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Nate, Both Buyer and Seller in Orange County, CA

Has anyone heard of or worked with someone from TCS Foreclosures?

Asked by Nate, Orange County, CA Fri Aug 29, 2008

They are a real estate training company based in Irvine who specializes in short sales and pairing property finders (wholesalers) with investors. They partnered with RealtyTrac and seem like a legitimate company but I want to talk to someone who has experience with them.

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jeff.mcmanaway’s answer
I have lost about 15K of my inheritance to this group. I had multiple accounts ready to close and then found that no group would close the deal with the investors at .60 per dollar.

I tucked my tail between my legs and walked off to find another wealth trend. I found it with 5Linx actually:
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It is a SCAM! I had 10 deals within the first 6 weeks of advertising, NONE of the Lenders would sell at the disconuted rate of 70 cents on the dollar. Do not spend your money on this BS. The only thing you can is a lot of sales jargon, I have spoken with many other people who have joined TCS and NONE of them have made money. You are better off going to the Library or online looking up How to Bird Dog. It is the same idea, find borrowers in destress, have them sign a Purchse Agreement and find an Investor who wants the property below market value. Lenders will sell below market value and below what the borrower owes but not at 70 cents on the dollar. As far as Bulk REOs go they are not even looking into buying them at this time, I had a LEnder willing to sell 50 properities at 55 cents on the dollar, and TCS said they do not have an Investor. What a crock! Once again do not waste your money.
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I have talked with several TCS clients. The reviews, especially lately, have not been good. It seems they were looking to line their pockets with large up front fees. Just like a lot of real estate gurus. I just went to the DC Fawcett event in Los Angleles. A couple of very unhappy TCS clients there.

ANyway this DC Fawcett seminar was nothing but a sales convention. A bunch of products and tools with high price tags. You had Jeff Adams and his over priced website service and a bunch of other programs at $2,000. You also had DCs membership at $7-9K.


That's why I posted the links below. If you are looking for a solid but reasonably priced alternative than check out the "Short Sale Kid" or "New Outlook Properties". New Outlook Properties cost $400 something and they have several website services to help your business. The Short Sale Kid is more expensive but they have a lot of good content too.


Thumbs up to both.
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Tcs has about 70 telemarketers, they train about 20 to 25 new telemarketers each week. about 2.5 people quit each day, 70 % of the telemarketers quit within the first 30 days. Each telemarketer needs to make 300+ calls per day to close 1 person every threee weeks.
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Check out BBB Irvine - F Rating/36 negative complaints:…
I'm going to file compaint - I would suggest that anyone who feels they have been taken advantage--to the same!!!
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These guys are Crooks!
They are fast talkers and believe me when I say they will be prosecuted!
They are selling buyers (who are not the brightest) properties and telling them they will be able to sell the property to another buyer and then sell the paper for more!
If you value your money, time and not going to jail, I would stay away!
Good Luck!
Dale S.
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I talked with them after I told them I would not be interested. The gentleman asked me if I would trust a company that is associated with realtytrac? Well after I got off the phone with him I checked on Realtytrac and TCS and found something that made me even more suspicious. Their buildings are located right next to each other in Irvine CA. So basically it is the same Company in two different buildings in the same city with two names.
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100% scam tcs foreclosures aka trinity consulting services is interested in one thing taking your money. I know I worked there. They have an agressive damage control system, so anything you hear positive is most likey from the owners who are total scammers. Don't even think about giving a dime to these guys. They hire people every week and pay us nothing, promise everything, give us a great pitch only to find out after a couple of weeks none of the "real" clients are making money.
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Yes...he is a scammer. I have a judgement against him in 2008 from court. He will not pay. He said he can flip houses and make good profits. He now is indicted on a 4 .6 million dollar scam. But you probably already know. Something is wrong with him.
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yep he got me too for $8,000.00 in 2008 is it to late to get in on that lawsuit? please let me know
Thank you
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Im thinking of starting a law suit. Who else had their money taking by TCS foreclosures?
Is there any one who feels they are currently being scamed by his currentl company called the Real Estate Wealth Group?
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I was scammed for 5K. Please email me at
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I have. Let me know if you have any luck. I have not thus far.
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I have. Let me know if you have any luck. I have not thus far.
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I have. Let me know if you have any luck. I have not thus far.
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I have. Let me know if you have any luck. I have not thus far.
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Patrick Grom last I heard, heads up the Real Estate Wealth Institute in Irvine CA. I worked for his company several years back when it was called TCS a few weeks. We sold an educational course for $8000 which taught how to buy short sale property at 50%-70% on the dollar. The product was BS and Patrick Grom is at minium a liar and at most a scam artist. If you come across him or his company run fast and hold on to your wallet.

