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How can I avoid the scam of RealtyTrac racking up my credit card (trial period- riiiiiiight) but yet get?

Asked by Co, Phoenix, AZ Thu Dec 20, 2007

information on Foreclosures? Unfortunately the error reports that my question is too short, so I will extend it a bit here... although this is really a surprise that someone's question can be too short. Although extending the question appears to make the question invalid. Hmm. 600 characters left but really I'm more concerned on finding out about Foreclosures. Really it's what I'm concerned about. Finding Foreclosures in the area and then paying someone for it. So purchasing Foreclosures. I'm not interested in doing much else with foreclosures, no desire to implement one myself, just purchase. I have 250 characters left and the question errors out saying too short. So in 200 characters or less, I'd like to make sure that the foreclosure sales are the question here. okay? nope my mistake, i now have 100 characters left and it states that the question is too short.

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Hi. This is Rick Sharga from RealtyTrac. Just to set the record straight, RealtyTrac doesn't charge anyone's card during the 7-Day Free Trial. After that, the card is charged on a monthly basis until a subscriber cancels his or her account. There are both an 800 number and web-based instructions on how to cancel in the "Contact Us" link on the RealtyTrac homepage.

The honest answer to Home Buyer's question is that there are many other ways to find the foreclosure information you're looking for. If you're simply looking for a house to live in, the easiest way might be to contact a Realtor who specializes in selling bank-owned homes and ask the agent to help you find a property. You can find agents in your area by doing a property search on RealtyTrac, or there's a directory of brokers who specialize in REOs (bank owned homes) on this website:

If you'd like to find the property yourself, you can sort through the records at the county courthouse. Your county may make some of the records available online as well. Accessing these shouldn't cost you anything. Most states also make it mandatory for lenders to post notices of auction sales in local newspapers. You'll probably have to pay for the paper, but it's almost free.

Services like ours are really intended for people who want more than the basic foreclosure notice. Typically, they're looking for loan information, comparable sales and estimated property values so they can determine if the property represents a good bargain. They want photos and other images and details about the property (beds, baths, square feet) so they can be sure it's the kind of home they're interested in. And they might want an interactive map that shows them where the property is located and if there are other foreclosures in the neighborhood (which may indicate a problem).

It's those kinds of features - plus the convenience factor of being able to search anywhere in the country without leaving your desk - that people pay for. You really can use the site to your heart's content for 7 days absolutely free, but based on what you indicated in your question, you'd probably be best off working with a real estate professional to find what you're looking for.

There's a boatload of free information on foreclosures, state laws, buying strategies and other related information that might be useful to anyone in the market at this link: No subscription (or credit card) required.

Good luck with your search!
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The reason that the link doesn't work is because he forgot to put a space at the end of his URL, and so, when you click on it, it puts the period in there as well. That causes the 404 error.

