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cananwms, Home Buyer in Brandon, FL

Is it safe to live in FL based on the attack rate of alligators what are the chances of seeing a alligator in a town-home/ condo neighborhood?

Asked by cananwms, Brandon, FL Sun Dec 30, 2012

I want to move to Brandon, FL and have two young children and i am terrified of alligators. what is your advice for safety beside not feeding the alligators and being aware of your surroundings. I want to teach in college or university there. I want to buy a single family but i saw in the news they get in to people's home, yard even kitchen. Do they chase people? If you get a house with garage are they still a threat? Please give me some information
Thank you

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Growing up in Fort Myers we often had gators sunning themselves along the canal, and a few times in our yard. Never a problem. We kids used to go down to a nearby horse pasture that had gators in the pond and taunt them to try and get them to chase us, but it never worked. I wouldn't suggest taking up gator wrestling, and I've grown to realize taunting them was not the best idea, but I certainly wouldn't make it a consideration in deciding where to live (unless an Everglades sloughs is on your list of possibilities!). There are so many things in life to fear, the only safe bet is to stop worrying about them. Best of luck...
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I have lived in Florida since 1960 and do not know anyone that has had a gator under their car, in their garage or home. I have seen incidents on the news and they act like it happens every day, but it does not. I have owned homes on small ponds where there have been gators, but I never saw one. I have seen some where they crawl out to sun on the banks of the pond and they make good tourist attractions. People stop and take pictures, have never seen a gator chase anyone. I do not have one person that I have sold a property that has ever been bothered by a gator. I raised 2 children and several grandchildren and not have ever had a problem with the gators. Inquire and buy yourself a great home for you and your daughter. If you decide to buy in Pinellas County, I would love to help you find your ideal home.

Pat Fisher, Broker
Fisher Realty
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Good morning.

I can virtually guarantee you'll not be troubled by alligators by following two simple rules:

Do not purchase anywhere near creeks, ponds, lakes or otherwise.

Do not purchase near a conservation area.....they typically have water and can be home to snakes!

If you'll allow me to work with you in finding your new home, those will be my uppermost concerns while finding a wonderful home here.


Bob Emerick
Broker Associate, MBA
Future Home Realty, Inc.
c 727-709-0161
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Very interesting question. My mother is also afraid of gators and snakes, and even now that im over 40 she always tells me to watch for them.

Reality is any body of fresh water in Florida could have gators in it. Most communities call anymal control once they are spotted, to have them removed. So in an an apartment community fountain pond you may spot a 4 footer or smaller, rarely bigger ones unless you are in a larger community with big golf courses and larger ponds. They are mostly afraid of people, so with mutual respect and distance there are no issues.

Over 23 years living in Central Florida i have only heard of gators being found under the car, inside a garage or in the comunity pool 3 or 4 times. That is a tiny insignificant number for the amount of them in out community. And if you keep the garage close when not in use, and the kitchen door closed, and the screen or fence around the pool area will only get to hear aabout it in the news.
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Posted in Dec 2012.
But worth a special promotion.
Did you know you could go for a 'Swamp Walk' from the art studio's of Clyde Butcher?

You would be a population of less the 0.01% of folks who have witnessed Florida in her natural state. One of the few who will witness the perfection of the chaos of nature.

This is a walk into to EVERGLADES! Yep, you will walk past alligators. I did see a Ghost Orchid. I am unlikely to see another in my lifetime.

Yes, I was up to may waist in the EVERGLADES. Nothing dispels fear like drawing it close and truly understanding it.

It is unknown how much longer the Clyde Butcher swamps walks will continue, but this year 2014, the opportunity is still available. Such adventures will make it clear why it is important to keep the fear imperiled up north where they can sleep in peace and worry only about black ice, loss of power during an ice storm, Lyme disease, West Nile Virus and high, high taxes.

Google Clyde Butcher Swamp Walk and take advantage by reserving your place, while Clyde is still among us.
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You should be more worried that we get hit by a hurricane
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I think you would have a much higher chance of dying from a hit and run accident.
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Just about every body of fresh water or brackish water in the Tampa Bay area has, had or will have gators. It is one of the cool things about being in a subtropical paradise. We have gators. They're fun to watch...if you don't mind watching something that lays completely motionless all day.

Stay out of their home and you won't have anything to fear. Swim in their home and you still probably won't have anything to fear. Wear a bikini made out of meat and you're going to have a short swim.

Once in a while you'll hear of a gator in a backyard or in a swimming pool but these are properties right on ponds or canals and they don't have fences or screened enclosures.

Gators are the least of your worries. Here in Florida we have to worry about Bigfoots. Or is that Bigfeet?
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OMG!!! Sounds a litle can be fearful of almost anything. However, the more you know and understand what your fear is, the better your chance of being able to avoid having an issue.
Alligators? Unless you're waiding is ponds, lagoons, swamps, or frequenting areas where alligators are known to be present, you shouldn't have any problem.
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I've been her over 35 yrs, unless you live In a far out coutry setting, near a pond that is posted alligators , you won't see one unless you go to Bush Gardens. It's very rare to see them, once in a wild they post a gator story when they rarely come out of ponds, wetlands, ect, then you call 911 ! Chances of you or your kids having an encounter is about 1/ 1000,000 , enjoy yourself and quite worrying !
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thank you so much for your responses. I am terrified of all those things you mentioned. I have lived in cold climate most of my life so i am not familiar with tropical climate or habitats of it. I have been to FL three times it was an option for me but i think i will stay where i am or move back to Chicago. We are a military family and i am out now i thought maybe i should move to FL but i cannot deal with nature and wild predators and from the look of it somehow these alligators are force to leave and wonder around the neighborhoods. People keep pythons as pet (what are they thinking) then let them go. I will stay here in Maryland for now.
thanks again.
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Unfortunately, the natural environment in Florida has deteriorated.
Places such as John Chestnut Park and Corkscrew Park near Sarasota were where you could take visitors and count on seeing lots of alligators. Now, thanks to those who do not appreciate or respect Florida in it's natural state, have been successful in striping from the environment what makes this state distinctly different.

I have not seen an alligator in either John Chestnut Park (a large park along Lake Tarpon) or Corkscrew Park in the past four years. It is unlikely this situation will be reversed due to the hysterics of those terrified of alligators and threaten ligation against every municipality and county in Florida.

You should stay in the gator free environment in which you currently exist. There has been more injuries causes by killer whales at the theme parks than those injured by gators in Florida. Will you be terrified of killer whales? How about elephants at Barnum? Or coyotes that proliferate every park and have house cats on their menu? What about Gopher Tortoises or Anoles or Rosettas? Most of the fish in the Gulf of Mexico have teeth! Now, what is lurking beneath the surface of the want SHOULD elevate your awareness. Then you there are those gigantic Manatees that could terrify the unsuspecting in the Bays and rives of the area.

Please. stay where you are.
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