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Anybody know the membership costs at Barton Creek, ACC, the UT Golf Club, The Hills? What's the deal with Lost Creek? Last year BC quoted me

Asked by Mr. Bubble, Del Mar, CA Wed Feb 10, 2010

50k/450 mo. ACC i think was 80k. UT was 35k and the Hills was 40k. Those seemed like pre-recession prices and I imagine they were real slow. That's as much as the clubs in California are. Have they lowered any of those rates?

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Follow the link below to their webpage. Then call Marie or Jennifer to schedule a facility tour or start your membership in the club.… Its a gorgeous club and they have lots of amenities.
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BCCC has recently done a complet renovation of the Member's private Clubhouse. Spaces are inviting and allow Members to enjoy business entertaining or relaxing with friends and family. Memberships are designed to cater to an individual's lifestyle. Great place to connect.
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I did end up joining BCCC and it is as I expected. Pluses are the courses, the facilities (hotel facilities) and general beauty of the property. Minuses are the condition of the member's clubhouse (KSL put all the money into the hotel and there is a big difference between them), the hotel/club combo, the lack of connectedness of the members.
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To Rob Sparks: Both Lost Creek and Barton Creek are great clubs. If your priority is to entertain clients, then choose Barton Creek since it is a popular resort for guests and has 4 courses, great dining facilities, and a place for clients to stay if they are from out of town. On the other hand, Lost Creek CC has many activities for the members (adults and children) to get involved in, whether it’s golf, tennis, swimming, or just social. And Lost Creek recently reworked their greens and they are a challenge. Just bring your “A” game!
On another note, you can join LCCC and still take clients to BCCC by just paying the resort fees. It is a little expensive but the business expense would allow you to keep the $47k earning interest to help pay green fees. Another possibility is to join LCCC and if you don't like it, try to transfer your membership to BCCC (do your homework on this first).
The other KSL course you might want to look at is the Hills in Lakeway, which has 2 great courses! They have really nice facilities and a great group of golfers.
I am a member at Lost Creek CC and enjoy the facilties with lots of other golf friends! If you have any other questions about Lost Creek CC, just let me know. Otherwise, contact Pam Staulcup at LCCC at 512-892-1205 x104, and she will show you around the club!
Barbara Brown, Realtor
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I live off of SW Parkway and Mopac. I'm currently struggling to make a decision between LC and BC. I will primarily be playing golf but my wife will use the club for tennis and all that. Starting point for LC is 3K/366 month and for BC it is 50K/525 month. I'm thinking I can get BC down to non-resident 25K/300 month. They also have a 25 year promo offering 2500 due credit, 25 months bag storage/locker. Still, it's really tough to not choose LC but I'm still on the fence. Touring both in the next two weeks. There are a few CC's that have gone partially public (Onion Creek, River Place etc) so I'm a little concerned that it might happen w/ LC but have no evidence one way or the other. As I type, it's strictly private.

For those of you that frequent LC - what is their overall strengths vs. BC? Is it a social club with a variety of members (age range, profession etc)? I'm 42, married w/ an 8 year old daughter. I will primarily be entertaininig clients but it's also important to meet folks I like and will eventually play w/. Any information you can provide is much appreciated.
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I'm actually a Club Corp member out here so i know the benefits of that. If I'm going to pony up the money for the Hills I might as well find 8k more and join Barton Creek because it's closer in. I do love that club though and it's not a hotel/club combo which drives me nuts.
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So if you are considering the UT golf club, which is located a little further away from central Austin in Steiner Ranch, AND if that distance doesn't bother you, have you considered The Hills at Lakeway? It is a gorgeous Jack Nicklaus golf course that has hosted Senior/Champions Tour Events and Nike (Nationwide) tournaments. I believe the membership to The Hills also includes a membership to Flintrock Falls, which is also a very fun course to play. Another plus: The Hills is associated with ClubCorp and their Signature Gold membership allows you to play courses outside the 50-mile range. So have you checked out Horseshoe Bay for one of those get-aways? Choices--we love choices!
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I don't doubt that BC has superior golf. How about the social side? Are people really interacting and having fun...building friendships? Does BC feel like a hotel or a club. I'm sure ACC is pretty social but geez, one course vs 4. How about the UT club? I've seen the clubhouse, it's pretty cool.
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My folks come in from Houston area a few times a year just to play at Barton Creek. They live waterfront on the Lake in a nice golf course community and still advocate driving 3 hrs to play at Barton Creek - it's that nice.
My recommendation is Barton Creek.