Try this link instead:
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Honestly I feel Realty Trac is a blunder, after 7 days how much will it be charged?
I agree with this guy Jacqueline Delgado 100%.
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Oh and the link that Rick Sharga provided above also doesn't work.
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I just tried to call the 1-800-968-5182 and it said it was closed during business hours. Then I called 1-800-641-2682 and that phone number said the same thing. Then, I called 1-800-306-5930 and I've been put on hold for a very long time. All I wanted to know is to know which number to call in case I want to cancel my subscription and there are two flags up already. Any thoughts?
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Rick told you how to cancel your subscription AND he told you how to find the information for free. He wasn't being arrogant. He was being really nice, helpful, and informative. RealtyTrac has an A+ ranking from the Better Bureau Association. I am in college and even I know how to find the free information that Rick is talking about. Please go to this website called before you speak out of line. I also have a realtytrac account and have canceled the membership many times after using it because I can't afford to get charged 50 bucks a month when I am not using it. So you are completely wrong. It is really easy to cancel the membership and it pains me to read your false complaint. Also, did you really ask why you have to pay for the site? Really? The site is for easy access to MORE information than the readily available information that is free on the internet.
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If there are so many free options available, why do you (RealtyTrac) charge a fee at all? $50 dollars a month? Wow. Your entire response to this individual's question seems rude and arrogant. I am glad you replied though. Just helped me make the decision to NEVER use RealtyTrac.
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I'm sorry to disagree, but I followed the exact directions on canceling the account after the free trial and I STILL got charged. I have to go through the process of trying to get this charge removed from my credit card.
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RealtyTrac has been great. I have been with them off and on for years. I buy a house then i cancel the service. I call back sign up once i sold the house and buy another house. So far i have had no problems. They have recently made some updates to the site which i really do enjoy.
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RealtyTrac is a great way for me to get my foreclosure information. I like to keep my eye on the real estate market. I have been using these guys for a while now and have had no problems with my bills. If your ever in doubt best thing to do is call in.
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I just canceled my membership with realtytrac. I had been a member for the past 5 months it did help me buy a home in orange county ca. I then called and canceled it was really easy.
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RealtyTrac is a great website. They have tons of useful information about homes in my area. I was renting a home that i found out was in foreclosure do to their website. I ended up leaving the house that i was in and finding a great deal on another property. So Realtytrac really helped me out. I canceled and have not had any problems. Its a great site.
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I used realtytrac. bought a home canceled. had no problem. I was told to use them by my friend. no problems with billing so far.
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i had a free trial with realtytrac to search for homes in los alamitos ca. I canceled it and have not seen any charges on my credit card. you should get a confirmation number when you cancel via email.
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Honestly Who Would Not Read Terms & Condition's After signing up especially for an online site? Everybody is old enough knows better. I have had a membership with Realty Trac for over 2 years now and they have been great! You all need to be more responsible about your finances. Realty Trac has been great to me!
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I do not see any need for consumers to pay for any information that they can get...for free. RealtyTrac and other companies do make a great living out of selling public information. Most consumers that I talk to about foreclosures seem to feel that they will be able to buy a magic list, call the bank, make an offer @ 5 cents on the dollar and move in. That is, after the lender-owner fixes up the house, pays the closing costs and provides a below market, sub prime loan in appreciation for taking the property off their hands.

The foreclosure market can be a great place to find a deal and will remain so for some time to come. Playing the short sale game, equity share buying or optioning short sales, etc. is simply a waste of time. Since foreclosures are easier to understand for the layperson, this is where you will see the next big fraud ring evolve. This was done in the 90's yet, with the advancement of the Internet, this time will surely be something special. I do not feel that RealtyTrac is part of the new scam but, there are many out there and we will see many more that are cleverly disguised in the coming months. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

You say you would like a list of foreclosures. Well, banks can not sell them to you except on the courthouse steps so, an agent will, most likely, be involved at some point in the game. Most foreclosures will end up on the open market (MLS) and an agent that is local to the market you wish to invest in can provide you a list of available foreclosures and probably help you out along the way. Properties I see at auction right now have not been much of a deal at all. Many, if not most, seem to hit the open market at less than their original reserve prices.

You also state that you simply wish to purchase foreclosures and not much else with them. Are you a collector of sorts? Eventually, you may want to consider monetising your foreclosure and either re-selling or leasing the property can be a good way to accomplish that, if so inclined. If you do choose to monetise them, an agent may again be able to assist you although, this time it may cost you so, a relationship with an agent may come in handy.

For consumers....Dont pay for public information and don't fall for scams designed to feed you bad information in order to get you to pay for even more....bad information. Utilize the services of a professional or....spend the next year or so reading every bit of information that you can before handing over even 1 dollar to anyone. If after a year or so of reading an researching you still find yourself confused, hire an agent, invest in mutual funds or.....hide what money you have in your mattress.
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If you're not sure about a trusted site (especially now a days), why would you NOT read the terms of use? I personally looked up the terms of use on Realty Trac, and figured yes there is a fee, but why would I want to pay for a free service? I had the trial AND CANCELED SUCCESSFULLY on line and over the phone to confirm, simply for my fear of being ripped off.

Months later my property search lead my back to Realty Trac where I've been an active member going on 2 years now with a good discount! Granted there is comprehensive data which I've favored to be in my benefit, however to each their own and is not for everybody. Should it NOT be for you... it is your responsibility to own up to your actions.
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Or how about just laughing out load when some outfit/person says they will give you something for FREE in exchange for your credit card information?
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You could sign up using a temporary credit card number - some credit cards let you generate temporary card numbers:,32542/article.html# . Great for online purchases when you don't know if you can trust the seller.

At least one article supports your fear of RealtyTrac questionable buisiness ethics:…
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RealtyTrac is a fraudulent business. They are making money by offering loan services that will rob you of your money. RealtyTrac needs to be stopped as they are preying upon unsuspecting innocent people. RealtyTrac is engaging in illegal practices, posting fake information, skimming money off of loan brokers, and stealing your money for erroneous information, etc. Stay far away from RealtyTrak and never do business with this corrupt and unethical business front.
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Dec 20 2007 is when this thread was created. Today is Nov. 8 2010. How is this still up for debate?

