Julie, Home Buyer in Indiana

What is your opinion of the Thousand Oaks gated community in Riviera Beach? Safe for families?

Asked by Julie, Indiana Tue Oct 16, 2007

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I am a 26 year old male and I bought my house here 2 years ago, and to answer your question it's not bad for couples or a single home owner. This is not a safe area for kids. Home owners care and take pride in our community, but the land lords and renters could care less. They have ruined Thousand Oaks, but slowly it is getting better. I feel safe, I have many guns a Doberman and an alarm system. So, if you are a first time home owner make sure you have a good building with good tenants and you will have nothing to worry about. I bought mine and all occupants are home owners and I have never had a problem. Just make sure you stay away from the renters.
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It is up to the owners to take better precaution when renting out homes. Most of the owners bought with the intention of turning a profit then their dreams were crushed. All renters are not bad people, and should not be labeled as such when there are a few bad apples in the bunch. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a safe neighborhood. Most car jackings, robberies, home invasions, ect. do not occur in dirt poor neighborhoods, because what are they going to gain. It does not matter if you live in Palm Beach, Boca or Riviera Beach. Some of the biggest criminals are living right next door and seem to be outstanding members of a well respected community. (MADOFF) It is absolutely ridiculus to say Lake Worth or Boynton would be a better area than Riviera Beach when those same areas have been in the news for the last two years for gang violence. Majority of the bad remarks are closet racist! The neighborhood has been labeled because Riviera Beach is a primarily black community. I am not even African American, but I am disgusted with the ignorance floating around. I live on Village Blvd and Brandywine and it was the worse decision I ever made. My community is listed #1 for the most break-ins in my zip code. It does not matter where you live and what your neighbors look like, no one is 100% safe and there is no gurantee for anyone. BITTERSWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but the TRUTH.
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Thousand Oaks is not bad. I moved here a year ago and everyone here is nice. I feel safe, the guards are always checking ID's before letting guest into the community. We also have the Riviera Beach Police driving around the community to make sure that our homes and families are ok. Thousand Oaks has a friendly staff and a mix nationalities. It may not be the best place but its not as bad as people say it is. Great for a first time home. Come in the community and see for yourself, that's for this or any other community that you might consider into moving into.

Good luck!
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No community in Riviera Beach is safe!
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Julie, Cindi said it all... My suggestion if you feel this might not be a safe area is look up police reports. That is a matter of public record. You can do a lot of research online yourself. Don't ask a Realtor to place their license at risk by answering that question.
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Hmmm..this question violates fair housing laws....
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Cindi Hagley, Real Estate Pro in San Ramon, CA
Home Owner, Thousand Oaks,

This community is safe for families but the Management is like Dictators and increasing HOA fees every year which is not fair. You will think that you made a mistake by purchasing property in this community. Stay away I am selling my house too.

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I wouldn't say it's bad per say however there are its downsides. If your planning to have a large party parking is going to be an issue for your guests unless you live close to the pool area. Pray that you don't have an inconsiderate neighbor who likes to leave their dog outside all night barking. Major downside since the houses are so close like all communities. I have a child of my own but some kids in the neighborhood have no regard for not playing in other peoples yard and NOT STEPPING on your flowers or leaving empty packs of Cheetos or Capri sun in your yard. I know they are " kids" but this is basic home training.

The pool area is nice as long and you get there before 10and leave before 2 otherwise you will have the pleasure of watching someone jump into the pool that just came out of the gym and is full of sweat socks and all. Or a bunk of kids riding their bikes in the pool area or a group of people that decide to bring their own sound system and blast music with curse words while you try to explain to your child what they are saying. Yes the police showed up and told them to stop but it has happened more than once and it kind of annoying.

It's not ALL BAD some neighbors are pretty decent and yeah there is a cop or two that drive around and there is a guard gates just be aware of who your neighbors are.

Once my child is of school age we will be moving however. Schools in this area are not good.
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We moved in here over two years ago, and after attending a few of the HOA meetings, it is clear that the community is driving safety as a huge priority here! We have Riviera Beach Police on duty in our entire neighborhood 24-7; we have a vigilant guard gated system whereby people have been turned away if verification cannot be validated; we have landlords who are very committed to honoring the new bi-laws, which now include a criminal background check and a credit check for safer homes. Overall, I heard about issues in past years, but our experience of Thousand Oaks is safe and sound since our arrival. For what it is worth, a Pam Beach County Sheriff now sits as President of the Board on our HOA, so that should be a comfort to anyone who is questioning the safety of this neighborhood. No area is perfect, but one would be foolish to think any "criminal" would take a chance coming here with all the systems in place and the screening that is very active.