RealtyTrac distanced them from his company when they found out what he was doing.
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Kevin Grom and his band of thieves has been operating for many years in different states under different names. He claims to have been the "National Sales Manager" for a well know brokerage firm however research suggests that he was s stock broker that got run out of the business by the SEC. In his Linkedin profile ( he states that he "was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year award by Senator Ricky Hendon for his contributions to the local community". Rickey Hendon has had his fair share of legal troubles including not paying his federal income taxes.

Grom owned and operated a similar telemarketing scam in Chicago in the late '90s called Netquest aka TSI aka Teleservices International. When the heat got turned up, it became Conquest Partners. During this rape and pillage operation he committed credit card fraud, made guarantees of income (a direct violation of FTC Telemarketing rules), lied to prospects, had a compliance department that was basically just for show because his "professional sales consultants" (telemarketers) were basically told to ignore it and that it was more for the company who's products he was peddling. That product was a business opportunity sold on behalf of Brad Richdale and the leads were generated by an infomercial called "The Secrets to Making Money Now".

Grom held weekly training classes to keep up with the revolving door of telemarketers who worked 12 hour days and were made promises of income and success only to make barely enough to scrape by. Most were street thugs and ex cons who had few other options to put a few bucks in their pockets. Occasionally a well spoken and believable kid would show up and be used as an example of how successful you could be if you worked hard and were a "closer". One of these kids once was praised and honored for making somewhere around $23,000 in one month! Guess what, this was fake and was just another lie used as an incentive to keep the rats from jumping ship! Oh, by the way, this "kid" was none other than Grom's now partner Andrew Wardein.

The operation stated taking a lot of heat from the better business bureau and later was run out of the state of Illinois by the attorney general. Grom even went as far as accusing his long time business partner (who was on vacation at the time) of masterminding the whole scam and of stealing from him!

If you ever hear the name Kevin Grom, Patrick Grom or Andrew Wardein, don't walk but RUN in the other direction and notify the authorities!

How do I know? I was once part of their organization and as soon as I saw what they were all about, I walked out the door and never looked back ...

...until the attorney general came knocking at my door!
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TCS forclosures and Patrick Grom are scam artistists. If you come across Patrick or his company hold on to your check book and run as fast and as far as you can. You will save your self loosing $10,000 by doing so.
Take it from me I was one of the many who got screwed. I believe RealtyTrac droped them once they found out what scum they were.
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I worked there in 2009. Patrick Grom and his management team area all full of CRAP. We were told to sell their program for $10,000. If we could not get that then reduce it until we got a sale. I made about 500-600 calls per day. The managers told me that many of their sales people buy the program quit then go on to make a lot more money on their own. I kept thinking about the wall of client thank you letters that hung directly behind me. I thought, if these people can do it shirley I can be a success. The only person I sold was to myself. I lost the $4000 I invested. So it doesnt surprise me that all the other people writing here experienced the same results. Since Im a realtor and understand real estate, Im embarassed that I didnt see through it.

