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Neighbor's dog urinating, leaving animal waste, and wandering in our yard - What to do?

Asked by J, 48038 Fri Dec 19, 2008

Hi we bought our house in Sept 2008. We live in a sub, have a large back yard, no fences are allowed by the by-laws. It's great, except our neighbor's disregard for what his dog does.

Day #2 post move-in the neighbor's wife apologized for the dog going in our yard, saying it didn't know any better because that's how it worked the last 5 years.

Day #3 I noticed the neighbor playing fetch with his German Sheppard through our yard. I asked him to stop, and he did.

The dog's NEVER been leashed, 5 yrs old. No invsible fence, not tethered, no fences. Therefore the dog roams in our yard, leaving stuff I have to clean up.

I've talked to the neighbor nicely four times, asking this to stop. The 5th time he angrily denied everything.

Assocation supports us, but is only sending a newsletter notice. Animal control deputy doesn't want to give a ticket. I have 41 photos of dog or tracks in my yard.

Previous owners of home did not disclose this.


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This is clearly an example of other people trying to command people to live life by their standards. The rules and guidelines protect your rights but their enforcement does not.

In these cases, it becomes unfortunate that people need to take more drastic measures. Our recommendation is to contact an attorney for their input. This will not endear you to your neighbors but both they and their pet is trampeling on your rights.

This is an issue that is about more than a stray's about people that find no fault with exploiting other people's rights.

Good luck
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Hey Jeff
I'm a dog owner myself and my pooch pretty much has free my fenced yard. No one wants to be a tattle tale and obviously you want to keep things cordial between neighbors, however it is your neighbors responsibility as a pet owner to control their dog. I know most dog owners consider their pets harmless, no matter the size or the breed, but WHAT IF for example their unleashed dog god forbid attacked you or a child in your yard or took chase to a stray cat and did damage to your yard? Not to mention the sanitary aspect of things. It's your yard and you can't freely enjoy it if you have to worry about stepping in doo doo or if you have to worry about your kids or neices and nephews not being able to play safely.

Talk to the city to find out about their laws and compel them to enforce them
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1 Try an invisble electronic fence
2 I visited Bermuda and the residents use water bottles and garden mirrors along the borders of their property it seems to work
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Since the HOA will not enforce their by-laws on owners of animals they have no right to enforce any by-law that prevents you from putting up a fence, am I right? If I were you I would ask the HOA for a variance for you to install a fence for SAFETY REASONS. My HOA recently granted a homeowner a variance to stop people from cutting through his yard from a local shopping center. And after the fence is installed I would paint the portion that faces my neighbors yard pink and purple plaid!

Best Wishes,

Jeremy Sulak
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For those out of ideas,

My Grandfather's solution....

Soak a rag with a little turpintine and rub it on the dogs anus and watch it blast of like a rocket yelping bloody murder. Repeat as necessary until the dog can make the association of your yard and a sore rear end.

Maybe I shouldn't mention this, but I've heard there's also the tablespoon of auto anti-freeze and lunch meat solution for a truly demented revenge.

Personally I'm going to try the black and cayenne pepper first. If that don't work then I'll try an ultrasonic solution. Personally I'd do the turpintine as a last resort and skip the antifreeze.
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Hi Jeff - sorry for your current situation. Just a couple thoughts;
1. contact the Realtor who represented you on the purchase. Your Realtor can look into the non-disclosure issue for you. Pull in the Broker if you don't get any traction.
2. Can you set up and electric perimeter fence? I know it's not your fault, but it is your issue. kinda sucks!
2A. there may be damages or settling that can come via your Realtor, or if needed legal avenues.
2A1. I am not a Lawyer or giving legal advice, just some thoughts.
3. My mom used to place 1 gallon plastic water jugs around the front yard. Supposedly, it keeps dogs and cats from wandering into the yard to relieve themselves.
3A. I'm not a superstitious person, but it worked!

Good luck to you. I hope it works out.

Mike Sanchez
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Previous owner of home does not have to disclose issues with neighbor.

If city has a leash law order where all animals must be on leash then violation of city policy. Contact city not animal control. HOA if you are paying aware of this could be brought in for violation.

Sorry to hear this some families just dont give a darn.

NOTE: Funny a friend had a neighbor who allowed the dog relieve itself in their front yard my friends child one year old nieghbor never wanted to do anything... WELL my friend took a dirty very soiled diaper, taped down in front of the door stuck a sign in the dirty diaper STATED never allow your dog again in their yard or you will continue having dirty diapers on front step. Needless say it stop that day.
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Edit: Typo in the earlier response. I meant to type "leash law" not "lease" :-)
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Jeff, this is always a tough situation. They're your neighbor and of course you want to be on friendly terms with them, yet they are not taking responsibility for their animal.

If I'm not mistaken the city of Rochester Hills does have a lease law. I would pay the city office a visit and obtain a copy of their animal control laws. Then, if it persists I would send a registered letter to the homeowner asking him (again) to please keep his dog on his own property and include with it a copy of the law (or ordinance) that you obtained.

You hate to get to the point that you have to hire an attorney for a formal "cease and desist" letter, but it may come to that.

Frankly, I worry about neighborhood children with the dog running loose. I have a feeling you're not the only neighbor to be bothered by this.

By the way, if you go to your local police department also they may issue the ticket, but I think they need to witness it first hand. I have a hard time understanding why the animal control officer won't do this. (Isn't this their job?)

Good luck to you Jeff.
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