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why does trulia have so many scammers? Are there not any verification process?

Asked by Daniel, Fri Mar 8, 2013

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Hello Daniel! Nathan at Trulia here.

Fraud is an industry wide issue and one we take very seriously. We are actively working to filter out fraudulent listings from our site and appreciate your patience as we continually refine our process. If you continue to find similar properties or have additional questions, please contact our customer service team at 1-888-466-3501 or
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Now Feb 2015 and fraud on trulia is still a problem.
Flag Tue Feb 10, 2015" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> i want to know if this is a SCAM or genuine deal. I am new this place. How should i authenticate the deal
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This post is from 2013 yet I type this in 2015 and the problem is still prevalent!
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For every great marketing and consumer educational tool on the Web there are scammers lurking to see if they can make a few bucks.

This is not isolated to trulia.

The best advice I can give you, is never give any personal info to any one you come in contact with online. Meet with them at their offce, not at Starbucks or any play other than their office.

Even we Realtors have to be careful. Sometimes crooks pose as renters, sellers, or buyers and lure agents to homes and rob them or even worst.

If you are looking for a rental get yourself an agent . Have him/her search for homes for you.
Best Of Luck To You!
Kawain Payne, Realtor
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Hi Kawain;

I hear what you are saying but if I had a parking garage and thieves were stealing a fourth of the cars (that's about how many scams show up on Trulia) I can promise you that I would end up on one end of a law suite for failure to do my due diligence when providing security. The thing that attracts the scammers is the fact that Trulia doesn't charge for listing rentals on the site. If it were to cost $20 a month to list per listing, the number of scammers would be drastically reduced. Or Trulia could require proof of owner ship/mortgage on the property to list. Either way. the bar to listing fraudulently is so low its a natural attractant.
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All I can say is this site is nonsense and horrible. We have went to 4 different listing and each one has been a fraud. I am more than dissappointed that this site would allow random postings on it without doing and background check on who or what is posting. I will never go on this site or suggest it to anyone. You have lost my business and eveyone that I know I will be sure to update on what we experienced. I understand there is fraud everywhere but again for trulia to not do any investigation on what is being posted is unprofessional. 4 out of 4 scams is enough for me!!! 2 of the houses for rent people were already living at and the "so called owner" said we can go the other two were for sale by realtor not on trulia.
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Trulia should crowd source scam detection. Make it possible for viewers to flag a listing, and once enough views flag a certain listing, Trulia staff should review it.

I think it's pretty easy to see if something is a scam (e.g. new 2bd mission bay condo for 3000/mo sitting there for more than a month - why?), but it's just enormously annoying and tiring to dig through all the scams.

For some reason, competitor site Zillow seems to have less scammers than Trulia. Why is that? I am not saying that people should use Zillow instead (the most properties are on both sites anyway), but for some reason, of the two sites, scammers seems to have an affinity for Trulia.
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I am actually in the process of speaking with a "Rory Matthew" about renting a property from him in Edmond, OK. Now I know that his stories are not adding up and that he is in fact a PREDATOR OF SCAM. What do I do? He needs to be in trouble of some sort. I have all of his information.
Web Reference:
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There has been a rash of scammers using Trulia to contact users for a coupl eof years, I have to say it has gone down. There is another set of scammers who have endless homes to clone and endless people who fal for them thinking half price rentals are real. The golden rule is if it looks to good to be true it usually is. NEVER wire money for a rental and never rent a home sight unseen.
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actually, some of the scammers don't even have to leave their homes - they simply hijack a real listing - usually a vacant rental listing.................they use the photos the agent posted, set a really low rental price on it.......... and then place an ad on Craigslist (this happened w/ my listing)...they give the callers a sob story about being out of the state, country, world - take your pick - one said he/she was disabled and that's why they couldn't show the home............told the person to "go and look in the window, as it is vacant".....the price was so low and enticing, a woman drove 2 hrs to look at one of my listings I happened to be there when I saw someone peeking in the window!!!!!!!

The real rental price of the 2 br condo I listed was $1400 - the scammer put a price of $700 on it so it's no surprise that low number drew a lot of interest.

Then the scammers tell them they need to wire money asap in order to hold the house ..and unfortunately, there are people desperate enough who will send that money...........oh yes, and the scammer who hijacked my lisitng even had the nerve to bring God into it..........told the callers that he knew "God had sent them to him"........ so they didn't have to worry about credit checks or employment verification.

Amazing............and sad........
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Here are 2 SCAMS that I heard of:

The SCAMMER finds a vacant, foreclosed house, without a FOR SALE sign in front:
He makes up a realistic Real Estate SIGN, for a fictitious Brokerage, and a FOR RENT sign, and sticks them in the front yard. He places an AD in CraigsList for a rental and fields phone calls and makes appointments. He schedules 4 appointments for one afternoon, spreading them apart. He takes applications for all 4 along with checks for 1st and last, ($2,000 each). After the last "tenant" leaves; he pulls up the signs and walks off with $8,000!

The SCAMMER and a friend drive through a neighborhood that has MAILBOXES at the curb: Timing it before the Mail truck comes, they hit every mailbox that has the FLAG up. OR, timing it just after the mail truck come by, they empty all the mail boxes. This works best for a working-class neighborhood, where people are at work.

Makes you think.
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Daniel - you will benefit in life, not just on trulia, for saying to yourself....does this sound too good to be true?

If the answer is in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, Trulia cannot possible verify every posting......and Craigslist is certainly overrun with rental alert, be aware and be careful before ever giving out personal information or wiring money.........sadly, the internet is a ripe breeding ground for unscrupulous people who try to take advantage of smart and it won't happen to you!

best wishes...........
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One person that got my info from this site contacted me and said he had 7 Million dollars to spend on real estate in the bay area, I told him it wasn't enough....
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unfortunately, I bet there are agents who would have been salivating and trying to set up an appointment!! :)
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below are couple emails i got...


My name is Rory Matthew.I'm a project manager in civil engineering. I
just moved in Manila, Philippines because my company has won an
auction for a big construction project. I'll stay here for the next
3-4 years or more so I won't come back. I'm looking for someone to
live in my Apartment from there.

I will tell you from the beginning that I don't have a problem if you
are a student or if you would like to keep pets there, as long as you
clean up after them. The minimum lease is available for Long and also
Short Term Lease, very important, the utilities are included in the
price per month.


My name is David Gary . am on the missionary assignment here with me and my family I just relocated to (New Jersey). because my company has won an auction for a big construction project. I'll stay here for the next 4-5 years or more so I won't come back soon. I'm looking for someone to live in my House from there.I will tell you from the beginning that I don't have a problem if you are a student or if you would like to keep pets there, as long as you clean up after them. The minimum lease is available for Long and also Short Term Lease, very important, the utilities are included in the price per month.
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What sort of scammers are you talking about? Define what you mean by scam.
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Really? How stupid are you? Scam as in stealing money by highjacking a listing...substitute their untraceable phone number and they're hidden behind email forwarding. They reach out to you and.....screw it. You probably don't understand any of this
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