Most of these positive comments are provided by RealtyTrac employees

RealtyTrac is not a scam but is a waste of money. Use common sense!

Contact a agent if your looking to buy a property.
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I am a returning member to realtytrac. i have found that they have changed the site quite a bit. I do enjoy some of the new features. i was having some trouble navigating through the site so i called in and they helped me out. It is a pretty useful site if your on the market for a home.
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I did business with RealtyTrac, I canceled online and received a confirmation number via email. I then called to double check and yes my account did cancel so everything seems fine.
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This is the complaint I filed with the BBB and results: NOTHING. They have had 204 complaints against this co. but still rate it "A-". This company hides behind legal loopholes, smoke and mirrors.


It is simple and takes 5 minutes

My Complaint Details
1 Venture Plaza,Suite 300
Irvine, CA 92618
Contact: Naderi, Kvon
Phone: (877) 888-8722
Complaint Classification:

Complaint Description - Posted 4/1/2009 3:43:31 PM
After cancelling during "free 7 day" trial period, i have been billed by 2 other affiliated companies, first 39.95 by rti publishing and then an undetermined amount by realestatepromoter.Com, that they emailed me regarding theirattempt to collect, but i had already cancelled the credit card. This is happening to many others as detailed at this web site: http://800notes.Com/phone.Aspx/1-801-705-5325

Complaint Summary: Deceptive business practices.

Resolution Sought: Stop authorizing 3rd party associates to attach payments to customers of their "free 7 day trial". These are clearly deceptive business practices.

Company's Initial Response - Posted 04/09/2009:

RealtyTrac provides two promotional offers to new members during the registration process. One offer involves a one-year subscription to the Foreclosure News Report, an investor magazine. The other involves a 30-day trial subscription to the Real Estate Promoter, an investor website service. William Cole registered for a 7-day free trial of RealtyTrac on 2/19/2009 1:02:32 AM PST. At the time of the registration, there was a 30-day free trial offer from Real Estate Promoter. He accepted this offer, the terms of which clearly state “By clicking CONTINUE, you authorize RealtyTrac to send your name, address, contact and credit card information via secure encryption to Real Estate Promoter for processing. Cancel anytime during your trial period and you will not be charged. If you do not cancel your website within 30 days of accepting this trial offer, your credit card will be billed monthly hosting fee of $39.95 each month until canceled. William Cole was next offered a one-year subscription to the Foreclosure News Report, which he also accepted. The offer page for the Foreclosure News Report clearly states “By clicking CONTINUE you authorize RTI Publishing, Inc. to send you a FREE issue of The Foreclosure News Report. If you do not cancel within 30 days of ordering this issue, you authorize RTI Publishing, Inc. to charge your credit card $39.95 for a one year subscription to The Foreclosure News Report”. Although William Cole cancelled the RealtyTrac account, there was no attempt by him to cancel the 30-day trial subscription to the Foreclosure News Report during the trial period provided. After William Scott contacted RTI Publishing regarding the charge, a refund in the amount of $39.95 was issued by them on 3/24/2009 6:08:18 PM to the same card used to pay for the subscription. Realtytrac has contacted Real Estate Promoter on William Cole’s behalf, and found that his trial with them was canceled when he called their offices on 4/1/2009, and no further billing attempts have been made. All charges have been refunded.

Initial Response Summary: William Cole did not cancel other free trials enrolled in during RealtyTrac trial signup, and was charged per the trial terms. All charges have been refunded.

Consumer's Rebuttal - Posted 04/12/2009
THIS is what their notice says when you agree to join:..."Upon the expiration of the 7 day trial you will be enrolled in a subscription program and be billed $49.95 for 1 month. If you do not wish to be enrolled into a subscription program, simply cancel prior to the expiration of your free trial period and you will not be charged. The subscription will automatically renew every month for $49.95 until you cancel..."Which implies that all you need to do to avoid being charged is cancel during the 7-day trial when in reality they only cancel you from one service of the the THREE services that include RTI and, Neither of which I agreed to join and both of which charge you on a recurring basis until you cancel. No where do they tell you this and many are caught up in this scam. On the phone when I called to complain, they kept insisting that I must have "accidentally" clicked on something without realizing it. I had to cancel 3 different services to stop them from charging me and get 2 charges reversed weeks after I had already canceled

