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is youngstown, ohio a good place to live, considering the crime rates, economy and such?

Asked by Jessi, Portland, OR Mon Jan 14, 2008

moving to youngstown, but i want to move to a place i can raise children and not have to worry about someone breaking inot my home or car 7 night a week

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sbi25fm’s answer
WOW, and i was actually thinking of moving me and my children to Ytown...i grew up not far from there and have done many things in Ytown....i moved above columbus in the country and was actually thinking about Ytown BUT NOT NOW...
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We were just in youngstown recently and crime is bad! I would never raise a family in the youngstown area. The police are never around when you need them because they are too scared to come around. Fights break out on the sides of the streets, guns firing in the distance....... it's horrible!! Please, if you want to stay safe and not get robbed, raped, grand theft auto, vandalism, killed, DONT COME HERE!!! :(
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I currently live in Youngstown (extreme upper southside/Pleasant Grove neighborhood) and have for most of my life. I recently bought a new home in the suburb of Boardman. I am sad to say that I don't agree with the previous posters who say that crime is "overrated" in Youngstown. If you are considering moving to Youngstown proper -- as a place to raise a family -- I would reconsider one of the surrounding areas instead. Great options include: Austintown, Canfield, Boardman, Poland, North Lima and Springfield -- all of which reap the benefits of affordable housing but without the worries about crime and schools. No matter how anyone wants to sugarcoat it in an effort to save the city of Youngstown -- the truth is the schools are terrible (and dangerous) and there is a lot of crime. Sure, there are areas of Youngstown that are nicer than others -- such as the Cornersburg/West side area, the Newport Glenn historic area (which is actually Boardman) and until recently the Pleasant Grove area -- but they are still surrounded by unsafe and crime infested areas that continue to creep.

I hope that this helps you with your question.
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They say OHIO is the heart of USA and if this is true then Youngstown could only be the Armpit, i Moved out when i was 20 years old in 1980 and was amazed how the rest of the states live. What a culture shock. I would never even consider moving back.
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Been near Youngstown 46 years and in Boardman most of that time. Also worked closely with the PD many years. The facts by a couple people are pretty sad and in fact the guy from the Carolinians was probably run out of Youngstown some years ago when the FBI was forced to lock up or move out some people who felt they could do whatever they wanted. Crime is here yes but no worse than most other areas. So called shootings, carjacking and robberies are 99% of the time people looking for drugs or prostitutes. Getting rolled as it’s called and then all of a sudden to protect their image and their family they were just stopped at a red light not trying to pick up a $2 druggie. I believe Rich said it best you never get the true story till the next day and the media never reports it. In my years working with the PD I honestly only recall 1 carjacking that was not drug or prostitute related. Play with the scum you will get burnt. We also have not locked our doors in 13 years, should we yes but do we know because it is very safe. Kids play out at night in the summer no problem. Now yes there are bad areas but be fool enough to go into them and you deserve what you get. EVERY city, area has those areas. Look, Youngstown was just featured in Inc. magazine May 2010 as a top technology center. V&M steel just started a BILLION dollar expansion with hundreds of jobs. GM added a 3rd shift to its plant bringing in over 900 workers. One of only a couple that will be running 3 shifts. WHY would these Billion dollar complains invest so much into a crime ridden area. Housing is so affordable it’s crazy. $100,000 house here is $300,000 elsewhere. You are an hour from Cleve. / Pittsburgh. The area has the largest retail development in the US with a Mall, outparcels, a baseball stadium and more. Larger than the Mall of America in square feet. We have Mill Creek Park, Covelli Center with BIG name performers coming and a new happening downtown, the suburbs, golf everywhere and the best ethnic foods in the world. The 3rd largest county fair in the country, God I can go on forever. Yes there are some bad things but the good outweighs the bad way too much. That Victor and jojo56 when you figure out what you are talking about stop by BUT PLEASE just visit, there is no room for people like you! The Mahoning Valley is GREAT AND ALIVE!!!
