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Sharon, Home Seller in Wyandotte, MI

When decorating your house to sell should you be bold with color or stick to neutrals if you have a choice?

Asked by Sharon, Wyandotte, MI Tue Feb 3, 2009

We are decorating my dad's house to put on the market to sell. All of the colors will be neutral tones. My brother decided to paint one room neon yellow. I stated we should repaint in a neutral tone. He states that the color will not be a deal breaker for anyone. Is it wise to leave this room this color while on the market? Thanks for any help. I say it should be a color that will appeal to a majority of buyers and not give people a reason to not buy the house. Whose right?

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Stick with beiges. Be as bland as possible. If you go for too much color, your house will just sit on the market with no buyers. A nice soft beige color is the best.
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Neutral colors are always best people want to be move in ready mentally as well and they want to see their stuff inside that new home most peoples stuff matches those kinds of colors.

Good luck,

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Sharon- it sounds like you're on the right track. Keep in mind that the objective is to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Neutral colors are a safe bet. But neutral doesn't mean boring. Stay away from all white walls. Try a nice taupe and then make it pop with fresh white paint for the trim. Neutrals aren't limited to taupes either. Greens and blues and certain yellows can be neutral and that is to say they're not competing with the features in your room for the buyer's attention. You want your buyers envisioning themselves living in your house and focusing on all of the positive aspects! Best of luck.
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As a general rule, we suggest neutral colors. Neutral colors help make a room seem bigger and have a very
clean and sophisticated look. You can accessorize a room with color which is a great way to add in your favorite colors, like neon yellow! For example, throw pillows, flowers or curtains. This way the whole room isn't overwhelmed by the color. In today's world, buyer's sometimes can't see past the color on a wall especially if that's all the room needs is just paint. It's a wise idea to just paint the room a neutral color and then add splashes of color throughout the room.
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You don't want buyers to be distracted by the color on the wall when they walk into the room. Tell your brother to get his neon fix some other way, but not on the walls of the house! Anything which leaves a negative impression in a buyers mind is something to get rid of whenever possible. The cost to repaint a room in minimal and the positive impact neutral colors has on the overall impression your home leaves in the minds of prospective buyers is great. Stick with shades of bone white, taupe, beige and the like. A contrasting trim is always nice, but nothing too bold.
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Neutral colors generally work the best, especially in all the main living spaces. Painting over a neon yellow or other extremely bold color is a quick, affordable fix that is worth the time and money when selling. Go with a nice warm beige and stay away from white. Add some color in the decor you add to the room, pictures, pillows, vases, etc. Good luck!
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Definitely neutral. I’ve seen some bold colors used with success, but unless the seller really has an eye for color they usually are a dud. They can make rooms look small or just plain evoke a “what were they thinking?!” response from a buyer. I’ve never seen neon yellow used anywhere and if he won’t repaint it I’d get in there yourself and do it. I was recently inside a house where one of the sons decided to paint the living room powder blue and “sponge” electric blue onto it. And I mean “sponge”, it looked like he’d taken a car washing sponge and slapped it here and there. Some people have no taste and I hate to say it but your brother may be one of them, LOL!
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Great question......

We would like to weigh in on the neutral side of the color spectrum. It's been our experience that buyers prefer the neutral theme because of the ability to easily match it with their furnishings.

Never let the color of a room(s) be a deal can be resolved so quickly and inexpensively. If this is an issue for you, consider talking to your agent about offering to paint the rooms for the new buyer.....eliminating this problem.
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I am glad you are here! I bet you are feeling the same way after receiving all of these great answers to your question.

No doubt paint can make a difference when selling a home, based on all of the HGTV shows and from what we may have heard at the water cooler one morning at work, repainting has become sort of a general assumption when selling a home.

I agree with you and the neutral colors, then again who knows maybe the next owner might love neon yellow. Since you have began the paint I would finish it, but be cautious of doing to many repairs to the home before selling it.

