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I'm moving to South Norfolk. is it a safe neighborhood?

Asked by Kj, Chesapeake, VA Thu Nov 20, 2008

Its off of D street and its Chesapeake but considered South Norfolk. Im living in Colorado and just have the advice of the realtor...which doesnt mean too much. Im a Stay at home mom/ military wife with a 3 year old little girl. Were home alot by ourselves and to move somewhere i dont feel safe...I couldnt think of nething worse. If any one knows anything, the advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. KJ

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i've lived in south norfolk for my entire life and have never had a problem. i grew up in a neighborhood directly across the street from the old oscar smith high school and have found over the years just how ignorant people can be about the area. when people think of south norfolk they think of bramleton and berkley . that is not at all what south norfolk has to offer. 5 yrs. ago me and my husband bought our first home and that was our first choice. there are areas of south norfolk that i would not live in but for example we couldn't find what we wanted in south norfolk and instead purchased our home in great bridge and it has been a huge mistake. we're currently looking for a new home. there are good and bad everywhere and if you ask for trouble, no matter where you live you will get trouble. our neighborhood is not at all homey and i miss that about my parents neighborhood in south norfolk. i'd also like to add that i'm a business owner and work with alot of police officers. some choose to live in south norfolk and the ones that work in south norfolk say it's a boring area. with the changes that are being made in south norfolk there are several judges from chesapeake that have purchased homes there as well. most of south norfolk is a good place to live however many who live there are middle class citizens. that doesn't mean that it isn't safe.
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I am a 20 year resident in South Norfolk....stay away!
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negatory, just got mugged!!
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GIVE ME A BREAK . crime is every where . i have lived here all my life and never had a problem a community is what the people make it. there are good people in south norfolk ( chesapeake)
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If you want to get crime info or any other demographic info on an area, the best place to look is
Roger Priore
Web Reference:
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If you're going to be near that area, I would suggest Plymouth Park instead. Or Norfolk Highlands. Plymouth park has nice 1 story homes and is a bit more friendly. Definitely check out the area before you are positive to move in. Drive it at different times of the day, helps you get a better idea of what's really going on.
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Honestly, do some research. Don't rush into anything.

South Norfolk has a huge project going on. It's a mixed use project that begins at the entrance of South Norfolk. It is all the buzz right now. After years of planning, it is officially under way. There is going to be
building with retail, office, and lofts on the 3rd floor overlooking South Norfolk.
You can Google 'Gateway at SoNo' or look at some of the links below.

There is also a lot of other new construction homes in the area. I sold an older home in 2006 to a naval officer and his wife. They recently got transferred but loved the area and their historic home. Before they purchased their home we looked at 30 homes. They chose that home for the charm and price.

Historic South Norfolk:

The New Gateway at SoNo Project :……

Depending on your price range, have your agent pull up other areas that you may like. Most buyers look at homes in different cities and subdivisions.
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The best source for this information is the local police department or county sheriff's department. They have access to the most current and accurate information and are generally very willing to be helpful.
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Call the Navy Housing Office were you are getting stationed. They will point you in the direction of apartments or houses to rent. The local military housing is really good. Some are very nice (i.e.. Middway Manor). The reason the realtors will not give you a strait answer is because laws prohibit what is called "red lining". Therefore they can not tell you not to buy or rent in an area because of a high crime rate, high minority population, or section 8 housing is right around the corner. But they will tell you to check out the crime stats or look at the school's test scores.
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NO. South Norfolk is a crime ridden area. Drugs, prostitution, homelessness, shootings. I would not live there with my child. I work for a community agency in Chesapeake and I am very familar with the happenings of this area. Don't move there if you can help it. You'd be better off in one of the areas of Norfolk that is well established. If you must move to Chesapeake, stay out of south norfolk and Berkley. Look around near Greenbrier and Great Bridge if you can afford it.
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I would not move to this area. I am speaking from the experience of knowing a lot of people in this area growing up and my husband playing softball there occasionally and not even wanting me to go with him. It is a slummy area in general. Yes, there are some OK areas, none that are really nice. I had to take my 4 year old son to a school building there for an evaluation recently and had to be buzzed in a tall fence just to enter. That is not the kind of place that I would want be living and home alone a lot with a small child. There are nicer areas in Norfolk near the base in Ghent, and if you don't HAVE to be really close to the base then look in the Western Branch section of Chesapeake. There are some reasonable rentals in that area right now, and basically every area in Western Branch is safer than South Norfolk.
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For the most part, I would not consider South Norfolk a safe place at all. As some of the previous people have mentioned, you can luck out with a decent street and great neighbors, but the crime statistics for the area say it all.
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I live in Virginia Beach.

Why did you pick that area? I work in downtown Norfolk right off 264. I would consider some of the area just to the south of 264 near downtown Norfolk to be the worst area there is. It's all Section 8 slums until you get near Chesapeake.

I bet that property is very low cost.

What is the address?
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Also, If you are renting there are online rentals inour local MLs and mycompnay has a great set of rentals in Ghent of Downtown Norfolk which has great local eateries for walking to and small shops .There are alot of young people in this area and it is close to alot.
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You can go to the local chesapeake crime statistics to resarch your neighborhood from a distance. Also, checking in the local pilot on line may be helpfull. Their are many areas in South Norfolk so be specific in your search. If you like I will send you these links. If you are looking at schools pilot on line has a link to the testing scores.
call me if you want further assistance.
Lynne Fraliing
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Spivey is absolutely correct. My family just PCS'd here and we looked at several homes in the school districts our research told us were sufficient for our family and the home prices were ASTRONOMICAL!!! We decided to rent for a year and wait for prices to do the inevitable "back to earth" drop. One of the most frustrating things with working with a real estate agent is, as a military member, we are sometimes forced to locate to places we have never heard of or even stepped foot into and agents really have their hands tied to answer even the most basic, most important questions you have while making such a large investment. Despite the rhetoric, things like schools your children will be going to and "safe neighborhoods are NOT relative!!!!! My for a year, give yourself time to research and learn the area and THEN decide if you want to buy. Right now in Hampton Roads you can rent homes for 40% less than what your mortgage would be on the same home and despite what the "experts" say, prices are not going to skyrocket anytime soon.
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What the previous agent was trying to say is this "If you move to South Norfolk, you may luck out with good neighbors, but your not going to like going to the grocery, running to the video store, or grabbing dinner at the local McDonalds".

South Norfolk may be the only really affordable part of Chesapeake right now, buy it's also the area that anyone with a family or kids wants to live. It has a reputation of being the least family friendly, or safe, part of Chesapeake. If your considering Chesapeake, the best balance of "safe"/ family friendly and cost would be Greenbrier.

I would not recommend buying anywhere in Hampton Roads right now. Prices have been falling, and will continue to do so no matter what your agent says. Put your BAH to better use and rent for now.
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Greetings from a fellow military wife and mom. The term "safe" is a relative term and what one person might consider "safe" might be different from what someone else would say is "safe". I would suggest that you review the crime information for Chesapeake. This is available on the internet. This is the web link for accesing the data:… I am a Realtor and this is the advice that I would give to any of my clients. Neighborhood due diligence is an important part of searching for a new home and you are doing the right thing in making sure that all aspects of your new home are in line with your criteria. Good luck!
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I am a Realtor, as well. I currently live there and have for the past 6 years with my wife. We have never had any problems. We live on Ohio St and our neighbors are excellent. If you're sketchy on the area your Realtor should be addressing these issues with you.
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