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That is inaccurate information. Truth be told, youngstown is a larger area than boardman, canfield and poland and austintown combined. Most of the crime is designated to specific areas. Also, the media somewhat "steers" or misleads certain criminal issues. Just 2 days ago I seen an example, someone claimed to get shot in the leg, by a drive buy shooter on Prestwick in Boardman(near youngstown). The news never updates the events. Truth be told, this character was not walking down Prestwick. Nor was he an "innocent victim". Boardman police never filed such an incident. That "victim" if you will, simply picked that street name out of a hat. They picked this gentleman up at his house on Avondale(no where near Prestwick). That exact type of incident occurs probably once a day. My favorite is the "stolen vehicle reports". What they never tell you is statistically 99.9% of those are reports that are later converted to unauthorized use of a vehicle...maybe a girlfriend runs off with her jealous boy friends car. Kids take off with Dad's car and don't come home for a day or 2. I work closely with the city and I get to see the follow ups every day. Rarely are there any "CREEPY CRIMINALS"...LIKE WHAT YOU SEE ON TV.HAHA. There's nobody peaking in windows. No crook in Y-Town would dare rob someone they didn't know. They are harmless.All of those criminal reports in youngstown.......and not 1 single random act. I know people who live down near crandall park and are totally renovating a home they bought. They said "They feel 100% safe".
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Moved to Austintown almost 8 years ago. I own a house key, but never use it. Don't even lock my car in my driveway. Crime is definitely predictable in certain areas, but for the most part, I feel completely safe...even go downtown by myself and walk to different businesses without concern. The people here are among the most generous, caring and loving people I've ever known. Incredible sense of community....Move here and love it!
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Crime in the Youngstown area is concentrated in certain areas. They don't report that part in the news at all. I live in Youngstown proper, on the west side, and we have no problems. The suburban communities, such as Boardman, Austintown, McDonald, etc., are all great communities. Very family-oriented, strong family values. It's a great community. I lived in Boardman and kept my door unlocked most of the time. Never had a problem.
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Youngstown is extremely unsafe. This map will help you find a decent area in the suburbs:…
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Both of the links in this post are dead. Click on them, either or both, they do not go anywhere. The first one is to google maps, but the page/location does not exist. The second one, to blogspot, is to a non-existent blog. The blog name, youngstown2011 is available.
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The school system isn't that great, but there are a lot of people dedicated to trying to make it better for the students that attend. Is there the ocean deep! Yes of course there is crime....but there is crime everywhere. I feel really bad for people who live in fear the way some of the respondents to this question do. We all have the ability to make life what we want. The area is your depressed...I guess. Maybe if you had a better outlook on things it would get better for you. I wasn't born in Youngstown, but I grew up here. I can't remember too many random acts of violence. If you sleep with a shotgun it is not because you live in Youngstown, it is because you keep bad company. I'm not saying rush out and buy a house here, but please take into consideration that there are a lot of hard working, honest people in the city that hate the things that go on just as much as anyone else. And no the media may not be over-exaggerating about a few things, but seriously do you really think this place has nothing to offer and that nothing good EVER happens here? I get tired of hearing people cry about Youngstown being such a hell are free to leave and take your piss poor attitude with you! The residents of the city would be glad if some people with vision and hope came to the area instead of being filled with and surrounded by doom and gloom talkers. Geez.
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Youngstown is in decline. The deterioration will only continue to spread out through the suburbs. The Cleveland through Pittsburgh corridor is at the heart of the rust belt and has little prospect for economic revitalization. You can get a good deal on property, for good reason. You have to ask yourself, do I want to raise my children in this environment. It may help you make a decision just by driving through what used to be the downtown area of Youngstown. Visit the mall in Boardman. This was once the showcase of the metropolitan area. Then look at the statistics on the school performance in Boardman, Poland, Canfield and other suburban areas. If you buy, you most likely will not recoup your investment. These housing prices will continue their downward spiral. The only place in Ohio that is a safe investment is Columbus and that is not without its risk. It's like Springsteen said, "These jobs are going boys and they ain't coming back."
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Anyone who has lived here knows the truth!! It is truly evil and ruthless.
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what so bad abouth youngstown i live in philly it not safe hear at all...
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Hopefully you were just curious and were not really considering moving to Youngstown, Ohio and if so why Youngstown? It seems so random. Portland to Youngstown - you'll suffer major culture shock. Wait is crime a culture? In Youngstown it is!! Anyway, just reread what Victor said from Carolina, so on point that it made me laugh to tears. There are pretty places in Ohio but Youngstown is not one of them. I graduated from YSU and left for Florida in '99. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control brought me back to Campbell(really just a different name for the Eastside of Y-town). All I can say is I spend a considerable amount of my time day dreaming about leaving for something better. I found it very odd to that the responder's who are singing Y-town's praises are living in Boardman. How stupid! Yes, Boardman and Poland look like Emerald Cities when compared to depressed Youngstown but even they don't offer much. Youngstown is for geriatrics!! I was living in Florida and never saw so many old, boring people there as I do here. There is no fun here, no jobs, the weather is brutal,and there is a distinct chance you will be a victim of a crime. I was robbed at gun point at the BK on 422 when I was working there and that was in the early 90's. More recently (within the last month) an elderly man and his wife were shot at because the car they were driving looked like a rival gang member's. Point: Youngstown should just be called crimetown. I guess if you enjoy living in hell, are comfortable with danger and like to be depressed then Youngstown is the place for you.