My advice for some one who really wants to do this is NOT to buy anyones course. Just learn by doing it yourself. Go to the school of hard knocks. You may make a few mistakes but in the long Its the best way
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Yes, Please call me @ 949 787 6830
I am a Realtor as Well.
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This is one reason I love the internet!!! Before you get into anything that sounds too good to be true, or just a great deal...just google it! and you will find a plethora or rants and raves over being scammed, especially in this distressed economy.
I hate seeing agents buying into these shortsale training camps. Just do one! They are not rocket science. It's all about having a complete and thorough shortsale package, a good cma, and a qualified buyer. That's it! That simple. My office has closed 100%. We know how to postpone trustee sales, we know how to get liens paid off, and talk to the IRS.
Just jump in and get your feet wet! Don't pay any of these people.
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I signed on in October, 2008. I went through the training. As a new investor, I was very ambitious.
You have to know what you are getting into. If I was an experienced real estate investor, I would have probably not bought TCS's training.
I did learn a significant amount of foreclosure business to now talk intelligently about it.
But, I did not make money with the TCS program.
I attribute mostly to the overwhelming public awareness of the bad economy, banking industry, billions of dollars for bail outs, record number of home owners losing their houses, that made selling this service TCS was teaching sound so evil.
I could not continue because of all the negative publicity this drew in.
In my state, we had senators that were advertizing not to trust these type of investors. To me, I felt like I was a crook, not a helper of a distressed home owner facing losing their home.
I met Patrik Grom, his father, and quite a few of the TCS people. I wish I had the same success they were talking about. But, I think we need to be more serious and educate ourselves to what foreclosures are really about.

It is a business deal gone wrong. Two wrongs do not make it ok.

I wish I would have listened to my wife.
I probably would have at least $40,000 in my account, in which I only have $3000 left.
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I have talked with many who invested and with a guy who worked there. TCS was in bed with RealtyTrac. TCS set up some deal to get access to the RealtyTrac list of subscribers. If you signed up for RealtyTrac for a free trial or anything they would pass the contact information including phone number and email to TCS.

Why did RealtyTrac do that ? Because TCS had some a great business? No way! The guy said RealtyTrac got a nice piece of the $5,000 to $15,000 they charged. Executives from RealtyTrac would go into the TCS sales room. When they did the TCS guys wanted a high energy enviroment. Why? Because they wanted access to that RealtyTrac list!

One guy who spent close to $10K said he did it because of the RealtyTrac connection. Realtytrac endorsed TCS as the "Exclusive Short Sale Training Partner" or something like that. It was endorsed on the RealtyTrac website. This guy said he talked to somebody AT realtyTrac who gave him the thumbs up on TCS.

Rick Sharga from RealtyTrac endorsed TCS on video and on the TCS website. Sharga endorsed them saying RealtryTrac contacted hundreds of TCS clients and they had a 98% success rate. Isn't Sharga one of the top executives at RealtyTrac?

So what to do if you lost money?

Follow the money and go after RealtyTrac. They still have big pockets. If you were thinking lawsuit that may be the place to start. No way did RealtyTrac contact the TCS customers and get a 98% feedback. My understanding is Realtytrac was netting well over 6 figures a month from TCS. Possibly close to7 figures in some months.

I asked the guy that worked there how much did TCS bring in. He wasn't sure. He woked there a couple of months and said they brought in 2-4 million/month.

While TCS is out of business, RealtyTrac is not. So maybe somebody should get on that and contact them or have an attorney do it.

With the right motivation(A Lawsuit!), RealtyTrac can probably help to locate these clowns from TCS