And, my recommendation for a real estate pro to hire to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck and to find a great home at a great price, would be ShawnMon!

Call me sometime for a brief discussion Mr. Bubble. I'd love to discuss with you how my Buyer Representation services are of value worth taking advantage of. I already know your primary goal, and it happens to be my specialty!

If the value in my services does not exist, then I certainly won't encourage you to engage them, but that is something you can uncover in our discussion.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Keller Williams Realty
#1 Selling Broker in Austin Tx
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If you want a little more diversity, BC has 4 courses: Fazio Foothills, Canyons, Crenshaw & Lakeside. ACC has only one.
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So let me ask, 40k for Barton Creek or 80k for ACC? Which would you do? I'll probably buy a house near whichever I choose.
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Dear Mr. Bubble--
Sorry to be answering so "late in the game" but wanted to make sure that you get the most accurate information about country clubs--specifically--The UT Golf Club. Though many clubs have started offering reduced pricing on their memberships based on the market conditions overall, in Austin and thus in the community that they are located in--The UT Golf Club is a rarity since it has not had to do this. With fewer than 30 memberships left to issue--they are holding firm to their asking price of $35k. It is a great club and well worth the money! Though it is not as established as BCCC, LCCC or ACC, since it is one of the "newest" clubs in town--it has a great reputation for great golf and fun members! Give them a call if you haven't already. 512-266-6464 Good luck with your decision. Seriously, whichever club you chose in Austin will be the perfect fit for your needs both personal and business! Austin is lucky to have so many wonderful country clubs here to compliment the great neighborhoods they are in. Welcome to Texas!
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Re: Lost Creek CC, they are painting all of the buildings over the next month. Not sure when you visited the club, but they have renovated the dining room to include a bar. Our new chef is from Lakeway Resort. Anyway, when you are in town again, please stop by and check out the progress. Pam said if you come by, she will arrange a round of golf. (Their MGA is very active.) And if you need to see any homes, please don't hesitate to give me a call. Good luck!
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I would pick Barton Creek in a heart beat! In my former life when I was in wholesale telecom sales, all my clients loved BCC the best -- and they came from all over the world -- and they all golfed. ACC is second best and it's really good for networking if you will be new to town. The catering is quite reasonably priced at ACC. LC is OK -- the tennis facilities used to be the hottest ticket in town during the Austin boom in the late 90's. I don't like the location of LC as well as BCC because I come in through Westlake off of Bee Cave Road. You must have entered LC off of SW Pkwy. And I know Californians -- they're just like Texans -- we like the Four Seasons experience and that's what you'll get at BCC.
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Thanks Mary.

Barbara, what I meant by what's the deal with LC was that I want over there once. It seems to have a fantastic location. Very close in. Closer than BC. But, the buildings seemed like they needed an update. It looked all original.

I know nothing about the course. You are right, that is a great deal. I'm actually a member of a club in CA that is owned by ClubCorp, whiich owns BC, LC, and the Hills. The club dues at my club dropped from 35k to 10k over the last few years as high end everything went in the tank.

So, I can apply my original membership dues to whatever the price is in Austin. But, most of the good clubs seem to have prices like my club used to. LC would be perfect for me locationwise but I'm not sure the facility is up to par for entertaining clients, etc...
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Hi Mr. Bubble: I am a golf member of Lost Creek Country Club. Not sure what you meant in saying "what's the deal with Lost Creek?" but I can tell you that they have membership specials right now with a Golf Initiation of $3k, with only $1k down, balance due by 10/1/2010. If you sponsor another new golf member within 60 days of joining, the entire balance is forgiven! Or sponsor another by 10/1, $1k is forgiven. Great deal -- great course!

I do have to mention that they are renovating their greens over the entire summer, but during that time, are offering golf privileges at neighboring courses such as Barton Creek, Lakeway, and many more.

Please call Pam Staulcup, in Member Service, at 892-1205 x104, for more information.

Of course, if you need to see any homes in Lost Creek, please give me a call!

Barbara Brown, Realtor
Stanberry & Associates512-799-0668
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Dear Mr. Bubble:

Do not envision any discount being offered or negotiated at BCC or ACC. They are the most prestigious clubs in Austin and require an invitation to join the club with a full membership program. Old money, multi-generation Texans are at ACC and BCC is the most exclusive and expensive in town. Certain tiers of membership can be had. At one time, one of the best Fazio courses could be played by invitation only or you had to be accompanied by a charter member to play that course.

