Johnnyr, Home Owner in Riverside County, CA

Is there such a thing as foreclosure reversal? And how hard is it?

Asked by Johnnyr, Riverside County, CA Tue Mar 6, 2012

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The right of redemption is the right of a homeowner in foreclosure to “redeem” the mortgage and keep the house by paying a certain sum of money within a certain period of time. Depending on the laws of their state, homeowners in foreclosure may have two separate rights of redemption: a pre-foreclosure equitable right of redemption and a post-foreclosure statutory right of redemption.
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Yes, it can be done. Many of the notices you get in the mail will only delay the process though. Once the house is sold at auction you may be out of gas... However if it is sold to a bank, or no one purchases it, you do have the ability to keep the home. Many flyers you receive will say they can 'stop' or 'reverse' a foreclosure sale. Mostly what these companies due is file a frivolous law suit with the county court your home is in to buy you more time in the home.

What they know is the bank(s) will investigate the law suit and a court date will be issued 4 to 6 months from the date of filing. The banks will hire an attorney who will contact you to deal with the case. By filing this law suit, you are banking that the banks, who are cluttered, inefficient, and slammed with these types of situations, will take the time to protect their butts should a legitimate case be presented, thus, keeping you in your home a little while longer.

We had a case where we did this and it worked... We were served with a trustee sale date, and when it was served it gave no time to work with the bank, as they are not expeditious with these matters, it bought us time, we put together the cash and saved the house.

The downside to this is once your case is in litigation, you, the homeowner, cannot do any business with your lender. Everything has to go through the lawyers. Much of this is the same with a reversal, if it's sold to a third party it is much tougher. Your rights as a tenant will legally buy you 90 days. However the homeowner can be asked to leave much sooner. Just say you have tenants at the house, you can justify staying 90 days. Should you have a legitimate case to stay, sue the bank for a multitude of things, just hire a trustworthy attorney. Good Luck.
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Yes, it can be done. My company actually offers the service in all 50 states. We use attorney led foreclosure sale reversals and non-attorney led (Pro Processors with Proprietary System).

We also offer money back guarantee for non-attorney led sale reversals. This is accomplished because the banks make errors and/or violate laws in the foreclosure process. In the last few months, my lead processor has had 18 files and 17 of them were reversed successfully. The one that was not reversed failed because the homeowner lied and actually committed fraud on the bank. As long as you are honest with us, there is a high probability that we can get your house back too. Also, you do not have to have possession.

This will include getting the homeowner's name back on title, back in the home for REO properties (if they were evicted or vacated on their own), and full loan modification service. If the home is already occupied by someone else, a settlement can be negotiated.

If the property has not been sold yet, we offer a sale delay service as well if you have a sale date. We offer 100% guarantee for Sale Reversals and Sale Delays. If we are unable to get your sale reversed or delay the sale of your property, you will receive a refund.

If you are interested in learning more, see the links below:……

Dwight Maxwell, President
Ph: 813-445-5004 Fax: 877-702-7286
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DLG law firm is no longer a provider.
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Alaska is presently not a covered state.
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HRS is no longer an option. Two options are now available, the law firm and non-profit. I would recommend the non-attorney service if you have eviction concerns or the property went to a 3rd party. Note: Neither the law firm nor non-profit offer a refund option.
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Strong Family Fund, Inc. (SFF) is a referral provider to three sale reversal service providers. The present providers are DLG Law Firm, The New Earth Foundation, Inc. (non-profit advocacy) and HRS (professional & paralegal services). All of which are presently in good standing. HRS is the only one of the three offer a partial refund.

At the time of this original post, SFF also referred to DCDP (Document Creation and Document Preparation). The success claims regarding the lead processor were attributed to this company. SFF no longer submits clients to DCDP, and does not provide success rate information about the the providers that remain.
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If you still have possession of the property AND the lender bought it back, our litigation law firm can also handle the post sale reversal work AND you may not have to worry about eviction while the work is being completed.
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Full service loan modification is available "after" the reversal is completed. It is offered by a reputable law firm for a separate fee. The sale reversal service comes with a Tier 1 NPV HAMP Proposal, RMA, and loan mod software that is ready to submit to the lender. The software and package may be all you need to submit to the lender after the reversal.
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Note: The money back guarantee is a partial refund due to operating costs.
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Our home was foreclosed and sold in Feb. 2010. After the foreclosure we hired a lawyer, we found errors in the process, went to court, we delay our eviction for 7 months and we did a lot of praying, After several court dates, GMAC told us we had to come up with $49,792.69, we did by the end of 2010. In mid-January the foreclosed was espouse. It was as simple as that. In truth we were very lucky that no one bought the house at the sale. Fannie Mae got the house after the sale. We worked with then and GMAC and after 10 months we were blessed. How did it get to the point of losing the house? My wife kept it all from me. I found out by reading a notice on the front door that Fannie Mae was the new owner of our home. After that I went into action (with help from upstairs) and we got it back! Moral of the story.... never trust your spouse with all the money decision.
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could you please let me know whos your attorney? im in the same situation waiting on eviction right now.
thank you
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On April the 8th my house was sold at auction...Previously I sent both the trustee and the bank a QWR requesting payoff information as well as information on the account. They refused to send me the information because I am only on the deed and not on the loan itself...Do I have any recourse?
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I have an audio with REO Liaison and I discussing one of my clients, and he confirms that the sale is being rescinded.reversed!

Sale Rescission/Reversal is definitely possible and our company offers an attorney and non-attorney solution.

To listen to this call that proves our strategy for sale reversal works, go to and click Sale Reversals.

It is almost as though the sale did not happen. So you still need to work out a new payment arrangement, but you can worry about that after the reversal!
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This call happened over 14 months after the house was sold. Sold January 2014 and the phone call was in March 2015.
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Hey Mr. Sharpe, " Real Estate Pro" thanks for all of your unnecessary
sarcasim, and captain obvious information. Useless, a waste of everyones time.
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Would like to find a REAL attorney that would take us on in fighting the foreclosure sale of our 2nd mortgage. It had been written off on our credit report and we intended on paying it when our house sold but the NEW collection company auctioned off the deed when we didn't send them $90k as a down for a $190k loan. When we tried to send the paper work they gave us a wrong fax number. We waited for their response but it was too late to stop the auction when we realized what happened. We are current on our 1st mortgage which is over $700k, we know there is something crooked that took place but need professional help.
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You MAY have another option:

Citi is part of a FREE Government Independent Review of foreclosures which has been extended out to 7/2012; however, I do not know if they extended the period for WHEN the foreclosure took place (since yours sounds recent) so this should be your first question when to contact a representative. In any case, you can read about his program here:

"Bank Foreclosed? FREE Gov Independent Review Deadline Extended to 7/31/12"…

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Was trying to modify the loan with citi. Made forbarence payments 6 times. Was told it was in underwriting for multiple months. Submitted requested paperwork around 5 times and they usually requested stuff i already sent. 2 days before auction they denied modification. Total processs was 14 months. Basically they drug it out and then denied me last min. And what they based the denial on was on information that was incorrect. Now it is foreclosed on, and yes i never wanted to loose the house. Went thru a divorce and just wanted to lower my payment, and told them if that was not possibe that i would go back to the original payment. Thats why i was wondering about a reversal....
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