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I live in Youngstown, on the West Side. I grew up in Poland (a well-to-do suburb) and prefer Youngstown because it's more real, more three-dimensional, and has more character. I don't have children but if I did they would absolutely not attend Youngstown City Schools. The district has good intentions but the problems they have to deal with are just too big to provide a quality education at this point. There are other options, including many Catholic schools, Youngstown Christian School, a Montessori school, and probably many other good private school options. Also, my understanding is that there is a school choice program that allows residents of any town/city to send their kids to any other city/town's public schools, as long as they are willing to transport them themselves.

I am a single young white woman and I am not afraid of crime here. I don't go for walks after dark but I feel safe enough in any part of town during the day and, actually, most areas at night as well. Random crime is as rare here as anywhere: most of the crime is domestic and business-related. (Just don't rip off a drug customer or hang out with her boyfriend and you shouldn't have any trouble.) If you want to avoid break-ins, just choose a neighborhood where you don't find iron-barred windows.

The great things about Youngstown: Mill Creek Park, Handel's Ice Cream, friendly people (hey, you get both kinds everywhere), low cost of living, great Italian food, ethnic festivals all summer long, etc., etc. Life here, as anywhere, is what you make it.
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Be honest with the lady please. Here it is by the number.
2009: 23 murders; 62 rapes; 276 robberies; 372 assaults

With a crime rate of 65 per one thousand residents, Youngstown has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 15. Within Ohio, more than 90% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Youngstown. The violent crime rate is one of the highest in the nation, across communities of all sizes (both large and small). Violent offenses tracked included forcible rape, murder and non-negligent manslaughter, armed robbery, and aggravated assault, including assault with a deadly weapon. According to analysis of FBI reported crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of one of these crimes in Youngstown is one in 112.

The National Median for violent crime is 4.7 per 100,000. For Youngstown it is 8.94!
While it may be slowly improving (murders down from 28 in 2008 and way down from the 42 in 2007) It still has a long way to go! If you have to move to the Youngstown area, stick to the suburbs. Boardman and Canfield are good, but usually a little more pricey. Austintown or Weathersfield are cheaper with easy freeway access to get you to downtown quickly if you work there. And if you have to live in the city..stick to the West Side!
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Oh boy, living in a very nice suburb of Cleveland and moving to Youngstown, I saw these stats, and laughed. There are weeks in Cleveland with 23 murders. In Cleveland proper, there are no areas as safe as the worst neighborhoods in Youngstown. I am moving into an area where people had those inflatable Christmas decorations in their yards - they wouldn't last an hour in most of Cleveland.
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if you want to learn anything about youngstown ohio listen to the song "lull of youngstown" by miranda sound. but i live in youngstown and allthough i too lived in austintown and never had to lock my doors, dont let these others fool youngstown you are up 3 or 4 times a night making sure your doors are still locked and you have no other "guests" in your home. the cops are just as crooked as the thieves and they dont take your word as a tax paying citizen. God forbid if they have to write a report for an incident...they would rather take the word of the trespasser than the word of the home owner/renter.
i would suggest if you are looking for somewhere to live in ohio especially youngstown, to look no closer than the state of tennessee...where diversity is a "four letter word"...
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I've been here all my life, I found when you get robbed its by someone you know, mainly because you let them in your business to often. I raised a 28 year old son, whom graduated from college with honors and he's a Physically major minor in Marketing. I love my neighbor, we wave and talk to each other but we're not up in each other's home, we do watch out for each other. I took a test one day and asked a neighbor has anyone been over my house today she said yes and gave me four different car's and how often they came over, who knew ? We take in garbage cans, put lg. Packages on their back porch, snow blow your neighbors driveway's when mine was down, bringing in each other's mail when it's hanging out the mail box. We even feed each other when needed, we help take care of another's sick child, and no it's not a dream you just have to pick your neighbor. Thank You
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How is 5th Ave? Safe? How about the west side? Will the homes in the historic districts hold their value?