Company's Final Response: Company's Final Response - Posted 04/16/2009
The trial period for RealtyTrac is exclusive of other offers. The terms for the trials of Foreclosure News Report and Real Estate Promoter are clearly stated on separate pages, and can be accepted by clicking “continue”, or declined by clicking “no thanks, continue with registration.
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Canceled my subscription as an AGENT and received an official e-mail dated 9/26/08 stating YOUR FINAL CHARGE IS $0.00 - They just drafted my checking account $119.99 on 10/16/08 and unbelievably rude Collections Department representative hung up on me twice and would not give me his name or the name or number of anyone in Customer Service and then said I would never receive a refund of the unauthorized charge. I am writing to Rick Sharga, Senior VP of RealtyTrac
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I also just signed up with Realty Trac, reluctantly giving out my credit card number -- and the site immediately "broke" -- I can't use it, it goes into endless loops. I then went through their link to cancel my account at once -- and the link to do so simply went back to the home page!! Yes, folks, this is a scam.
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I used Realty trac for several months and had no problems cancelling. You do need to call them and not be talked into extending. They had a lot of great information but I could not justify the monthly fee at this time.
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Ok, I read quite a few "answers" to the question and I'm really quite surprised how clueless a lot of you are. Who goes onto a website and types in their credit card info without wondering what it's for? Then you somehow agree to pay $49.95 on top of that? They just don't charge you without your consent. You agreed to it, you just didn't pay attention to what you were doing. You should mad at yourself for your own carelessness, not Realytrac. People who say they cancelled their 7 day free trial and still got charged are obvious liars. When you cancel you get a confirmation number. No confirmation number means you didn't cancel.

When you sign up for the 7 day free trial there is usually some type of promotion on the screen. I've signed up for the 7 day trial 2 different times with 2 different credit cards without being charged for anything. How is this? Well I actually paid attention to what I was clicking and I took the time to read the terms and conditions because I just don't type my credit card information on any website I feel like. I cancelled on the 6th day or sooner too. So, I'm not an angry clueless dude typing away garbage about a company that makes things perfectly clear up front because I actually read about what I was getting myself into.

For those people that think a 7 day trial is garbage because you're required to give your credit card info, you should open your mind a bit and think about why it is they do that. It's pretty simple. Yet, if you're the guy or gal typing your credit card info in with little or no thought about why they require it then I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that you blindly agreed to pay $49.95 on top of that. Anyway, they ask for a credit card number so you can't continually abuse the 7 day free trial. Without the credit card people could make up random info to get the free trial. Most people I know also have more than one e-mail address too. So with the requirement of providing your credit card info it also limits the abuse of their 7 day free trial. I

'm sure many people like realtytrac and let the trial roll over into the montly membership. I can't believe that a company that I hear quoted all the time on the news for real estate info gets by on scamming people. There are so many bogus accusations of fraud made by people on this site and other sites it's not worth my time to address it more than I already have.

I have to finish this with a last parting shot.

"My book keeper pays the bills" and "they charged me for 6 months and I just figured it out" and the other balogne excuses on here are pretty funny to me. It's not realtytrac's fault that you don't pay attention to what you're doing and that you don't monitor your bank and credit accouints. It's not their fault that you agreed to their terms and conditions and provided your personal info including credit card number more than willingly. You want to make a fast buck off a foreclosure but you can't even read terms and conditions. You people should be ashamed of your lies and baseless accusations. I unchecked the box for receiving replies. I don't care what people like you think of me and what I said. It's all true, everything I said, all of it. If you don't believe me then you're dilusional. Shape up people!
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That is exactly why they use the Phishing schemes. I just think it's unethical to mislead the public by purposely (thinking hard about it) To strategically make this service agreement so complicated. Why don't they just sell you a cheap sample instead of trying to trick you into a full credit card auto charge backed subscription?
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RealtyTrac collects and aggregates foreclosure information and asks subscribers to pay for it; that's legitimate. Charging bogus fees is not legitimate.
I use Bank of America's Bank Americard. They have a free service called ShopSafe. It allows me to create a unique credit card number which is linked to my primary account. The new number is only valid for a limited time and for a limited amount, which I set up upfront. So I can create a new number, give it to realtytrac, let them try and charge it - charges will get denied.
I can't believe NPR keeps quoting them as a source.
Get either a BofA credit card or an American Express - I believe they have a similar service.
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RealtyTrac is very unethical. I called them back to cancel my subscription and they told me that, I will still be charged the $99 since the cycle rolled over yesterday. Not just charge me for ONE day, but for the 3 months. Not right by my standards!!
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Hi Phyllis,

You can manage your email alerts for individual Trulia Voices questions via the link below. You can adjust the frequency with which you receive the alerts or you can delete the question from your list altogether.

