Heather Fern…, Home Owner in San Francisco, CA

I'm looking for a good buy (that's safe) in San Francisco. Does it exist?

Asked by Heather Fernandez, San Francisco, CA Mon Apr 23, 2007

I've been told to look at Sunnyside, Bayview and Ingleside Heights, but I'm not sure if safety is an issue. Any thoughts?

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Dear Heather:

Looking at the questions you posted and the locations you are looking at, it seems to me that you are looking for a safe neighborhood with good schools for your yuong family.

I live in Novato and I have two kids attending public schools in Novato. Novato is at the north end of Marin county, and I highly recommend strongly that you check into properties here.

Novato is a wonderfuf family town that is the least expensive (can't say cheap) town in Marin. We have great outdoors with lots of open spaces, hiking/biking trails and parks; wonderful schools with lots of excurriculum activities for kids and caring families. Our downtown has just been redone and there are a lot of events here. I volunteer a lot for the schools and local communities so I am very familiar with the schools and facilities here.

There are just so much to say about Novato, you might want to check out my website or call me / email me with futher questions.

Sylvia Barry
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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Marin County, CA
Dear Heather,

I agree with Alex. You are way too vague. I suggest you go to the links on my website to the SF Police department where you can research crime statistics. I have heard they are a month or two behind but I believe you can get a good idea. You need to decide for yourself on the safety of any area in San Francisco or any where else for that matter. For a good buy, that depends on what you are looking for.... more details are needed.

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Facts: 1) Potrero & Bayview population have seen dramatic changes in population mix the past 3 years. The trend continues. Every month a new restaurant or a new store is opening up catering to the people who could not afford Castro, downtown or the Marina. This is going to be the next Marina, do your research for a change.
If you are curious to see who lives and shops here, why don’t you drop by Grubb Landscaping where local people come to buy all their plants and supply for their yards. Maybe you are too scared to drop by, what a shame! Yes, we do have backyards here (unlike other areas) and yes, most of the houses have 2 car covered garages and carport – not bad. But of course you are still doubting, it’s ok. So here it is for the records:

2) My area is filled with middle-class and upper middle class people- couple, families with small kids, teenagers, retired people, gay couple and active professionals.
3)Did you know that Bayview/Potrero has seen an increase in high-tech companies moving in? Yes, you can park and it is easy to get to from all highways. Have you seen the Dogpatch and India Basin neighborhood recently, di you get what’s the buzz around here? We are always looking for new restaurant or cool places to hang out and the lines are huge because they are opening up slowly but surely – hint if you are a restaurant or deli owner here..
3) Next month, the redevelopment of India Basin and Bayview will go in effect, this , in turn, will completely change the ecosystem. The Hunters Point development has already begun and will go full fledge in the next quarter, while Potrero is in full gear..
5) Many people and friends thought I was crazy to buy in this area (just purchased recently) but I had my own reasoning. No, I am not a speculator, neither do I consider myself insane. I invested in what was important to me (location, weather, highway/downtown access and space/privacy). I plan on being here for 5-7 years if not longer. Yes, I am Asian but do not feel isolated nor do I live on a tribal block. I wanted a mix area and income and this is what I got (Asian, White, Black families with kids or no kids). My friends love coming here because they can park; they love coming here on the week-end because I have a yard and it is sunny, we can have brunch outside. I feel privileged to have a 2 car garage and a 2 car carport and street parking – yes, your call will be as sage as if you parked in Mission or downtown. Quick anecdote: I recently was due to attend a fund raising party in Heights and circling madly for about 45mn I gave up and headed back home –I should have taken public transportation but bring over foods and boxes of flyers was a challenge-I love my garage! This is the only area of SF on bedrock..
6) This location is great due to its proximity to 101/280 highways, I work in IT this is ideal for driving South and I get to the airport in 15mn, of course there is downtown access in 10mn.
7) Similar to the suggestions posted here, I had to do some research (grew up in NYC so I have seen areas change quickly in Manhattan). Checking all the police stats and other things if you are a true analyst you compare the population ratio, income, etc . to the types of crime - i.e. theft, rape, # of sex offenders, etc. Let me say this, it isno worst nor better than other areas doing this comparison - Sunset had the most women sex offenders , the most car thefts and house burglary. Now, Palo Alto had the highest white male sex offenders and the richest (of course), then the Marina had the most casual drug usage along with carjacking (most expensive cars in that area) and family abuse (husband on wives), Mission has the worst stats for street drugs, stabbings and shootings while Richmond had an unexpected high rate of family abuse. Now, Bayview and Potrero have family violence (economics related not a valid argument), less sex offenders than Mission or downtown per capita and the typical crimes were drugs related or car theft for items left in the car similar to Mission –overall, there was not one neighborhood that came on top of my list if you want SUN, GARAGE, SPACE, HIGHWAY ACCES & CITY LIFE. Having a budget under $1M provides some challenges.

Money does no buy 100% safety, smart does. You could get mugged and/or raped (not necessarily in that order) in Nob Hill or in the Marina. Use your judgment.
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Hi Heather,

Sunnyside, Bayview, and Ingleside Heights all have major safety issues. Yeah, you can get a house in the 400k range, but its not worth not feeling unsafe. Have you thought about Sunset or Parkside. You can find single family homes there for under 600k. Some of these same homes were selling for 700k a year ago. If you have the ability to act when you see a good buy in these areas, then you have the potential to get a great deal.
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You're too vague. What is a "good buy" to us, might not be to you. Some people consider $5M a "good buy". You need to provide your price range if you want an honest opinion.
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Hi Heather,

I would definitely not suggest living in the Bayview. Sunnyside and Ingleside Heights are not bad choices. There definitely are pockets in every neighborhood that are safer than others. I have several family members and friends that are SFPD, and I can put you in contact with the appropriate police stations that can give you more information per neighborhood. My only other suggestion would be to do a bit of self analysis and ask yourself how important it is to you to live in SF. If you really want to live here, you can find places that would make you happy. However, my opinion is that you would be spending at least $750k to get a decent property in a decent area. If you need more information, feel free to shoot me an email.
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here is a website for the SF police department. You can get up-to-date crime stats for san francisco based on zip, neighborhood, muni, park, etc...

Web Reference: http://smartlegacy.com
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About 99% of America would agree with you...The rest live in Potrero ;)
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Hi Trang - thanks for the info on Potrero in my other question.

Suffice it to say that I don't think a $800K 2 bedroom condo is a good buy :-)
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"Good Buy" is very vague. You can find good buys in any safe area. I remember you asked a question about potrero...that has some safe areas, especially near the new development "The Potrero"

Here is a link with Bayviews crime rating, it's a little high:
Web Reference: http://smartlegacy.com
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I grew up in San Francisco and now live in Novato. The neighborhoods you have listed are not very safe. Affordable homes in S.F. are hard to find but the Richmond district , Sunset or Bernal Heights are probably your best options. Like the previous poster answered - Novato (especially Hamilton) is a great neighborhood for children.
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You may spend more money on personal security than on your mortgage if you buy a house in the BayView district. If you want more detailed real-time info about crimes in particular neighborhood, check out the attached URL
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I don't think Bayview is recommended if you're concerned about safety. You might want to consider Berkeley instead.
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