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John,  in California

Is Green Credit Solutions a scam? I have worked with Green Credit Solutions. I am a real estate broker and I

Asked by John, California Tue May 12, 2009

have referred several of my clients to them. Not only have none of my clients been helped, but GCS has also tried to steal my clients by selling them additional services behind my back, without compensating me as they by contract are obligated to do. I have also been trying get my own personal residence modified for more than six months. My lender has just confirmed that to date Green Credit solutions has only contacted them a few times. If you are concerned about your reputation stay away from this outfit! Lastly I have just found out that they are not approved by the DRE to take any advanced fees, but the claim they are a law firm when in reality they are a failed wholesale lender.

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Rob Hinds, youve got to be kidding me!!! You got scammed, by Nigerians of all things. Damn youre an idiot. Anyway, Curt And Chris of Green Credit are in jail as of today.…
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I would be careful and make sure that this arrangement with this Green Credit Solutions company, if they still exist, isn't going to land you in bigger trouble by being a RESPA violation. Smells funny to me.
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How are you?
I live in NY and I recently got approved for a loan from the above company for $7,000 that I need desperately. They asked me to western union them $400 to get the wire transfer going. Then they said zenith bank of nigeria requires 10% of the wire transfer and they asked for an additional $700 and sent me a picture of the wire transfer. I told them it was ridiculous and this is a scam and I don't have another $700 and again I'm desperate so I'm still trying to work it out. They then said to send them another $400 and they'll take care of the remaining 300 and my loan will be sent. Am I being scammed? I want to believe them so bad so I can get the $7000 personal loan that I need desperately but I'm on my way to a western union right now to send them their $400. So I'll either be 800 in the hole and in worse shape or I'll get my $7000. Please let me know what you think as soon as possible.

Robert Hinds Jr.
Eastgate Realty

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did you by any chance get your money back?
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The Gov't. has set up a hotline at (213-765-1756). The State took over Green Credit and all affiliated companies the week of Christmas and seized all the files. Hopefully the number is still active. Follow the directions provided on the recorded message.
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I too am a victim of fraud with GCS/Guardian Credit. I paid $3495.00 in January 2009, provided all the information that was required several times over the following 8 months. Every person I spoke to gave me different answers for the delays and why they needed updated information. I was unsuccessful in getting a loan modification and filed for bankrupcy 2 days before my home was to be auctioned off. Two weeks ago I received a letter stating they were no longer going to help me because I did not respond to their requests for information. So very frustrating. I have made complaints to California Department of Consumer Affiars and California Department of Real Estate regarding their fraudulent activites. Does anyone know if there anything I can do to get my money back? Thank you for your help.
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Sorry you didn't get paid but most of us lost money with them. Money we gave them to help us out. Money we gave them because someone like you referred us to them to help us out. This sounds cold I know but who cares if you didn't get paid.
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I sent a client to them and was supposed to get paid a monthly fee and they only paid me for one month. Who do I complain to about them?
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They have changed their name to Guardian Credit. Try to speak to someone about your case thru the livechat, but I am going to let you know that it is going to hell. I have tried numerous times and they disconnect my chat almost every single time. Most likely they are going to deny you the refund. I would report them to the Department of Real Estate and you should try to get a hold of Krista. I have emailed her my report, and she has accrued names to get these bastards.

The thread might be a bit long, but if you want your money back, I think it will help you. You can email me at
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Is there any course of action to get any money back from GCS? We sent in our paperwork about a month ago and now no phone #s or website work. Is there anything else we can do?
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I'm just getting a chance to get to my emails and see what it is I need to do. I'll check on the licensing Tuesday when I get in touch with an attorney and let you know what I find out.

Thanks Krista for all that you are doing.
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I tried to contact Guardian Credit Services a couple of days ago, and I tried to issue a refund, and they are saying that the case is not even in the file. They are lying.
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Have you checked to see if GCS is licensed in Oregon? I'll look into Oregon licensing tomorrow, but it really is a question for an attorney.

You might want to talk to an attorney about whether their Oregon license (if any) is contingent upon valid California license.

You also need to have your contract closely examined by an Oregon attorney to determine whether the agreement meets your state's standards. I'll see what I can dig up, but I can't substitute for an attorney. I will look out for your email. I'd want to finish the letter, so the sooner the better. Right now, I have 4 complaints.