Let us know if you experience any difficulties with this process or if you need further assistance.

Best Wishes,

Emily Erekuff
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These are the options to join on, select the account type, read the terms and continue.

Choose Your Subscription
7-Day Trial (FREE)
Monthly ($59.95)
You will not be charged if you cancel before your trial ends.
Your price after the trial period is $59.95 per month until you cancel.

You can terminate 5 different ways, as long as you receive your confirmation # your all set, obviously if you dont receive it, dont expect it to be canceled. If need be they are available to take your call.

Member may terminate membership by one of five ways that applies to their type of membership, as follows:

1. All members may terminate membership online, using the "Edit My Profile" feature in the "My RealtyTrac" section of the Site, accessible to Member upon login.
2. All members may terminate membership by e-mailing a cancellation request to at least five (5) days prior to the desired cancellation date.
3. All members may terminate membership by telephoning a cancellation request to 877.888.8722 during the business hours of 8am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday. A $5 dollar service and processing fee will be applied for paying membership cancellation requests processed via telephone.
4. All members may terminate a membership by faxing a cancellation request to 949.861.9413 at least five (5) days prior to the desired cancellation date.
5. Only paying members may terminate by mailing a cancellation request to RealtyTrac Inc., One Venture Plaza, Suite 300, Irvine, CA 92618. Such cancellation will be effective approximately ten (10) days after receipt.
Web Reference:
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Read how I dealt with it, a few posts down. I did get a refund. I was just as mean, mad, persistent, and ornery as i have ever been on the phone, and when I got tired of yelling at one guy, asked for different guy. Please file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, as I did. Its really easy to do over the phone.
Good luck, USArmywife
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I agree with one of the other posts, there are plenty of websites where you can find this info for free, not to mention, just has all the bank owned property that all the investors passed on at the court house steps! if they dont buy it, it goes back to the bank, so your local realtor would have access to the same foreclosed houses.
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If you are looking for information, call a Realtor that specializes in Foreclosure or short sales. All Foreclosure notices are public information. Realtors can get this data for you at no cost (usually) through escrow/title companies. The big question is what to do with that information? Are foreclosures the best deal in town? Call an Agent that lives in the area you wish to shop. Make sure you are given the facts about foreclosed properties.

I am in Yavapai county and only work this area.
Good luck, there are some great deals out there go get them.
Web Reference:
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Its not necessary to pay for listings these days. Most banks and government sites provide their database for free. Agents also have access to most foreclosures in local MLS.
To locate direct databases for free try -
They have over 60 different lending / gov / reo management institution links that display listings direct and free. Good luck.
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This is an old Q, but I wanted to add my recent experience with RealtyTrac. I am an agent, and signed up to RealtyTrac's free 7-day trial. I also signed up for's free 3-day trial (thinking it was a 7-day trial, but that's my error). After using both systems for a few days, I determined that FR would better serve my needs. So, I contacted my rep with RT, a Mr. Bill Beanland, via phone the morning of the 7th day (when I signed up, RT sent me an email confirming that I needed to cancel on/before 1:38pm PST on the 7th day, so I knew I was still able to cancel without being charged). I spoke with him for all of 5 minutes. He said I would receive a confirmation email, but I requested a confirmation number over the phone and was given a 9-digit number. Smooth as butter.
So I thought.
Then, a few days later, my CC was charged the full subscription amount. So, I contacted Mr. Beanland via phone to find that he had already left for the day. Instead of leaving a voicemail, I emailed him the following:
I phoned and spoke with you last Thursday, 28 April 2011 at appx. 12:15pm PST to cancel my subscription to RealtyTrac at the end of my trial period. I told you that I was not interested in a RealtyTrac subscription since's service is a better fit for my needs. You said that I would be receiving an email confirming cancellation, and gave me the following confirmation number: #########.
Unfortunately, my charge card was run regardless of the above discussion in the amounts of $5 and $44.95 on 02 May 2011, and I expect both charges to be reversed or refunded immediately. I have not logged onto any account with RealtyTrac since calling to cancel my trial nearly a week ago, and am not in any way interested in the service. I will call you early tomorrow to verify your receipt of this message, as well as to ensure that the matter is being resolved. Thank you.
He replied with the following email the following morning:
I have no record of your phone call or any emails from you. I just pulled up my notes on my auto dialer and I show 5 calls to you with no contact. I left at least 3 voice messages for you and 1 email but again no record of contact. Can you tell me who you spoke with at RealtyTrac or who you emailed.
I have placed a cancellation on your account so you cannot be billed in the future. Until I did this your account was active. I assure you if we spoke your account cancellation would have been placed immediately.
I then replied to his email with all my facts & records in a less-than-nice tone, and magically (!) he responded with a standard caught-red-handed "I've processed your might take 3-5 business days to process...thank you for using RT..." email.

