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Has anyone had any experience with the Franklin Law Group regarding home loan modifications?

Asked by Ben & Jen Irby, Annapolis, MD Fri Oct 29, 2010

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DO NOT ever use these lying people! They took $1900 to absolutely do nothing but lie and continue to lie to people, meanwhile people lose their homes because of their lying ! If any of you who have had the same experience I have I strongly urge you to contact the Florida bar! I may not get a dime of my money back, and darn sure won't get my home back, but maybe this group will get what they deserve for lying and stealing and be put out in the street like so mAny they have lied to!
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I agree with you 100%, they are scumbags.
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This update to my post on Feb.24th....Twice I had to go to court (w'out legal represention,even though my contract with FLG states I would have a a lawyer there,) when I FINALLY got Aileen Franklin on the phone and explained what happen and that Hector Roderguiz (who was handling the case) wasn't returning my phone calls ,she explained he was on family medical leave...REALLY???? ANOTHER EMPLOYEE WHO HAS LEFT ON FML..WHAT THE HELL IS IN THE WATER THERE? As this makes the THIRD employee to have left under those circumstances!!!!! Long story short their idea of getting me a modification of $20.00 off the orginal loan was downright goofy...needless to say I lost my home of 15 yrs. So I hope Ms.Franklin and the rest of her uneducated employees sleep well..PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND HAVEN'T SIGNED UP WITH FLG ,THEN MY SUGGESTION TO YOU IS FIND ANOTHER OUTLET FOR HELP BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL ABOUT TAKING YOUR MONEY AND RUNNING!!!!!!!
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similar story happen to me, Mrs. Jacqueline Zenon during the phone conversation with my bank, she hung up on Wells Fargo representative Mrs. Sheri Smith.WHAT A CLASS!!!!!!!!!
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Yes since Feb. of 2011 I have been a client of FLG..since then I have dealt with NUMEROUS loan modification officers ( whenever I could reach anyone on the phone,let alone return my phone calls) as it stands now my home ( of 14 yrs.) is in foreclosure.Had I known what a fly by night company this was ,I would have NEVER retained them(at the tune of 2500.00) But when I was CONTACTED BY THEM and after seeing the rating the BB gave them(at that time they were rated A they are now rated F) and listening to the reps pitch I went with them.My only saving grace (and that is a maybe) is I do have a signed contract with them ,so I too will be taking them to court,because come to find out, Greentree Finacing does not have to participate in the loan modification program,due to some bs about not buying into Obamas loan modification unless you live in the Miami area(SO YOU CAN GO IN PERSON ) DO NOT USE THIS LAW FIRM!!!!!!! THEY DO NOTHING BUT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!
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Please STAY AWAY From any Lawer or company who says they can modify your mortgage! The Home Affordable modification Program IS FREE and you should contact your servicer if you are having problems. Please do not get Scammed by these kinds of calls or solicitations!
Call your state atty general, the FTC and the BBB and file complaints.
Sincerely ,
Karen - HAMP Specialist
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Update to my original post.....I filed a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs...The Franklin Law Group told them that I would receive a refund...That was several months ago...Never received a penny. Now I have to take them to Court.
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We were right there with you all. We got told all the things we wanted to hear. How we were perfect canidates and we qualify with no problems. Then 4 months later with very little communication get told that we did not qualify. I plan on leaving negative feedback where ever I can including BBB and Florida Bar. They are supposed to help people in a bad situation and now they are just taking advantage along with everyone else. DO NOT USE FRANKLIN LAW GROUP FOR ANYTHING.
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I started a loan modification over 4 months ago ( Oct 2010 ). In the beginning it seemed like a good option, however the information they provided me with was incorrect and misleading. They said my modification would be no problem, they collected $2350 and strung me along for four months with very poor customer service I might add and in the end I received nothing!!!. They agreed I was mislead and said they would process a refund, however now they just continue to ignore my calls, e-mails, etc. Ihave recently filed a complaint with BBB, I will be also filing a complaint with the Florida Bar, and I'm trying to blog everywhere I can to protect people. DO NOT USE THIS FIRM!!!!
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Over a year ago starting September 18, 2010 I received repeated phone calls from one of your associates by the name of Steve Szydlowski, a legal Assistant, regarding my home modification. He assured me that you are professionals, that home modifications will be done without any problems, and that your professional negotiators know how to talk to the bank. After receiving so many nice phone calls during that week, I signed a contract. Soon after that, the check was cashed, and then calls from your firm ceased. My phone calls were NOT returned and my emails were NOT responded to. I did NOT receive any advice from your law firm.
All that was done was simply the mailing of forms to my bank, which I could have done myself.
Your negotiator, Mrs. Jacqueline Zenon was extremely unprofessional and rude. She had no knowledge of modification laws. During the phone conversation with my bank, she hung up on Wells Fargo representative Mrs. Sheri Smith.
I am appalled by the blatant incompetence, negligence, and mistreatment that your firm has shown. I am demanding a complete and full refund of all costs for this company’s failure to provide me the services that it promised.
Should you refuse my demand, I will take this to court. I will submit claims against this firm to the State Attorney’s office, the Florida Bar Association, and the Better Business Bureau. I will also contact the local media and expose others to the wrongdoings of this firm throughout internet sites and social media.
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i have man u ct grt no one on the phone do any one has a number to get in touch with the bar
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Franklin Law Group of Miami is not a reputable firm to engage if you are considering a Loan Modifcation. They way over promise and way under deliver. I have been in their offices and they do not look anything like the conference room on their home page. It is an absolute disaster with files and people stacked everywhere. It is all about collecting a fee from you before you know what's happening. They have people working for them who simply don't know what they are doing.
They also collect up-front fees from consumers in which is illegal. Don't give these guys a dime. Call a reputable company if you need help. Don't make the mistake I did.