Jenny, you might find this interesting, it appears the Mortgage Implode-O-Meter is setting up a "Trusted List" for mod firms. Here is a link to ML Implodes post on the Trusted List page and request for feedback:

And this page is a link off the above page that provides information on how to get listed. The bottom of the page provides information on their cancelation policy which proves it is a subscription agreement.
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Hi Krista,

I signed my contract with GCS January 7th of 2009. If they were not in compliance with CA DRE does that mean my contract wasn't a legal contract? I won't make it back to my Portland office until this Friday. I will call you after I take a look at my paperwork again.
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Jenny, I just read your other post about Steve at MFI and you bring up an important point. I had email communication with Steve at MFI prior to and after his article removing GCS from his 20 worst mod firms list.

I pointed out shortly after he removed them from his list that information he provided in the article was patently false. 
Not only did Steve at MFI get some of GCS’ business names and licensing wrong, he falsely indicated that California Finance Lenders licenses were acceptable for doing loan mods. Although I provided Steve with evidence that the California Corporations Commissioner had stated that CFL licensed lenders could not be used for modifications, but I provided links to Desist and Refrain orders from the Corporations Commissioner for CFL licensed companies doing mods. 

If you read his article carefully, you will note that the article contains this clue:

"Well, a few weeks ago, I received a call from Martin Andelman, who writes a blog for He asked me about the issues I had with Green Credit Solutions and what criteria I used for my twenty worst mod company list. I told him it was based on the complaints I received, and we began talking about the Chris Campbell saga involving Dr. Howard. 
Martin spent the next 90 minutes trying to persuade me that my impression of Green Credit Solutions was wrong. " 

Since Martin had also tried to sell me on GCS (as did the Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter tried), I was not surprised when I read the statements regarding Andelman in MFI's article. 

Now follow the bouncing ball: 

- Green Credit Solutions was Mortgage Implode-O-Meter's biggest sponsor.

- Martin Andelman was a paid consultant to GCS and was the writer for their blog. He takes credit for writing GCS’ tag line: Help is Here. 

- Martin then became a featured blogger for the Mortgage Implode-O-Meter. His blog primarily concentrates on promoting modification companies and he states he lobbies for the industry. 

- According to Steve at MFI’s article, Martin contacted Steve to convince him that GCS wasn't all that bad and revise his article. 

- Steve at MFI Miami later added information on the Mortgage Implode-O-Meter and Andelman to the MFI site and started posting Andelman's stories from the Mandelman Matters blog that is hosted by Mortgage Implode on the MFI site. 

- Although Andelman, ML Implode, and MFI are aware that GCS closed their office (and reopened) and each had promoted GCS, none have published any articles about the closure. 

I emailed Steve today to advise him that I was accruing complaints against GCS because his site specifically asks for complaints. The initial response was negative. He referred to email as "catty". After I emailed him again, this is the response he sent: 

"I understand full well what is going on over there. I have spoke to Larry Bracco at length about it. I am posting an article about it in the several weeks when I get back from vacation. 

I have been getting complaints about the same thing and I'm forwarding them directly to Larry Bracco. If GCS shut their doors and reorganized under a different corporate name there isn't anything anyone can do. GM did the same thing. " 

I sincerely hope that Steve at MFI has been duped and that the article removing GCS from his worst mod list was written in good faith. Hopefully, he will follow through with an investigative article (which I know he is very adept at) that exposes GCS. 

As to Andelman and ML Implode, they were fully aware of what was going on, and ML Implode states they (ML Implode) were active with the company. I know Randall knew GCS was not in compliance with the CA DRE in January 2009 because I was personally in the room with Randall and Curt at GCS’ Irvine office when I reviewed correspondence from the DRE. (Sorry guys, should have had me sign a confidentiality agreement). 

This brings ups a very important point that consumers can't trust the blogosphere for help and advice- especially when the advice involves steering to a modification firm or attorney. 

Consider this, there is a lot of bad press and complaints about GCS. Yet all they had to do was change their name and location and wait for the next crop of victims. 

Speak out and get active. Don't stop until the complaint is resolved, the regulators take action, or you have obtained a judgment. People who are at risk of losing their homes can't afford to lose $3500 (or any amount) to boot.
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Sorry Jenny, use I'll keep an eye open for your email.


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Dear Krista.

Is there another email address that you use, because the aol one appears to not be working, and it returned the email that I have sent you. Thanks!
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Yes. I will do that right now.