Focus your efforts on UT in Steiner if you need a discount -- the Steiner housing market was was hit very hard by the recession. Focus secondly on the Hills; Lakeway was hit, but not as hard as Steiner. Lost Creek is reasonable and is about a 10 minute drive from BCC.

The prices in Austin are very comparable to that of California with regard to country/golf clubs. Housing is considerably cheaper, but anything in zip codes 78746 and 78735 has held up reasonably well during the housing decline.

Good luck and come on down!

Mary Strickler
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Well I stand corrected Shawn. You should post a link to a few of these folks so readers can read about them and hire them.
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oh yes, golf club negotiators in deed. They're just not called "golf club negotiators" though. They're called "Purchasing Managers", "Purchasing Agents", or simply "Personal Assistants".

Regardless of title, they are your tool in saving money and purchasing smarter. That doesn't mean buying cheap products/services as a replacement to what you really want, it means getting what you want - for less!

Everyone should have a Personal Purchasing Manager (just like major corporations and small to large businesses do. It's always of value, and they always pay for themselves. (meaning that - it doesn't cost you a dime!)

You may remember in a previous post, I offered to negotiate your next auto purchase Mr. Bubble.
Anything of value that is worth saving money on, is perfect for the delegation of your Personal Purchasing Manager to be engaged. (homes, cars, memberships, service fees, late fees, collections owed, tax appraisals, furniture, art, construction, landscape, repairs, luxury items, and the list goes on)

Part Time (Personal Purchasing Managers) typically work on a "percentage of savings" basis. Full-time PPMs can work on salary or hourly (most often seen in the Mega Rich households only).

You should get yourself one. Again, they pay for themselves out of what they saved you on the purchase!

As far someone posting golf membership fees with their features and benefits outlined, this is a real estate website. you may try forums though for that.
Web Reference:
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For the record, Mr. Bubble has never been against using an agressive, ethical, well informed professional realtor as your advocate.
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Thanks Bill and Shawn. I was actually hoping to get the numbers posted here so that others can compare the costs and benefits of the clubs. I wasn't aware that there were golf club negotiators available?

My assumption is that, like high end home prices, club membership prices might be resetting to reflect the currently less-affluent, affluent.
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Pre-recession prices often times means "lower" when dealing with memberships and associations.

Just because real estate and stock values drop, doesn't necessarily mean everything across the board drops. From membership fees all the way down to bottled water.

As memberships drop off, some businesses/associations take on a "cutting the fat" business model where they scale back on quantity and begin focusing on quality again.

Sounds like you could use a tactical negotiator on your side, Mr. Bubble. From what I've learned in your previous comments, you are not a fan of hiring help though, correct?

So, here, I'll give you an idea of what they may say as an objection to you when you ask for better prices (this way, you can prepare for your rebuttle):

"I understand your desire to get our membership fees at a lower cost Mr. Bubble, especially in light of your recession, however, our members have spoken and we've listended. Our most valued members want more green time and less crowds on the courses, therefore we must maintain rate integrity in order to filter out the "riff-raff" so to speak, and I know you'll appreciate that when you're a member here. I'm almost certain Mr. Bubble, that when you play our world-renowned courses and you don't have to yell FORE on every hole or wait to tee off, you'll gladly tell other respectable gentleman like yourself what a great deal you are getting here at Barton Creek."

Or you may here:

"Recession, yes, the recession is an unfortunate moment for all of us right now Mr. Bubble, however, our service offering and world-renowned courses and memberships here are seemingly unnaffected at this level of standards. I don't want to tell you that we weren't affected at all by the recession, I just want to recognize that playing golf allows people to escape the recession for a few hours a day, do you know what I mean Mr. Bubble? so, we've found that, on a membership level, we seem to be thriving. Now, our accessories and apparrell department may be a different story, so I know if you go into our pro shop, you'll see some incredible deals right now that you can take advantage of."

Hope that helps Mr Bubble! Go Get Em. And if you ever need a negotiator on your side, just reach out!
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I do know the answers to these questions. Email me directly and I can help. I am the owner of a golf facility here in the Austin Area. I have played all theses courses and can provide insight, if you'd like. Full disclosure here, my primary business I devote my time to is real estate. I've lived in the Austin Metro since 1985.

Are you aa golfer? We have great golf here in Austin both private and membership. Our biggest difference you'll see is in the grass on the greens. "Tiff Eagle" is the dominant grass around here. It is a much better strain of Bermuda than those from the recent past. The only courses that have "Bent Grass" are ACC and one you didn't mention Cliff Side, which is out west on Hwy 71 W. It sits on the banks of Lake Travis on the south side.

Bill Austin ~
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