruptcy relevance in the Web Reference Below.
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A lot of these replies were to ignore the question and seek legal help. The reason I googled this hoping for advice is because as a new but active investor, I may have a list of 10 or so properties I may be interested in but do not want to pay a title search on ALL potential listings if I can just do it myself. I know how to use the appraisers, Clerk, and tax sites it was hoping to find the secret site to tie it all together. These professionals must have other means of determining the chain of title and liens associated with a property. THAT is what the question is. If I were interested in only a single property, then by all means use a company that issues title insurance, but that is not the answer I seek. It can't be rocket science...
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