So, moral of the story: if you're not sure you want the RealtyTrac service, sign up for the free trial. However, make sure you keep meticulous records, in case they decide they want to ignore your attempts to cancel before being charged. As the saying goes: caveat emptor.

For anyone looking for Bill Beanland's contact info (I coudn't find his email ANYWHERE!), here it is:
Bill Beanland
Sr Account Executive, Real Estate Services
RealtyTrac, Inc
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You can avoid these charges by using something like "shopsafe" via your credit card company. It lets you set up temporary credit card #s with a preset limit. For example, when I buy something online for say $20, I can create a temp credit card # associated to my real card, but this temp card has a limit of $20 and for 2 months, then its done. For these temp membership sites, you just need to setup a temp # w /a limit of a few $$s. Then aren't they surprised when they try to run your card thru for monthly charges and they cant'...a win for consumers...finally!
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This company commits out-and-out fraud.

The parent company of RealtyTrac is supposedly named E-Harbor, and I believe they are based in Irvine, CA but have a “customer service” office in Utah.

I signed up for RealtyTrac's 1 month promotion in Dec. 2008. I inadvertently allowed the 30 day promo period to lapse and called them to cancel on the 31st day, only to be told that I was too late and that I would be billed for the next month. However, they talked me into 3 more months of service for a reduced advance payment, so I took that option and prepaid the 3-month bill of $49.95 in Jan. My Jan. Visa bill listed RealtyTrac, Inc. as the billing company. Access to the site was cut off at the end of the 3-month period and I thought I was done with it.

However, unbeknownst to me, the company used the credit card I paid the RealtyTrac bill with to enroll me, without my knowledge, in yet another service, a “Real Estate Investor Website and URL Center”, at $44.95 per month which, I just recently found out, started in Feb. 2009 with the billing company being NOT RealtyTrac, but REPROM00. This was clearly a “service” I had not signed up for, nor had any knowledge about. I found out later that REPROM00 is Real Estate Promotions.

Since my bookkeeper gets the credit card bills and writes the checks, I don't see credit card billings unless she has a question. She assumed these billings from REPROM00 of $44.95 each month were legitimate and didn't mention them. I happened to see my July 2009 bill with the charge and called the company on July 6 asking what this was for. They claimed that "I" had set this up which, of course, I had not. The "service" was canceled finally, but only after my pressing of Josh, the representative I was talking to, to do so.

I had never even heard of, let alone enrolled. After going to this site on July 6 while on the phone to Josh, I discovered that the site is merely a website hosting template for real estate investors, which I would never need for a huge variety of reasons, the main one being that I have an IT person on my staff who implements any website content that I might need. However, I would never need a site like that anyway.

I recently went back through all my credit card bills and discovered that $44.95 had been billed by REPROM00 for from Feb. 2009 through July. I called the company yet again today and was told they would refund the last 60 days of which, of course, is not sufficient under the circumstances.

Those of us who have been so bilked need to band together and make sure the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureaus in Irvine, CA and Salt Lake City, UT know about this fraudulent company and puts them out of business. Maybe we should band together and consider a class-action lawsuit as well.

J. Brock
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Please when you encounter businesses like this, those who make 'ignoring your cancelation' a part of there profit concept, you must alert other consumers.

Post your accurate experience on '' and use it yourself before you sign up.
Bank failed to get you home purchase through underwriting within a week of the agreed upon closing date. Let folks know!