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is it true many medical doctors in Warren and Youngstown regularly diagnose elderly persons with health insurance as having Alzheimers and Dementia which results in an increase of patient numbers, office visits and related prescribed medications ? I heard Mahoning and Trumbull County has a significant number of diagnosed Alheimers patients when compared to other communities with better regulation and better oversight of the a medical board. I heard there is little oversight by the Department of Adult Services when concerned citizens report concerns of elder abuse in this regard.
Maybe the increase of Alzheimers and Dementia is due to environmental problems or ignorance and apathy by those in the medical community.
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its a great place to live if you are connected with the right people who have influence. Certain Family Names in Mahoning and Trumbull County entiltle a chosen few at the expense of those with less influence, money, or the wrong political party or wrong color.
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Youngstown, Ohio has gone to hell and still is. The schools are unsafe and so are the streets. I have lived in the Mahoning county for the most of my life. But, I move out of it in 2001 before it got as bad as it has got now. Thank God I did. Because, my grandmother and grandfather use to live on the Westside of Youngstown that was near the Boardman area boarder. I had drove down my grandmothers and grandfathers house and street a while a go. The last time that I was there and visiting my family who still lives there in the Canfield ,Ohio area. I was totally shocked in how run down my grandmother and grandfathers old house and street are now. In fact there are several houses missing that once where there on their block that where torn down and on several blocks its the same thing. My grandmother and grandfathers house is still there though. But, has become over grown and left vacant. My heart breaks now when I see their house and see how their city, street and area. Has become nothing but a run down hell hole. I use to walk down their street. When I was a young kid. But, I would not now. Because, of how bad it has gone down hill. People can say all they want that the crime is not bad. But, there are fools. When I was there I heard gun shots, fights and major gangs. The city of Youngstown is nothing but a cancer in Ohio. The city and all the other streets need to have all their houses torn down and this whole area needs to be rebuilt. The whole city of Youngstown and cities around it are a crying shame and a public embracement to Ohio. If I where you I would not move to Youngstown to rise your kids or have a family. There is no jobs in this area and this city is full of trashy hillbillies. I will never move back to the city of Youngstown as long as I live. This city is a toxic waste dump. It not worth your time. Please look else where to move.
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I for one must say I disagree ! Yes Youngstown does have its faults as do most other cities. It's the people that live in and around Youngstown that can change our town. With as many bad sides Youngstown offers I can give more good sides personally.I lived in Youngstown from the time I was 18 on the southside and northside up till I was about 23. I personally bought my first home when I was 18 on the north side which I lived in which I truly can say defined me into who I am today. I continued buying properties in Youngstown whether it be single-family or apartments and personally committed to revitalizing our hometown. The more good families we put into these towns who are the trendsetters and the movers and shakers the more we can transform it back into its glorious powerful city that it is capable of being ! The tools are there, pottential is there,it's only us who hold it back by our negative comments. If you give the people something to be proud of, and make them work for what they have so that they have pride and honor in what they have or where they reside the rest will eventually unfold. As far as the crime goes it is almost always the families and folks who encircle themselves with the people who are involved in the crime that are affected in the end. Now as far as saying the schools are terrible, I personally know several people who work in Youngstown school system and I for one would put them up against any other surrounding cities schools. Go ahead and take polands teachers and let them spend the year teaching Youngstown students and take Youngstown students and put them in with Poland schools and you will find the problem once again goes back to the families behind the scenes. As soon as we start to recognize and except that it's up to the parents and not the teachers for THEIR children to succeed ! It's not fair for everyone to put the school system down, it's time for our adults to grow up and realize it's their responsibility for how their children are brought up and give our children the foundations and integrity that is lacking. If it is school systems that are keeping you from moving to Youngstown do not let that be. There are several surrounding schools that offer open enrollment now, and I for one do not know too many cities other than Youngstown that give you the best bang for your buck ! For everyone who lives out of town who is reading this come to Youngstown and look at our magnificent Mill Creek Park & the Rose Gardens and you too will fall in love with the beauty that Youngstown has to offer. As with all big cities know where to stay out of it , and realize it's your eyes And voice that can change our town. If someone asks you about Youngstown try saying only positive feedback please, if you cannot think of any then you clearly have never been there.