Moreover, do you guys know if Green Credit Solutions have tried to pay off people to give false testimonies about them? Because I have emailed one blogger's site (ModSquad, i think) and he was writing about how he was going to take GCS off of the 20 Worst Loan Modifications List because they have refunded money, and I emailed him stating that the company should still be included within that 20 WORST list because the story is completely untrue. And if he keeps that article up, other people who don't know about GCS's history are receiving false information and could possible hire them thinking that it is a credible company. I know that they are out of business but Larry Bracco is opening up other businesses with a new name. I don't trust anything that has his name on it.

His email to me stated that my email was 'bombastic' and that "I am blaming him for my misfortune" and customers has received their money back. I mean is this for real?

Where is he getting his resources? Were they paid off?

I just thought I should share.

And Krista. You are awesome. Thank you.
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Hi Jenny,

I am preparing a request for refunds to prior GCS customers to Curt Melone et al. I would appreciate you contacting me at: for inclusion in the list. I would also appreciate if others seeking a refund or accounting of their trust funds would contact me immediately for inclusion.

I also recommend that you contact the California Department of Real Estate and the BBB along with posting your experience on various forums so that your voice can be heard.

I also recommend that prior and GCS clients communicate with others and compare notes.

By the way Jenny and others, Green Credit and affiliated companies updated their corporate filings and licenses to the new address and still show as active with the California Department of Real Estate, California Secretary of State, and California Department of Corporations. According to public records, the company did not close. They merely changed locations, and added a new entity and websites.
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Hi. I stumbled on this while I was searching for other GCS victims.

Eight months ago, my dad hired GCS for loan modifications and they have completed scammed us, wasted our time, and jeopardized our home. I tried to call Brian Spironoff but he was no help. He is the old manager of the GCS department. We sent an income packet package, a hardship letter, everything that GCS required us to do, and we waited patiently. We called in, and they never returned our calls. Once we found out they were going out of business we issued for a refund but they stalled at that too. They took our money, provided no services, and pretty much exacerbated an already critical situation. They are a horrible company. Complete fraud.

Moreover, I am completely new to this, and I don't even know where to start to help my dad get his money back. So if you guys have advice to what I should do, please do share.

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Dewolf892, I am very much familiar with bond financing. Perhaps it would be best if you contacted me personally to go over your particulars. It sounds like you have had a financial setback, and its critical to understand whether you need a special forbearance for a temporary hardship, or whether you need a permanent solution. Its also important to understand whether your loan was not affordable at the outset. My email address is Please contact me personally to discuss your situation.

I am not looking for customers, I am looking to help and I think my charge of ZERO is about as competitive as you can get.

I hope you will take the time to email me with your specifics. Next week is official save your home week for free week. But I'm not psychic. I need people to reach out for help. If its too much for me, I will reach out for assistance from other professionals.

Thank you,

Krista Railey
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The modification request is on the loan servicer's desk or actually the bond holders desk. You see the problem is that a CalHFA loan is backed by bonds which from every angle that i have inquired with gives them little latitude in terms of changing my loan. I had to find that out the hard way by finally talking to someone who knew the difference between my loan and a regular bank loan. Supposedly a lawyer will do me no good however, i have seen a lawyer and the shysters will still be happy to take my money to do nothing that hasn't already been done. I need more than a forbearance if i could afford my loan payment plus additional i wouldn't have a problem. I have been dealing with my loan servicer however as i have said before but seem to be as full of it and playing games as GCS. If it becomes necessary i will see a R.E. atty to review any documents or agreements should that arise. Truth be told i dont think they are going to offer me anything i can afford even though i can afford a reasonable payment. Most people i have talked to tell me to get out, turn over the keys and start over. Spend the next couple of years paying off debt rebuild my credit and buy again housing will not be going up for at least five years it will take at least ten before i am even on the one i am in. I have put alot into my house as it is my first home and didnt want to give up.
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If the sale data has been set, why are you dealing with GCS and not your servicer? If you can't deal with the servicer, you need an attorney, and one you hire directly- not through a third party.

Is your servicer willing to offer you an emergency repayment plan or forbearance? You need to stop dealing with a middleman and either deal with your servicer yourself or hire an attorney. If GCS isn't getting results, demand a refund and use the funds to help get you current.

You might also want to ask your servicer to file a SAR report against Green Credit.
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Your scenario sounds so familiar the loan servicer CalHFA and GCS have spent weeks pointing the finger at each other and bashing one another along with endless paperwork refaxing. One day i get my lady from CalHFA and she is as sweet as can be and then next call she is bad mouthing the mod co. and i am being told i am on thin ice when all i have done is constantly jumped through hoops, faxed and refaxed paperwork all to no avail. These people need to stop playing games and manipulating get down to the business of getting something productive accomplished. Supposedly my sale date has been postponed but i have my doubts.
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Thank you so much for your offer of help. I'll give you a call on Monday. Hope the birthday party is fun.