At the very least a lesson was learned for many . While education and knowledge is important in any business, you probably don't have to pay somebody $10,000 to get it! Especially today. There is this thing called Google. Use it and you can find everything you need and an easy way to shop around for the best deal.
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I lost money to this stupid scam. I couldn't believe i fall for it. does anyone know the way to put these crook in jail? They took so much money and time from the hardworking people who try to find way to improve their life. Please let me know. My email is
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Last I checked, today, the have an 'F' rating with the BBB. It has been that way since I have been checking for about a year now.
They run a boiler room full of unemployed car salesmen.
There are other facts I could say but it is purely humorous that anyone would consider doing business with this company.
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I worked for tcs and their new scam "the wealth institute" I would be happy to give out their addresses and personal cell phone numbers of both Front man Patrick Grom and Kevin Grom the brother. They now have a futures trading scam that just started also. They ripped off my pay and commissions so I am happy they get busted I have alot of personal details I can share. please email me at
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Dear Leo,
I certainly understand your point of view.. Although I haven't read what you said but I saw a bad thing and wanted to say that you must invest in yourself. By giving TCS your money that's what you are doing.
Think about it. If you don't have yourself- What do you have? Your money does you no good if you have it. You need to give it to TCS. That's how you build wealth.
I've worked with TCS for years and have made several millions of dollars by simply mailing post cards out and by being one of hundreds of people talking to other people who talk to people going into forecloser. I actually foreclosed myself and made a few extra bucks that way! It's so Easy!!.
It seems the more checks I write to TCS Forclosures, the more money I make. This is the greatest thing ever- And remember- you don't get rich by not writing checks to TCS.
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Make no mistake,,, they are NOT THE REAL DEAL. I had been involved with their Investor VIP Platinum program and NEVER got a single investment opportunity forwarded to me by their researchers. That was in Nov 2008. That program cost me $10,000. Patrick Grom, Kevin Grom and Andrew Wardein as well as their Co-hort Craig Shults then proceeded to steal $4,500,000 of investor client funds, many from IRA's and 401k's, through live workshops and webinars on turnkey REO's. This was in mid-2009. Their program was a scam from the get go, presented an opportunity where investors could buy prequalified FHA already rehabbed homes with the only thing left to do was to get the home occupied and performing for "Immediate Cash on Cash Return". This quote is from Craig Shults himself. United Capital Group/Fund was their hedge fund they were using. Judgement day is coming for all of them. Patrick Grom left Creative Realty Solutions, LLC d\b\a TCS Foreclosures in late January early February 2010 not because as he stated to move on to bigger and better things, but because he saw the writing on the wall. His brother Kevin joined him, who is initimately fundamental in bringing the Wealth Out of Chaos program along with Craig Shults to investors. Andrew Wardein was in it from the beginning and Patrick as well had foreknowledge of the failure of the program. When in doubt, jump ship!!! Thing is, they forgot to take the lead weights off their ankles. Truth and justice will prevail.
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New Outlook Property is unhelpful and takes your money.
Although cheap to start, they keep taking your money even when you cancel.
I do not recommend them.
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I had never heard of this company until I read this post. I do MANY short sales successfully with all of the lenders I don't need anyone like this.

I would suggest two things for those REALTORS who feel they've been "taken"; 1) report them to your local Association of REALTORS and 2) File a complaint with the Orange County (CA) District Attorney's office. In OC, they have funded a Real Estate Fraud division staffed with attorneys and professionals specifically hired to go after these kinds of organizations as well as mortgage fraud, & RE fraud. They have been very successful in placing many criminals in jail. This group is funded by Real Estate Point of Sale fees that our Buyers and Sellers pay.

Best of luck,

Thom Colby
Broker / Owner & Certified HAFA Specialist
Thom Colby Properties
Newport Beach, CA
Moving Lives Forward (TM)
We NEVER DOUBLE-END a Transaction in our Brokerage. It is never beneficial to the Seller or to the Buyer and it is only beneficial to the Agent.
888-391-5245 Direct Cell

The OC DA is great and he is here to help us everyday.
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I purchased the program for $7500, I'm a REALTOR in Palmer Alaska. I've always had trouble with the contract "assignment" portion of the program. There seemed to be a conflict as a listing agent on home that was headed to "foreclosure". It was something I could not come to terms with, so I never submitted a deal. To this date have not seen any return. However, I follow Patrick Grom (partner TCS Foreclosure) very closely, the emails I'm currently receiving are coming from the Wealth Institute (not TCS Foreclosures) He appears to be promoting a number of other ventures related to "foreclosures" to his list of clients. Always, selling someone else's product through a series of online webinars. It would be my pleasure to work together with anyone from this community to get our "hard-earned" money returned, from what appears to be a "scam."
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Why dont you contact ,me directly so we can discuss how to get our money back.

