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Asked by Connie L. Mumink, 08070 Sat Jan 26, 2008


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I feel for you, and I am sorry about your situation. If foreclosure proceedings have *not* begun, then contact your lender right now – immediately – today - and talk to them about possibly moving the past 3-4 months mortgage payments (or however far you’re behind in payments) to the end of your mortgage. The lender doesn’t want your home – they want you to keep it and in today’s market, they are very willing to work with you. Bascially, you want to ask them for a “mortgage modification.”

However, if you’ve been receiving letters of intent to foreclosure over several months, and you’ve been ignoring those letters out of fear, then your next step really depends on what stage the foreclosure proceedings are at. You should still contact your lender, but they may tell you to contact the attorney that’s handling the foreclosure.

I’m curious to know at what stage of foreclosure are you at but in the meantime, call your lender right now!

Frank Biganski, Realtor ABR
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iwill do anthing so I don't have to pack up my five kida and move to a homless shelter
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I will do anthing so I don't have to move
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I work for a company name CMG, I can work with you and make sure that you do not lose your house. Please give me a call so that we can talk or meet for a conference. My phone number is 214-815-3467. I help people everyday just like you, and have been is your shoes before. So who is the best to help you unless they have walk in your shoes. So please give me a call, so that I can educate you on what I do to prevent forclosure. Now if you have foreclosure date at this time., then you need to give me a call tonight, I work 24/7. Once I get your email I will send you over some basic information about our company. The Lord will never put anyhting on us that we can not handle, however I have a desk full of files but something in my heart told me to send you an email so that I can help. If you have all ready received help please at leat give me a call so that I know that you are being help..I hope to here from you soon. call me anytime
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I read your message above and I feel God is giving me the strength to keep hope. We are dealing with a stealing builder, so we fired him. I house have been sitting for months now and we hired a lawyer that have not done anything but collect our money. Now the builder is trying to collect more money and threating to foreclose. We need advice and help asap. 832-696-6477 Jonathan.

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well some of these answers are good, get help from someone, BUT NOT FROM LENDERS OR BANKS! geez they only have their own interests at heart trust me I know.
I am a property analyst, I dont think you should have to refinance or go into more debt, you should be saving money and keep your mortgage
give me a call 972 360 7687 Carissa, if you want to lower your rate we can negotiate for you for free and see what services to provide, just in case call me or check out our website
and talk to someone NOT just trying to make money, who understands
and keep your head up and do research, there are alot of options out there from the government, obama plan etc.
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Your advice is flawed Kari. The only entities that can help someone in foreclosure is the lender/bank. It's good that you don't think they should have to refinance because they couldn't refinance if they wanted to. Going into more debt isn't really applicable considering if there is delinqeunt interest, it's going to be capitalized (more than likely) if a loan mod is executed.

What is it you think you are going to negotiate that the borrower can't do for free? You have no contact available that the borrower doesn't have. You have no program available that the borrower doesn't also have access to.

Loan modification companies such as yours may actually put the borrower in harms way considering many states allow the lender to bypass loss mitigation requirements if the borrower has engaged a company for the sole purpose of delaying a foreclosure.

Loan mod companies (Liberal use of the term) have THEIR own interest at heart, not the borrowers. The borrower can do the same for free
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if you still need help with saving your home then give me a call. My company the Mortgage Assistance Group will be able to assist you in your situation.
Cordell Bess
623-486-4505 ext.117
Helping people save their homes, one family at a time
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Refinancing won't help (sorry Loan Officers), the only way to save your house it to get to the underlying root cause of why you are in foreclosure. The one exception to this is the ARM that has adjusted to an unafordable payment. In this case the problem that you are facing is that more than likely you owe more than the house is worth (but maybe not) and your credit is pretty well trashed from the late payments. The chances of refinancing out of this are slim to none. The sobering truth may be that you need to sell to save what little equity you have left - if you have any.

If you are there because you bought a house you can't afford, there will be nothing that you can do except to postpone the pain. My advice is to sell now and get out from under the pressure.

Failing those scenarios, there might be hope for you. To save yourself you will need to get to the bottom of the things. Work on cutting your budget as tight as you can. Eating out, cable and other items are luxuries and should be the first to go. After that I would look at your car payments, cars are too often a status symbol. If you have car payments sell the cars and get yourself some cheap garage sale type cars. I would rather sell a car at a $2,000-$3,000K loss and make those payments (talk to the bank who holds the loan about an unsecured loan on the car) and drive a crappy car than lose the house. If after doing all of this you still don't have enough to make ends meet, you have an income crisis. Time to start talking about you and/or your husband taking on additional work.

Do yourself a favor and go to your local library and check out a copy of a book called "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey, or if you can't get it there you can always buy it at:

Best of luck and feel free to post back to the forumn if you need any clarifications.

Cameron Piper
Web Reference:
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just pay what you can and do not avoid them if they see you trying they will wk with you
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I like Joel's answer. It sounds like good advice from someone who has been through something similar. Obviously you are in need of money. If the bank did work with you, you still must focus on how to make your payments on time in the future. If your home were a large home, you might find someone to move in and help you with the payment. Refinance might be a stretch and would require money to pursuade the bank to give you a new loan under new terms. Once a homeowner is in the foreclosure quicksand it is very difficult to climb out (with this property). Consider your options and what might make things easier on the family. Contact a local realtor who can assist you with getting some some answers about foreclosures and information on short sales. Good Luck.
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Hi Connie ... I'm very sorry to hear your facing foreclosure . I had the same sad experience back in 1999 and it wasnt easy but life goes on and we need to learn today to make our lives easier and better tomorrow .. Im sorry if I sound rude cause I know u would like to keep the property but unless a miracle happens it is not going to go that way , even if u can negotiate with the lender and every thing goes rose color .. which I doubt .. How are you going to afford the subsequent payments ?? your life and the life of the ppl u love will become a nightmare and stress will take over dealing with every month struggle to survive .. by your question notes I think u have a wonderful family , husband , 2 kids and a good life with your loved ones ... My best advice is this .. Save the family , not the house !!! step back today to live and fight another day ... another house you will find later probably better than this one .. try to save your credit at all cost since in the current market conditon nothing but a turn can be expected . If I were you I would be looking for a way out of the situation ,sometimes even taking a little loss is worth the effort . I dont know the details about your house and else I cannot express my opinion but im sure there is a way out ... there is always a way out .. we just have to keep our mind clear and our fears away to find it ..

Wishing u the very best .. Joe
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Depending on your loan to value, I know lenders who are still doing foreclosure bailout loans. They've tighened up their criteria, but if you qualify they're an excellent resource. Call 530-921-4993 for more info.
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