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I don't know how relevant my answer will be at this point, however I couldn't leave without posting something. I have lived in Youngstown all my life, east side actually, and I love it here. Don't get me wrong, the city can use so much improvement, however I wouldn't completely dismiss it as a hell hole I work for a non-profit organization, and I also live in a housing development, so daily I come into contact with the negativity and hopelessness that some may have in Youngstown. Nevertheless I couldn't see raising my four children anywhere else. Yes, I am married (12 years strong). Yes I have children (four lovely, well respecting, beautiful babies 10yrs to 4mths). Yes, we live paycheck to paycheck, but who doesn't. I find that even the rich don't pay their bills, and they have the money, and let their properties diminish simply because they can. There are many people in Youngstown working to revitalize the area and restore the beauty that we know it can be. Just last week I attended a non-profit summit, this weekend a non-violence parade/rally and next weekend a neighborhood clean-up. The city, just like life, is truly what you make it and is a wonderful place if you make it so. I wish you good luck in your journey and search for a home.
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Is the southside Indian village neighborhood a safe area?
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I lived in youngstown for 5 years
And there was to many crimes just last night a girl was found dead at compass west
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I lived in youngstown for 5 years
And there was to many crimes just last night a girl was found dead at compass west
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I lived in youngstown for 5 years
And there was to many crimes just last night a girl was found dead at compass west
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It all depends on the area. I would call a Realtor and ask about home values and there are many sites online that report crime. You may also want to check with the local police department.
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no because is boring and there isnt nothing to do and yes they will break in your home and cars
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did u find a place to live yet i wish i would have seen this go to lake milton ohio i was born and raised there it is a state park i love it sooo much i sleep with my doors open we have a little crime like kids taking bikes but thats it nothing serious just lock ur bikes down and i saw the kids that took y bike i went up to em and said give me back my bike or i will come to ur home and tell ur mother and he gave me back my bike it is safe here and i had to move but i regret it every day i miss my home
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I wonder if Jessi from Portland, Oregon who posted the original question in 2008 moved to Y-town? Her question inspired such vitriolic responses over the years, it represents the hopes and pain of the people trapped in an area they cannot or will not leave. I have a friend that lives on Bears Den Road. I hope she is safe and doing well.
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@ Loving It In Y-town That map seems to have you very bothered. Is it because you lack any genuine creative ability, or is it because the truth hurts your "rosy scenario" propaganda you disseminate to the"sheeple?" Someone would have to be high on drugs to believe that Youngstown or Mahoning County is desirable in any way. By restricting agents' ability to convey the truth about neighborhoods is a clear violation of their freedom of speech rights. Of course, you don't believe in constitutional rights, only the "right" of real estate con artists to overvalue properties, commit mortgage fraud, and leave the victims saddled in debt. This lack of independent insight into the true values of properties played a major role in the bank crises. Agents and brokers only said positive things about properties in high-risk locations, the negatives truths were concealed. As a result, over-appraisals were generated, mortgage lenders were defrauded, and the fed had to bail out the banks. ALL BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Then when the truth is presented to these maggots, they clamor for censorship! Well the truth is out-ghetto areas are ghetto areas, not overvalued "desirable" communities.
The public can choose to listen to the real estate con-artists, with their one-sided censored opinion that is invariably "rosy," or they can hear the truth. Everything is and has been overvalued and over-appraised.
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@ Loving It In Y-town Listen here, you FOOL, you might be able to pass your BS off to the public, but you have no clue whom you are talking to. Public records are public domain, and that map represents the absolute truth regarding the real estate situation in Mahoning County. Youngstown and surrounding areas are either GHETTO, NEAR GHETTO, DRUG AREA, OR SAFE. You are so stupid that you don't even know that public records are in the public domain. Keep on trying to pass your BS propaganda off to those that you consider to be sheeple. I can't help it that you are a clueless con artist. I have been a real estate expert for many years, albeit an honest one.
The Youngstown / Mahoning Valley is a huge ghetto, and is filled with con artist real estate agents and brokers who continue to paint a false picture of how nice it is, but everyone knows what a crime-infested ghetto it is. Anyone who "loves in in Y-town" needs to have their head examined. Stick to playing the fools, sucker, because you will never play me!