-New Homeowner since April 2011
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You are not going to find a better newer well guarded community in this area. Close to Rt95 shopping and the water. I own 2 units and have excellent quality tenants - the HOA board is very strict and enforcement is even stricter. It is safe, hurricane resistant and friendly. Blanket statements about an area make no sense and clearly they have no idea what they are talking about. Choose where you live carefully and you will have no problem - for $800 a month or to purchase for 50k you can not go wrong with this community.
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I lived in Thousand Oaks for a year, without any problems. I rented from there in 2007. It was quiet and perfectly safe back then, i am considering moving back. If anyone gives me trouble because I am a renter, I will just kill them...with kindness! Just be extra nice and show that you will respect the property that's all.
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it is a nice place to live but only if you buy renters are looked down on ive lived here over a year and people who own make it known they dont like renters here i dont understand the way they run things you must have a high credit score to rent here put there is a sex offender living on my street and thats ok to them i have kids he targets kids we pay alot of money to live in a safe community but how safe can i now feel
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you can check out area statistics online at city-data.com. There is also a forum where you can hear from people who currently live there, and get their opinions. Hope that helps.
Web Reference: http://www.courbo.com
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To all,

I stumbled upon this as I was looking for the HOA web site. I just bought in the area and I feel a warmth here. People wave good morning, my lovely neighbors offered to help me move in, and the guy down the street came to my house and welcomed me to the neighborhood. There are abundance of teen children running around, but most of them are home when it's time to go home. I don't see why anyone would have an aversion to children playing. The community exclusively has it's own police officer who takes their job seriously. There is a maintenance guy pulling weeds from the gardens and picking excess trash off the streets. The gate was fixed within 24 hours. I also wanted to share some thing I found to be interesting. West Palm Beach's crime statistics are actually Identical to Riv. Beach. In essence Riv. Beach is in the heart of WPB, so maybe if the high crime is an issue, you should consider a different city entirely than WPB and RB. In all, I have to give this place a 3.75 out of 5 at this point. The only reason I don't give it more is because I've only lived here 2 weeks.
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This community is safe for families but the Management is like Dictators and increasing HOA fees every year which is not fair. You will think that you made a mistake by purchasing property in this community. Stay away I am selling my house too.
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this question does NOT violate fair housing laws because this is a Buyer asking a legitimate question
answering it may depending on how you phrase your answers
I would not jeopardize my license by redlining Riviera Beach...
The people who are RENTING and OWNING in Riviera Beach are not violating any laws by admitting what they see day to day and are likely your best testimonials

Safe.... just as Matt suggested, check with the Riviera Beach Police and the Palm Beach County Sheriff...

but... if I were searching for my family... I would be focusing on the schools first and foremost. I know why you're attracted to Thousand Oaks because I see many people focus on their prices and that's all.

I would suggest taking a look at Lake Worth (West side), and West Boynton Beach as well...

David Podgursky
Boca Executive Realty
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Our recommendation is for you to get in touch with the local police department or county sheriff's department. They have access to the most accurate and current information and are generally very willing to be helpful.

Good luck
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Wow! I have lived in Thousands Oaks for over 3 years and I rent. I am a professional, I take care of my property, pick up the trash that my neighbors leave on our street etc. It amazes me how all renters get labeled by the homeowners as people who could care less about where they live. I pay as much for my rent a most owners pay for their mortage!

Thousand Oaks would be a better community if owners got renters involved and gave them a voice and stopped treating them crap and badmouthing them. Some of us care about our community, too.
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The first answer by Pamela was the best.
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How is this question violating fair housing laws? I think it's a legitimate question. I'm sure that if you yourself wanted to know, you would ask someone for their opinion, right? Don't see any injustice being done there. (I realize that you are a realtor, and in your world, answering this may pose risk. But take it for what it is, a general question to the general public) :)
And as for it being in "Riviera Beach" and automatically being unsafe. Sure, the city of Riviera Beach that we are familiar with, the 'other side of the tracks' so to speak, is unsafe. But not everything in the mailing district of Riviera Beach can be automatically labeled unsafe just through association alone. There are perfectly safe neighborhoods that have the mailing address of Riviera Beach. There are a few along military trail just south of northlake blvd. It's not common knowledge that Riviera Beach goes that far east. So to answer the question, take Matthew's advice and do some research on the net. Or see if you can ask one of the guards to let you in and check out the atmosphere, the cars, the people.
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