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I've had just about enough of this nonsense. Please email over the weekend, and lets call GCS (aka on Monday. If you are game, I would be more than happy to call on your behalf. I will need to talk to you first to get background and specifics. Please email me over the weekend for my phone number. Anyone else who is having issues, please contact me at I am not an attorney, but I am a licensed CA Real Estate broker who wants answers.


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I haven't heard anything from Andelman, not a peep. I tried calling back Nicole again but guess what, yesterday was her last day. Now they have someone else who is suppose to get back to me. They kept saying today that their records indicate that they have been trying to get in touch with me. They keep calling my cell number which I haven't had with me my daughter has had it. I've told them the last two days to please call my home number since I just had surgery and I am at home. So today they called and left a message on my cell phone. Glad they can follow directions. I hope they are trying to get in touch with me regarding a refund. The person I spoke with today said my records indicated they have a modification. Funny thing is I talked with my mortgage company today and they have nothing in my records with regards to talking with or communicating with GCS or Guardian since July, and that was a call asking them what their fax number was.

Where did you hear that Andelman promised to take care of my complaint?
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How do you do with Andelman? He promised to take care of your complaint. Any chance they are contacting you regarding a refund?

Please keep me in the loop. I really do care.

If possible, please try to limit communication to writing.


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Guess who called me yesterday? That would be Nicole with Guardian (formerly GCS). Not sure what she wanted as she didn't call back. Last time I spoke with her she had me in tears August 22nd. I really don't want to talk with anyone unless they are telling me I'm getting a refund.
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My hope is that you are sincere when you say that you want to do the right thing. We desperately need real solutions for this crisis because this foreclosure epidemic effects all of us.

I went to your website and I have some concerns:

1) I tried to find your attorney information but I couldn't find anything. I got a 404 - Component not found. Who is the attorney in California?

2) What is ALMS contractual relationship with the attorney network?

3) If they don't fit in the "loan mod box" then what do you do to help the client?

4) It appears you have an attorney in Oregon and your company promotes itself as loan modification specialist (not doing loan modifications incidental to a general practice), so my question is how are you staying compliant with HB2191?

5) Do these attorneys fight for their clients outside of merely processing loan mods? If so please walk me through your foreclosure strategy and tactics. If your company does indeed use legal defenses for your clients what are some examples of the results of the litigation?

6) You must have an inside track on the complete statistical modeling that is utilized by the servicers and investors. Can you share with us this non public data they use to incorporate in their NPV calculations? It would really help all of us.

I have additional questions and concerns about some other items I saw regarding your company, but why don't we start here?
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Sobe33, I just checked out your site, and frankly, I am not the least bit impressed. In fact, this is the type of program that I would advise borrowers to avoid. First off, you have an "affiliate" program. Your website states that your firm offers "business opportunities" that allow them to market leads and let your firm and "attorney network" to process the modification and handle the negotiation. Very similar to what GCS is/was doing.

In fact, this is the very thing that the Department of Real Estate Commissioner Davi warned against. Check out a recent interview with Commissioner Davi here: (I suggest all homeowners and borrowers view this whether or not they live in California:…

Another big red flag is that I don't see information on your website that clearly identifies the name of your business entity, licensing, or address. Next red flag is that your website registration is blind.

My advice to homeowners is to avoid these types of companies specifically. Never do business with a company you can't easily identify and check out. Also, if you have tried to apply for loss mitigation assistance with your lender previously and were declined, try again. I am finding that many borrowers who were declined help before are now being told that they qualify for HAMP and are being offered trial periods. Lenders are also more willing to offer a forbearance for borrowers with temporary hardships.

Borrowers that are having problems should first contact a HUD approved non profit housing and credit counselor. If that fails and you have to hire an attorney, find an attorney you can meet with personally and hire directly. Some experienced real estate brokers can assist with a short sale, and there are many mortgage brokers that can help provide valuable advice and assistance without a huge upfront fee. Its better to forward your request and documentation directly to the lender even if you have received assistance from a professional (non attorney) so that you know that the request has actually been made.