I actually worked there as a salesman,,, yes I was convinced this woluld work, so I left and bought the system myself, in addition I sold it to a relative as well. I do have some inside info on this group that could help us.. it is a scam.. what a crock of sh*t.. I too want my money back as well as my relatives money back. They have since disaperared, they are NO longer at the old location in Irvine .. maybe you have a loaction for me.. email me lets talk
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I invested 7,000 into TCS with the understanding that I could submit contracts to their exclusive base of realestate buyers....I hit brick after another....Never able to submit a contract....I was given the impression that contracts would be considered and that there was a high rate of sales with a high "finders fee" to me....this activity seems to be illegal.... the contracts had to be "assignable" with my name on them which meant I had to follow through on the purchase if no "investor" would take the purchase.....I feel taken advantage of and mislead... I am asking if there is any way to get my money refunded.
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I also lost 5K to TCS, plus 2 or 300 with RealtyTrac subcription, all for bogus promises and zero benefit. I really appreciate if someone can help me sue them or get my money back.
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Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit being filed against TCS? It seems that we have to kiss our money good bye. What a bunch of fraudsters! I remember being pestered by one of their salesmen last year to get me to buy the coarse. I should have followed my gut feeling and hung up the phone on him. There were a lot of weaknesses in the course such as repetitious lectures on the CD's, weak lectures at the seminar, amateur websites for there loss mitigation program, etc.
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Do not send your money to this company. They sold this to me, when there is no such thing as a "preforeclosure list" in my state at all. I had a money-back guarantee in my contract. I spoke directly with the CEO, Andrew Wardein, who promised me verbally his company would return my investment at the end of the 6-month waiting period. When the 6 months was up, I couldn't even get an answer to my letter. I filed a complaint with the BBB in CA. They have notified me that after 2 attempts to get the company's response to my complaint, they were going to have to place it in TCS's file unanswered. I'm going to have to file a lawsuit to get my money back.
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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I started back in June. tried the program and didn't work for me. I had a money back guarantee and when I tried to get it all the emails and people I called, which was every # I had, I get no response. They are just ignoring me. and also I didn't even get all my real estate questions answered before i tried to get my money back. I am now in a nightmare legal battle to try to get my money back. also I talked to the main coach Patrick Grom to see if he could help and he said he is no longer with the company. SOUNDS LIKE I GOT SCAMED UNFORTUNATELY

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Don't do it I got screwed after being referred by Realty Trac
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Do not waste your money and time with TCS Foreclosures. The $5000 program is overpriced. You are better off reading books, talking to other investors, or taking less expensive programs. I've spent weeks sending out postcards and contacting homeowners and real agents with little success.
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I appreciate where you are coming from. The most important thing to invest in is yourself, because no one cares more about your own money than yourself. So, we do have a cost to our services because we are a high end training company. And if you are going to have quality professionals working with your clients, instead of $10 to $15 an hour telemarketers, there is overhead to perform such services. However, what separates us from everyone else is that we are not just about the education, we are about the resources and getting the transactions done. Not only do we provide them with the support, we also provide them with the financial resources to exit on the properties, and we also provide the inventory for our clients, already teed up for them.

You don't become wealthy from the money you make; you become wealthy from the money your money makes. So, we show them how to leverage their time to make money if they don't have it yet, and we work with our clients with our resources to provide properties from our REO and hedge fund connections at 30 to 40 cents on the dollar. These properties are exclusive to us and have already been rehabbed and have a property management company to put tenants/ homebuyers in place for owner financing deals. And our clients don’t have to spend time locating, negotiating the deals or going to auctions. We also have investors who will buy the notes after 12 months for great returns to our clients if they so choose. Now, obviously this inventory will not last forever at these prices, but it is another way we constantly try to provide opportunities to our clients in our network to profit from this market. And they are doing great!

If you know of investors who are looking for cash flowing properties, I would love to speak with you or anyone else reading this. You never know what could come from it. Thank you.

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I do see you're point about getting help to work efficiently. No argument from me there. You NEED help in this business.

I have met some TCS people and I'd say the reviews are mixed. But I'm sure you guys are doing something right for RealtyTrac to work so closely with you.