Sign up for a CRM trial period and can't cancel! Let folks know!
Buy a program that is so flawed with fatal errors as to make it unuseable! Let folks know.
2 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jul 17, 2009
my best trick if you are just itching to find out what is being offered: use a pre-paid visa/mc that you can load at walmart or 7-11 or something. Load only what they need for the initial period and then leave a -0- balance. Hey they scam us, time for consumers to take control
2 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Feb 28, 2009
Reatlytrac is a scam!
I have been a Realtor for more than 24 years!
Realtytrac will share your personal, private & credit card information with companies they consider affiliates!
These so-called affiliates, without your consent, will bill your credit card for services you did not order!
This company must be reported to the BBB!
What happened to personal information? This company tried to make three bogus charges to my credit card account!
Watch-out! You have been forwarned!
2 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Feb 16, 2009
DO NOT SIGN UP for RealtyTrac. I made the mistake of doing so and when I did that, I must have also "elected" for memberships with RTI Publishing as well as some other web hosting company. Although I cancelled the RealtyTrac membership within 7 days, I was charged fo the other memberships which I WAS NOT INFORMED of and was not sent confirmations for. RTI charged me $39.95 and the web site hosting (shows up as REPROMOTE) charged me another $44.95. I had to first call the bank to get a phone number and identity of these places so I could call them and complain/cancel. I feel like a total schmuck for signing up in the first place, but BE FOREWARNED. THIS IS A SCAM!!
2 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Feb 10, 2009
Ugh I just got off of the phone with a realtytrac agent...wish I had seen this question before I signed up the "free trial" I canceled one business day after my trial ended...tried to get the money back because I'm not using the useless service...was hung up on twice! conveniently when they were transferring me about my refund. Now I have to go through an ordeal trying to get the refund. This is a total scam.
2 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Jan 5, 2009
I think Realty Trac is a scam. I reluctantly gave them my credit card number in order to try the 7-day free trial, and I cancelled within the trial period. Realty Trac doesn't give much information, and it didn't seem worth it to me.

I got billed about 3 weeks after I cancelled - for 39.95! I have proof that I cancelled. Now I have to waste time calling them to get a refund. Annoying. Don't waste your time with this! Travis
2 votes Thank Flag Link Sun Nov 16, 2008
Don't pay for this information. You can get it all for free. This site has a large selection of foreclosures as well as for sale by owner investment property, and it's free.
Web Reference:
2 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Apr 8, 2008
I know my area and if you use the map on the realtytrac website I can pretty much figure out which property it is by also toggling the appraisal office in my area. May take longer but beats paying for info. I also go to my appraisal property website and just put in the name of a lender and it shows bank owned property. I did use my credit card for a trial period with realty trac and cancelled in three days, no problems. They called me and wanted me to resign and I said no without finding out what "deal' they were going to make. So I have heard bad things about this company but they are used quite frequently when reports of foreclosure property is on the news. Must be doing something right.
2 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Mar 10, 2008
RealtyTrac may not be your best option, as the other commentors suggest. Still, I'd be very cautious about calling RealtyTrac a scam, or suggesting that RealtyTrac engages in credit card fraud. You get trial periods to test out a service, and nearly all such services I've used discontinue billing as soon as you ask. I can't vouch for RealtyTrac, but I haven't heard any suggestion that they engage in any unethical or illegal practices.
2 votes Thank Flag Link Sun Dec 23, 2007
Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
I wouldn't use Realty Trac. You can get the info needed to guide your purchase offers and decisions by working with a Realtor who specializes in that segment of the market, without an up front cost.
2 votes Thank Flag Link Sun Dec 23, 2007
Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Brick, NJ
Hi Rick

That is all well understood, however, your company has changed the unsubscription procedure in order to make it really hard to unsubscribe.

Apparently it used to be in your "edit my profile" section
Then, a cancelling option would show up in "My Account" section.

Well, not anymore guys. Now we have to call these guys in order to cancel a subscription.
This according to the new rules:

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your RealtyTrac subscription, you may call us to cancel your account.

If you have an agent subscription, please call us at 888-444-3336 during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM Pacific Time) to cancel your account.

All other subscribers may cancel their subscription by calling customer support at 877-888-8722 during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM Pacific Time).