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Hey bigjimbon a map does not have to and only about 50% do have copyright printed on them. Just like a newspaper story, a photograph or a map that is put together THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED, again it seems one of these talk show know it alls has once again shown his ignorance. nd you will see how poorly educated I am. Read the laws on this aYou cannot reprint the map in whole or deface it and reprint it fool. As for one of those people that sell house for $150 that are worth $50 you again show your lack of inteligence. Con artis, poorly educated is that all you can do is put someone down. Feel that bad about yourself or where and how you live. GROW UP. I am glad you now know what an agent and broker is so we have made progress here and it was worth it because tomorrow you can get on the radio and show the people what you learned. Stick with what you know, don't pass yourself off as an "REAL ESTATE PRO" when you are far from that.
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Wrong again, Loving It In Y-town. That map is PUBLIC DOMAIN, I have the complete original. It has no copyright marks of any sort, only a disclaimer that the data was prepared in-house. You are obviously not very intelligent. Mahoning County has it's own GIS department, and all of the data it disseminates is a PUBLIC RECORD. Mahoning County does not contract-out for map making, only printing. I have no time to argue with you, as you obviously are a poorly-educated con artist who tries to sell $50K house for $150K and commit mortgage fraud. I suggest that instead of trying to knock my sound advice, you download a map from Mahoning GIS and alter it to your liking, or should I say wishful thinking.
This just serves to prove my point that the Mahoning Valley is full of con-artist real estate agents and brokers, who overvalue and overprice all of their listings. The extremely high rate of foreclosures in Mahoning County serve as proof of this. Half of these husters have no clue of the law or freedom of speech.
Just as you are free to defraud the people by painting a rosy picture, I have the freedom to tell the truth about this region.
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Hey jimbob if you are a true broker thats even worse, the people that sell houses are agents, brokers own or hold the license for the agency. Get that straight first ace. Second, the map can be anywhere, it is still copyrighted and by you changing it in the assine way and then publishing it does hold you liable by the company that produced it. The county uses it because they pay for the right. Lastly, you would know it is illegal for a true agent to say anything about an area even if asked. They could say if they would live there or not but they could never say an area is ghetto or the other crap you say. So before you pass yourself off as an expert or real estate pro know a little about what you speak about. Then and only then could you have some creditability. Also it would also be nice if you take a more positive adittude on the area nad yourself. Negative people ANYWHERE are always so depressing.
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@ Loving It In Y-town First off, that map is the PUBLIC map as downloaded from the Mahoning County Engineer's website. Second, I stand behind the opinions that the map disseminates. Keep on trying to play the people like sheeple is what the crooked brokers in Mahoning County do. I suggest that you select a broker outside of the Mahoning Valley if you truly want independent advice. 95%+ of the Mahoning Valley brokers will paint a "glorious" picture of the Youngstown area, but let the truth be known that most of it is an unsafe GHETTO area.
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People like Jimbob that claim they are real estate agents and publish a map like he did are plain idiots PLUS they are stealing a copy righted map without permission and should remove it. Any agent that would put out crap like that, true or not true has some issues and should think about his life before he does stuff like this
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So WELL SAID "Dpatryce36" Its sad people that do not even live here have comments and know so much about the city and the burbs. This Buckeyebeaver is a a$$. You hit it on the nose, you sleep with a gun because of who you run with and it will chatch up to you. Have an 84 year old uncle, lives on south side and still does all his stuff each day outside and in. Its a great place, espessally the burbs for inexpensive housing and low cost of living. Thats why so many pilots from Pittsburgh buy in the burbs and drive to work each day.
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"These jobs are going boys and they ain't coming back."
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WOW great answer Buckeyebeavercreek. Only thing is you are so wrong but thats easy to see why, you live in AL. Been here 27 years, IN BOARDMAN. Schools, ALL 7 in Boardman just got voted Schools of Excellance" in Ohio. The whole district got that award, not many districts have all their schools from elementary to high school get it. Last I also looked Poland and Canfield were in the same position, Schools of Excelance. As for the mall its still a meca of wealth and growth. A few empty spots every once in a while like all malls today but quickly filled. Nicest thing I can say is your a fool to say crap like that and not know what you are saying. Houses are a steal here and cost of living is great. You would be a fool not to buy in the burbs of Youngstown but of course I would not buy in the city. (sorry on spelling I went fast with this because that stupid answer got to me, stay in AL and answer about that town but not one you know nothing about)
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look also into the Salem area, small town next to no crime. Nice atmosphere to raise kids in.