As I said, I go to seminars all over the country. Actually I just flew out last month to Newport Beach that my title company was doing. It was packed with short sale investors there. Most of them successful and they love the business. And every single one of them, including me, started with help and training of some kind. And most, again like me, continue to add education and training because this business is always changing.

At this last conference I did meet people who spent 5 figures and more on training and they were OK with it. However, I also found many more who paid for the $500 programs and were thrilled with those as well.

It really comes down to the person doing the business and how much cash they have to start this new business. With any business you need to put together a plan with a start up budget. And a budget for monthly expenses. If the person has the extra $10K or whatever is costs it may be the right way to go. Or like i said, the extra $10K could go towards marketing the business and generating leads.

There are many ways to get involved in this business and at different levels of investment. Nobody is holding the holy grail of the "Secrets of Short Sale Investing", although many of them will tell you they do.
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I understand your point of view, however it is difficult for me to stand back and not address your comments. We have been doing this for a long time and our company did not get approved to be RealtyTrac's advanced foreclosure training partner because our services are not superior to other companies. They are all over the nation news wire as one of the major voices in the foreclosure industry. I'm not saying they don't have competition, or some data due to the way the counties release them, is not at times dated, but they are a lot bigger name than us and could choose any company to be their training partner. It took us a year and a half to go through their due diligence before they agreed to the partnership.

So, I'm not going to argue whether we are the best in the country at what we do, but we are definitely extremely good at our profession. And time is money. So, to pay 10K or 15K to work with highly skilled professionals in the industry, where if you really know what to do and have the right resources, you can make 20k to 30K on the deals you do, well, let's just say that if you get a little more efficient in this market right now, you can make a lot more money. Successful people don't care what the investment is; they care what the return on investment is.

The reason I am posting this is because I’ve seen all the programs out there and I know the difference. We are about to have a live 3-day workshop in Dallas, TX with about 300 of our clients. All of these individuals have paid already to work with our company. We allow our clients to all come for free to help enhance their leaning curves. All I can say is that most of those people have purchased smaller programs or those big name “guru" programs in the past and don't have the best taste in their mouth from them (or don’t know the difference until they have participated in ours to fully understand the real difference). If we were not confident that we could provide services above and beyond anything else our clients have participated in, then we sure as heck wouldn't invite all of our clients to come interact with everyone else who already purchased our services unless we knew for sure our services were superior to our competition and bottom line, they work for our clients. That would make for a very uncomfortable experience dealing with everyone all at once who were unsatisfied with their investments. We do it in this format because what we do works and it gets right to the point for our clients on exactly what to do and provide them the right resources up front to make sure it works efficiently for them.

We are in a very unique situation in the foreclosure and housing market. I believe we can take the entire nine years of us doing this and combine them together and it won't even come close to what kind of money people are going to make in the next 2 years. It's turning into a buyer's market and there are a record amount of foreclosures. You just need to know how to capture it. So, if you can afford a high end training (and there are a lot more expensive programs out there than ours), and you have the time, then why not? Even Tiger Woods has a swing coach. You can always get more efficient at what you do. And in this market, that equals big money.

Thank you for listening and I wish everyone the best of luck.

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TCS and RealtyTrac ARE NOT the same company. They have a business relationship of some kind. My guess is RealtyTrac gets a big % of the $10,000 fee from TCS. RealtyTrac allows TCS to contact their paid subscribers. In return RealtyTrac gets a nice chunk of the up front free.

I'm working the short sale game right now. I sure didn't pay anybody $10,000 to learn how to contact homeowners and put together a short sale package.

During the past 2 years I've learned a few things about this business including there are less expensive and in many cases better ways to learn how to work this business for a newcomer. But I do hate when people scream 'scam' because a business venture they tried did not work.

Instead of dropping big money I would suggest you take a look at "The Short Sale Kid" at or New Outlook Properties at

Short Sales Riches is down in Florida. New Outlook Properties on the West Coast. Both follow the same plan of outsourcing part of the business to do high volume right now.