Understand that nobody can tell you definitively that you will receive a modification, and there is no documentation or evidence that these firms do any better than borrowers in regard to either success or long term success. Also, lenders use proprietary formulas and NPV tests that attorneys and mod professionals aren't privy to and can't duplicate. So the pre-approval nonsense is, well... nonsense.

I would like to thank Sobe for posting the information on the firm so that I can report the firm to the CA DRE and CA Bar.

File this under: Buyer Beware
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I hate to see these scam companies and they are all over the place. I am out blogging and trying to help people find a great, safe place for a loan modification. If you are interested in working together, please see our website at

We do prequalify clients up front at no cost to make sure they qualify and can afford their new payment as we DO NOT want to put anyone back into a loan they can't afford. The Attorneys offer 100% money back guarantee and the client can put it on their credit card for an extra level of security if they want. Plus our Attorney Firms have been doing this for over 10 years, that says something about them!

Take care,
Web Reference:
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A really BIG scam...hubby hired them to re-negotiate 2 mortg. we signed for 2 of our kids before the crash...they claim to have SO much success and are SO convincing...long story short..when we discovered multiple letterheads,800# no longer working,unable to get through to anyone, we demanded a refund...NO fact they made the mistake of sending us an e-mail stating they had come to a negotion w/our mortg holder and sugested we accept the offer and now their business was completed w/us...we called the bank,,they had not heard fr GCS for sev mos and NO they had NOT negotiated the terms w/GCS...the other bank had been notified by GCS taht they were now working on our behalf, but had never heard fr them the meantime we had faxed and faxed papers for mos to GCS at their rerquest....we filed w/the BBB and have let GCS know that if we do not get a refund, we will take it to sm claims court...maybe someone could organize a class action suite
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Green credit, Guardian and getmycreditgrade are all the same however GCS is no longer the name they use as i am a very dissapointed client represented by a company that can no longer represent me according to the state of california. I have a Calhfa loan of which they organized a modification unit in april five months after i notified them that i was unable to make payment. GCS made no attempt to fulfill their obligation until two weeks ago when i got my sale date attached to my door. I now am consulting with a R.E. atty in hopes of keeping my home. I now believe that i was scammed by GCS and fully intend to sue them in small claims to reclaim the nearly $5000.00 i have spent and so far and achieved nothing. My home is due to be sold in two weeks. Eight months of wasted time now i may not have enough time to save my home. DONT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH ANY ONE OF THE NAMES ABOVE it will only bring you pain! A real client Dave Wolff
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Manabouttown, I can see the connection between Green Credit and HLP (eMerge). is linked to the HLP/eMerge site.

Its interesting to note that the CA Bar released a list of attorney and mod firms under investigation. 2 of the companies are on Martin Andelman of Mandelman Matters Trusted Firm list. Adding back Green Credit, that is 3 out of 12 "trusted firms" with regulatory issues or investigations. In other words, 25% (or 1 in 4) of his "trusted firms" have issues.

I'll follow the eMerge/HLP trail and see where it goes. Should be interesting.

The sad part is where is main stream media in all this and why is it so easy for these companies to skirt the regulators? Where is the LA Times? Where is the Orange County Register? Where are the news crews?
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Jilly, use
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I tried emailing you but the emails never went through. I tried the address.

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Jilly, correction. My email address is: Sorry.
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Hi Jilly,

Please email me at

I'm glad to see you taking action.
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I'd be happy to do whatever I need to do to get my money back. I'll come forward and provide a statement. I've already written an account of what has occurred thus far to the Department of Real Estate Enforcement.
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Manabouttown- okay, one more question- can you prove it? Documents, statements, personal testimony, emails, etc?

If you can, I'd be more be willing to donate some time to talk with regulators and the state attorney general. However, under the Unfair Business Practices Act, injured parties have to come forth.

I am not an attorney, and can't give legal advice or provide legal assistance. However, I can compile documentation, prepare reports and make some noise about getting the complaints resolved.

However, unless people are willing to step forward and provide statements and documentation, I can't do anything except make noise.

Manabouttown has provided a clear connection between Green Credit and

Many insiders and customers have spoken up and said that these are the same people.

Martin Andelman and ML Implode have stated that GCS closed in a settlement with the Department of Real Estate,, and opened a new company in the credit industry.

The DRE issued a Desist and Refrain Order and filed an Accusation.

So the company closes and reopens a company in stealth.

I can be emailed through Trulia if anyone wants to do something beside post on a discussion board.
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Jilly, you might also want to post a comment to his blog. You would have to register with Mortgage Implode-O-Meter. If you post a comment, save, print or print to pdf.