Have you had a realtor come out and provide you with a complete market research, and explain to you the FOUR FACTORS that sell a home in today's market?

talk to you soon


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Neutral colors are best, but please no Builder's Beige! A color I usually recommend is Retrained Gold, a Sherwin Williams selection. It goes with most upholstery colors (exception: some pastels), looks sharp with both stained and painted wood trim and most importantly lightens and brightens rooms.
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I would definitely go wtih a neutral color. In 15 years I have never had a buyer complain about neutral colors but I sure have heard lots of comments about strong colors. Use strong colors in your decorating accent pieces NOT on your walls.
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It's not as complicated as it sounds. Here's all you need to do. Lay out paint chips of all the other colors used within the home. Put them all next to one another on the table, then find a soft muted color that looks appealing to your eye when it's next to those other colors. I'm sure that neon yellow looks terrible and out of sinc with the other colors. Find one that looks like it was meant to go with the ones already on the walls. It's simple!
I do interior design and staging and this works everytime. Tell me how it looks when you're done. Sarah Robinson, Exit Realty Paramount, MI
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I think there is an actual color chip with the name "real estate beige".
For most rooms I would recommend staying with a neutral color like real estate beige, which comes in several shades.
Light neutral colors also make artwork, wood furniture, and fabrics really stand out in a room.
Choose color saturated accent rugs and sofa pillows with organic prints. Good lighting is also crucial to make the colors more vibrant.
Don't forget texture. Baskets, knobby woven throws, stone, and smooth glass are all textures that can give a room a certain feel.
After your room is painted, be very selective about what you put back in the room. That way your spaces will look larger and buyers will feel more comfortable in the space.
Good luck!
Candy Barnes
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Aloha Sharon,
Any professional stager will tell you neutrals are they way to go, with that said there are many neutral shades available to choose from that can draw positive attention to a room. Light browns, grays, blues, mauves, yellows and greens can add subtle sophistication without offending the color shy.

On the flip side I have used bold colors in certain staging situations to add dramatic flair to an otherwise boring space but I avoid certain colors like red, pinks, purples, and florescent shades of yellow and green. It all comes down to how the room is accessorized and furnished. If it's cohesive, not overwhelming, and conveys an approachable style go for it but remember the goal is to appeal to as many buyers as possible so when in doubt go without color on the walls and use colorful accessories instead. Best of luck!
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Different opinions here ... I say, go in-between. Stark white, and neon yellow are opposite sides of the spectrum. Pick popular, tasteful colors that can accommodate most color schemes ... that is your best bet.
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GREAT QUESTION: Neutral color is your best option, many cant foresee past the neon color. Will decline pursuing a sales offer. A light tan color are great colors.
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Hi Sharon-

Everyone thinks that one room should not make a difference, but guess what? It does!! Neon yellow is a cheerful color this time of year. Most buyers are looking for neutral colors that do not scream out to them "Paint Me". Any showings in this economy is worth making every effort to put your best foot forward.
Ask your brother to make the sale go faster and repaint!!!

Best of Luck,
Maryann Kepreos
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Color certainly can be a deal breaker in the sense that someone rules your house out over another. Having a newly repainted house that is in move in condition can weigh alot on ones decision whether or not to even put an offer in on the house. Neutral colors should be used in all rooms to appeal to the majority. Let the buyer decide to repaint the rooms after they move in, they key is to get them interested in the house in the forst place. Tell your brother to break out the paint brush and do it right. good luck with your sale Sharon
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Timely information is available in this article from Realtor(R) Magazine.…

Since we cannot see the other colors, it would be difficult to answer your question.

Personally, a "neon" color would not be my first choice, but I'm not sure who you are marketing to with this home.
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I would definitely stick with neutral colors. A lot of times potential buyers base their purchases on small elements such as paint when it comes down to their final decisions. I have found as a designer that some times people can not look past the color scheme and visualize themselves living in the space if it is too different from the way they would decorate themselves.
As a general rule that I follow when staging it shouls be neat and impactful not distracting. I hope that helps!

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I would stick with the neutral colors myself. Neon yellow is not universally appealing and might be a distraction to buyers. There is a lot of advice on my blog from Marianne Sweet, a local home stager. You might want to read through it.

Good luck!
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Maureen Fran…, Real Estate Pro in Birmingham, MI
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