Both of these only charge around $500 and I've seen positive feedback from people who went through both. I go to a lot of Real Estate seminars and talk to people and get feedback of what is working. It has helped me develop my business. I'm doing the same thing these 2 outfits promote. It's made my work much easier.

In this business it's very important to get the right kind of help. You CAN'T do this alone. I'd suggest save the big money. Work with one of these 2 companies. And use any extra cash for marketing. What you want to do is set it up for you to have a steady flow of 20+ short sale leads a month. However, it is equally important that your business model can handle 20 short sales each month.

If you're doing marketing of your business, meeting homeowners, explaining foreclosure options, gathering paperwork, preparing short sale packages, following up with the lenders, making counter offers, trying to close deals and find buyers? If you're doing all of that alone you're going to sink.

So find some partners but don't spend a buckety of cash to work with them. Trust me. check out the two companies I mentioned. Both have killer programs with the support you need.
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First of all I would like to say that I am honored to be chosen and a part of TCS Foreclosures. I have been with TCS Foreclosures over 3 years and for one reason or another I had been inactive until this point. No contact whatsoever for the entire time. Pre-occupied… we all have our reasons. About 3 months ago I found an old book I had lying around from one of TCS Foreclosure’s many training materials and decided to look them us again. I was surprised to find that after such a long lay off I was back in the full swing as though I had never left simply by sending one email to generic “support” option from the website. I was contacted that following day and was informed that a lot has changed since my last activity. I was immediately enrolled in there 7 week training class to be brought up to speed by Patrick Grom who stated that “he was investing in me and he takes pride in his team.” WOW! I was taken back by the professionalism and efficiency of the group. Within 3 weeks of finishing their extensive and very thorough interactive training, I was able to purchase my first property using their system with nearly a 95% ROI. I will be closing my second property within a month this week and already looking for the next one. With the team that they have assembled here at TCS Foreclosures the transactions have almost been effortless. I have been corresponding through Terry London who has been working around the clock to ensure that every wrinkle, hitch and speed bump has been filtered out before I get a call. When a problem did arise I was amazed to find that after just one call, Thaddeus made my problem, his problem and made it a priority to handle it. My only regret is that I was not introduced to Terry, Patrick, Bill or Thomas three years ago when I discovered TCS Foreclosures. This was just the type of opportunity my company needed to give us the edge and make us stand out over the rest!

Patrick H
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First of all, I am writing this to share my experience with TCS. I have been associated with the company for several years and find it sad and actually pitiful to hear any story that isn’t positive about this company. The fact is that real estate works when you work it. The company has shown me techniques and provided me resources that have saved me all kinds of time and money which has been a tremendous aid to my success in this industry.

Any time I hear of someone saying that they did not receive value from this company, well they must either be a competitor making up wild claims or they are someone that did not put in the proper effort to their investing and is pointing the finger at something else rather than themselves. I started off part time with about 15 hours a week and it took time to get deals done. Some deals take two to four months to get done, but the reward was worth it and is now definitely worth it.

And I know my personal friends who I have referred over to TCS to be investors and they are extremely happy with what they are purchasing. Buying a home and doing an owner financing deal and selling the note off after a year in the secondary market is called savvy real estate investing. Those who think there is something wrong don’t understand how lending and real estate really work. This is what TCS teaches us and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today! More millionaires have been made in real estate versus any other industry. So, learning how to buy and sell real estate is a great investment and anyone who disagrees… well let’s just say one person’s ceiling is another person’s floor. Some people have nothing better to do than throw their 2 cents in (and that’s what it’s really worth) and love to argue their 2 cents to have some kind of value or credit?????

I used to be able to do a deal a month or every other month where I could make 5 or 10K on a deal. Which if making 50k to 80K a year in a part time business is not a success, then I don’t know what people are talking about. And that was in the past where I had to sell my properties off to a buy and hold investor in a falling market and had to leave profits for them. Today is a totally different scenario. It’s now a buyer’s market and now I can make a lot more money on each deal, like 30K to 40K because there are so many more people buying homes and I can make the whole spread. And on top of it, the lenders are accepting more offers than I’ve seen in the past as well. You do need to know how to work with the lender to do these deals however. Wow, what a difference when you really know what you are doing!