If you feel you have been Ripped-Off by Franklin Law Group of Miami please call your State regulator.
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On May 26, 2010, I contacted the Franklin Law Group and spoke to Tre Radcliff regarding the possibility of obtaining loan modifications from my first and second mortgage holders, Wells Fargo and PNC Bank. I explained very clearly to him that I lost my job, my husband left me, stole all my funds, and that I had no viable source of income and could not produce proof of any income whatsoever. He referred me to his "underwriting" department, who determined that the Banks holding my first and second mortgages were deemed to be cooperative, and that I had a very good chance of receiving an approval of a reduced payment in both principal and interest. The Mortgages on my home total $550,000 at 10% interest and the house is now valued at approximately $240,000 in a much lower interest rate environment.

Tre required I immediately send them $1,950 by wire transfer that same day (essentially the last cash I had to my name) to start the process, which I did, as well as send all my financial statements for the past 6 months and all other tax return information required. All my documentation was in the mail the next morning.

Thereafter, I called on several occasions to track the progress of the application and no one returned my phone calls for two months. My case file was then transferred from the initial person (I believe her name was Erica) to Kelly Pinada. Kelly requested the same financial information to be sent to her all over again, because she said it was now stale, which I did that very same day.

Several more months went by, with many unreturned phone calls and emails to Kelly Pinada and Erica, who was now her supervisor. Then one day, I received in the mail an unsigned, unauthorized by me, Request of Loan Modification submitted by the Franklin Law Group to both the first and second mortgage holders, with financial statements attached, stating I had $6,000 per month in income. The banks naturally requested proof of income to proceed with the process. I told both banks I had no such income, and never represented to the Franklin Law Group any such fact. I told them I had never even seen these applications, no less signed off on them, and could not produce the required proof of income. Needless to say, both banks subsequently denied my loan modification request.

Thereafter, Kelly never returned my calls or emails, which were becoming increasingly agitated. The file was then referred to Eddie Gomez to try to resolve my complaints, which were mounting at this time. I never actually spoke to Eddie, although I left at least 20 messages for him. When I finally got Kelly on the phone again, she said the matter was out of her hands, since she put the file on Eddie's desk. I have called Eddie, as recently as yesterday, confirmed with a receptionist that he still worked there, left another message, which of course was not returned.

I am now defaulting on both my mortgages, and will probably ultimately go into foreclosure unless I can accomplish a short sale. I continued to pay these excessively high mortgages from May through October in hopes of keeping my credit rating intact until I could modify the loans. I borrowed money from friends and family. I no longer have any resources left, and have spent thousands of dollars unnecessarily on these mortgages, in addition to the $1,950 fee to the Franklin Law Group.

The Franklin Law Group is a fraudulent operation and should immediately refund the money I paid them to initiate a process they knew from the start would be unsuccessful.

Although, in my first conversation with Tre Radcliff, I made it perfectly clear I could not produce any form of proof of income, he still encouraged me to continue to make my mortgage payments while pursuing the loan modification applications. He requested I immediately wire transfer The Franklin Law Group $1,950 to get started. He was so optimistic about my chances of success, and I believed him.

Further, The Franklin Law Group should reimburse me the useless mortgage payments I made for the past 6 months, totaling $15,631.14 ($2,605.19 per month x 6). Had I known at the start that there was no hope to receive consideration for a mortgage modification without proof of income, I would have stopped making the mortgage payments in May, and immediately listed the house for a short sale. I am now in exactly the same position I was in May, but having thrown away $17,581.14. I will now have to default on my mortgages, ruin my credit in the process, and still have to list the house for a short sale, which could take many months.
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