If you cancel during your free trial, your account will be canceled immediately and your credit card will not be charged. If you cancel a monthly or mutli-month paid membership, you will continue to have access to your account until your current term ends. However, you will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of your current term's paid membership fee.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Sat Mar 3, 2012
Look them up on

249 complaints says it all

"Most complainants allege unauthorized credit or debit card charges relating to the 7 day trial offer. Other customers complain of unclear disclosures, or that they experience difficulties implementing cancellation procedures. Other complainants allege that they agreed to a trial offer only, and was not aware they were enrolled in a subscription service. Other customers complain the company continues billing after cancellation, or that the company provides their billing information to other businesses who bill for third party products or services . The company responds to most complaints by agreeing to cancel subscriptions and issue refunds."
1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon Sep 27, 2010
RealtyTrac is a just waisted $350 on public info??? ya if you call they will give you a deal!!! 4 months for the price of 1, which is only $12 per month...they offered that about 10 times when i canceled my trial...waist of time, waist of money!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Wed Sep 1, 2010
Answer: Don't sign up online! Call Realty Trac at (877) 274-9556.
Advantages of calling:
1) You know you won't accidentally sign up for coaching
2) If you're willing to pay more upfront, you can save money
For example, I paid $350 for 16 months (so, that's about $22/month).
They have other discounts where you pay for fewer months (but pay more per month).
According to the Salesman, I'll get a notice at month #15 that asks if I want to renew.
If I renew, I can go another 16 months at the same price; otherwise, there's no more
service and no more charging of my acct after the 16 months ends. We'll see....!

I worked with a very successful investor who has been using Realty Trac for years
to look for distressed properties throughout the U.S. -- he uses it a lot!

Full Disclosure: if you see comments from Agents on this site, they might be Realty Trac's agents.
For example, Sam Xavier is a ReMax agent in the Los Angeles area who works with Realty Trac.
An interesting bonus is, if I buy from Sam, Realty Trac will credit my $350.
Also, I do not work for Realty Trac in any way - I'm an investor looking for deals! Good luck, everybody!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Wed Sep 1, 2010
The truth is... you won't buy a home with the info on realtytrac. It's almost impossible. They have tons of information that is really not useful in todays market. You need an agent and money to buy a home.
I canceled the trial and and up getting e-mail spams for the last 2 months. No matter how I unsubscribe to them but another one comes daily that has a new unsubscribe link. This down right unlawful SPAM.
There product is about wasting your time please don't fall for it.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Thu Aug 12, 2010
Getting Even, X Realtytrac Customer, Portland, Or
It is now four years after your complaint and they are still at the illegal SPAM game. In all fairness I did use the free trial, canceled because non of the information was either current or useful, only one listing out of forty was current. But now, after over a year of trying to unsubscribe I've had it. I turned them in to the Federal Trade Commision, their ISP and my ISP. If they do not desist I will sue them and I suggest you do likewise. Hope your'er reading this boys keep it up and it's gonna get nasty.
Flag Fri Aug 1, 2014
Realtytrac is a scam. I too was duped! I signed up for 7 free days but cancelled on the 8th day and I cannot get the charges reversed from this greedy company. There was even a new charge for $59.95 for coaching that I never signed up for! Bill the A rea Manager was so nice and eager to get me to sign up but became a real winner when it came time to refund the charges even though I received an email from him the day I cancelled YOUR FINAL CHARGE IS $0.00. The reality is their info is bogus. I live in the Bay Area and a client of mine had seen a foreclosure for $50,000 where homes sell for 500K+ in that area. BUT I had to sign up to get the details of the scam and that's how I got looped. All I can say is WOW! But what goes around comes around. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Thu Jul 29, 2010
We signed up for the "free" trial too.
We are now looking at our bank statement only to find they charged us AFTER our cancelation...ugh!
I called they was told I needed to call back in an hour because they couldn't help me on the line I called which was specifically about billing, why could you not help me?
Simple, you don't want to help anyone!
When we found this site there were about 20 houses listed for our area in foreclosure, we signed in, and found out the list wasn't current at all, there was only ONE house listed and was foreclosing for $99,000?!?! that's not a foreclosure, that's a rip off!
These people are nothing but leaches!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Fri Jun 4, 2010
If you find that your cc was charged, call the company and nicely request a refund. The agents are paid commission on "saving" a charge so they will try and tell you that they can't refund the charges. If you insist and they still won't refund, just call your CC company and do a chargeback. Realtytrac is charged everytime there is a chargeback, plus the agent that told you they couldn't refund will get charged back on their commission.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon May 17, 2010
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