Green Credit was on Mandelman's Trusted Modification Firm list, and was simply removed after the closure without any reason as to why.

Martin admitted to doing consulting work for GCS, and stated he wrote their tag line "Help is Here". He was also the featured blogger for Green Credit's old site and gave them positive mention in a few articles. He also interceded for Green Credit to help get Green Credit off MFI Worst Modification company list.

Be aware of this when you communicate with him.

As far as Getmycreditgrade, LLC goes, that is a Delaware LLC.

One last question for you and Manabouttown, is GCS still accepting loan modifications and if so, are they still working with affiliates?

Thanks for the information. I hope your servicer is working with you now Jilly. Please ask your lender if they will file a SARS report on Green Credit.
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Krista, in answer to your question, how did I hear about GCS. I heard an advertisement for a company here in Oregon called Paramount Equity Mortgage. I called them to see if they could help me and was directed to GCS. They sent me a bunch of letter showing how GCS helped so many other people in the same position I was in.

The people working for Guardian Credit Services are the same people who were working my modification at GCS. The Live Chat through getmycreditgrade are the same people I chatted with on the Live Chat getmygreencredit or something like that. The new company moved out of the location that was GCS, which had the same address as Pac West which as you know is another of a long string of companies. I was told Pac was the parent company and all the others were subsitiaries.

I also sent of an email as you suggested to Martin Andelman but honestly don't expect anything to come from it.
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Manabouttown, so you saying Green Credit closed and reopened under another name and is still handling all files? While I do see that GCS Marketing changed their address to the same address as, I don't see where the new company is properly licensed. I also don't see where they have a DRE no objection to their advance fee agreement.

I find this interesting because the GCS closure was done in stealth. The old numbers were not forwarded to the new phone lines, and there was no public announcement or any warning posted on their websites before the sites were taken down. Even more interesting is that Martin Andelman and ML Implode state the company was closed as a result of a settlement with the California Department of Real Estate. Both Andelman and ML Implode assured me that all files were handled and all borrowers were notified of the "transfer".

So what was the purpose of shutting down the old company and websites if they were merely reopening under another name? I wonder if the fact that they are still operating somewhat in stealth has anything to do with why Andelman and ML Implode don't want the topic being discussed and refuse to report the closure? ML Implode removed another discussion thread on Green Credit that discusses the company closure yesterday.

I agree that borrowers should work to get a refund, notify the DRE and CA Attorney General, and contact an attorney. I would also suggest adding Andelman and Randall at ML Implode since they've voiced their willingness to intercede on the behalf of borrowers and don't believe there are any complaints.

Jilly, hopefully others will find this site or If enough borrowers step forward, there might be something you can do collectively.
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Jilly, how was it that you came into contact with Green Credit? How do you hear about them?
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I didn't receive any type of notification that Green Credit was going down and changing to Guardian nor did I receive any call after it happened. I tried their website as I typically had to do to get in contact with someone and it was no longer operating. I then tried the phone numbers and they no longer worked. It wasn't until I happend on this blog that I found out they hand changed. I did contact an attorney here in Oregon and was told to try and get into a class action lawsuite because it was going to cost me a bit of out of pocket expense which I don't have. Small claims would cost me too since I would have to go to California to file and appear. I'll contact the website you listed for all the good that will do. I have sent out all my documentation regarding the whole process I've been through to the Department of Real Estate Enforcement as directed by the California Attorney General.
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Victtor, are you sure they are still in business? I have been told that the business shut down and that another company is processing their mods.

Martin Andelman and ML Implode assured me that the company contacted everyone after it closed, and all files are being handled. He asked specifically to be notified of complaints in the comments he made regarding a blog article posted on…

Since Martin doesn't seem to think there are complaints, I'd appreciate if Green Credit customers would speak up on the blog as well.

Jilly- did you contact an attorney about a class action?
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Hi, yes I too paid GCS for some help with my mortgage and got nowhere. I paid a total of $3499.00 up front and got nowhere. They are not what they say they are......they are a scam. But why are they still in business? I'm going to file a suit with the small claims dept. in my area in hopes of gaining a full refund. Stay away from these SHARKS!
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Can anyone tell me if there is something we can do legally about this? I've reported them to everyone I can think of. I'm in Oregon, in order for me to take them to small claims court I have to travel to California. If I had that kind of money hanging around, I probably would not have had to go to them to begin with.
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