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I am a youngstown ohio born teen there is nothing wrong with youngstown live anywhere else and it will be the same maybe not the way you see it yes i will say that the ycsd is not the best but they do try as well as the ypd ok i have always lived here and would stay here if i had a choice to move because i am used to what its like and as long as you dont mess with the little kids you will be fine. P.s not all schools are bad look up Youngstown Early College!
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some of this information about 'creepy criminals' or police that don't care iss completely irrational and unfair to say when half of you have never lived or seen the parts of y-town that i have seen and been in. yes there is crime but there is crime wherever you go throughout the world. y-town is not a bad place it just recieves a bad name whenever it is brought up about crime. so no youngstown is not the greatest place in the world but i live here and love it!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Dec 16, 2010
My heart is broken because of Youngstown . Please save yourself before you live in there. People will try to kill you for no reason at all. No jobs= crime=poverty=you living in corruption. Stay away from black hearts . Their soul belongs to the devil. I pray that people that have hurt me will pay . Why should you have to go through pain like everyone else. There are are much more beautiful places to live other then lies of devil who owns Youngstown. To many cops that can't get the job done. They don't save you so get a gun and save yourself. God will forgive you. Try Austin Texas . Get pulled over with a gun they will not take it away. Shoot deer all you want . Freedom :) God Bless America.. Please Kill communist in Youngstown ., Ohio!!!!!!! You have a right to live your life!
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Head out to the "burbs" my friend..."Youngstown" proper is a hole...and no matter what other people say here to make it sound "safe" you are better off keeping clear of this place when the lights go down. Youngstown has always been bad...I lived in the area a few years back and I would not only be checking my doors and windows to ensure they are locked and secure, but making sure I had a loaded 12 gauge pump at the ready for any "visitors" that decided they wanted to own what I owned.

Crime in this area is not only the poor areas...there is also an "organized" crime element that is linked to "other organized" crime elements in this nation...Youngstown even make "City Confidential" on more than one those episodes and see what you think about the area.

Now...when you head out of Youngstown and hit areas like Poland, you find some beautiful little burbs. Drive a few miles and you are out in the country...there are great places to raise your family. Just beware of what can spill over from "downtown"...when animals can't find prey close to home...sometimes they will travel a bit.

(And by the way Jessi...stay in Portland, OR...that is one of the most beautiful places in the USA to live...why leave????)
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Crime can happen any where you live.these are cities around youngstown,ohio:Campbell,Boardman,austintown,canfield,Struthers,poland,New middletown,What type of car do you have.
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To all these people saying that the media doesn't report everything accurately, I agree. But guess what...???? The media doesn't report anything accurately in any city!!!! And Youngstown in no different, so why should I believe this city is not any worse than what is proven? Does the media have some weird hateful bias against Youngstown? Of course they don't, there coverage is the same as any other city in America and can not be 100% accurate. It seems it is you that has the bias. Hands down Youngstown is a crime ridden city, there is no conspiracy theory here against Youngstown, it's the facts. Thats fine if you live there and like it, but quit trying to make excuses like the media is making things up, it happens in every city, not just yours.
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I plan on moving back to the Youngstown area when I retire. I grew up in Y-town and I can buy a home for about 1/3 of the price that I can where I live now… that will go a long way when you are retired and on a fixed income. I know many of my friends that are also planning to move back to Youngstown when they retire. As long as the cost of living stays low the Y-town area will see many retiring baby boomers returning back home.
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Again I have to say good thing you moved away Tim because it is SO UNFAIR experts like yourself have all this info. There is not one street, even the bad ones, that an ambulance is not aloud to go. How do i know this my good friend runs one of the top 2 companies in the area and after I read you comment I called him. All he did was laugh. It all goes to the fact did you ever read in the paper the day that Main Street or whatever name you come up with didn't have a shooting. No its not news nor do you read each day that Main Street had a shooting. Again I will say, There are bad areas, controlled by little groups that call themselves gangs. Police hate the heck out of them because they are worthless punks but it is far and inbetween. Real estate agents or not there is not one that would steer you to a bad area. The sad fact is Youngstown or any other city today has bad areas. When I was a kid there were no fears anywhere. Now you see it in upscale neighborhoods, middle class, blue collar areas or anywhere people are afraid. Its darn sad we live like this but its not just Youngstown it is Anderson, IN also. The difference today is we must be smarter and be careful, years ago you did not need to worry. You know I always laugh about the East side, there are a few bad streets but most of the East side is countryist (if thats a word) and has no home nothing. Check it out on google maps.
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