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Is Curb Appeal Impotant?

Asked by Andrew Paluch, Tue Apr 22, 2008

I have a property Listed Very Well in Mississauga, as I was doing an Open House and I noticed 15-20 cars that would stop and then keep on going, I am sure if there was some curb appeal they would have come inside.

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Curb appeal is the most important issue to get buyers in the door, I own Dallas real estate after my tenants move out my lawn crew is there immediately on the spot. I have people stop and contact me from my yard signs stating they can't afford too purchase my home or lease the home however my lawn crew is the best ever seen, just wanted too call me. Most buyers feel if the exterior is well maintained and totally "tricked out on the exterior they wonder what the interior looks like"

I even tell my seller including my own properties hose down the exterior bricks, sidewalk, and etc. make the house shine~
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The April 2008 issue of Realtor magazine, a magazine for Realtors nationwide, states that curb appeal can be a major factor in a buyers decision making process.

It says that 82% of all real estate agents polled state that buyers will not look inside a property if the curb appeal is unattractive.

The article goes on to report that 90% of real estate agents say that a sale depends upon the buyers first impressions of a property, and that the presentation of the exterior of the property is as important as the interior.
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What do you think is chasing them away? Is it the pit bull chained in the neighbors yard or the 25 guys hanging around with Harley's down the street?
A house that you are offering to the market has to scream buy me before someone else does! Presentation and price attract the buyers and when you have attracted them be sure that nothing puts them off that attraction. No weeds or long grass, no bad paint, no bad neighbors, no pit bulls. Anything that you can't control you have to overcome with another attraction.
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Jed Lane, Real Estate Pro in San Francisco, CA
Curb appeal... in this market you are missing the boat if you don't have a home that presents its self well from the street. There are so many houses for buyers to choose from right now that if the exterior doesn't have an appealing "pow" to it, they will drive on to the next. If the exterior is unkept they take it as a sure sign the interior will be in the same condition and there goes the buyer! As far as getting more people through your opens... you would be amazed what people will do for a hot cup of coffee. Outside the home put some kind of signage that notes "hot coffee and pastries inside." You will get more traffic through! I actually have a portable espresso machine that I bring to my opens. A free cup of espresso does the trick every time! Buyers are more willing to look at something with less curb appeal with a little Starbucks enticement!!!
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Yes, Curb apeal is VERY important. If Buyers don't like the outside they most likely think the inside is the same and are hesistent to go inside. Have your sellers plant some blooming flowers with color so they can be seen easily.
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From this buyers perspective, "curb appeal" is only a small part of the attraction to a home. Lawns, plants, walkways and facias can be change relatively easily.

As a buyer the main things I am looking for are:

1.) a realistic price (no surprise here, but prices have yet to come out of fantasy land in most cases).

2.) a good floor plan (this too can be changed, but if the price isn't fair, then remodels become a poor investment).

3.) Solid building. (if the house is built poorly; ie. bad cuts, cracks in walls or floors etc. it's a then no-go).

4.) Road noise. (it's hard to tell until you go there how bad the noise will be).

If you have these challenges, a "comparative" price will not intice a buyer.
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Curb appeal is very important to buyers. If the home is appealing from the outside that will at least get them in the door. That first impression will help keep them interested.
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You are probably right. Buyers are very busy and they will do drivebys and pick the best looking ones from the street appeal to preview inside. It's usually a first look that will grab the buyers. I always suggest we get the shrubs trimmed, grass cut, flowers out, any outside maintainence repairs and just stage it for showing! Even a new front door at times and front walks need to be neat and tidy. Gives the whole house a fresh clean look. They will put it on their to see list. Or stop in at open houses. Staging curb appeal is #1.
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Curb appeal is very important. If I don't like the outside, I certainly don't want to go inside.
Compared to where I live here in Ft Myers, it is almost scary moving back to the Steubenville/
Wintersville areas. I probably should just stay where I am, but I miss my sister & bro-in-law
who live in Wintersville & they don't come down often enough. She still works, probably for
another year or two.
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YES, curb appeal is very important whether renting or buying. The neighborhood's curb appeal is also important. And, location is also top priority.
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Curb appeal is very important. Remember that first impressions could make a difference in a sale or not. Like most agents I have had clents tell me to keep driving after seeing the outside of a property. The yard and home should be very inviting for buyers. Cut grass, weeded flower beds, swept driveway and walks will make a big difference.
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First impressions are extremely important. If the outside of a property is unappealing your client may decide not to see the inside of the property. I have had buyers ask me to keep driving when the curb appeal was less than desirable. Sellers need to do everything possible to draw the buyers inside, especially when there are so many homes on the market in direct competition with theirs. Lawns, trees ans shrubs should be well manicured, hoses rolled up and placed out of site....that's a safety issue as well.....dirty driveways should be power washed, front doors should be freshly painted and if the hardware is worn it should be replaced. If the season allows, plant flowers that serve as a colorful invitation to the home. A seller should view the front of his/her home through a potential buyers eyes and decide whether or not they themselves would visit the property based on its curb appeal.
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Thank You for all the help and suggestions. I think the the problem was the neighbors on each side. One neighbor had his old car up on stands, the other had a Basketball net and all the kids on the street were out there playing during my Open Houses.
I asked the neighbor w/the basketball net if they could refrain from playing during the Open House...Guess what...he understood and was really cool about it. The other guy put a Tarp over his car.
Sometimes you just have to ask, most people understand.
Anyway Blah Blah, Blah, I Sold it(5 weeks on the market) for 97% of ask.
Good Luck to all that have replied and Thank You.
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