So, I am extremely satisfied with my decision to join TCS, and if people spent more time being productive and applying themselves to this industry, they could share in the rewards as well rather than missing the boat on the greatest time to acquire cheap real estate. But you do have to work it, there are no free rides. I hope this puts a good perspective on a company that deserves it. It’s only fair to their people who are great to work with. Thank you.


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I’ve worked with TCS Foreclosures for over 6 months now and I’ve learned the ins and outs of investing in real estate, liens, etc. I purchased 8 properties in this past auction in Southern California. The properties combined are over 15 acres of prime real estate. I found the right buyers and turned my investment for a 5 figure profit. In the next 3 months and finished unloading the remainder of the houses. It’s a win win. Thank you TCS Foreclosures for providing us with a vehicle that has taken us to financial and personal success!
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I was hesitant at first but TCS Foreclosures was worth the risk, and I have been impressed with their networking organization for the purpose of investing in foreclosures. I completed my first deal since joining TCS Foreclosures. The property is in Detroit, Michigan. I purchased my next home in Idaho and used 100% of someone else’s money. Before TCS Foreclosures I’ve done my own research and didn’t see much opportunity in the foreclosures. Now I am making my living from it and it beats a 9-5 office job.
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I feel TCS Foreclosures is a sincere company and has an absolute commitment to provide quality service throughout the whole transaction, from start to close. Not just the assignment of the contracts which is interest the company. There is a definite value in TCS Foreclosures as a whole and their dedication that’s provided to their clientele.
In this industry one would not expect someone to care or have an interest in anything other than the transaction itself. Once the deal is sealed (inked), onto the next sale, TCS Foreclosures is completed, contract is executed and you’re paid. TCS Foreclosures has truly goes above and beyond with making the investors feel right at home, going the extra mile, by offering addition options, TCS Foreclosures seems to be assisting in all aspects of the transaction.
Through actions like this, defines what a true salesman is SUPPOSED to be all about.
Professionally Yours,
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TCS Foreclosures held a wonderful job putting on this workshop. Everything mentioned was very informative and well worth it. This is not a MLM where you only hear about successful people at the top. At this past workshop I got to put names with faces and everyone was very nice and down to earth. TCS Foreclosures is a great company with great people.
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I have only been with TCS Foreclosures for a few months and I’m already making more money than I expected to. I love that with this knowledge I’ve soaked in I can make very very good money for myself and my family AND be able to help others with all that I know now. Not only do you help yourself but you can help others. How many companies can help you do that?
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i havn't signed up with tcsforeclosures but looks and sounds good but very exspensive. i have found another company called or ( same comapany ) for only $500 instead of $7500 they probably don't offer everything tcs does but they are much cheaper. I have found a deal and submitted it to ameraco and they rejected it because it wasn't 30% below fair market value; i had it at 28%.
So i adjusted the numbers and resubmitted it. Hopefully now they will approve my deal to there supposed 10,000+ investor network. it takes them 3 business days to disapprove or approve a deal. If you would like to know what happens after i get the deal ; like if I ever get any calls after submitting a deal and if there investors even can close you can contact me at

On another not if you are looking to do short sales the easy way Follow this link below, an investor and a real estate attorney who also owns 6 Keller Williams Offices with over 250 agents in Florida have a 1 hour free webinar explaining how there business is setup and have other people work for them. there program is only around $400 they also have coaching programs. but coaching is probably more for newbee's who just need to know their on the right track. Plus they have saved past webinars such as dealing with realtor, how to structure the deal, working with homeowners, beating up the BPO, making magic on the hud, Paperwork & Legal Mumbo Jumbo Protection for You to Get The Deal Done! and finding lenders, title companies, bpo agent, transactional funding and more than i feel like typing write know. in the beginning its work and then you can slowly step away !
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No, but I'm thinking about signing up this week. I'll reade the comments before I say anything else.
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